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Ministry of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship - Live

procurement of tool and equipments for solar technician and iot ( smart agriculture ) under crafts training scheme:-29. multi meter (analog) 0 to 1000 m ohms, 2v to 500 v,100 micro a to 10a dc and ac 30. load bank (variable) up to 1.2 kw (lamp / heater type) 31. wire cutter and stripper 150 mm 32. earth plate 60cm x 60cm x 3.15mm copper plate 33. earth plate 60cm x 60cm x 6mm gi plate 34. earth electrode primary electrode 2100x28x3.25mm secondary cu strip 20x5mm 35. out side micrometer 0 - 25 mm least count 0.01mm 36. tap set different size 37. trolley for transportation of batteries 38. die for threading different sizes 39. rooftop mounting structure for 4 x 250 w solar panels mounting practice, with tilt adjustment 40. electrical wiring and switch gear rack electrical control elements suitable for practice of control circuits using v 41. protective relays and contactors rack suitable for practice of control circuits using banana plugs and v 42. mccb 100amps, triple pole 43. elcb and rccb 25amps, double pole and 25amps,double pole, iδn 30 ma 44. fuses hrc glass rewire type 45. twisted pair nonmetallic sheathed cable underground feeder cable ribbon cable metallic sheathed cable multi-conductor cable coaxial cable direct-buried cable 1 mt each 46. solar cable (red) 5 square mm 47. solar cable (black) 5 square mm 48. three core wire (230 v, 15 a) 49. battery cable 7.5 sq mm 50. resin cored solder 51. solder wax 52. mc – 4 connector 53. lugs 7.5 mm 54. hacksaw blades 200 mm, 300 mm 55. bolts, nuts, anchor bolts, washers, 56. screws, other pins, lugs etc 57. civil work utensils spade, mixing spoon, leveling plates 58. plumbing tools /01. multimeter digital 0 to 1000 m ohms, 2v to 700 v,100 microa to 10a dc and ac 02. megger analog - 500 v 03. hydrometer 04. solar insulation meter 05. pyranometer 06. pyrheliometer 07. lux meter lux meter lcd read out 0.05 to 7000 lumens with battery.

  • 1 Crore
  • Orissa
  • Jan 21, 2019
  • 18854715
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construction industry development council - Live

manufacturing, testing, inspection, supply and delivery of fixed & expansion bearings as per rsdo’s drawing nos. rdso/b-17164 & rdso/b-17181/3 excluding anchor bolts, pins, saddle t.f. bolts with nuts and washers for karnataka project

  • Ref. Document
  • West Bengal
  • Jan 31, 2019
  • 18969625
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