Supply Of Medicines , Medical Consumables , Surgical Sutures , Laboratory Reagents , Laboratory Consumables , Instruments And Equipments . -

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Supply Of Medicines , Medical Consumables , Surgical Sutures , Laboratory Reagents , Laboratory Consumables , Instruments And Equipments . -

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Supply Of Medicines , Medical Consumables , Surgical Sutures , Laboratory Reagents , Laboratory Consumables , Instruments And Equipments . - 207 Tab. Atorvastatin (Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 208 Tab. Frusemide (Aluminium Foil/Blister pack) 209 Inj. Frusemide 210 I.V Mannitol 211 Tab. Spiranolactone (Alluminium Foil/ Blister Pack) 211 Tab. Hydrochlorothiazide (Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 212 Tab. Isosorbide Dinitrate (Alluminium Foil/ Blister Pack) 213 Inj. Glyceryl Trinitrate 214 Tab. Nifedipine (Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 215 Tab. Atenolol (Alluminium Foil/ Blister Pack) 216 Tab. Metoprolol Tartarate (Alluminium Foil/ Blister Pack) 217 Inj. Dopamine HCl (Intravenus Infusion) 218 Tab. Amlodipine Besylate (Alluminium Foil/ Blister Pack) 219 Tab. Telmisartan (Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 220 Tab. Losartan Potassium (Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 221 Cap. Nifedipine (Soft gelatin capsule) (Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 222 Tab. Nifedipine Sustained Release (SR) (Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 223 Tab. Digoxin(Alluminium foil/Blister Pack) 224 Gamma Benzene Hexa Chloride + Cetrimide (Plastic container as per I.P) 225 Oint. Betamethasone Valeate 226 Lotion Permethrin (Plastic Container as per IP) 227 Cream Permethrin 228 Cream Cotrimazole 229 Lotion Fluocinolone Acetonide (Plastic Container as per IP) 230 Clotrimazole Mouth Paint (Plastic Container as per IP) 231 Cream Fluocinolone Acetonide 232 Lotion Permethrin (Plastic Container as per IP) 233 Cream Clotrimazole 234 Solution Cetrimide (Plastic container as per I.P) 235 Povidone Iodine Oint. 236 Povidone Iodine Solution (Plastic container as per I.P) 237 Povidone Iodine Lotion (Plastic container as per I.P) 238 Povidone Iodine Oint. 239 Mupirocin Ointment 240 Oint Nitrofurazone USP (Polyglycol base) 241 Silver Sulphadiazine Cream 242 Lysol (Creosol With Soap) (Plastic Container as per IP) 243 Soln. Formaldehyde (Plastic Container as per IP) 244 Surgical Spirit (Plastic container as per I.P) 245 Chloroxylenol Solution (Plastic Container as per IP) 246 Soln. Chlorohexidine Gluconate (Plastic Container as per IP) 247 Surgical Spirit (Plastic Container as per IP) 248 Inj. Ranitidine HCl 249 Tab. Ranitidine (coated) (Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 250 Tab. Dried Alu. Hydroxide + Mag Hydroxide +Methyl Polysiloxane (Antacid) (Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 251 Inj. Metoclopramide 252 Inj. Promethazine HCl 253 Tab. Famotidine(Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 254 Cap./Tab.Omeprazole (Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 255 Tab. Domperidone (Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 256 Tab. Dicyclomine HCl(Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 257 Tab. Mefenamic Acid With Dicyclomine 258 ORS Packets (WHO formula) 259 Inj. Dicyclomine HCl 260 Syp. Dicyclomine (With Measuring Cap And Dropper,Palatable, Plastic container as per IP) 261 Tab. Pantoprazole (Scored) (Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 262 Susp. Sucralfate(Palatable, with measuring cap and plastic container as per I.P) 263 Inj. Ondansetran 264 Tab. Ondansetron (Dispersible Tablet) (Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 265 Inj. Rabeprazole (I.V) 266 Tab. Rabeprazole (Scored,Entric coated) (Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 267 Susp. / Gel Antacid (with measuring cap and palatable, plastic container as per I.P) 268 Dicyclomine Drop (with dropper and palatable, plastic container as per I.P) 269 ORS Sachet (WHO formula) 270 Inj. Pantoprazole 271 Tab. Drotaverine HCl(Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 272 Tab. Drotaverine HCl(Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 273 Inj. Drotaverine HCl 274 Tab. Metformin HCl (coated)(Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 275 Tab. Glipizide (Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 276 Tab. Glimepride 277 Inj. Snake Venum Antiserum (Polyvalent) 278 Inj. Tetanus Toxoid (Adsorbed) 279 Inj. Anti Rabies Vaccine for Human Use (TCV) for ID use only 280 Inj. Human Anti-D Immunoglobuline 281 Inj. Hepatitis B Vaccine 282 Gentamycin Sulphate Eye/Ear Drops 283 Sulphacetamide Eye Drop 284 Chloramphenicol Eye Ointment (Applicap/Soft Cap) 285 Ciprofloxacin Eye /Ear Drop (Preservative Benzalkonium Cl. Soln. 0.01%w/v) 286 Clotrimazole & Lignocaine Ear Drop 287 Ofloxacin Ophthalmic Solution 288 Inj. Methylergometrine Maleate 289 Inj. Oxytocin 290 Tab. Methylergometrine Maleate (Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 291 Tab. Isoxsuprine (Aluminium Foil/Blister pack) 292 Inj. Carboprost Tromethamine 293 Inj. Calcium Gluconate 10 % 294 Inj. Magnesium Sulphate 295 Tab. Misoprostol (Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 296 Tab.Norethisterone Acetate (Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 297 Inj. Hydroxy Progestrone 298 Tab. Diazepam (Aluminium Foil /Blister pack) 299 Tab. Alprazolam(Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 300 Inj. Theophylline & Etophylline 301 Tab. Theophylline & Etophylline (Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 302 Tab. Salbutamol Sulphate (Aluminium foil/Blister pack) 303 Syp. Salbutamol Sulphate (With Measuring Cap & Palatable, plastic container as per IP) 304 Salbutamol Inhaler, 200 metered doses 305 I.V Sodium Chloride (Normal Saline) 306 I.V Dextrose and Sodium Chloride (DNS) 307 I.V Compound Sodium Lactate (RingerS Lactate) RL 308 I.V Dextrose 5% (5D) 309 I.V Dextrose 10% (10D) 310 Paediatric Maintenance Fluid

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