Outsourcing Of Sanitation Services Of Fruit And Vegetable Market Including Addition Of Flower Market Okhla , Delhi

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Outsourcing Of Sanitation Services Of Fruit And Vegetable Market Including Addition Of Flower Market Okhla , Delhi

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Outsourcing Of Sanitation Services Of Fruit And Vegetable Market Including Addition Of Flower Market Okhla , Delhi , Cleaning , Sweeping And Scavenging Of Bye Lanes , Footpath , Roads , Site Offices , Entry Exit Gates , Ramps , Platforms Etc . With Manual Or Mechanical Means I/C Collection Of Garbage From These Locations And Its Disposal Upto The Constructed Dhallow Within The Market Premises With All Lead And Lift Through Hand Carts , Mini Dumpers Etc . I/C Providing And Sprinkling Of Lime / Ddt Powder Or Any Chemical Etc . At The Locations Directed By Engineer-In-Charge/Chief Sanitary Inspector So As To Maintain The Hygienic Conditions I/C Washing And Cleaning Of All Urinal Blocks ( 8 Nos . ) , Water Piaos ( 6 Nos . ) Electric Service Station , High Mask Light , Workshop , Submersible Pump ( 2Nos . ) And Maintenance Of Supply System , Gully Traps , Gratings , Bell Mouth , Gully Chambers Etc . With A Provision Of 24 Nos . Of Unskilled , & 02 Nos . Of Semi-Skilled/Supervisors Workers , 02 Nos . Jcb/Loaders , 01 Road Sweeping Machine ( Mechanical Broom ) Two Tipper And One Super Super Suction Machine , Sprinkling Of Line And Gamxin Powder For Deployment To Clean / Sweep / Collection Of Garbage Upto Dhallow Of Following Locations : ( I ) Entry , Exit Road ( Ii ) Road Along Apmc Office To Sanitation Office ( Iii ) Mashakhor Road Along Main Road ( Iv ) Pump House Road ( V ) Area Under Auction Platforms ( Vi ) Area Under By-Lanes ( Vii ) Area Under Ramps ( Viii ) Area Under Footpaths ( Ix ) Area Of Flower Market ( Total Area Of F & V And Flower Market 29 , 546 . 55 Sq . Mtr . ) , Cleaning , Scraping And Scavenging Of Area Around Gully Traps , Gratings , Manholes , Bell Mouth , Gully Chambers I/C Cleaning Of Drains ( Pipe/Open Drain And Channels ) To Avoid Water Stagnation / Filth In And Around The Gratings / Openings I/C Replacement Of Defective / Dismantled / Unavailable Grating / Cover Etc . I/C Repair To Damaged Manholes / Gully Traps Frames By Deploying Necessary Labour So As To Make The Smooth Surface For Placing The Traps / Covers / Gratings . ( The Payment On A/C Of Cleaning Of Storm Water Drain , Sever Line Shall Be Made On Yearly Basis Subject To Satisfactory Performance Of Drainage System During The Each Calendar Month Of The Year ) . Number Of Machineries Are Required One Super Sucker Machine , One Jetting Machine , Safety Belt , Cctv Cameras And Sewer Cleaning Labour . Sewer Line Upto 300 Mm To 600 Mm Dia I/C Manholes 700 Mtr Storm Water Line Upto 300 Mm Dia I/C Manholes 980 Mtr Open Surface Covered Drain I/C Manholes 620 Mtr Covered Drain Nala 300 Mtrs , Disposal Of Garbage To Sanitary Land Fill Site Of Mcd Situated At Tugalakabad ( Distance 7Km Approx . Or More ) Or Its Authorized Landfill Sites Including Loading Of Garbage From Okhla Dhallow Its Safe Carriage By Mechanical Transportation By Covering The Transportation Vehicle With Trapoline Sheet Keeping In View The Prevailing Environmental Norms Including Unloading The Garbage / Waste At Slf ( 1X25x30x12=9000 Mt )

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BOQ Items

Name of Work:Outsourcing of Sanitation Services of Fruit and Vegetable Market including addition of Flower Market Okhla, Delhi
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Cleaning, sweeping and scavenging of bye lanes, footpath , Roads, site offices , Entry Exit Gates, ramps, platforms etc. with manual or mechanical means i/c collection of garbage from these locations and its disposal upto the constructed dhallow within the market premises with all lead and lift through hand carts, mini dumpers etc. i/c Providing and sprinkling of lime / DDT powder or any chemical etc. at the locations directed by engineer-in-charge/Chief Sanitary inspector so as to maintain the hygienic conditions i/c Washing and Cleaning of all urinal blocks (8 nos.), water piaos (6 Nos.) electric service station, high mask light, workshop, Submersible pump (2nos.) and maintenance of supply system, gully traps, gratings, bell mouth, gully chambers etc. with a provision of 24 nos. of unskilled, & 02 nos. of semi-skilled/supervisors workers, 02 nos. JCB/Loaders, 01 road sweeping machine (Mechanical Broom) two tipper and one super super suction machine, sprinkling of line and gamxin powder for deployment to clean / sweep / collection of garbage upto dhallow of following locations :\n(i) Entry, Exit Road \n(ii) Road along APMC Office to sanitation office \n(iii) Mashakhor road along main road\n(iv) Pump house road\n(v) Area under auction platforms\n(vi) Area under by-lanes\n(vii) Area under ramps\n(viii) Area under footpaths\n(ix) Area of flower Market\n(Total area of F & V and Flower market 29,546.55 Sq. Mtr.)\n 10800 1000sqm.
2 2 Cleaning, scraping and scavenging of area around gully traps, gratings, manholes, bell mouth, gully chambers i/c cleaning of drains (pipe/open drain and channels) to avoid water stagnation / filth in and around the gratings / openings i/c replacement of defective / dismantled / unavailable grating / cover etc. i/c repair to damaged manholes / gully traps frames by deploying necessary labour so as to make the smooth surface for placing the traps / covers / gratings. (the payment on a/c of cleaning of storm water drain, sever line shall be made on yearly basis subject to satisfactory performance of drainage system during the each calendar month of the year). Number of machineries are required one super sucker machine, one jetting machine, safety belt,CCTV cameras and sewer cleaning labour. \nSewer line upto 300 mm to 600 mm dia i/c manholes 700 mtr \nStorm water line upto 300 mm dia i/c manholes 980 mtr \nOpen surface covered drain i/c manholes 620 mtr\nCovered drain Nala 300 mtrs\n 31200 per Mtrs
3 3 Disposal of garbage to sanitary land fill site of MCD situated at Tugalakabad (distance 7KM Approx. or more) or its authorized landfill sites including loading of garbage from Okhla dhallow its safe carriage by mechanical transportation by covering the transportation vehicle with trapoline sheet keeping in view the prevailing environmental norms including unloading the garbage / waste at SLF \n(1x25x30x12=9000 MT)\n 9000 per mt ton
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