Purchase Of Various Types Of Tapes To Meet Out One Year Requiremen To Products Dairy , Ambattur

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Purchase Of Various Types Of Tapes To Meet Out One Year Requiremen To Products Dairy , Ambattur
Tamil Nadu

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Purchase Of Various Types Of Tapes To Meet Out One Year Requiremen To Products Dairy , Ambattur , 3/4 Aavin Cello Tape , Flavoured Item Tapes ( Brown Tape , 48Mm Chocobar Candy Tape , 48Mm Mango Candy Tape , 48Mm Mango Duet Candy Tape , 48Mm Choco Feast Candy Tape , 48Mm Cola Candy Tape , 48Mm Grape Candy Tape , 48Mm Strawberry Candy Tape , 48Mm Orange Candy Tape , 48Mm Pineapple Candy Tape , 48Mm Pineapple Duet Candy Tape , 100Ml Badam Cup Tape , 100Ml Pista Cup Tape , 100Ml Vanilla Cup Tape , 100Ml Butterscotch Cup Tape , 50 Ml Chocolate Cup Tape , Vanilla Cone Tape , Chocolate Cone Tape , 100Ml Mango Cup Tape , 100Ml Strawberry Cup Tape , 100Ml Chocolate Cup Tape , 50Ml Strawberry Cup Tape , 50Ml Vanilla Cup Tape , 50Ml Mango Cup Tape , 125Iml Black Currant Tape , 125Iml Pista Tape , 125Iml Chocolate Tape , 125Iml Strawberry Tape , 125Iml Lychee Tape , 125Iml Butterscotch Tape , 100Gm Rasagulla Gum Tape , 200Gm Rasagulla Gum Tape , 150Gm Gulab Jamun Gum Tape , 250Gm Gulab Jamun Gum Tape , Yoghurt Gum Tape , Sugar Free Gum Tape , Paneer Gum Tape , Pro Lassi Gum Tape , Premium Curd Gum Tape , Light Pink Plain Tape , Bright Blue Plain Tape , Bright Red Plain Tape , Bright Yellow Gum Tape , Bright Orange Gum Tape , Mango Colour Tape , Pista Colour Tape , Strawberry Colour Tape , Orange Colour Tape , Chocolate Colour Tape , Grape Colour Tape , Lychee Colour Tape , Pineapple Colour Tape , Black Currant Colour Tape , Strawberry Core Tape , Mango Core Tape , 2 In 1 Tape , Grape Duet Tape , 50Ml Pista Cup Tape )

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INR 15000.00 /-
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BOQ Items

Name of Work: Purchase of various types of Tapes to meet out one year requirement to Products Dairy
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1.01 3/4 Aavin Cello Tape item1 1 No
2 1.02 Flavoured Item Tapes (Brown tape, 48mm chocobar candy tape, 48mm Mango candy tape, 48mm Mango duet candy tape, 48mm choco feast candy tape, 48mm cola candy tape, 48mm grape candy tape, 48mm strawberry candy tape, 48mm orange candy tape, 48mm pineapple candy tape, 48mm pineapple duet candy tape,100ml badam cup tape, 100ml pista cup tape, 100ml vanilla cup tape, 100ml butterscotch cup tape, 50 ml chocolate cup tape, vanilla cone tape, chocolate cone tape, 100ml mango cup tape, 100ml strawberry cup tape, 100ml chocolate cup tape, 50ml strawberry cup tape, 50ml vanilla cup tape, 50ml mango cup tape, 125IML black currant tape, 125IML Pista tape, 125IML Chocolate tape, 125IML Strawberry tape, 125IML Lychee tape, 125IML butterscotch tape, 100gm rasagulla gum tape, 200gm rasagulla gum tape, 150gm gulab jamun gum tape, 250gm gulab jamun gum tape, yoghurt gum tape, sugar free gum tape, paneer gum tape, pro lassi gum tape, premium curd gum tape, light pink plain tape, bright blue plain tape, bright red plain tape, bright yellow gum tape, bright orange gum tape, mango colour tape, pista colour tape, strawberry colour tape, orange colour tape, chocolate colour tape, grape colour tape, lychee colour tape, pineapple colour tape, black currant colour tape, strawberry core tape, mango core tape, 2 in 1 tape, grape duet tape, 50ml pista cup tape) item2 1 No
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