Tender For Procurement Of Surgical Items 3 For Svims Hospital Ttd Tirupati, Tirupati-Andhra Pradesh

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams-TTD has published Tender For Procurement Of Surgical Items 3 For Svims Hospital Ttd Tirupati. Submission Date for this Tender is 13-03-2024. Surgical Disposable Tenders in Tirupati Andhra Pradesh. Bidders can get complete Tender details and download the document.

Tender Notice

Corrigendum : Tender For Procurement Of Surgical Items 3 For Svims Hospital Ttd Tirupati
Open Tender
Andhra Pradesh

Tender Details

Procurement Of Surgical Items 3 For Svims Hospital Ttd Tirupati , Echelon 60 Gold Reload-Ecr60d, Echelon 60Mm Endopath Cutter With Articulation Ec60a, Echelon Endo Cutter 45Mm With Built In Knife-Ec-45, Echelon Flex 60Mm Endocutter Reloads, Echelon Reloads Ecr 60-B, Echelon Reloads Ecr 60-G, Ehelon Reloads 45Mm Blue-Ecr-45B, Endo Gia 60 2.5 Sulu ( White ) , Endo Gia 60 3.5 Sulu ( Blue ) , Endo Gia 60 4.8 Sulu ( Green ) , Endo Gia Universal Xl, Endopath Gia Reloads-Blue ( Tegia 60Amt 3.5 Mm To 30458 ) Articulating, Endopath Gia Reloads-Green ( Tegia 60 Axt 4.8 Mm To 30459 ) Articulating, Ethelon Reloads 45Mm Gold Ecr-45D, Ethelon Reloads 45Mm Green Ecr-45G, Ethelon Reloads 45Mm White Evr-45W, Gastro Intestinal Anastamosis Ntlc Reloads Sr-55Mm, Gastro Intestinal Anastamosis Ntlc Reloads Sr-75Mm, Gastro Intestinal Anastomosis - Six Rows-Cutter Ntlc-75Mm, Gastro Intestinal Anastomosis-Six Rows-Cutter Ntlc-55Mm, Gia Reload Catridges 60 Dst-3.8 / 4.8 Mm L, Gia Reload Catridges 80 Dst-3.8 / 4.8 Mm L, Gia Stapler 80 Dst-3.8 / 4.8Mm S, Gia Stapler Gia 60 Dst-3.8 / 4.8Mm S, Gia ( Gastro Intestinal Anastamosis ) -Stapler Gun And Catridge, Green Loading Units Ta 45-4.8 L, Green Stapler Ta 45-4.8 S, Haemostatic Clip Applier For Lt100, Haemostatic Clip Applier For Lt200, Haemostatic Clip Applier For Lt300, Haemostatic Clip Applier For Lt400, Haemostatic Clips-Lt300, Haemostatic Clips-Lt400, Haemostatic Clips-Lt100, Haemostatic Clips-Lt200, Haemostatic Clips -Lt300, Haemostatic Clips -Lt400, Laparoscopic Open Clip Applicator 100, Laparoscopic Open Clip Applicator 200, Laparoscopic Open Clip Applicator Clips 100, Laparoscopic Open Clip Applicator Clips 200, Laparoscopic Polymer Clip Applicator Extra Large-Xl, Laparoscopic Polymer Clip Applicator Large-L, Laparoscopic Polymer Clip Applicator Medium Large-L, Laparoscopic- Polymer Clips Extra Large-Xl, Laparoscopic Polymer Clips-Large, Laparoscopic Polymer Clips Medium Large-Ml, Ligation Clips Medium-200Mm, Ligation Clips Small-100Mm, Ligsa Clip 400 Endo Clip Applier El414, Linear Cutter-100Mm Tlc10, Linear Cutter-55Mm Tct55, Linear Cutter-75Mm Tct 75, Linear Cutter Reload 55Mm Three Rows Either Side Of Cut Line-Sr55, Linear Cutter Reload 75Mm Three Rows Either Side Of Cut Line-Sr75, Linear Cutter-55Mm -Tlc-55, Linear Cutter-75Mm -Tlc-75, Linear Stapler ( Reloadable ) -Tlh-30, Linear Stapler ( Reloadable ) -Tlh-60, Linear Stapler ( Reloadable ) -Tlh-90, Open Two Rows Linear Cutter Blue-75Mm, Open Two Rows Linear Cutter Green-55Mm, Open Two Rows Linear Cutter Green-75Mm, Open Two Rows Reload Blue-55Mm, Open Two Rows Reload Blue-75Mm, Open Two Rows Reload Green-55Mm, Open Two Rows Reload Green-75Mm, Levonorgestrol Iucd, Pipelle, Xcel Trocar Optiview Technology Stability Sleeve 75Mm, Xcel Trocar With Optiview Technology Stability Sleeve 100Mm, Blue Monofilament Polypropylene-1-883, Cat-Gut-0-4229, Cat- Gut-1-W2004, Cat-Gut-1-4259, Knotless Tissue Control Device ( Pdo ) 2-0, Knotless Tissue Control Device ( Pga-Pcl ) 3-0, Knotless Tissue Control Device ( Pdo ) -1-0, Knotless Tissue Control Device ( Pga-Pcl ) Size-2-0, Silk-1-215, Silk-1-825, Silk-2.0-213, Silk 1-5062, Sutur. Synt.Absorb. Violet Braided Coated-1-2319, Synt. Absorb. Violet Braided Coated Plus Antebacterial-1-Vp2519, Synt.Absorb. Violet Braided Coated-2.0-2317, Synt.Absorb. Violet Braided Coated-0-2996, Synt.Absorb.Monofilament-3.0-1326, Synthetic Fast Absorbing Gamma Irradiated Undyed Polyglactin 910-Size2.0, Synthetic Fast Absorbing Gamma Irradiated Undyed Polyglactin 910-Size3.0, 5Mm Tenaculum, 5Mm Bowel Holder, 5Mm Lap Needle Holder, Angle Vaginal Wall Detrachone, Bakri Balloon 8F, Bipolar Resectoscope, Cusco Speculum, Hormonal Iud ( Mirena ) , L-Shaped Vaginal Retractor, Laparoscopic 5 Mm Port Washer Suitable For Karl Stroz

Corrigendum Details

Sr No CorrigendumDate Corrignedum CorrigendumType NewSubmissionDate
1 22-Feb-2024 Tender pre bid meeting details 05-03-2024
2 04-Mar-2024 Tender dates extension details 13-03-2024
3 12-Mar-2024 Cancellation of tenders. 13-03-2024

Key Value

Document Fees
Refer document
INR 10000.0 /-
Tender Value
Refer document

BOQ Items

Sl. No. Item Name
1Echelon 60 Gold Reload-ECR60D
2Echelon 60mm Endopath Cutter with Articulation EC60A
3Echelon Endo Cutter 45mm with built in knife-EC-45
4Echelon Flex 60mm endocutter reloads
5Echelon Reloads ECR 60-B
6Echelon Reloads ECR 60-G
7Ehelon reloads 45mm Blue-ECR-45B
8ENDO GIA 60 2.5 SULU (White)
9ENDO GIA 60 3.5 SULU (Blue)
10ENDO GIA 60 4.8 SULU (Green)
11ENDO GIA Universal XL
12Endopath GIA Reloads-Blue(TEGIA 60Amt 3.5 mm to 30458) Articulating
13Endopath GIA Reloads-Green (TEGIA 60 AXT 4.8 mm to 30459) Articulating
14Ethelon reloads 45mm Gold ECR-45D
15Ethelon reloads 45mm Green ECR-45G
16Ethelon reloads 45mm White EVR-45W
17Gastro Intestinal Anastamosis NTLC Reloads SR-55mm
18Gastro Intestinal Anastamosis NTLC Reloads SR-75mm
19Gastro Intestinal Anastomosis - Six rows-Cutter NTLC-75mm
20Gastro Intestinal Anastomosis-Six rows-Cutter NTLC-55mm
21GIA Reload Catridges 60 DST-3.8/ 4.8 mm L
22GIA Reload Catridges 80 DST-3.8/ 4.8 mm L
23GIA Stapler 80 DST-3.8 / 4.8mm S
24GIA Stapler GIA 60 DST-3.8/4.8mm S
25GIA(Gastro Intestinal Anastamosis)-Stapler Gun and Catridge
26Green Loading Units TA 45-4.8 L
27Green Stapler TA 45-4.8 S
28Haemostatic clip Applier for LT100
29Haemostatic clip Applier for LT200
30Haemostatic clip Applier for LT300
31Haemostatic clip Applier for LT400
32Haemostatic Clips-LT300
33Haemostatic Clips-LT400
34Haemostatic clips-LT100
35Haemostatic clips-LT200
36Haemostatic clips -LT300
37Haemostatic clips -LT400
38Laparoscopic open Clip applicator 100
39Laparoscopic open Clip applicator 200
40Laparoscopic open Clip applicator clips 100
41Laparoscopic open Clip applicator clips 200
42Laparoscopic polymer Clip Applicator Extra large-XL
43Laparoscopic polymer Clip Applicator large-L
44Laparoscopic polymer Clip Applicator Medium large-L
45Laparoscopic- polymer Clips extra Large-XL
46Laparoscopic polymer Clips-Large
47Laparoscopic polymer Clips Medium Large-ML
48Ligation clips medium-200mm
49Ligation clips small-100mm
50Ligsa Clip 400 endo clip applier EL414
51Linear Cutter-100mm TLC10
52Linear Cutter-55mm TCT55
53Linear Cutter-75mm TCT 75
54Linear cutter reload 55mm three rows either side of cut line-SR55
55Linear cutter reload 75mm three rows either side of cut line-SR75
56Linear cutter-55mm -TLC-55
57Linear cutter-75mm -TLC-75
58Linear Stapler (Reloadable)-TLH-30
59Linear Stapler (Reloadable)-TLH-60
60Linear Stapler (Reloadable)-TLH-90
61Open two rows linear cutter blue-75mm
62Open two rows linear cutter green-55mm
63Open two rows linear cutter green-75mm
64Open two rows reload blue-55mm
65Open two rows reload blue-75mm
66Open two rows reload green-55mm
67Open two rows reload green-75mm
68Levonorgestrol IUCD
70Xcel trocar optiview Technology stability sleeve 75mm
71Xcel trocar with optiview Technology stability sleeve 100mm
72Blue Monofilament Polypropylene-1-883
74Cat- Gut-1-W2004
76Knotless tissue control device(PDO) 2-0
77Knotless tissue control device(PGA-PCL) 3-0
78Knotless tissue control device(PDO)-1-0
79Knotless tissue control device(PGA-PCL) Size-2-0
83Silk 1-5062
84Sutur. Synt.Absorb. Violet braided coated-1-2319
85Synt. Absorb. Violet Braided Coated Plus Antebacterial-1-VP2519
86Synt.Absorb. Violet Braided Coated-2.0-2317
87Synt.Absorb. Violet braided coated-0-2996
89Synthetic fast absorbing gamma irradiated undyed polyglactin 910-size2.0
90Synthetic fast Absorbing gamma irradiated undyed polyglactin 910-size3.0
915mm Tenaculum
925mm Bowel holder
935mm Lap needle holder
94Angle Vaginal wall Detrachone
95Bakri balloon 8F
96Bipolar resectoscope
97Cusco speculum
98Hormonal IUD (MIRENA)
99L-shaped vaginal retractor
100Laparoscopic 5 mm port washer suitable for Karl stroz
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