Formation Of Walk Way On Musi Edges And Repairs To Existing Promenade From Muslim Jung To Salar Jung Bridge Under Ecological Restoration Of Musi River Hyderabad.

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Formation Of Walk Way On Musi Edges And Repairs To Existing Promenade From Muslim Jung To Salar Jung Bridge Under Ecological Restoration Of Musi River Hyderabad.

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Formation Of Walk Way On Musi Edges And Repairs To Existing Promenade From Muslim Jung To Salar Jung Bridge Under Ecological Restoration Of Musi River Hyderabad.

Key Value

Document Fees
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INR 93800.00 /-
Tender Value
INR 93.73 Lakhs /-

BOQ Items

S.No Subwork Name Specification Number Quantity UOM Rate(INR) Amount(INR)
1 BOQ as per SSR/MORTH 850.00 Sqm 173.87 147790.00
Painting one coat of water based primer and two coats after filling the surface with synthetic enamel paint in all shades on new platered concrtee surface (total 3 coats ) as per morth specification
2 BOQ BLD-CSTN-10-4 4434.58 Sqm 216.00 957869.00
Painting Walls with Clear Varnishing or other equal and approved Water Proof Cement Paint over Priming Coat, One Coat (All Colours)
3 BOQ BLD-CSTN-10-7 3986.61 Sqm 204.56 815501.00
Painting with synthetic enamel paint 2 coats over primary coat of Red-oxide Paint including cost and conveyance of all materials, labour charges etc. complete
4 BOQ as per SSR/MORTH 3207.75 Sqm 178.75 573385.00
Painting walls withwater proof cement paint over primer coat ,2 coats (ALL colours)
5 BOQ as per SSR/MORTH 40.00 kg 104.53 4181.00
Supply and fixing of MS nuts and bolts with holding strip including cost and conveyance of all materials and labour charges as per specifications.
6 BOQ as per SSR/MORTH 24.00 kg 161.43 3874.00
Supply and fixing of MS flats 25mm x 3mm X100mm size including labour charges for drilling 2nos holes for fixing the chainlink mesh for complete item of work as directed by the Department.(1.05*1*.025*.003*0.1*7850=0.06kg)
7 BOQ as per SSR/MORTH 480.00 Rmt 589.66 283037.00
Supply, Delivery and fixing of hot dipped Galvanized Iron Chain link mesh 8 gauge -(4.0 mm) as per IS: 2721-1979- 2"x2" (50 mm x 50 mm)- 8 Gauge including cost and conveyance of material to site etc and labour charges complete etc as directed by the Dept., officials.
8 BOQ as per SSR/MORTH 480.00 Rmt 543.08 260678.00
S& F 50 mm Nominal Bore GI pipe Medium Grade properties & weight as per IS 1239 ISI mark of 3m length and GI fittings including the cost of pipe & its fittings & labour charges of drilling holes of 6nos suitable for fixing nuts and bolts for fixing chainlink mesh
9 BOQ as per SSR/MORTH 9.72 Cum 6506.05 63239.00
Plain/Reinforced Cement Concrete in Open Foundation complete as per Drawing and Technical Specifications as per morth 5th revision & as directed by Engineer-In-Charge
10 BOQ as per SSR/MORTH 15258.79 kg 100.61 1535187.00
Supply Manufacture making to specified design and labour charges for fabricating steel work like windoe grill ,compoundwallgrills ,iron railing cost of power charges, including welding rods, nuts,bolts,rivets,power charges, conveyance charges, wastage of 3%, etc., complete for finished item of the work as directed by the Engineer-In-Charge.Repairs and replacing missing railing items.
11 BOQ as per SSR/MORTH 2500.00 Sqm 691.20 1728000.00
Providing and Laying of Interlocking Concrete Block Pavements using precast concrete blocks for paving of M-40 grade and thickness not less than 80 mm for Medium traffic areas conforming to IS 15658:2006 in all shapes and designs as per the manufacturer\s specification as per drawings and technical specification Clause 1504 MORD., complete for finished item of work
12 BOQ as per SSR/MORTH 250.00 cum 1023.71 255928.00
Filling with Crusher stone dust finer than 3 mm with not more than 10% passing 0.075 sieve including supply and delivery of crusher stone dust and convenance charges, filling charges watering tamping and ramming and all labour charges and operational charges complete as directed by the departmental officer
13 BOQ as per SSR/MORTH 42.30 cum 5544.63 234510.00
Brick masonry work in 1:3 in sub-structure complete excluding pointing and plastering, as per drawing and Technical Specifications
14 BOQ Approved rates of GHMC&HMDA. 2835.00 each 241.00 683235.00
Supply and Fixing of precast C.C blocks for kerbing made with rubberised moulds of M-30 Grade Design Mix with 350kgs of cement per cum of concrete, 20mm-6mm nominal size hard granite machine crushed metal at 0.8cum of concrtete and sand at 0.4cum of concrete, with true alignment as specified by the department to form divider including pointing with cement 1:3 proportion including cost of conveyance of materials like sand, water, coarse aggrgates, cement, curing and labour charges, etc., size 600x400x110mm/50mm
15 BOQ As directed by Engineer in charge 600.00 cum 348.44 209064.00
Collectin supply and spreading of carted earth including watering and rolling with hand roller irrespective of thickness to achieve the desired density as per technical specificationn excluding Seignerage charges
16 BOQ IRR-DAW-5-5 10533.00 cum 153.60 1617869.00
Formation of embankment using soil from sideway excavated area in layers of 25 to 30 cm before compaction including cost of all materials, machinery, labour, all operations such as excavation, sorting out, transportation, spreading soil in layer of specified thickness, breaking clods, sectioning, watering, compacting to density control of not less than 95 percent or as stipulated using Sheep foot roller / Vibratory roller/ 8 to 10 tonne power roller etc., complete with initial lead upto 1 km and all lifts.
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