Provision Of Road Furniture At Icgs Dahanu Provision Of Road Furniture At Icgs Dahanu

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Corrigendum : Provision Of Road Furniture At Icgs Dahanu Provision Of Road Furniture At Icgs Dahanu

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Provision Of Road Furniture At Icgs Dahanu Provision Of Road Furniture At Icgs Dahanu

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Sr No CorrigendumDate Corrignedum CorrigendumType NewSubmissionDate
1 09-Nov-2021 Bid Auto Extn Corrigendum Bid Auto Extn Corrigendum 16-11-2021

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INR 500 /-
INR 26900.00 /-
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INR 13.45 Lakhs /-

BOQ Items

Sl. No. Item Description
1Supply only traffic cone/road safety cone made of PVC materials having UV stabilized florescent organ colour EVA (Ethyle Vinyl Accetate) is to increase flexibility. The cone having providedwith four slot on the top of cone for locking of hooks to fix plastic chain. Height of cone should be 750 mm. Weight not less than 4300 gms with square base of size 385 mm with one reflective band of 6 inches (150 mm) width to be used around the cone for reflectivity complete all as specified. Make : Dark Eye or equivallent ofGreen lite/Oscar/Siner Infrastructure
2Supply onlyplastic link chain (Accessories) made of special grade engineering plastic with UV stabilized in available colours red/white/yellow or black combination suitable for fixing of traffic cone as in item No. 1 above complete all as directed. Make Dark eye or equivalent ofGreen lite/Oscar/Siner Infrastructure
3Supply only traffic barricates portable in nature & design to make barricading made of MS pipe 50 mm dia fixed in two V shaped legs of 1.2 metre (4 feet) height on both ends including one No. 1.50 metre (5 Feet) long and 0.45 m (1.5 Feet) wide plate ofalco bond sheethaving reflectivetapeof red & white colour duly pasted on it and fixed at top btween the MS pipe legs. Both side lines end should be filled with reflectors on top edge complete including painting to all MS pipe/sheet with synthetic enamel paint complete all as specified. Make : Dark eye or equivalent ofGreen lite/Oscar/Siner Infrastructure.
4S&F Road side Delineator having two high performance rectangular reflectors of 105 mm x 85mm fixed on both sidesof guide post made of ABS plastic/PMMA materials and fixed on powder coated rectangular steel pipe of 600mm height and 75 mm x 25 mm size including necessary earth work in any type of soil, or demolition of PCC work in ground floor and removal of excavated material/soil/debris out side of MoD land at any distance and providing PCC 1:3:6type C-2 (using 40 mm graded stone aggregate) as in PCC bed block ofsize 300x300x300mm including necessary form work etc, complete all as specified and directed Make: Cat PartDA-77 ABS of Dark eyeor equivalent of Greenlite / Oscar / Siner Infrastructure/Road Star
5S&F Road side Solar Delineatorof size 1000x47mmmade of polycarbonate and toughened aluminium alloy body (height 145mm x 80mm dia ) comprises of4 super bright LEDS of self illuminating, flashing type which gives 360 degree viewingwith solar panel 2.5V, 120mm (approx ) and detachable Ni-MH batterly of 1.25V rechargeable battery to give back-up self and fixed on powder coated steel pipe of 1000mm heightof appropriate size as per make/Manufacture instructions including necessary earth work in any type of soil,or demolition of PCC in groundand removal of all waste/excated material out side of MoD land at any distanceand providing PCC baseblock of size 300x300x300mm type C-2 (using 40 mm graded stone aggregate) includig necessary form worketc complete all as specified and directedMake: Darkeye or in equivalent or Oscar/Siner Infrastructure/Green lite/Road Star etc..
6S&F Rumble strip made of aluminium body die casted dynamically designed for very high impact strength fitted with two nos highly reflective reflectors on both side fixed on road with the help ofepoxy hardener and nails for controllingthe speed of vehicles complete all as specified and as directed . Make Model/Cat Part No. DA - 1007 of Dark Eye or equivallent of Siner infrastructure/Oscar/Green lite etc.
7S&F road side reflectors of size 144.5 mm dia of ABS bodyhigh performance fixed to road side on wall, kerb stone, crash barrier etc designed to give maximum reflection for enhancing the visibility of vehicles with high quality of ABS (Astronitrilite Butadiene Styrene) materialsfixed with adhesive and nails/screw as directed by manufacturer. Make Dark Eye Cat Part No. DA-956 or equivallent of Green lite/Oscar/Siner Infrasture etc.
8S&F RoadABSPlastic Speed Breakerof size 350 x 50 x 250 mm made of ABS(Astronitrilite Butadiene Styrene) materials with two Noshighlyreflectors both side moulded in PMMA materials should welded with ABS Plate through ultrasonic welding process and then fixed on speed breaker to prevent dust & water to inside reflector. The speed breaker shouldbuilt with rubber as well as ABS plastic material of high quality to capable of with standing load of fully loaded carriers on the road upto 10 Tons (Appx) and fixed to road as per direction of manufacturer directions. Make:Cat pot No. DA-1005 ofDark Eye or equivallent of Green Lite/Road Star/Siner Infrastructur/Oscar etc. complete all as directed.
9S&F Convex mirror 1000mmin dia out door purpose and define mirror images having 130 degree of viewing angle including stand/pedestal of MS pipe duly powderedquoted embedded in PCC 1:2:4 type B1 (using 20 mm grade crushed stone aggregate) foundation of size 450x450x600 mm including necessary earth work and removal of surplus soil, complete all as specified and directed. Make :- Dark eye / Siner Infrastructure/ Road star/Oscar or equivalent .
10S&F Road Stud/ cat eye of size110mm x 120mm x 23.5 mm made out from aluminium alloy die casted dynamically designed very high impact strength and fitted with 02 Nos highly reflective reflectors & 02 Nos eye balls each on both side, complete all as specified and fixed on road with screw/nail and necessaryepoxy adhessive as per manufacturer direction directed. Model : No- DA 971 of Make-Dark Eye or equivalent in Greenlite/Road star / Gogia plastics/Oscar/Siner Infrastructure etc.
11S&F Solar powered road studs of size 125x125x25mm of 3 Nos LED each sideand total 6 Nos LEDlights of different colours with Stem of self illuminating, flashing type having 3Nos LEDS for BI-directional studs (flashing and not flickering), visibility minimum 1000 meters flashing rates 65-75 times per min, with detachable Ni-Cd rechargeable batterly of 1.2V to give back-up of atleast 12 hours of continues lights at night from fully charged condition and it should be attached just before fixing and should not be accessible once installed, made of robust alumunium die cast housing with embossed edges for protection against bullock cart iron wheels, having reflector strip in addition to LEDs, stud capable of withstanding load of fully loaded carriers on the road upto Ten tons (approx), having projected top of maximum 20mm above surface, tapering bottom anchor of maximum 55mm length (including bottom cap) with atleast 6 Nos external anti-twist ribs projecting out from bottom anchor, waterproof IP65 as per IS 12063-1987 Category -2, tested to perform satisfactorily for minimum 100 hrs. under rapid thermal cycling tests as per IEC 1215 between -40 to +85 degree centigrade and 700 grms min weight includingfixing on road with epoxy adhessive, nail/screw as per manufacturer direction , complete all as specified and directed . Make : Cat Part No DA-110ofDark eye or equivalent in Oscar/Greenlite / Siner Infrastructure/Road star etc.
12S&F Safety bollards consisting of one plastic square plate one MS round plate and one message plate mounted on 1825 mm long (High) and 63 mm dia MS pipe duly powder coated.Plastic plate of size 405 mm x 405 mm is fitted with nine reflectors made of PMMA of 100 mm dia welded ultrasonicallyon plastic plate. MS round plate having405 mm should be fitted below the square plate on the prepainted MS pipe with the clamps. High grade reflective tap in blue colour to be pasted on the round plate with direction arrow in white colour. A square MS prepainted plate of size 805 x 75 mm to be fitted below the round plate for message.vertical post to be fixed in ground including necessary excavation in post hole in any type of soil, form work if any required and embedded pipe in PCC 1:3 6 type C-2 (using 40mm graded coarse aggregates) of Size 300 mm x 300 mm x 600 mm deep completeall as specified. Make: Cat Pot No. DA-952 (SB) of Dark Eye orequivalent of Siner Infrastructure /Oscar/ Green lite/Road Star complete all as specified..
13S& F information Sign board (both Side written) of sizesize 4" x 3" (1200 mm x 900 mm) made of 3mm thick ACP sheet framed with 25mm dia stainless steel pipe horizonal in top and bottom adjoining with vertical post andhaving front side entire surface fully bonded with non reflective sheeting grade having pressure sensetive adhesive . The matter should not be printed on non reflective tape duly laminated so that printing should not fade and two Nos vertical post of 50mm dia stainless steel pipe 3Mtr long with ornamental top quoted as per sample including writting the matterial/words digitally on both side as required andas directed includingexcavation in post holes and embedded in PCC (1:3:6), type C-2 (using 40mm graded coarse stone aggregates) ofsize 300mm x 300 mm x 600mm deepand/including removal of surplus soil out side of MoD land as directed, complete all as directed . Note:- The sample of sign board shall be provided by EIC & The contractor shall quote their rate accordingly.
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