Tender For Civil Sor For State Of Mizoram -

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Tender For Civil Sor For State Of Mizoram -

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Tender For Civil Sor For State Of Mizoram -Surface dressing of the ground including removing small plants, bushes ,vegetation (dia less than 4") and making surface levelled and disposal of rubbish outside HPCL's premises to an unobjectionable place, as directed by the Engineer in Charge, Excavation for foundation upto required depth below existing ground level up to 1.5m in any tyoe odf soil except hard rock. Rate to include dressing the sides and bottom, bailing out of water if encountered, shoring, strutting, backfilling after the construction of foundation, trenches/plinth beam etccompacting by the side of the foundation and disposal of surplus excavated earth within/outside HPCL's premises to an unobjectionable place, as directed by the Engineer in Charge including spreading, watering and compaction, complete. The measurement of the excavation would be based on actual depth of excavation with applicable rate for different depths, Excavation for foundation upto required depth below ground level in any type of soil except hard rock . Rate to include dressing the sides and bottom, bailing out of water if encountered, shoring, strutting, backfilling after the construction of foundation, foundation, trenches/plinth beam etc compacting by the side of the foundation and disposal of surplus excavated earth within/outside HPCL's premises to an unobjectionable place, as directed by the Engineer in Charge including spreading, watering and compaction, complete . The measurement of the excavation would be based on actual depth of excavation with applicable rate for different depths.EXCAVATION IN EARTH BETWEEN 1.5 TO 3 M, Providing and laying 50 mm thick DPC in 1:2:4 mix with 6 to 12 mm size aggregate and water proofing compound of approved make as per manufacturer specification, Providing and laying 60 mm average thickness coping in CC 1:2:4 mix using 6 to 12 mm stone aggregate with 40 mm projection on either side of wall with drip mould. Rate to include 20 mm thick plaster in cm 1:4 for fixing of glass pieces including mixing, providing necessary shuttering, compaction and curing. Thickness of coping at the ends shall be 40 mm and 80 mm at centre, Providing and laying in position specified grade (Ready Mix Concrete) controlled concrete as per approved mix design for sub-structure (i.e. upto ground level icluding pavement ) and shapes using graded metal with size 20 mm and 12.5 mm. including placing, vibrating, compacting, curing etc. complete as per provisions of the relevant IS codes Rate shall be exclusive of the cost of steel reinforcement, which will be paid under a separate item READY MIX CONCRETE (M-25) FOR :RCC D/way/ Culvert slab/Tank bottom raft/tank top slab as per IS-4926, Boring, Providing and installing Bored cast-in-situ R.C.C. pile of 300 mm diameter & length below the pile cap M25 in Cement Concrete, to carry a safe working load not less than specified, including Chiseling in Hard Rock upto 4D, excluding the cost of steel reinforcement but including the cost of boring with, bentonite solution & temporary casing of appropriate length for setting out & removal of same and the length of the pile to be embedded in the pile cap e.t.c. all complete, including removal of excavated earth from HPCL compound with all lifts & leads (Length of Pile for Payment shall be measured upto bottom of Pile Cap) - .size 300 mm diameter, Providing & laying brick masonry as above but for 115 mm thick in partition walls in CM 1:4. Rate to include providing 75 mm thick RCC 1:1.5:3 bands using 4 nos 8 mm dia Torsteel reinforcement with U type 8 mm strips @ 150mm C/C at every 1 M height of wall including plywood/ MS shuttering. Steel reinforcement shall be paid for separately, Providing and constructing Fly Ash brick masonry in CM 1:5 using fly ash bricks having minimum compressive strength 75 Kg/sqcm. Job including providing all openings and projections as per the drawing, raking the joints to 1 cm deep, scaffolding, soaking of bricks prior to use and curing etc complete as per specifications .These bricks shall be machine moulded and prepared in plant by appropriate proportion of fly ash and lime. The autoclave fly ash bricks shall conform to IS 12894 , Providing flush pointing in rubble pitching with 1:3 cement mortar including curing etc. complete, SMOOTH CEMENT PLASTER FOR CEILING / CHHAJA / ROOF BEAM : Providing and applying 6 mm thick plaster in CM 1:3 to ceiling and bottom surface of chajja using screened sand including finishing smooth and providing drip moulds at chajja edges and curing etc. complete. Rate shall include providing necessary scaffolding, chicken wire mesh at all joints of brick and concrete surfaces, with a minimum overlap of 150 mm in all directions and curing complete. No extra payment shall be made for additional thickness if required to achieve perfect line and level, CERAMIC TILES DADO IN TOILET: Providing and fixing ceramic tiles of 300 x 400 mm size (approved shade and make )First quality , free from crack fissures & flakes with straight edge s & perfect corners fixed at right angles as per the design and pattern, incldg. applying 12mm thick backing plaster in 1:4 CM and fixing the tiles with neatcement paste, finishing the joints with white cement mixed with colouring pigments to match the colour of tiles properly cured & finished in all respects etc. complete.300mm x 400mm , BRICKBAT COBA ON TERRACE Providing and laying integral cement based water proofing of average 100 mm thick as per specifications given. The job includes Cleaning of RCC slab and applying neat cement slurry mixed with waterproofing compound, providing and laying brickbat coba in CM 1:4 mixed with water proofing compound and curing for a period of 24 hours, laying of 25 mm thick PCC 1:1.5:3 mix with 6 mm and down size coarse aggregate and water proofing compound, finishing smooth, making half round vata at the junction of parapet wall and slab and curing for 10 days. NOTE:- Contractor to submit a guarantee in respect of performance of waterproofing ,for 10 years on a Stamp-paper. Further , @10% of job amount shall be retained for 2 years as retention money , returnable after retention period without interest . Approved brands of waterproofing compound are : CICO/ACCOPROOF/IMPERMO, SYNTHETIC ENAMEL PAINT OVER WALL Providing and applying 2 coats of synthetic enamel paint 1st quality of approved manufacturer and of required shades on wall to give an even shade including a primer coat, ALUMINIUM WINDOWS(SLIDING) : Providing and fixing 50 micron powder coated aluminium glazed windows with 5 mm glass & extruded built up section of wall thickness not less than 1.4 mm and approved make with glass panel fixed to side -hung shutter with aluminium snap beading and neoprene / PVC gasket / CP Brass /stainless steel screws fixed to the wall with requisite rawl plugs and screw or with fixing clips or with expansion hold fasteners including necessary filling up of gaps at junctions at top , bottom and sides with requisite PVC / neoprene felt / polysulphide sealant/silicon sealant including heavy duty handle cum locking arrangement etc all complete as per architectural drawing and the direction of Engg.In-charge. Two Track Window: Top & Side - 8933 (20829) -1.5 mm thick @ 1.06 kg/m; Bottom (Bulb) - 8934 (20832) - 1.5 mm thick @ 1.248 kg/m, Providing and fixing Gyp board false ceiling with required accessories of APPROVED MAKE including painting with two coats of plastic emulsion paint. 12.5 mm thick 'Gypboard' shall be screw-fixed to the underside of suspended GI grid. GI grid shall be installed as per manufacturer's specifications. GI grid shall consist of ceiling sections (India Gypsum Code no. MF5) at maximum c/c distance 450 mm, Perimeter channel (India Gypsum code no. MF6A), intermediate channels (India Gypsum code no. MF7) at maximum c/c distance 1200 mm. The ceiling sections should be fixed to intermediate channels with connecting clips (India Gypsum code no. ME9). GI grid shall be fixed to RCC slab above with the help of 25x0.5 mm strap hanger (India Gypsum code no. MF 8) and soffit cleat (India Gypsum code no. P534). The joints between soffit cleat and strap hanger and GI grid & strap hanger shall be with 6.4x12.7 mm nut and bolt (India Gypsum code no. P526). Soffit cleat shall be fixed to RCC ceiling with W.E. type 12 mm dia, 17/16" long steel rawl plug. Maximum c/c distance (both ways) of strap hangers shall be 1200 m. The Gypboard shall be fixed fixed to GI grid with 25 mm long Drawall screws. The Gypboard to be used shall be 12.5 mm thick tapered edge boards. The boards shall be taped & filled from underside to ceiling. , Providing and fixing in position CP sensor Faucet of 51071 Jaquar make as per the drawing. The item includes all necessary fittings, accessessories etc. complete as per the direction of Engineer In Charge, Providing & fixing followg. size medium duty GI pipes of approved make conforming to IS-1239 concealed in the walls/under the concrete floors including making chases in the walls/concrete floors,fixing with clamps at every 1m c-c, necessary tees,bends,elbows,plugs,nipples,unions,testing of pipelines for leaks upto a pressure of 6 Kg/sq cm , painting the pipes with hot bitumen, wrapping the pipes with hessian cloth and making chases of the walls good after piping complete, > Providing and laying unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) pipes of class IV or as applicable conforming to IS 4985:2000/ IS 15328 : 2003/ IS 13592 : 1992 Type B/ BS 4514/ BS EN 1329, latest edition including all necessary fittings conforming to IS 14735 : 1999/ BS 4514/ BS EN 1329, latest edition and other accessories including connections etc., complete as per drawings or as directed at site.20MM, Providing and fixing brass Non-Return Valve GG/LEADER make ISI marked or approved equivalent - 15MM DIA NON RETURN VALVE, > Supply and laying rigid non-flame propagating medium duty PVC conduit conforming IS 9537(Part III) including all bends, clamps, joineries, fixing on the wall etc. all complete 32 mm dia, Supply and laying following size PVC insulated, sheathed, armoured cable of approved make conforming to IS 1554:Part 1:1988 -3.5 C X 95 SQMM AL CABLE , Supply and installation of BAJAJ make Hot dip galavanised iron pole of Height 6.0 meter having wall thickness 3 mm. C/s A/F - top = 70mm, bottom =130 mm, base plate 220x220x12 mm, 500 mm long weatherproof reinforced door opening with junction box mounting arrangement but exclusive of junction box, double arm brackets 1 m each, 20mm dia. threaded made to J shape and having 600 mm total length steel grade EN8 foundation bolts - 4 nos with nuts, templates and all complete as per approved drawing. Approved Equivalent Make - PHILIPS. Foundation RCC 1:1.5:3 shall be of size 550x550mm and depth 1200 mm with 8 nos. 12mm dia. tor bars as main bars and 8mm dia. tor bars stirrups @ 190 mm c/c as per approved drawing. This reinforcement shall conform to IS:1786 latest edition. The foundation shall extend above sorrounding ground/driveway level for 200 mm and have slant 63mm dia. PVC sleeve cast insitu foundation for cable entry as per the drawing. Rates to include excavation, PCC, RCC and reinforcement, etc. complete(Refer attached Drawing), Supply , installation and commissioning of 1 phase AIR cooled balanced / unbalanced load servo controlled voltage stabiliser of rating 10 KVA (Make - Logicstat / Blue bird / Bhurji / Techno Vision /Numeric or HPCL approved make) including auto / manual control, overload trip relay, low / high voltage cut-off, single phase protector, cost of oil. Rate includes making input and output connection but excludes supply of necessary cables, lugs and clamping. Party to furnish manufacturer's test certificate alongwith supply and provide warranty/gaurantte for a period of one from the date of installation. Detailed specifications are as under: Specifications 1 Phase1. Input Voltage 170 - 270VAC2. Output Voltage 230 VAC3. Operating frequency 50 HZ4. Output Voltage Regulation +/- 1%5. Response time < 3 msecs6. Rate of Correction 12 to 60 V / Sec7. Efficiency > 98%8. Wave form Distortion Nil9. Effect on Power Factor Nil10. Operating Temperature 10 - 60 Degree C11. Duty of operation Continuous at 100%12. Cooling Air Cooling PROTECTIONSUNDER / OVER VOLTAGE REQUIREDOver Load Protection MCBINDICATIONMains On RequiredUnder/Over Voltage RequiredVoltmeter 0 - 300 VACAMP meter OptionalAlarm Optional, Transportation of DUs to site including loading, unloading etc. The KM will be calculated per trip upto maximum of carrying 5 pumps per trip, 80 W LED Fitting as mentioned in IS standards IS 16101 to 16107:Supply and fixing of 80 W LED housed by Single piece Pressure Die Cast Aluminum body, recess mountable fitting with guaranteed burning hours of 50000 .Make Philips/Havells/Bajaj/Wipro/Osram/Crompton/GE/Bever Innovations. IP Protection of minimum IP 65 and above, suitable for canopy lighting at retail outlets (Petrol station) .The bidder should submit copy of certified photometric report as per IESNA LM-79(Approved method for the Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Solid-State Lighting Products) from a UL/ ERTL /ERDA or any NABL accredited laboratory to validate the photometric claims as & when asked by HPC. A minimum 3 years warranty from manufacturing defects for the luminaire by manufacturer.i) With high lumen efficacy LEDs from CREE, Seoul SemiConductor, Lumiled Philips, Osram, Nichia (Japan), Tridonic (Austria), GE and Bridgelux . Efficiency of more than 90 lumens per watt . LEDs used in the fixture should be from the same bin and certified as per LM-80 (IESNA: Approved Method for Measuring Lumen Maintenance of LED Light Sources and LED lumen depreciation time to L70 based on LM-80 data). by any UL/ ERTL /ERDA or any NABL accredited laboratory to validate the photometric claims as & when asked by HPC.ii) Bottom open able for easy maintenance.iii)High Quality Polycarbonate Opal Diffuser for Optimum uniformity and Glare free light output.iv) General electrical protection against High Voltage and Surges up to3 KVv) Power factor > 0.95vi) Range allowed for total system wattage 80 W with +2W or -2W vii) Driver Operating Voltage Range: 140 V- 270 V viii) Operating Temperature 0 to +45 Deg Centigrade viii) CRI more than 70 ix) Colour temperature5650K±500K (to be mentioned in LM 79 certificate) x)Wide beam angle for spread of light 120 degrees or more xi)Luminaire Performance Complies to IS10322 (Part 5/Sec 3) & IEC 60598-1,IEC 60529, ROHS, PIPE RAILING : Supply and fixing of 40 NB medium quality MS pipes(IS 1239 latest edition) for top and bottom railings to angle iron posts for fixing the edges of the chain link fencing. Rate includes fabn, cutting, bending of the MS pipe, supply and fixing of MS clamps at every post, with nuts and bolts(all proper sized) and painting the railing with two coats of Zinc Phosphate Primer and two coats of Synthetic enamel paint after proper cleaning /scrapping . SHALIMAR/BERGER/ASIAN make 1st quality only.(Refer attached Drawing), etc.

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