Tender For New Suppliers Required Bhel Ranipet

Tender Notice

Tender For New Suppliers Required Bhel Ranipet
Tamil Nadu

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Tender For New Suppliers Required Bhel Ranipet - Ds181 Ventilation System Ds180 Pre Treatment Plant Ds167 Side Stream Filtration System Ds166 Gas Chlorination Plant Ds165 Cw Treatment Plant Ds164 Silica Analyser Ds163 Flow Switch Ds162 Poly Aluminium Chloride Ds161 Rotameter Ds160 Solenoid Valve Enclosure Box Ds159 Float And Board Level Gauge Ds158 Illumination Package Ds157 Temperature Transmitters Ds156 Level Transmitters Ds155 Pressure Transmitters Ds154 Temperature Guages With Thermowell Ds153 Pr / Diff.Pr / Electro-Magnetic Flow Transmitter Ds152 Ss, Copper & Brass Pipes / Fittings Ds151 Paddle Wheel Flow Transmitter Ds150 Level Transmitter ( Ultrasonic / Radar Type ) Ds149 Level Transmitters ( Dp Type ) Ds148 Level Gauges ( Float & Board ) Ds147 Level Switches ( Float / Displacer Type ) Ds146 Ph Instruments / Orp Instruments Ds070 Double Comprsn Ferrule Type Tube Fittings-Ss-316 Ds069 Pp / Cpvc / Upvc Wafer Type Butterfly Valves Ds068 Conductivity Analyser Ds141 Potassium Permanganate Ds140 Sodium Hydroxide Liquid ( Lye ) Ds066 Variable Frequency Drive Panel Ds065 Upvc &Cpvc Pipes & Fittings ( Pn10&Above ) Ds064 Plc System With Instrument Package Ds139 Hydrochloric Acid Ds138 Sodium Bi Sulphite Ds137 Laboratory Glasswares Ds133 Electronic Weigh Scale& Digi. Anal. Balance Ds131 Lovibond Comparators With Discs Ds110 Sodium Hypochlorite Ds105 Cleaning Chemicals Ds104 Hydrate Lime Ds102 Polyelectrolyte Ds101 Liquid Ferric Chloride Ds061 Cage Type Globe Valve Ds060 High Flow Catrige Filter Ds057 Gripe Type Expandantion Bolt Ds056 Galvanised U''bolts Ds054 Neoprene Rubber Sheet Ds052 Ele. Motor Operated Butterfly Valves Ds050 Swing Check Valves Wafer Ds049 Steel Tank Ds047 Dm System Large Ds046 Ss 316 High Pressure Flexible Couplings Ds044 Ss Seamless / Erw Tubes / Pipes And Fittings Ds042 Silent Check Valves-Hp Ds041 Hp Ball Valves ( Manual, Motor&Pneumatic ) Ds040 Hp Globe Valves Ds039 Ss Fasteners Ds037 Grp Flanges Ds036 Grp Pipes & Pipe Fittings Ds035 Gi Piping And Fittings For Air Line Ds034 Hp Rubber Hose Ds031 Lp Piping - Upvc & Cpvc Ds030 Rubber Expansion Bellows Ds029 Static Mixers Ds026 Pneaumatic Actuated Bfv Ds025 Pp / Cpvc / Upvc Ball Ds024 Lp Butterfly Valves ( Manual ) Ds023 Eoh & Monorail With Motor Driven Trolley Ds022 Gaskets, Rubber Sheets & Rubber Mats Ds019 Frp / Grp Tank Ds017 Energy Recovery Unit Ds016 Membrane Filter For Sdi Skit Ds015 Pressure Vessel For Membrane Ds014 Ro Membrane Ds012 Uf System ( Pressurised ) Ds011 Bwro Skid Ds010 Hp Pump With Motor &Acc ( Stailess Steel Ds008 Catridge Filter Assy Ds007 Dosing System Ds003 Pp Pumps Ds002 Lp Pumps Fg037 Abrasion Resistant ( Moulded ) Frp Grating Fg036 Rubber Lining For Absorber Fg033 C276 Fastners ( Fgd ) Fg026 Spray Pipes ( Collaborators Purchases ) Fg024 Glass Flake Lining Fg022 Recirculation Pump Fg021 Mist Eliminator Fg020 Limestone Handling & Gypsum Handling System Fg018 Rack & Pinion Elevator Fg016 Slurry Piping Carbon Steel With Rubber Lining Fg015 Gypsum Dewatering System Fg014 Wet Ball Mill System Fg013 Emergency Quenching System For Ggh Inlet Fg012 Flanges For Absorbers And Tanks Fg011 Pneumatically Operated Globe Valve For Process Fg010 Air Cannon System Fg009 Slurry Pumps Fg008 Pneumatically Operated Butterfly Valves Fg006 Oxidation Blower ( Roots Type ) Fg003 Manually Operated Butterfly Valves Fg002 Motorized Operated Butterfly Valves Fg001 Slurry Valves Ld025 Shaft Collars Ld018 Junction Box Ld028 S.S.Fasteners Ld031 Vibro Damper Ld030 Tube Clip Ld005 Bearings - 22238 Ld019 Heavy Duty Limit Switch With Lever Ld027 Bearing Housing Ld022 Manual Operated Gear Box / Worm, Ld002 Electrical Actuators For Gates Ld003 Adjusting Bolt Ld004 Air Cylinder Open / Close-Bore Dia Upto 250Mm Ld006 Blower With Motor Ld007 Check Valve Pneumatic Ld008 Ss Flexible Hose Ld009 Crimping Lug Ld010 Expanded Metal Ld011 Filter Cum Lubricator-Pneumatic Ld013 Graphite Filament Packing / Grafoil Brg. Ld016 Isolation Valve Ld021 Male Connector / Tee Union Ld023 Nylon Bush Ld024 Roller Chain & Bushed Chain Ld026 Solenoid Valve Ld055 Heater For Seal Air Duct Ld054 Glass Fiber Rope With Inconel Wire Ld053 Ceramic Braided Rope Ld051 Intelligent / Smart Type Actuator For Gate Ld050 Electrical Actuators For Dampers Ld049 Air Lock Relay Valve Single Acting Ld048 Air Cylinder Open / Close-Bore Dia Above 250Mm Ld047 Bushed Chain Ld045 Fgd Dampers Ld044 Lever Boss, Gland & Bearing Holder Ld042 Chain Pin As Per Bps Drg. Ld037 Blade Block, Blade Lock, Lock Plate&Blade Lock Pin Ld036 Wafer Type Swing Check Valve Ld034 Pneumatic Actuator Regulating Ld033 Set Screw Ball Bearing Rm010 Carbon Steel Tubes - Erw - Cold Drawn Rm029 Stainless Steel - Shims Rm002 Plates - Alloy Steel -A 387 / A 588 Gr. A &Others Rm022 Forgings - Steel - Header Rm008 Carbon Steel - Rounds Rm030 Stainless Steel - Wire - Cold Drawn Rm036 Carbon Steel Plates - Higher Thickness Rm001 Plates - Alloy Steel -Naxtra 70 Their Equivalent Rm024 Galvanised / Ungalvanised - Wire, Wire Mesh Rm028 Stainless Steel - Plates , Sheets Rm033 Structural Steel - Angles, Beams And Channels Rm003 Aluminium - Plates , Sheets , Coils & Sections Rm004 Carbon Steel - Bright Bars Rm006 Coils - Carbon Steel Rm007 Carbon Steel - Plates , Sheets ( Upto 20Mm ) Rm009 Carbon Steel Tubes - Erw - Black Rm011 Seamless Steel Tubes Rm012 Casting-Steel-Air Preheater Supp Bearing Housing Rm014 Castings - Grey Iron Rm015 Castings - Non Ferrous Rm016 Castings - Sg Rm017 Castings - Steel ( Other Than Brg Housing, Support Body ) Rm018 Coils - Corten Steel Rm019 Erw Hollows Rm020 Forgings-Open Die-Carbon Steel / Ss ( Other Than Blade Rm021 Forgings - Steel - Blade Shaft Rm023 Forgings - Steel - Impeller Rings Rm025 Non Ferrous - Plates, Sheets, Tubes ( Traders ) ( Other Rm026 Steel - Rounds ( Is 2062 Only ) Rm027 Steel - Unequal Angles Rm031 Steel Flats - Gi Rm032 Steel Tubes - Id Controlled Rm034 Rerolled Steel Structurals Rm056 C-276 Clad Plates Rm055 Casting- Steel Tlt-Id Fan Bearing Housing Rm054 Stainless Steel Tubes Rm053 Rails Rm052 Plates - P355nh Rm050 Slitting Of Coils To Specific Widths Rm048 Sleeve Bearing ( Machined ) Rm047 Carbon Steel Tubes - Erw - Api Grade Rm046 Stainless Steel - Rounds Rm045 Corten Sheets Rm044 Wide Flanged Beams / Universal Columns Rm042 Cold Rolled Sheet To Spec Astm B 575 -Uns N10276 Rm041 Shroud Tubes Rm040 Alloy Steel - Rounds Rm039 Steel - Flats Rm038 Forgings-Closed Die Sd273 Helical Compression Springs Sd279 Strainer ( Aps 075 ) Sd387 Gi Flexible Metallic Conduit With Fittin Sd395 Blade Fixing Screw / Special Adopter For Bfs Sd090 Alloy Steel Eye Hook & Dee Shackles Sd158 Insulators For Esp Sd194 Nylock Nut Sd213 Plain Bearing Sd231 Retainer A & B Sd303 Valves Sd364 Knife Gate Valve Sd378 Rigiflex / Spacer Coupling For 500 Mw Sd015 Emblem, Direction, Rating, Warning, Id Plates Sd050 Caf Jointing Sheet Is 2712 Sd139 High Tensile Fasteners Like Hex.Bolt , Screws & Nuts Sd406 Electro Forged Step Treads Sd028 Bearing ( Plummer Block ) / Housing With Brg / Brg Acc Sd118 Flow Switch Sd396 U-Guide Sd145 Worthington Hub Sd243 Lubricating Oil Pump Sd054 Ceramic Fibre Blanket Insulation Sd405 Electro Forged Floor Grills Sd137 High Pressure Grease Pump Sd149 Hydraulic Couplings ( Above 300Kw ) Sd181 Main Supply Transformers Sd230 Resilient Grid Type Coupling G Sd287 Taper Lock Bush & Adaptor Sd351 O Rings ( Indigenous ) Sd377 Industrial Computer Sd229 Relief Valve ( Aps 072 ) Sd003 Actuators-Electrical ( Regulating Type ) Sd031 Bearing Plate ( Expansion ) Sd063 Connecting Ring ( Fully Machined ) Sd117 Floor Grills Sd134 Helical Speed Reducer Sd186 Miscellaneous Items Like Typical Fasteners , Was Hers Sd221 Pressure Gauge With Needle Valve Sd252 Shaft Pins Sd271 Split Thrust Collar Sd238 Rubber Sheets Sd061 Compensating Cable For Thermocouple Sd105 Expansion Joint ( Non-Metalic ) Sd144 Hsfg Washers Sd200 Opacity Monitor Sd250 Self Tapping Screws Sd380 Universal Joint Assy Sd023 Aux Control Panel - Drawout Type - Draw Out Type Sd006 Air Breather Sd391 Pc Add-On Cards Serial, Digital I / O Rom Sd393 Illumination Components Sd402 Self Cleaning Dynavane Air Filter & Blow Sd033 Rod End Assy Sd097 Du Bush Sd151 Hydraulic Mounting Equipment With Hyd.Nut Sd270 Split Pins , Studs Sd311 Worm & Worm Wheel ( Aps 271&272 ) Sd025 Antifriction Bearings ( Manufactures ) Sd167 Light Assembly Sd131 Heat Resistance Glass Sd059 Esp Clutch And Coupling Sd136 Hex. Head Screw Sd203 Packing Box And Sleeve Tube Sd217 Pop Rivet Sd019 Ash Level Indicator ( Cap Type ) Sd091 Journal Bearings ( High Thrust / Medium Thrust / Sd147 Hvr / Ec Sd163 Junction Box Sd183 Metallic Bellow Assy Sd196 Oil Filters Sd212 Pipe Fittings - Ermeto Type Sd225 Rapper Control Panel Sd280 Stretching Device Sd304 Vibration Monitoring System ( Imported ) Sd360 Oil Level Guage Sd370 Name Plates Sd390 Over Running Clutches Sd403 Colour Coated Roofing Sheet Sd012 Angular Joint / Articulate Joint Sd035 Bearings ( Support & Guide ) Sd064 Connecting / Adjusting Screw Sd100 Electric Motor - Lt ( Upto 90 Kw ) Sd115 Flexible Coupling- Pin Type / Tyre Sd265 Special Fasteners, Washers In Alloy Steel & Stain Less Steel Sd267 Main Drive Speed Reducer: Type-I, Type-Ii, Type-Iii & 8Apb Sd272 Spring Elements For Regi Flex Coupling Sd275 Steam Coil Air Preheater Sd277 Step Tread Sd282 Support Bearings Sd285 Swivel Joints ( Barco ) Sd290 Thermocouples / Thermowells Sd291 Thermostat Sd296 Trunnion Bolts Sd298 Turbine Drive For Fan Sd299 Turbine Drive For Fan ( Indigenous ) Sd307 Water Washing Hose Assembly Sd308 Wda Rope Is 4687 Sd310 Wire Rope Sd312 Worm Gear Reducers ( 2 Stage ) Sd352 Lock Nuts & Lock Washers Sd354 Link Chain Assembly Sd362 Nilos Rings Sd363 Impeller Blades Forged Raw 16 Size Sd371 Communication Interface Module Sd373 Pc Termination Box Sd375 Wear Liners For Impeller & Ogv Sd379 Bearings-Miscellaneous Sd383 Cable Tray Supports And Accs. ( Bolted ) Sd143 Hsfg Bolts, Nuts Sd146 Lock Bolt And Collar Sd148 Hydraulic Coupling ( Upto 300 Kw ) Sd150 Hydraulic Lifting Cylinders Sd154 Forged Aluminium Blades ( Finish Machined ) Sd156 Inner Arm Sd160 Interlocks Sd166 Lifting Eye Bps 6181 0130 Sd169 Limit Switch Sd172 Worm Gear Jactuator With Rotary Limit Switch & Sd174 Local Push Button Start / Stop Sd177 Lub Oil Filters Sd178 Lub Oil Regulators ( Fine Throttle ) Sd179 Lub Oil System Sd182 Dial Thermometer With Thermowell Sd193 Spray Nozzles Sd195 Oil Coolers Sd198 On Off Switch ( Aps 128 ) Sd199 One Way Clutch Sd201 Outer Arm Sd202 Oxygen, Nitrogen Sd207 Perforated Sheet - Galvanised & Ungalvanised Sd210 Pins For Pin Rack Sd211 Pipe Fittings Sd214 Resistance Temp Detector With Thermowell Sd220 Pr. Transmitter Sd226 Doors ( Manhole Door, Access Door & Inspn Door ) Sd228 Spacer Coupling ( Regiflex Type ) Sd232 Rivetting Gun Sd233 Rock Wool Mattress ( Bonded & Unbonded ) Sd235 Rotary Feeder Sd241 Scrapper / Chain Conveyor Sd255 Shaft Seals ( Simmer Rings , Nut Rings, Oil Remover ) Sd258 Sliding Plate ( Teflon Plate ) Sd022 Aux Control Panel - Non Drawout Type - Non Draw Sd024 Bapcon - All Types Sd029 Bearing ( Spherical Plain ) Sd030 Flanged Bearing Housing Sd034 Self Lubricating Bushes Sd037 Flat Nibbed Bolt Sd041 Cable ( Flame Retardent Low Smoke ) Sd042 Cable Tag Sd045 Cables Lt Power - Al Sd046 Cables -Cu Control Sd047 Cables -Cu Screened Sd057 Circlips Sd058 Clips Sd067 Expansion Joint ( Rubber ) Sd068 Aux Fan With Motor ( Cooling / Sealing / Penthhouse Sd072 Cover For Bearing Sd074 Locking Discs / Serrated Washers Sd075 D.P. Gauge Sd083 Dial Gauges Sd084 Dial Plates Sd085 Differential Pressure Switch Sd088 Disconnecting Switch ( Manually Operated ) Sd101 Eoh, Motor Trolley&Chain Pully With Geared Troley Sd107 Fasteners Sd109 Fibre Glass Wool Sd110 Filter Regulator Lubricator Sd111 Individual Thermocouple Assy Sd113 Flat Sealing Ring Sd114 Flexible Coupling ( Love Joy ) Sd116 Flexible Hose ( Rubber ) Sd119 Fluid Coupling Sd121 Galvanising Job Sd122 Gaskets ( Neoprene Rubber ) Sd123 Gate Valves Sd125 Geared Motor Sd128 Go Switch Sd133 Heating Elements Sd135 Hex Bolts, Screws&Nuts , Propertyclause Gr. 4, 4.6 Sd009 Air Receiver Sd032 Bearing Housing Assembly ( Casting Finish Machined Sd039 Bronze Bush Sd043 Cable Trays ( Ladder Type ) & With Cover & Sd052 Carbon Bush Sd055 Chains For Gates / Sprocket Sd066 Control Rod / Control Slide Sd087 Discharge Rod Sd098 Earthing Cable Sd209 Pinion Sd222 Pressure Switch Sd264 Solenoid Valve Sd004 Actuators-Pneumatic Sd005 Adaptor ( Esp ) Sd008 Air Motor With Accessories Sd014 Antisieze Thread Lubricant Sd598 Los Spares Sd597 Rigid Coupling Sd596 Recovery Esp-Chain & Scrapper Conveyor Sd595 Vibration Transmitter Sd594 Gf-Slip On / Pin Type Coupling Sd593 Gf-Sintered / Bronze Flange Bush Sd592 Gf-Hp Rubber Hoses Sd591 Gf-Oil / Grease Seals Sd590 Gf - ''O'' - Rings Sd589 Gf-Spring & Wavy Washer Sd588 Gf-Gaskets Sd587 Gf-Fittings - Grease Nipple & Beaded Plug Sd586 Gravimetric Feeder Conveyor Belt Sd585 Gf-Bearings Sd584 Gf-Bronze Hd Pulley Bush Sd583 Gf-Fittings- Brass / Gi / Cs / As Sd580 Electrical Actuator For Fan Blade Pitch Control Sd579 Oxygen Analyzer Sd578 Heating Element Baskets ( Dnf Profile ) For Raph Sd577 Triplex High Pressure Pump With Motor Sd576 Round Corner Pieces For Metallic Expn Bellows Sd575 Alcs Components ( Spares ) Sd574 Esp Electrical Panel Loose Items Sd573 Peek Mod Sheet Sd572 Hot End & Cold End Multimedia Cleaing Device Sd571 Steam Turbine Spares ( Level Indicator ) Sd570 Sliding Block ( Peek Mod ) Sd569 Steam Turbine Governor Sd568 Hand Held Programmer Sd567 Support Jack Sd566 Sliding Contactor Sd565 Blade Fixing Bush ( Al&Gs Type ) For Tlt Fans Sd564 Current Transformers Sd563 Laptop Sd562 Iam Ali Controller & Its Accessories Sd561 Micro Controller Based Alcs For Air Preheater Sd560 Media Converter &Accessories For Optical F Cable Sd559 Optical Fiber Cable Sd558 Insulator Tube, Bush, Spacer Etc ( Alcs Components ) Sd557 Inner Race ( Ina Rings ) ( Manufacturers ) Sd556 Forged Aluminium Blades ( Unmachined Blades ) Sd555 Reversible Two Stage Wg Reducer With Elect Motor Sd554 Flexible Gear Coupling Sd553 Ccmt 1204 Insert Sd552 Ball Valve Sd551 Copper Alloy Non Return Valve Sd550 Copper Alloy Gate Valve Sd548 Cam Clutch Box Sd547 Speed Reducer 5Apc Sd543 Speed Reducer 8Apb & 9Apb Sd542 Speed Reducer Type Ii Sd541 Speed Reducer Type I Sd540 Speed Reducer Type Iii Sd539 Speed Reducer 3Apc Sd538 Digital Input Module Sd537 Spring Supported Shaft Seal Sd536 Torque Limiter Sd534 Ptfe Sheet & Parts Sd533 Blade Shaft Bush For Tlt Id Fan Sd532 Expansion Plate ( Small&Big ) Sd531 Rotating Lifting Eye Sd530 Tlt Fan Components ( All Colloborator Purchases ) Sd529 Non Asbestos Ceraamic Cloth Sd528 Compressed Non Asbestos Gasket ( High Temp Sd527 Compressed Non Asbestos Gasket ( Low Temp ) Sd526 Non Asbestos Graphite Rope Sd525 Axial Thrust Ball Bearings ( Modified ) Sd523 Rf Communication Module Sd522 Analog Input Module Sd521 Serial Device Server And Ethernet Switch Sd520 Accessories To Aviation Lamp Sd519 Colour Laser Jet Printers Sd518 Cast Iron Blades Sd517 Passenger Cum Goods Elevator Sd516 Upper Rotor Post Pin With Washer Sd514 Agitators For Slurry Tanks And Drain Pit Sd511 Angular Position Transmitter Sd509 Ss Bellow Joint ( Setting & Indicator Shaft Assy ) Sd508 Brgs For Setting & Indicatng Shaft Assy. Sd506 Main Drive Speed Reducer 9Apb Sd505 Flexible Conduit With End Connector Sd502 Frp Cable Trays Sd501 Acoustic Enclosures For Fans Sd500 Mounting & Dismtng Device For Tlt500 Sd499 Level Transmitter Sd498 Elevator For Fgd System Sd497 Washers-Pnchd, M / C, Pln, Tapr, Sq., Cdm Coat Sd496 Screw Pumps For Fanslos Sd495 Piston Ring Sd494 Temperature Transmitter Sd493 Hydraulic Actuating Device Sd492 Pc Interface / Add-On Card Sd491 Retractable Cleaning Device Sd489 Bag Filter Sd485 Pressure Reducing Valves Sd484 Electrical Components Sd479 Gate Valves For Fgd System Sd478 Parallel Key Sd477 Saddle Coupling Sd473 Adjusting Ring Sd472 Drift And Taper Pin Sd468 Gas To Gas Heater Sd463 Frp Junction Box / Lss Push Button Station Sd462 Enamelled Heating Element Sd460 Rapcon Sd457 Slow Turning Device Assembly Sd455 Machined Components - Misc Sd454 5 Apc Reducer & Spares ( Imported ) Sd453 Speed Reducer - Type Ii Sd452 Aluminium Ladder Sd451 Centrifugal Clutch Coupling Sd448 Ios Panel Sd447 Statcon Panel Sd446 Rapcon Panel Sd444 Esp Switchgear Panel - Drawout Type Sd442 Lt Main Switch Board - Drawout Type Sd441 Gas Analyser Sd440 Pipe Clamp Sd437 Cast Aluminium Blades ( Finish Machined ) Sd436 Cast Aluminium Blades ( Unmachined ) Sd435 Pillow Block & Accsrs-Upto 8" ( Except 7" ) Sd433 Adopter For Sofn Brg Housing Sd002 Actuators-Electrical ( Open / Close Type ) Sd431 Tlt Fan Components ( Machining Parts ) Sd430 Hot Air Flushing System Sd425 Panel Type Heater For Hopper Sd424 Sheet Metal Clamp Sd420 Electric Motor Lt ( Above 90 Kw ) Sd419 Pillow Block & Accessories ( Above 8" ) Sd418 Pillow Block & Accessories ( 7" Xc ) Sd417 Lifting Handle Sd416 Spherical Handle Sd415 Set Ring For Ep Shaft Sd073 Crimping Lugs ( For Gi Wire ) Sd369 Aviation Lamp Sd409 Weld Mesh Sd408 Speed Reducer - Type Iii

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