Mw (P) Sr (P) To Replacement Of Damaged Stones Of Varahi Temple, Chourasi" Sl.No. Item

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Mw (P) Sr (P) To Replacement Of Damaged Stones Of Varahi Temple, Chourasi" Sl.No. Item

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Mw ( P ) Sr ( P ) To Replacement Of Damaged Stones Of Varahi Temple, Chourasi" Sl.No. Item - 1 Providing And Fixing Double Scaffolding System ( Cup Lock Type ) On The Exterior Site Of Building / Structure, Upto 25 Meter Height Above Ground Level Including Additional Rows Of Scaffolding In Stepped Manner As Per Requirement Of Site Made With 40 Mm Dia M.S. Tube Placed 1.5 Meter Center To Center Horizontal & Vertical Tubes Joint With Cup Lock System With Ms Tubes, Ms Tubes Challas , Ms Clamps And Staircase System In The Scaffolding For Working Platform Etc And Maintaining It In A Serviceable Condition For Execution Of Work Of Cleaning And Pointing And Or Applying Chemical And Removing It Thereafter. The Scaffolding System Shall Be Stiffened With Bracing Runners Connecting With The Building Etc. Wherever Required. If Feasible For Inspection Of Work At Required Locations With Essential Safety Features For The Workmen Etc. Complete As Per Directions And Approval Of Engineer In Charge. 2 Racking Out Joints Of Stones Masonry Surface To The Required Width And Depth With Due Care And Precaution By Mechanical / Manual Means Including Preparing And Cleaning The Surface For Re Pointing / Refilling Of Joints Including Disposal Of Pointing / Refilling Of Joints Including Disposal Of Rubbish To The Dumping Ground Within 50Mtr Lead. 3 Petty Patch Stones Mending Work / Water Proofing In The Cornices Grooves And Molding Features Where Ever Bulged And Out Of Plumb In The Stone Masonry With Epoxy Mortar And Pinning With S.S. Anchors Up To The Desired Depth As Per The Site Condition. 4 Provision Of Gently Taking Out The Dislodged , Veneering Worn Out , And Decade Khandolite Stone Blocks Layer By Layer Very Carefully Chiseling And Bringing Down Use Full Material To The Ground By Chain Pulley And Pinning The Core Wall With Disposal Of Rubbish Etc. Complete. 5 Restoration Of Missing / Damaged Original Plinth, Vertical Wall And Facade Moldings Highly Decorated Places With Matching Khandolite Stone Blocks In Traditional Lime Mortar And Stone Adhesive With S.S Dowels / Stone Key After Chiseling Fine Dressing And Making Shape And Size As Per The Ancient Look. 6 Pointing Of The Joints Of Ashlar Stone Masonry In Lime 1:1:1 ( 1 Lime :1 Surkhi: 1 Sand ) Mixed With Essence Mix Including Cleaning, Washing, The Joints And Curing Etc Complete. 7 Drilling 25 Mm Diameter Hole Using Non Precaution Core Drilling Through Solid Stone Of Vertical Walls Of Jagamohana And Main Temple At Different Heights Of Temple For Anchoring Of Loose Stones And Challas For A Length Of Required. 8 Supplying And Providing 20Mm Diameter Bars Of 5.316 Grade Stainless Steel Fully Threaded Including Nuts And Washers Of The Same Grade For Use As Anchor Bars For Length Of Required. 9 Pressure Grouting For Fixing The Anchor Bars I.E Grouting Annular Space Between Anchor Holes And Stainless Steel Bars Using Low Viscous Thermo Settings Epoxy Raisin With Comportable Filler To Match Properties Of Khandolite Stone In The Form Of Injection Grout. The Pressure Grout Pump For Epoxy Injection Pressure Up To 5Kg / Sqcm. 10 Drilling Holes Of 12Mm Dia Up To 300Mm Depth And Fixing Nozzles For Pmc Grout In The Inner Chambers For Fill The Gaps, Voids, Cavities, In The Inner Face For Consolidation. 11 Pmc Grouting Of Roof Area With Acrylic Polymer Emulsion Added With Opc One Part Having Polymer Loading 10% With Appropriate Dose Non Shrink Powder 0.05 Part ( Cebex ) And Plastic Sizer 0.05 Part Having Pressure 0.2 To 0.5 Kg / Sqcm. 12 Carefully Dismantling The Existing Old, Highly Damaged Erroded Sunken Sand Stone Floor Including Stacking Good Quality Sand Stones At Site And Disposal Of Debris To Outside Lead Up To 100M Etc. Complete By Head Load Only. 13 Providing And Laying Khandolite Stone Of Size ( 0.60M X 0.40M X 0.20M ) Flooring By Using 30% New Khandolite Stones Obtained From Approved Quarry With A Wearing Coat Of 20 Mm Thick Composite Mortar In Proportion 1:1:1 ( 1Lime:1Sand:1Surkhi ) 14 Removal Of Earth And Rubles Stone Debris From The Work Spot To Suitable Dumping Place By Tractor Including Carriage Of Debris After Dressing Of Old And New Stones Etc. Complete. 15 Sand Filling Including Carrying From Outside Gate To Work Spot, Leveling And Ramming Mixed With Collected Stone Rubbles For Compaction To Make A Hard Base By Adding 30% Composite Mortar. 16 Providing Lime Concrete ( 1:1:1 ) 40% Stone Aggregate 20Mm Nominal Size ( 1: 1:1 ) 1 Lime: 1 Sand: 1 Surkhi 17 Providing And Laying Sand Stone Of Size ( 0.60X0.40X0.15M ) Flooring By Using 30% New Sand Stones Obtained From Approved Quarry With Wearing Coat Of 25Mm Thick Composite Mortar In Proportion 1:1:1 ( 1Lime:1Sand:1Surkhi )

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Name of Work:"MW (P) SR (P) to Replacement of damaged stones of Varahi temple, Chourasi"
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Estimated Quantity for each item (a) Units
1 1 Providing and fixing double scaffolding system (cup lock type) on the exterior site of building/ structure, upto 25 meter height above ground level including additional rows of scaffolding in stepped manner as per requirement of site made with 40 mm dia M.S. tube placed 1.5 meter center to center horizontal & vertical tubes joint with cup lock system with MS tubes, MS tubes challas ,MS clamps and staircase system in the scaffolding for working platform etc and maintaining it in a serviceable condition for execution of work of cleaning and pointing and or applying chemical and removing it thereafter. The scaffolding system shall be stiffened with bracing runners connecting with the building etc. Wherever required. If feasible for inspection of work at required locations with essential safety features for the workmen etc. complete as per directions and approval of engineer in charge. item1 435 Sqm
2 2 Racking out joints of stones masonry surface to the required width and depth with due care and precaution by mechanical/manual means including preparing and cleaning the surface for re pointing / refilling of joints including disposal of pointing/refilling of joints including disposal of rubbish to the dumping ground within 50mtr lead. item2 359.5 Sqm
3 3 Petty patch stones mending work/ water proofing in the cornices grooves and molding features where ever bulged and out of plumb in the stone masonry with epoxy mortar and pinning with S.S. Anchors up to the desired depth as per the site condition. item3 5.25 Cum
4 4 Provision of gently taking out the dislodged , veneering worn out , and decade Khandolite stone blocks layer by layer very carefully chiseling and bringing down use full material to the ground by chain pulley and pinning the core wall with disposal of rubbish etc. complete. item4 16.2 Cum
5 5 Restoration of missing/ damaged original plinth, vertical wall and facade moldings highly decorated places with matching khandolite stone blocks in traditional lime mortar and stone adhesive with S.S dowels/ stone key after chiseling fine dressing and making shape and size as per the ancient look. item5 16.2 Cum
6 6 Pointing of the joints of ashlar stone masonry in lime 1:1:1(1 lime :1 surkhi: 1 sand) mixed with essence mix including cleaning, washing, the joints and curing etc complete. item6 389.5 Sqm
7 7 Drilling 25 mm diameter hole using non precaution core drilling through solid stone of vertical walls of jagamohana and main temple at different heights of temple for anchoring of loose stones and challas for a length of required. item7 50 Rmt
8 8 Supplying and providing 20mm diameter bars of 5.316 grade stainless steel fully threaded including nuts and washers of the same grade for use as anchor bars for length of required. item8 50 Rmt
9 9 Pressure grouting for fixing the anchor bars i.e grouting annular space between anchor holes and stainless steel bars using low viscous thermo settings epoxy raisin with comportable filler to match properties of khandolite stone in the form of injection grout. The pressure grout pump for epoxy injection pressure up to 5kg/sqcm. item9 150 Kg
10 10 Drilling holes of 12mm dia up to 300mm depth and fixing nozzles for PMC Grout in the inner chambers for fill the gaps, voids, cavities, in the inner face for consolidation. item10 50 Each
11 11 PMC Grouting of roof area with acrylic polymer emulsion added with OPC one part having polymer loading 10% with appropriate dose non shrink powder 0.05 part (Cebex) and plastic sizer 0.05 part having pressure 0.2 to 0.5 kg/sqcm. item11 1000 Kg
12 12 Carefully dismantling the existing old, highly damaged erroded sunken Sand stone floor including stacking good quality Sand stones at site and disposal of debris to outside lead up to 100m etc. complete by head load only. item12 6 Cum
13 13 Providing and laying khandolite stone of size (0.60m x 0.40m x 0.20m) flooring by using 30% new khandolite stones obtained from approved quarry with a wearing coat of 20 mm thick composite mortar in proportion 1:1:1 (1lime:1sand:1surkhi) item13 4.5 Cum
14 14 Removal of Earth and rubles stone debris from the work spot to suitable dumping place by tractor including carriage of debris after dressing of old and new stones etc. complete. item14 4 Cum
15 15 Sand filling including carrying from outside gate to work spot, leveling and ramming mixed with collected stone rubbles for compaction to make a hard base by adding 30% Composite mortar. item15 3 Cum
16 16 Providing Lime concrete (1:1:1) 40% stone aggregate 20mm nominal size (1: 1:1) 1 lime: 1 Sand: 1 Surkhi item16 3 Cum
17 17 Providing and laying Sand stone of size(0.60x0.40x0.15m) flooring by using 30% new Sand stones obtained from approved quarry with wearing coat of 25mm thick composite mortar in proportion 1:1:1(1lime:1sand:1surkhi) item17 30 Sqm
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