Wap/Infra/Kerala/Avs/2020/260 Convergence Centre At Aryanad - Av System , Cctv , Gym Equipments And Other Works

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Wap/Infra/Kerala/Avs/2020/260 Convergence Centre At Aryanad - Av System , Cctv , Gym Equipments And Other Works

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Wap/Infra/Kerala/Avs/2020/260 Convergence Centre At Aryanad - Av System , Cctv , Gym Equipments And Other Works

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1 29-06-2020 Corrigendum 1 02-07-2020

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INR 2800 /-
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BOQ Items

Work Name : Convergence Centre at Aryanad-AV System & CCTV , Gym Equipments & Other Works
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 AUDIO AND VIDEO SYSTEM(Supply Installation,Testing and Commisioning of Audio and Video System as per the following Specifications including all accessories,conduiting etc as per KSEI standards) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001113
2 1.01 Audio Section
3 1.02 Wall Mount Loudspeakers: Two-way Loudspeakers with RMS Power: 70W,Max. Power: 140W, Impedance: 16 ?, Sensitivity: 89 dB, Max. SPL: 108dB, Frequency response: 60 Hz - 17 kHz, Dispersion(H/V): 110°/110°. \n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001114 4 Nos.
4 1.03 Amplifier: Class-D Amplifier with RMS Power: 2x250W @ 4 ? Stereo, 500W @ 8 ? Bridge, 2 x 130 W @ 8 ? Stereo, Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz, Signal / Noise: > 90 dB, Crosstalk: > 70 dB, Input Impedance: 12KHz.\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001115 1 Nos.
5 1.04 Audio DSP: DSP with 12Mic/Line Inputs with AEC, 8Mic/Line Outputs, Frequency Response: 20Hz – 22kHz, Dynamic Range: 20Hz – 20kHz, Output Impedance: 95O, Ethernet Port Type: RJ-45, IP address: IPv4, Built-in VoIP: 5 lines, Built-in Skype for Business, Built-in USB for PC-based conferencing. \n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001116 1 Nos.
6 1.05 Mic Section BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001117
7 1.06 Wireless Handheld Microphone: Wireless Handheld Microphone with Receiver Upto 12 Compatible systems, Transmitter with Operating range: Upto 100m, Latency: <2.9 ms, Frequency Response:20 Hz – 20 kHz, THD <0.1%, AES-256 encryption for secure wireless transmission , 24-bit digital audio,Maximum Input Level:145 dB SPL.\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001118 2 Nos.
8 1.07 Wireless Lapel Microphone: Wireless Lapel Microphone with Receiver Upto 12 compatible systems, Transmitter with Operating range: Upto 100m, Polar Pattern: Cardioid, Transducer Type:Condenser, Frequency Response:60 Hz – 12 kHz, Max. Sound Pressure Level:139 dB. \n\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001119 1 Nos.
9 1.08 Gooseneck Microphone: 18" Gooseneck Condenser Microphone with Frequency Response: 70–16000 Hz, Polar Pattern: Cardioid, Output Impedance: 180 O, Max. SPL: 120 dB SPL, Signal to Noise Ratio: 67dB, Dynamic Range: 93dB Incl. the Shock Mount which reduces the transmission of surface noise by up to 20 dB.\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001120 1 Nos.
10 1.09 VC Section BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001121
11 1.1 VC: VC System with SIP/H.323 Video Conferencing, Video Inputs: 2xHDMI, 2xUSB, Ethernet Ports: 2, Video outputs: 1x HDMI, 1x Display port, Audio inputs: Balanced audio, USB, Line in, Audio outputs: Balanced audio, Line out, HDMI, Video Characteristics: H.261, H.263, H.263+/++, H.264/AVC High Profile – up to 6Mbps, H.264/SVC (Skype for Business), PTZ Camera with 12xOptical Zoom, 73° wide-angle view with auto-focus, Full HD 1080p@60, Control: Remote control, USB , RS-232, RJ-45 Pan/Tilt Angles: ±170°, Tilt: -30° to +90°, Two Speakerphones daisy-chained together with HD Conference Audio Processing, Distributed Echo Cancellation, Audio Standards: 3.4KHz: G.711, G.723.1, G.728. G.729, 7KHz: G.722, G.722.1, 14KHz: G.722.1 Annex C, 20KHz: AAC-LD, Recording Formats: MP4,WMV, Unicast & Multicast Streaming. *With 3 Yrs Warranty. \n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001122 1 Nos.
12 1.11 PTZ Camera: PTZ Camera with 12xOptical Zoom, 73° wide-angle view with auto-focus, Full HD 1080p@60, Control: Remote control, USB , RS-232, RJ45, Pan/Tilt Angles: ±170°, Tilt: -30° to +90°. \n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001123 1 Nos.
13 1.12 USB Cable: USB 3.0 Male to Male Extension Cable upto 30m for the PTZ Cameras.\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001124 1 Nos.
14 1.13 \nVC Camera Shelf(Customized as Per Requirement) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001125 2 Nos.
15 1.14 Display Section BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001126
16 1.15 86" Display: 86" 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160) Display with Brightness (Typ., cd/m²): 350, Connectivity: Inputs: HDMI x 3, DP, DVI-D, Audio, USB 2.0 x 2, Outputs: DP, Audio, External Control: RS232, RJ-45, IR.\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001127 2 Nos.
17 1.16 Wall Mount Bracket: Wall mount Bracket for 85" Display.(Custom Make & Model) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001128 2 Nos.
18 1.17 Interactive Digital Podium: Wooden Podium having provision for fixing Gooseneck microphone, Interactive Touch Panel, Presentation points and Document Camera & 21.5” Intearctive Touch panel, Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels, Aspect ratio: 16:9, Brightness: 210 cd/m², Contrast ratio: 900:1, Viewing angle: H: 178° (89°/89°), V: 178° (89°/89°), Video connection: VGA and DVI-I, 2x Integrated USB interfaces\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001129 1 Nos.
19 1.18 Document camera: Desktop Ducument Camera with Full HD 1080p output resolution with 30fps, VGA, HDMI input and output and supports HDMI pass-through, 20 times variable zoom ratio, Built-in microphone, 20xZoom, 12xDigital Zoom, Capturing Area: 440 x 330 mm (17.3” x 13”) > A3 size, SNR: 51 dB, Dual LED side lamps supported by a gooseneck\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001130 1 Nos.
20 1.19 Switching Section BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001131
21 1.2 Matrix Switcher: Matrix Switcher with 6 Input HDMI, 2 Output HDMI, Max Data Rate: 8.91Gbps, Max. Resolution: Supports 4K@60Hz (4:2:0), Controls: 1xRS232, 1xEthernet, 1xUSB, 1xIR. \n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001132 1 Nos.
22 1.21 Passive Wall Plate: HDMI Pasive Wall Plate for Podium. \n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001133 1 Nos.
23 1.22 Wireless Presenter: Wireless Presenter with High–quality video streaming, supports full HD 1080p/60Hz, Up to two participant screens can be displayed simultaneously on main screen, Graphic Outputs: 1xHDMI, 1xMini DP, Main memory: 2GB, Gigabit LAN. \n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001134 1 Nos.
24 1.23 PC for Podium: Mini Form factor PC with Core i3-7130U processor, 2.7 GHz, 3 MB cache, 2 cores, 4GB DDR4 RAM, Onboard Graphics, 1TB 7200 RPM HDD, Internal bays: One 2.5" HDD, Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 620, with universal wired keyboard & wired mouse, Operating system: Windows OS.\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001135 1 Nos.
25 1.24 Control Section BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001136
26 1.25 AV Controller: Control Processor with SDRAM: 512 MB, Flash: 4GB, Supports USB mass storage devices up to 1 TB, SNMP remote management support, iPhone, iPad, and Android control app support, Connectivity: 8xRelay, 8xI/O Ports, 8xIR-Serial Out, 3xRS232, 1xUSB, 1xLAN. \n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001137 1 Nos.
27 1.26 Touch Panel: Ipad with 9.7" IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, Resolution: 1536 x 2048 pixels, 4:3 ratio, Internal Memory: 32GB 2GB RAM, CPU: Quad-core 2.34 GHzWLAN: Wi-Fi 802.11a, dual-band, hotspot.\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001138 1 Nos.
28 1.27 Docking Station: Docking Station for the Touch Panel.\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001139 1 Nos.
29 1.28 Network Switch: 28-Port Managed Network Switch with Support for up to 4096 VLANs simultaneously, MAC-based VLAN, IPv4 Routing, Private VLAN Edge (PVE) provides Layer 2 isolation between devices on the same VLAN. \n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001140 1 Nos.
30 1.29 Router: Wireless Router with high-speed wireless network, Simultaneous activity of 2.4GHz band and 5GHz band allows performing a wide range of tasks, 1200 Mbps Speed Frequency: 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz External Antenna.\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001141 1 Nos.
31 1.3 Cables & Connectors Section BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001142
32 1.31 Rack: 18U Rack for video equipments & accessories.\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001143 1 Nos.
33 1.32 HDMI Cable: 20m HDMI Male to Male Cable.\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001144 1 Nos.
34 1.33 HDMI Cable: 15m HDMI Male to Male Cable.\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001145 6 Nos.
35 1.34 HDMI Cable: 3m HDMI Male to Male Cable. \n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001146 1 Nos.
36 1.35 HDMI Cable: 1.8m HDMI Male to Male Cable. \n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001147 6 Nos.
37 1.36 DVI to HDMI Adapter Cable: DVI-D Male to HDMI Male Adapter Cable.\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001148 1 Nos.
38 1.37 HDMI to DVI Cable: HDMI to DVI-D Male Adapter Cable.\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001149 1 Nos.
39 1.38 CATx Cable: CATx Cable. (as Aproved by Engineer inCharge) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001150 100 Meters
40 1.39 Mic. Cable: 2 Core Microphone Cable. (as Aproved by Engineer inCharge) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001151 50 Meters
41 1.4 Speaker Cable: 1.5sq.mm Speaker Cable. (as Aproved by Engineer inCharge) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001152 75 Meters
42 2 CCTV SECURITY SURVEILLANCE(Supply Installation Testing and Commisioning of CCTV System as per the Following Specification including all accessories,Conduitingetc as per Standards)
43 2.01 PTZ CAMERA \nBase Model : Honeywell/ Bosch/ Hikvision, Image Sensor : 1/1.8" progressive scan CMOS, Min. Illumination : Color: 0.002 Lux @(F1.5, AGC ON) B/W: 0.0002 Lux @(F1.5, AGC ON) 0 Lux with IR, Shutter Time : 1/1 s to 1/30,000 s, White Balance : Auto/Manual/ATW (Auto-tracking White Balance)/Indoor/Outdoor/Fluorescent Lamp/Sodium Lamp, AGC : Auto/Manual, Day & Night : IR cut filter, Digital Zoom : 16×, Privacy Mask : 24 programmable polygon privacy masks, Focus Mode : Auto/Semi-automatic/Manual, 3D DNR Required, BLC : Required, HLC : Required, WDR : >=120 dB Optical Defog : Required, EIS : Required, Focal Length : 5.7 mm to 205.2 mm, 36X Optical, Movement Range (Pan) : 360° endless, Presets : 300, Patrol Scan : 8 patrols, up to 32 presets for each patrol, AdaptiveIR : Yes, Max. Resolution : 2560 × 1440, Video Compression : H.265+/H.265 , H.264, Audio compression : G.711alaw/G.711ulaw/G.722.1/G.726/MP2L2/PCM, Protocols : IPv4/IPv6, HTTP, HTTPS, 802.1x, Qos, FTP, SMTP, UPnP, SNMP, DNS, DDNS, NTP, RTSP, RTCP, RTP, TCP/IP, DHCP, PPPoE, UDP, IGMP, ICMP, Bonjour, Simultaneous Live View : Up to 20 channels, User/Host : Up to 32 users, 3 levels: Administrator, Operator and User, Security Measures : User authentication (ID and PW), Host authentication, (MAC address); HTTPS encryption; IEEE 802.1x portbased network access control; IP address filtering, Alarm Linkage : Alarm actions, such as Preset, Patrol Scan, Pattern Scan, Memory Card Video Record, Trigger Recording, Notify Surveillance Center, Upload to FTP/Memory Card/NAS, Send Email, etc. Network Interface : 1 RJ45 10 M/100 M Ethernet Interface; Hi-PoE, CVBS : Support, RS-485 : Pelco-P, Pelco-D, self-adaptive, Storage : Built-in memory card slot, support Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC, up to 256 GB; NAS (NFS, SMB/ CIFS), ANR, API : Open-ended, support ONVIF, and CGI, and Third-Party Management Platform, Client : Should support ONVIF complied client software, Power : 24 VAC /PoE/PoE+, Protection Level : IP67 Standard, IK10, 6,000V Lightning Protection, Surge Protection and Voltage Transient Protection, Wall mounting bracket : Suitable for speed dome cameras, Aluminum alloy bracket BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001156 1 Nos.
45 3.01 Chairs for Skill Development Area Armed Moulded PVC Chair ( HIGH BACK,HEAVY MODEL BRANDED ARMED CHAIR ) ( as Approved by Engineer in Charge) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001158 50 Nos.
46 3.02 WAVY SLIDE:Supply ,Installation Testing and Commsioning of Wavy Slide\nmade of VIRGIN LLDPE PLASTIC and are NON TOXIC and safe for the children. Items are erected upon galvanized iron structure which make them corrosion resistant. Also all the iron parts are covered with Plastic Shells making them safe whilst kids play on them. DIMENSION : ( L12' X W2.3' X H7' ft. )( as Approved by Engineer in Charge) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001159 1 Nos.
47 3.03 2 SEATER A SWING :Supply ,Installation Testing and Commsioning of 2 Seater Swing made of VIRGIN LLDPE PLASTIC and are NON TOXIC and safe for the children. Items are erected upon galvanized iron structure which make them corrosion resistant. Also all the iron parts are covered with Plastic Shells making them safe whilst kids play on them. DIMENSION : ( L10' X W5' X H8.5' ft. )( as Approved by Engineer in Charge) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001160 1 Nos.
48 3.04 MERRY GO ROUND: Supply ,Installation Testing and Commsioning of Merry Go Round made of VIRGIN LLDPE PLASTIC and are NON TOXIC and safe for the children. Items are erected upon galvanized iron structure which make them corrosion resistant. Also all the iron parts are covered with Plastic Shells making them safe whilst kids play on them. DIMENSION : ( D4' X H3.2' )( as Approved by Engineer in Charge) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001161 1 Nos.
49 3.05 2 SEATER SEE SAW :Supply ,Installation Testing and Commsioning of 2 Sea Sawmade of VIRGIN LLDPE PLASTIC and are NON TOXIC and safe for the children. Items are erected upon galvanized iron structure which make them corrosion resistant. Also all the iron parts are covered with Plastic Shells making them safevwhilst kids play on them.\nDIMENSION : ( L8' X W1.7' X H2.2' )( as Approved by Engineer in Charge) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001162 1 Nos.
51 4.01 Supply ,Installation Testing and Commsioning of Heavy Duty TREAD MILL WITH UNWEIGHING SYSTEM\n(MOBILITY TRAINER)\nUN WEIGHING SYSTEM\nLift Patient Weight Upto 200 Kg With Remote Control .Digital Display Of Patient Weight During Treatment.The machine can Lift Patient From Wheel Chair to Attain Maximum Height with remote control.It reduces supporting weight of lower limb and waist as per need of patients through motor control and walking and training safety.Castors that allows easy mobility of the system during Gait Training.Fully Chrome Adjustable Handrails that allows patient assistance during Gait Training.Harness comfortably supports patients with fear or risk of falling.360 Degree free Rotation of Patient can be done for Treatment.\nTREADMILL\n2HP low noice DC motor , Display : blue LCD display showing Heart rate, speed , time, distance etc. with 2 speakers, amplify,USB and SD. MP3connection, earphone, incline manual incline 3 levels\nWeight capacity : 120 KGS\nHand - held heart rate, speed (+ or -) and incline shortcut keys, 99% pre-assembly in the carton\nTwo level dual double shock absorption cushioning design\n8-point desk suspension.( as Approved by Engineer in Charge) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001164 1 Nos.
52 4.02 Supply ,Installation Testing and Commsioning of Shoulder Exerciser \nWall-mounted for training the muscles and joints on the shoulder,arm,Wrist strength. Quick release Knobs for height adjustment. Quick release clip ford different handle ber radius. ergonomics-fitted Hand grip. Adjustable resistance control. LCD digits for stride, count, Stridesper minute,Time Exercised, Calories consumed and Scan of all functions\n ( as Approved by Engineer in Charge) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001165 1 Nos.
53 4.03 Supply ,Installation Testing and Commsioning of Heel Exerciser (adjustable) \n unit for exercising the heel and tarsus\nMuscle groups. The unit should be fitted on a laminated wooden base so that the patient can exercise while sitting on chair. Resistance could be increased or decreased by shifting the foot holder up or down on the lever\nType: Heel and ankle exerciser, full leg exerciser, Helpful for strengthening calf muscles, Mounted on heavy sturdy platform (adjustable) ( as Approved by Engineer in Charge) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001166 1 Nos.
54 4.04 Supply ,Installation Testing and Commsioning of Rowing machine-cum-Sliding seat\nMounted on rectangular iron frame with sliding seat attached with high class resistance springs and cords for active exercise of lower extremity, With two cords and five heavy duty spring ,High resistible pulleys for smooth movement of seat , Iron angle frame with anti-rust coating to access high stability to the frame. ( as Approved by Engineer in Charge) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001167 1 Nos.
55 4.05 Supply ,Installation Testing and Commsioning of Hand Gym Kit Board\nLaminated exercise board with storage drawer, with holes to fix pegs and springs , with one finger disc, one roller, three spring loaded knobs , three aluminium pegs and three sets of springs of varying tensions.Useful in active flexion and extension exercises of the fingers and grip. ( as Approved by Engineer in Charge) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001168 1 Nos.
56 4.06 Supply ,Installation Testing and Commsioning of Eleven Activity Workstation \n multifunctional Upper Extremity Workstation should treat multiple patients simultaneously to encourage social interaction and permits many activities to be performed while sitting /standing and also provides storage space for the following 12 most recognized activities appropriate to a variety of patients:-\n.( as Approved by Engineer in Charge) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001169 1 Nos.
57 4.07 Supply ,Installation Testing and Commsioning of Motorized wheelchair \nMotorized wheelchair \nElectric wheelchair manual/power two functions-electrical wheelchair is lightweight, portable withfolding structure removable battery box for convenient recharging, fill-up armrest, adjustable and detachable footrest, rear wheels driven by two motors, the joystick can be exchanged from right hand to left hand, 360 degrees any direction turning, easy to operate.This is propelled by an electric motor rather than manual power. Low center of gravity, safe for driving foldable and portable removable battery box for convenient recharging flip-up armrest, adjustable and detachable footrest controller can be exchanged from right side to left side for both hands use rear wheel driven by two motors easy to operate, driving range: 15-20 km (depends on speed, road condition and loading weight) maximum speed: 6 km/h net weight: 45 kg gross weight: 52 kg overall size: 1140*640*935 mm folded size: 735*370*725 mm seat width: (L) 45 x (W) 43 cm loading capacity: 100 kg front wheel: 8 inch rear wheel: 12 inch motor: 250 w dc * 2 pieces controller: joystick climbing ability: 6¸ frame colour: metal paint battery: 12v 20 ah 1 pc joystick: intelligent joystick.\nParts include:\n1) Whel chair 2)250Wmotors x 2 3)20Ah Battery 4) Charger 5) Seat cushions 6)Joystick 7) Foot rest 8)Manuals 9)Supporting Wheels( as Approved by Engineer in Charge) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001170 1 Nos.
58 4.08 Supply ,Installation Testing and Commsioning of Semi automatic AED with protective cover \nSemi automatic AED with protective cover \nThis should be a semi automatic external defibrillator that includes all critical features necessary to provide the most advanced treatment for Sudden Cardiac Arrest.\nIt Should incorporate advanced digital signal processing techniques and advanced ECG analysis algorithms.Should use advanced biphasic technology with biphasic truncated exponential waveform.Should deliver 150 Joules for Adults and 50 joules for Paediatric.Charging should not exceed 6 seconds.Should have extensive voice prompts guide user through operation of the unit and CPR.Should have metronome for CPR pacing.Indicators for check pads, do not touch patient, analyzing and AED status LED.Meets the AAMI-DF-39 specifications and AHA recommendations.Should have automatic self test daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly circuitry tests.Should perform system integrity test on battery insertion.Should have visual and audible indication of the unit status.Should have internal event recorder.Battery should have capacity for 300 shocks.Battery should have stand by life for 7 years.Should work within 0 to 50 degree centigrade environment.Should have water resistance -water resistance and dust protection that meets class IP 54 rating.Should have shock and drop resistance up to 1 Meter any edge any corner or surface.Weight should not exceed more than 2 Kg with battery.Should use separate Adult and Paediatric Pad for reducing the post shock damages.Should provide 1 years replaceable warranty.( as Approved by Engineer in Charge) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001171 1 Nos.
59 4.09 Supply ,Installation Testing and Commsioning of CPM lower limb YTK-E \nCPM lower limb YTK-E \nCPU control\nLCD setting\nMotion angle,speed and time can be digital controled\nUsed for Kneel,ankle and coxa jointOptimized Structure design.\nPower supply 220Vac, 50 Hz\nPower less than or equal to 70W( as Approved by Engineer in Charge) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001172 1 Nos.
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