Supply Of Electricals Machines I And Ii Lab At Govt. Engineering College, Baran

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Supply Of Electricals Machines I And Ii Lab At Govt. Engineering College, Baran

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supply of Electricals Machines I And Ii Lab At Govt. Engineering College, Baran-to perform o.c. and s.c. test on a 1-phase transformer and to determine the parameters of its equivalent circuit its voltage regulation and efficiency , to perform sumpner’s test on two identical 1-phase transformers and find their efficiency & parameters of the equivalent circuit, to perform the parallel operation of the transformer to obtain data to study the load sharing, separation of no load losses in single phase transformer, to study conversion of threephase supply to two-phase supply using scott connection, speed control of dc shunt motor by field current control method & plot curve for speed versus field current, to determine the efficiency at full load of a dc shunt motor by performing swineburne’s test,to perform hopkinson’s test on two similar dc shunt machines and hence obtain their efficiencies at various loads, study of various types of starters for induction motor, to connect two 3-phase induction motor in cascade and study their speed control, to perform load test on a 3 phase induction motor and calculate input power , output power , torque, efficiency, input power factor, and slip for various load settings, to plot occ and scc of an alternator, to synchronize an alternator across the infinite bus and control sharing, to study effect of variation of field current upon the stator current and power factor of synchronous motor and plot v curves and inverted v curves of synchronous motor for different values of load, speed control of 3- φ induction motor, xq and xd of alternator, dc rectifier unit, electrical distribution and control panel.

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INR 21.20 Lakhs /-
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