Construction Of Art/Craft Room At Hss Dangerpora District Baramulla

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Construction Of Art/Craft Room At Hss Dangerpora District Baramulla
Jammu And Kashmir

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Construction Of Art/Craft Room At Hss Dangerpora District Baramulla

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INR 600 /-
INR 24600.00 /-
Tender Value
INR 12.30 Lakhs /-

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Name of Work: Construction of Art/craft room at HSS Dangerpora District Baramulla (Adv. Cost = Rs 12.30 Lakhs)
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 2 Earth work in excv. By manual means over areas excd. 30 cms & upto 5 m in depth 1.5m in width as well as 10 sqm. On plan, disposal of excvtd. Earth upto 1 m, disposed earth to be levelled & neatly dressed( all kinds of soils) 45.16 Cum
2 3 Providing & Laying of stone soling (dully hand packed)including watering dressing and ramming with all carriages loading un-loading and stacking etc complete 19.77 Cum
3 4 Providing & laying in position cement concrete of specified grade excld. The cost of centring and shuttering all work upto plinth level(1:4:8 coarse sand 40mm nominal size crushed stone agg.) 11.99 Cum
4 5 P/L in position specified grade of reinforced cement cencrete excld. The cost of centring, shuttering, finishing and reinforecement-All work upto plinth level. 1:1.5:3 graded stone agg. 20mm nominal size 7.25 Cum
5 6 Providing & laying in position cement concrete of specified grade excld. The cost of centring and shuttering all work upto plinth level(1:3:6 coarse sand 20mm nominal size crushed stone agg.) 20.41 Cum
6 7 Reinforced cement concrete work in beams, suspended floors, roofs having slope upto 15°,landings, balconies, shelves, chajjas, lintels, bands,plain window sills, staircases and spiral stair cases upto floor five level excluding the cost of centring, shuttering, finishing and reinforcement with 1:1.5:3 ( 1 cement : 1.5 coarse sand : 3 graded stone aggregate 12.85 Cum
7 8 Brick work with FPS bricks of class designation 75 in foundtion & plinth in cement mortar 1:6 (1 cement, 6 coarse sand) 27.51 Cum
8 9 Centring and shuttering incld. Strutting, proping etc & removal of form of Kit Ply Up to plinth level 84.76 Sqm
9 10 Suspended floors , lintels, beams etc 105.11 Sqm
10 11 Providing wood work in frames of doors, windows, clerestory windows & other frames, wrought framed & fixed in position Imported kail wood 0.79 Cum
11 12 Providing & fixing panelled or panelled & glazed shutters for doors & windows and clerestory windows including ISImarked black enamelled M.S Butt hingeswith necessary screws excluding panelling Second class Kail ( imported wood )35mm thick 14.33 Sqm
12 13 Providing & fixing decorative plywood B/S decorative veneer (Type 1) confirming to IS 1328 BWR type 1.51 Sqm
13 14 Structural steel welded in built up sections trusses and framed work incld cutting hoisting fixing in positon and applying a priminng coat of approved steel primer all complete i/c soffits & eavz boarding of 2 mm thick MS Sheet i/c priming coat and painting three or more coats complete 3000 Kg
14 15 Providing colour coated HI Rib GS sheet roofing fixed with polymer coated J or L hooks bolts & nuts 8mm dia with bitumen & GI limpet washers upto( a pitch of 60 degree) excld cost of perlins, rafters & tresses 0.50mm thick with zinc coating not less than 275g/sqm 145.72 Sqm
15 16 15mm Cement Plaster on the rough side of single or half brick wall of mix 1:6(1 cement:6 fine sand) 156.89 Sqm
16 17 Distempring with oil bound washable distemper of approved brand & manufacture to give an even shade New work (2 or more coats)over and incld. Priming coat with cement primer 156.89 Sqm
17 18 Painting with ready mixed Synthetic enemal paint or approved brand & manufacture in all shades to give an even shade NEW steel work (Two or more coats) 23.62 Sqm
18 19 Finishing walls with water proofing cement paint of approved brand and manufacture &of rqd shade to give an even shade New work (2or more coats)applied@3.84kg/10sqm 67.32 Sqm
19 20 Providing glass panes 10kg/sqm (4mm thick)windows and clerestory window shutters (Area of opening for glass panes excld portion inside shall be measured) 11.81 Sqm
20 21 Cement Concrete flooring 1:2:4 (1 cement: 2 coarse sand: 4 graded stone agg) finished with a floating coat of neat cement incld. cement slurry but excld the cost of nosing of steps etc complete 50mm thick with 20mm n/s stone agg crushed 63.11 Sqm
21 22 Providing and Fixing glass strips in joints cement concrete floors 40mm wide and 4mm thick 73.17 Rm
22 23 Reinforcement for RCC work incld straightning, cutting, bending, placing in position & binding all complete (Thermo-mechanically treated bars) 2010 Kg
23 24 Providing & fixing of 40x5mm flat iron hold fast 40cm long including fixing to frameswith 10mm dia bolts nuts &wooden plugs and embedding in cement conc block 30x10x5cm 1:3:6mix (1cement:3coarse sand:6 graded st agg)20mm nominal size 34 No
24 25 Making plinth protection 50mm thick of cement concrete\n1:3:6 (1 cement : 3 coarse sand : 6 graded stone\naggregate 20mm nominal size) over 75mm bed of dry brick\nballast 40mm nominal size well rammed, consolidated\nand grouted with fine sand including finishing the top\nsmooth 4.43 Sqm
25 26 150 mm Tower Bolt 28 No
26 27 150 mm Handles 8 NO
27 28 L Drop 1 No
28 29 P/F PVC Conduits i/c junction boxes fan boxes etc complete 1 Job
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