Procurement Of Occupational Therapy , Sensory Integration Materials And Phsyiotherapy Materials

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Procurement Of Occupational Therapy , Sensory Integration Materials And Phsyiotherapy Materials

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Procurement Of Occupational Therapy , Sensory Integration Materials And Phsyiotherapy Materials - 2 Therapy Ball Red 65Cm , Yellow95cm 3 Therapy Ball Yellow95cm 4 Stair Climber Without Barsdimensions:2 Stairs 60 Cm Long X 45 Cm Wide X 45 Cm High ( 15 Cm High Per Step )  1 Cube Of 45 Cm3 5 Clay Doughclay With Varied Resistance 6 Standing Framecp Sitting Cum Standing Frame With Activity Table: Width 41Cm , Height -3To 4.5 Ft Adjustable With Activity Table. 7 Inter Locking Mat 1X 1 Meter X20mm Thickness , Interlocking Puzzle Mat 8 Cp Chair56cmx 63 Cm With Adjustable Height And Lap Board 9 Prone Crawler ( Blue ) 90Cm Length X 30 Cm Width With 50Mm Diameter Casters High Density Padded Foam Top 25Mmx 25Mm 10 Prone Wedge ( Red, Blue , Yellow ) 72X28x12 Inches ( Working Load 100Kgs : Foldable ) 11 Bolster Red 10’’ 12 Bolster Blue 8’’ 13 Balance Beam ( Blue ) Inter Lockinglength :72’’ , Width: 3 ’’ , ( Working Load :50 Kg ) 14 Balance Board Red And Blue Bigger60 X36x 8 Inches, ( Working Load 100Kgs , Foam Padded ) 15 Scooter Board30’’X15’’X5’’ ( Working Load 75 Kg ) 16 Trampoline40 Inches With Mesh 17 Puppetsfinger Puppet ( Animal ) 18 Indoor Basket Ball54 ’’ Height 19 Rattlecoloured Eggs Shaped Wooden Rattle L 11 Cm X B – 3Cm 20 Play Toyscoloured Teddy Bears Medium Size 21 Wooden Blockscubes 2 / 2” Green, Red, Yellow, Blue 22 Peg Board With Knobshape – 05 Different Wooden Shapes , Size - L – 48 Cm X B-37 Cm Wooden Shapen – Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Petagoan With Knob Size - L – 48 Cm X B-37 Cm 23 Pounding Toys- Wooden Hammer & Pegs280x114 Mm 24 Linklinking Chains 25 Beads Of Various Sizes, Shapes, Textures Preferably ( From Medium To Large ) Stringing Bids With Laces 26 Stacking Tubsring Tower And Cups 27 Abacus Board- Junior260x58 Mm With Zig Gaz Rods 50 Beads Of 5 Different Colors And Shapes 28 Lacing Board36x24 Cm Wooden With 3 Different Lacs 29 Static Cycle40’’L X 25.3W X 41’’ Height Weight Limit :200 Lbs 30 Dressing Frame- Buttoning , Zipping, Lacing, Buckling, Clasping And Snapping375x298cm Size Thickness – 9Mm 31 Tinker Toyshuman Model Of Wooden Thinker Toys 32 Squeaky Toyscaterpillar, Lady Bug And Snake And Sensory Squeaky Toys 33 Visual Stimulation Toyslight Emitting Multicoulour Balls 34 Magnetic Grasper Peg Baordlaminated Board Fitted With 9 Magnetic Pegs With Different Resistance ( Size 3X3 ) 35 Theraband1.5 Meter Bands With Graded Resistance Band Of Different Colors With Hand Grips 36 Cylindrical Pegs ( All Type Of Grasping Material ) 30Cm Square, 25 Holes Of 12Mm Diameter 37 Creeper90cm Length X 30 Cm Width With 50Mm Diameter Casters High Density Padded Foam Top 25Mmx 25Mm 38 Weight Cuffsets -200Gm , 39 Weight Cuffsets -500Gm, 1Kg, 2Kg 40 Weight Cuffsets 1Kg, 2Kg 41 Weight Cuffsets, 2Kg 42 Rollator18.5 ‘’ X 9’’X24 ‘’ ( Toddler ) – 175 Lbs.- Weight Capacity 43 Rollator20’’X9’’X28.25’’ ( Child ) -200 Lbs –Weight Capacity 44 Hand Exerciser24x30x30 Inches ( Wooden Table With Pulley And Ropes And Weight 45 Bosu Ball ( Blue ) 56Cm 46 Sensory Integrated Therapy Material \ N \ Nprone Wedge20x60x70cm 47 Bean Bags ( Red ) Bag With 27Inch Filled With Styrene Beads. 48 Slides Length- 180 Cm, Width-40Cm, Height-110Cm, Sliding Slope Length-140Cm. 49 Swings ( Red, Blue, Yellow ) 1.Plat Form Swing – 31’’ Length X 31’’ Width 60’’ Height, Working Weight Load -300 Lbs 50 2. Disc Swing- 30 ‘’ Base Diameter, Pillar Height 30’’, Pillar Diameter 8’’ ( Working Load 100Kgs ) 51 Ball Pool ( Red, Blue, Yellow ) 6Ftx4ftx 3 Ft, Dimension Of Stair Case: 36X24x35 Inches 52 Gym Ball ( Orange ) 75Cm 53 Gym Ball Blue , 85Cm 54 Boat Rocker ( Red Or Blue ) 52 X 28 X 21 Inches 55 Trampoline40 Inches With Mesh 56 Pea Nut Ball ( Blue ) 45 Cm 57 Sensory Floor Mat60 Cm X 60Cm Each Mat ( Set Of 6 Blocks ) Mats Are Inter Lockable With Different Color And Texture. 58 Tunnelkids Catter Pillar Tunnel, 85 X 40X 42 Inches 59 Basket Ball With Set54’’ Inch 60 Stepping1 Set Of 3 Pieces: 2 Stairs With Three Steps + 1 Cube For Motor Skills, They Are The Best Tool To Stimulate And Strengthen Crawling In Babies, Their Shape And Size Favors Proper Posture And Movement. Materials: Washable Vinyl And High Density Foam. 61 Rocker ( Red And Yellow ) 31 X11 X18 Inches 62 Sensory Brushesot Sensory Brush- Sensory Processing Disorder And Autism Therapressure Therapy Brush Sponge Brush Surgical Hands Sterile Scrub Bristle Brushes 5 Colors ( Box Of 5 ) 63 Bubble Tube With Visual Effect10 Cm Diameter X 120 Cm High 64 Spine Ballsthe Sensory Colorful Uv Spine Balls Make A Great Visual And Tactile Resource In Any Sensory Space. The Sensory Colorful Uv Spine Balls Are Supplied In A Set Of Four Different Color Combinations. The Sensory Colorful Uv Spine Balls Are Uv Reactive, Firm And Bouncy, Yet Soft To Touch. 65 Weighted Vest And Blanket 66 Weighted Blanket 67 Bloster Medium Size Soft 68 Floor Mattress ( Padded Floor ) 4’X6’ 69 1. Noise Cancelling Headphone, - 2 Nos., 70 2. Drums Of Different Sizes - 2 Nos, 71 3. White Noise Machinewhite Noise, Sleeping Machine Relax With 8 Soothing Nature Sounds, Timer And Memory Playback Function For Child 72 Touch And Match ( Toy ) Different Textured Cylinders, 1 Boardwith 10 Different Textures For Matching Cylinders. 73 Sensory Toyscan Be Purchased Local Market. 74 Wobble Board ( Red & Blue ) 18’’Diameter X 4 Inches Height, Wl 70 Kg Foam Padded, Pediatric Wobble Board 75 Tactile Sensory Bagsin Exciting Bag Full Of Tactile Resources To Get Your Hands On - Squeeze The Goohey Mesh Balls, Fiddle With The Tangle, Press The Squidgy Fish, Roll The Hedgehog Balls - Lots Of Fun At Your Fingertips. Includes: 4X Sensory Pillows, 4 X Goohey Mesh Balls, 6 X Squidgy Fish, 1 X Squidgie Ball, 2 X Spider Balls, 1 X Chinese Loofah, 1 X Knitted Sisal Sponge, 1 X Tactile Animal 76 Rocking Horselength -23’’, Width:13’’, Height 19’’ For Rocking 77 Vibrator Body Massagerthis Pressure-Operated, Mitt-Style Massager Provides Soft, Consistent, Highly Tactile, Vibrating Sensory Input. Features 2 Very Pleasing Therapeutic Textures: A Fluffy, High-Pile Synthetic Sheepskin On One Side, And A Silky-Soft, Velvety Material On The Other 78 Chewy Tubeschewy Tubes Are Innovative Oral Motor Devices Designed To Provide A Resilient, Non- Food, Chewable Surface For Practicing Biting And Chewing Skills.Combo 4 Pack : ( Red, Green, Yellow And Blue Chewy ) 79 Rope Ladderlength, Rope Diameter, Load Capacity, Rope Material 80 Bubble Mirror9 Fascinating Convex Bubbles Scatter Light And Reflections. Mount In One Or Two Or More To Create A Stunning Visual Effect Using The Bubble Mirror. 81 Tactile Wallssize: 90Cm X 120 Cm ( Laminated Wall Panel For Hanging On Wall, Comes With Twelve Different Textured To Touch ) 82 Materials Inside Snoozlean Room ( 1.37 To 1.48 ) Items \ N \ Noptic Fibers Curtain. Optic Spray, Sensory Light100x 1.5 Mm Strands, Strands: 100Fibers Can Be 1.5 Mm Thick And 2 Meter Long, Color: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Source: Led 83 Laser Sphere Projectorthis Awe-Inspiring Effect Will Transform Any Dark Room Into A Jaw-Dropping Laser Room. Thousands Of Red And Green Laser Dots Will Move Across The Room, Making Your Sensory Room Stunning 84 Music System ( With Speakers ) 5 In 1 Music System 85 Light ( Disco ) Lighting System: This Mirror Ball Is Covered In Tiny Glass Tiles Which Reflect Any Available Light To Make Stunning Spots Of Light Around The Room. The Sturdy, Metal Chain Allows It To Be Hung Securely From A Hook To Recreate That Retro 70S Disco Atmosphere In A Bedroom Or Sensory Room 86 Aroma Therapyfour Aromatherapy Oils Have Been Determined To Be Both Safe And Effective For Use With Children Over Age 5: Lavender, Peppermint, Orange And Ginger. Many Children Like The Smell, And It Is Generally Effective In Calming A Child Who Is Anxious. Can Be Obtained From Local Market 87 Bubble Mirror9 Fascinating Convex Bubbles Scatter Light And Reflections. Mount In One Or Two Or More To Create A Stunning Visual Effect Using The Bubble Mirror. 88 Massaging Pillowpillow Dimension: 24X14x4 Inches 89 Radium Sticker 90 Uv Lights 91 Multi Color Focus Light2-Way, 3-Way, 4-Way, 6-Way Lights 92 Bubble Tube10 Cm Diameter X 120 Cm High 93 Moving Lights 94 Phsyiotherapy Materials \ N \ N \ Nparallel Bar ( Pediatric ) With Divider Adjustable Length 10Feet \ Nheight Adjusts From 22? To 36? Width Adjusts From 16? To 24? Hand Rail Size 1-1 / 2? \ Ncan Be Used With Optional Model 90 Divider Board \ Nallow Wheelchair Access With A Distance Of 31 1 / 2? Clearance Between Posts 95 Stair Climber One Side And Incline Slope On Other Side • Product Description \ N• Exercise Staircase With Ramp Is Built In Two Sections To Assemble In Right \ Nangle And To Fit Into A Corner. \ Nspecifications: \ N* Construction: Sides & Supporting Frame Of Steps Is Made Of Tubular Pipe ( 30Mm Square ) With Reinforcement. \ N* Step Arrangement: One Section Has Five Steps I.E. 7.5Cm, 10Cm, 12.5Cm, 15Cm And Again 15Cm In Height And 25Cm Deep, Leading To Platform Of 60Cm X 60Cm. Steps Are 60Cm Wide & 25Cm Deep. \ Nother Section Has A Ramp, Rising From 2.5Cm To 60Cm. & Leading To The Central Platform. \ N* Steps, Ramp And Platform Is Made Of Commercial Board Of 12 Mm Thickness And Is Covered With Non-Slip Matting. \ N* Hand Rails: Height Adjusting Arms Are Made Of Chrome-Plated Square Steel Tubing Of 30Mm X 30Mm. Outer Uprights Are Of Square Steel Tubeing Of 35Mm X 35Mm. : Hand- \ Nrails Are Made Of P.V.C.Sheathed Iron Tubing Of 35Mm Dia. : Inside Width Of Hand-Rails \ N60cm. \ N: Height Of Handrails Are Adjustable From 60Cm To 90Cm To Accommodate Adult And \ Nchildren. \ N* Height Adjustment Of Handrails Can Easily Be Done By Means Of Setting Pins At The \ Nrequired Holes & Can Further Be Stabilised By Tightening The Screws. \ N* Finish: Working Parts Are Chrome-Plated And Uprights & Base With Powder Coated Finish. 96 Static Cycle With A Biomechanical Seat For Those Patients Requiring \ Nback Support & Reduced Gluteal Pressure. The Sturdy, \ Nheavy Duty Frame With Powder Coated Finsh And \ Nnon-Friction Magnetic Resistance System Provides \ Nsmoothness, Durability And Must Run Silent. 97 Standing Frame Functional Vertical Stander With Four Points Of Support \ N1.Height-Adjustable Chest, Pelvic & Knee Supports \ N2.Adjustable Foot Restraints \ N3.Detachable Rimmed Tray For Activities \ N4.Chrome-Plated Uprights Fitted On Non-Slip \ Nmatted Foot Board. 98 Rowing – Machine "Tubular Steel Frame, Bright Chrome Plated Finish, Size 60""Long X 13""Wide. Speciffically \ Ndesigned Foam Padded Seat Is Fitted With Four Nylon Wheels That Slides Smoothly Over", "The Frame. Comes With Five Springs Of Different Tensions. Two High Tension Springs \ Nattached To The Seat For Leg Exercises And Three Light Tension Springs Are Fitted With Two Handles For Rowing Exercises. Resistance Can Be Varied By Removal Or Adding The Springs." 99 Inter Locking Mat Perfect Flooring, Extra Cushioning, Dual Color Interlocking Mat, Both Side Usable, Anti Skid Design Are The Main Features Of Our Interlocking Mats. Easy To Assemble & Dissemble Is \ Nthe Popular Specification Of Our Karate Mat, Which Is Highly Appreciated In Market. 100 Corner Seat With Cut Out Table Wooden Floor Sitter Cp Corner Chair, With Broad Base That Helps To Prevent Tipping, Has A Padded Seat, Sides And Back Support. An Abductor Block, Hip Positioning Belt, And Removable Tray Are The Integral Part Of The Floor Sitter. Unit Finished In Natural Wood \ Npolish. 101 Cp Chair Water Repellant Fabric \ N• Removable Pedals \ N• Uplifttable Armrests \ N• Feet Positioning \ N• Reclining Back \ N• Reclining Option Settings \ N• Light Aluminum \ N• 41 Cm Inside Width \ N• 55 Cm Outside Width \ N• 120 Kg Weight Capacity 102 Prone Crawler Rexine Made Body Hammock Tilts Forward Or Backward \ Nfor Correct Positioning Of The Patient. \ Nheight Adjustable To Accommodate Children \ Nfrom 2 To 7 Years Of Age. 103 Prone Wedge 15Cm X 60Cmx70cm 104 Prone Wedge 20Cm X 60Cmx70cm 105 Prone Wedge 25Cm X 60Cmx70cm 106 Prone Wedge 30Cm X 60Cmx70cm 107 Bolster 15Cm X 60Cm 108 Bolster 20Cmx90cm 109 Bolster 25Cmx90cm 110 Bolster 30Cmx90cm 111 Therapy Ball Inflatable, Molded Heavy Duty Vinyl Ball Should \ Nsupport Upto 150Kg. \ Ndiameter Of Balls 26" ( 655Cm ) \ N 112 Bath Ball Foam Padded Round Ball Pool Of 120Cm In Diameter X 50Cm High, & Has 10Cm Thick Padded Sides. Containing 500 Multi Colour Balls Of 7Cm Or 8Cm Diameter. Pool Side And Bottom Is Covered With Durable Rexine 113 Balance Board Rexine Covered Cushioned \ Nplatform Size Is 45Cm X 60Cm X 15Cm High. 114 Balance Beam Hardwood Constructed Balance Beam -185Cm Long & \ Nwalking Surface Sould Be Covered With Non-Slip Mat. \ Nshould Have A Gradual Increase In Incline From 7Cm To \ N15cm And Gradual Taper From 8Cm To 15Cm. 115 Scooter Board • Includes Non-Marking Swivel Rubber Casters \ N• Features Full Perimeter Bumpers For Safety \ N• Dimensions: 60Cm Length X 45Cm Wide \ N• Heavy Wood Scooter Board \ N• Great Indoor Or Outdoor P.E. Activity! 116 Trampoline 40 Inches With Mesh 117 Therapy Mattress Foam Mattresses With Rexine Cover \ N3x6x4" \ N6x6x4" 118 Rocker The Board Encourages Rhythm, Balance, Coordination And Vestibular Responses. As \ Nchildren Develop Confidence, They Can Use It In Kneeling Or Standing Position. Features : \ Nplatform Is Padded And Wooden Parts Finished Natural. \ N• Eva Foam Cushioned Top Is Nonslip & Provids Sure Footing During Rocking / Balance Exercises. \ N• The Recessed Sides Provide Hand Holds To Eliminate Pinched Fingers. 119 Postural Mirror Size 180Cm X 60Cm, Protected By 5Cm Wide Hardwood \ Npolished Frame With Back Covered By Ply Board, Is Fitted \ Nwith A Pair Of Angular And Tubular Stand. Frame Is Mounted \ Non 4 Ball-Bearing Rubber Castors Of 50Mm Dia. \ Noverall Size Is 210Cm X 75Cm. 120 Ladder – Floor Mounting For Gait Training Wooden Floor Ladder With Adjustable Dividers, \ Nsteps May Be Of Equal Size And Alternately Placed \ Nfor Right-Left Progression. \ Nspecifications: \ Nmaterial: Beams & Dividers Made Of Teak-Wood. \ N*Size: 96" Long X 27" Wide. \ N*Finish: Beams Finished In Natural Wood. \ Nadjustable 16 Divider-Bars Finished In Different Enamel Colours 121 Bubble Bath / Sand Bath 122 Hydrotherapy Unit Hydrotherapy Bath Pool Is Designed In Compact Rectangular Design For Permanent Installations With Direct Connections To Hot & Cold Water Supply, Overflow And Drainage. \ Nconstruction:Heavy Gauge ( 14 & 16Gauge ) Stainless Steel Sheet, Electrically Argon Welded Tank Is In Rectangular Shape. \ Ninside Dimension:Tank Measures; 200Cm Long X 100Cm Wide X 50Cm Deep From Inside. \ Nturbine Ejectors, Aerators & Carriages:One, With 1 / 2 H.P. Motor, Ejectors With Elevators On Ball Bearing Carriages. \ Nhead-Rest: Adjustable Stainless Steel Head-Support. \ Nstretcher:Stainless Steel Body Stretcher Fitted With Nylon Cloth. \ Nstool:Stainless Steel Stainless Sitting Seat Fitted With Nylon Cloth. \ Nthermometer:One Digital Thermometer To Show The Temperature Of Water. \ Npower Supply:220 V Ac. \ Naccessories:2 Water Inlets Drain And Overflow Pipes With All Necessary Fitting \ Nfinish:Bright Polish Finish Inside The Tank With Special Paint Finish From Outside. \ Nhot & Cold Water Supply And Water Drainage. \ N 123 Sideline Board To Put The Child In Proper Side Line Position As The Prone Position Eventually Done. ( 4 X 8 ) It Is Folded From The Middle And Adjusted According To The Child Position. 124 Special Cp Chair For 2-5 Years Customized As Per The Customer Requirement \ Nms Powder Coated Frame Rexine Seat And Back Cover Chest And Abdominal Support Belt 125 Special Cp Chair For 5-8 Years Customized As Per The Customer Requirement \ Nms Powder Coated Frame Rexine Seat And Back Cover Chest And Abdominal Support Belt 126 Special Cp Chair For 8-12 Years Customized As Per The Customer Requirement \ Nms Powder Coated Frame Rexine Seat And Back Cover Chest And Abdominal Support Belt 127 Four Spring 128 Vgrip 129 Round Spring 130 Sand Bags For Age 2-5 Years 131 Sand Bags For Age 5-10 Years 132 Dumb Bells For Age 2-4 Years 1Kg 133 Dumb Bells For Age 4-6 Years 2Kg 134 Dumb Bells For Age 6-8 Years 3Kg 135 Dumb Bells For Age 8-10 Years 4Kg 136 Dumb Bells For Age-10 -12Years 5Kg 137 Weight Cuffs 0.5Kg 138 Weight Cuffs 1Kg 139 Weight Cuffs 2Kg 140 Cp Walker Adjustable For Age Group Of 1- To 5 Years. Chrome Plated Rectangular Shaped Ring Is Fitted With Adjustable Saddle Gear To Hold The Child In An Upright Position. Height Of The Ring And The Handle Provided At The Rear For The Patient To Hold, Is Adjustable. Mounted On Four 50Mm Size Ball Bearing Rubber Castors 141 Cp Walker Adjustable Tubular Welded Rectangular Shaped Ring Fitted With Adjustable Saddle Gear To Hold The Child In Upnght Position. Height Of The Ring Is Adjustable From 18" To 26". A Handle Is Provided At The Front For The Patient To Hold. Overall Width Of The Frame 20" & Height 21" Mounted On Four 2" Size Ball Bearing Rubber Castors. Oven Baked Finish 142 Quadripod High-Quality Quadripod Walking Sticks Are Extremely Helpful For Patients, Who Need \ Nsupport While Walking. This Is Perfect Aid Those With Poor Balance. The Four Legged Design Ensures A Better Stability. It Features A Lightweight And Sturdy Stainless Steel Construction And The Suction Rubber Bush For Better Grip On Any Surface. 143 Tripod High-Quality Tripod Walking Sticks Are Extremely Helpful For Patients, Who Need Support While Walking. This Is Perfect Aid Those With Poor Balance. The Four Legged Design Ensures A Better Stability. It Features A Lightweight And Sturdy Stainless Steel Construction \ Nand The Suction Rubber Bush For Better Grip On Any Surface. 144 Cockup Splint 145 Foot Drops Splint 146 Milwaukee Brace 147 Knee Gutter Back Splint 148 Elbow Gutter Back Splint 149 Calipers 150 Braces 151 Gaiter Brace 152 Elbow Brace 153 Knee Brace 154 Swings Small Size 155 Swings Medium Size 156 Cradel Small Size 157 Cradel Medium Size

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BOQ Items

Name of Work: < Supply of Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integrationa and Phsyiotherapy Materials Equipment >
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Occupational Therapy
2 1.01 Therapy ball Red 65cm ,Yellow95cm item1 1 Nos
3 1.02 Therapy ball Yellow95cm item2 1 Nos
4 1.03 Stair Climber Without barsDimensions:2 Stairs 60 cm long x 45 cm wide x 45 cm high (15 cm high per step) 1 cube of 45 cm3 item3 1 Nos
5 1.04 Clay DoughClay with varied resistance item4 1 set
6 1.05 Standing FrameCP sitting cum standing frame with activity table: width 41cm ,height -3to 4.5 ft adjustable with activity table. item5 1 Nos
7 1.06 Inter locking mat 1x 1 meter x20mm thickness ,interlocking puzzle mat item6 1 Nos
8 1.07 CP chair56cmx 63 cm with adjustable height and lap board item7 1 Nos
9 1.08 Prone Crawler (blue )90cm length x 30 cm width with 50mm diameter casters High density padded foam top 25mmx 25mm item8 1 Nos
10 1.09 Prone Wedge ( red,blue ,yellow)72x28x12 inches ( working load 100kgs : foldable ) item9 3 Nos
11 1.1 Bolster Red 10’’ item10 1 Nos
12 1.11 Bolster Blue 8’’ item11 1 Nos
13 1.12 Balance beam ( Blue) Inter lockingLength :72’’ ,width: 3 ’’ ,(working load :50 kg) item12 1 Nos
14 1.13 Balance Board red and blue bigger60 x36x 8 inches, (working load 100kgs ,foam padded) item13 1 Nos
15 1.14 Scooter Board30’’x15’’x5’’ (working load 75 kg ) item14 1 Nos
16 1.15 Trampoline40 inches with mesh item15 1 Nos
17 1.16 PuppetsFinger puppet (animal) item16 1 Nos
18 1.17 Indoor Basket Ball54 ’’ height item17 1 Nos
19 1.18 RattleColoured eggs shaped wooden rattle L 11 cm x b – 3cm item18 1 set
20 1.19 Play ToysColoured Teddy bears medium size item19 2 Nos
21 1.2 Wooden blocksCubes 2/2” Green, red, yellow, blue item20 1 dozen
22 1.21 Peg Board with knobShape – 05 different wooden shapes , Size - L – 48 cm x B-37 cm Wooden shapen – circle, square, triangle, rectangle, petagoan with knob Size - L – 48 cm x B-37 cm item21 1 set
23 1.22 Pounding toys- wooden hammer & pegs280x114 mm item22 1 set
24 1.23 LinkLinking chains item23 1 set
25 1.24 Beads of various sizes, shapes, textures preferably (from medium to large )Stringing bids with laces item24 1 set
26 1.25 Stacking TubsRing tower and cups item25 1 each
27 1.26 Abacus board- junior260x58 mm with zig gaz rods 50 beads of 5 different colors and shapes item26 1 set
28 1.27 Lacing board36x24 cm wooden with 3 different lacs item27 1 Nos
29 1.28 Static cycle40’’L x 25.3W X 41’’ HEIGHT Weight limit :200 lbs item28 1 Nos
30 1.29 Dressing Frame- buttoning , zipping, lacing, buckling, clasping and snapping375x298cm size Thickness – 9mm item29 1 each
31 1.3 Tinker toysHuman model of wooden thinker toys item30 1 Nos
32 1.31 Squeaky toysCaterpillar, lady bug and snake and sensory squeaky toys item31 1 set
33 1.32 Visual Stimulation toysLight emitting multicoulour balls item32 1 set
34 1.33 Magnetic grasper peg baordLaminated board fitted with 9 magnetic pegs with different resistance (size 3x3) item33 1 Nos
35 1.34 Theraband1.5 meter bands with graded resistance band of different colors with hand grips item34 1 set
36 1.35 Cylindrical pegs( all type of grasping material)30cm square, 25 holes of 12mm diameter item35 1 Nos
37 1.36 Creeper90cm length x 30 cm width with 50mm diameter casters High density padded foam top 25mmx 25mm item36 1 Nos
38 1.37 Weight cuffSets -200gm , item37 1 set
39 1.38 Weight cuffSets -500gm,1kg,2kg item38 1 set
40 1.39 Weight cuffSets 1kg,2kg item39 1 set
41 1.4 Weight cuffSets,2kg item40 1 set
42 1.41 Rollator18.5 ‘’ x 9’’x24 ‘’ (toddler) – 175 lbs.- weight capacity item41 1 Nos
43 1.42 Rollator20’’x9’’x28.25’’ ( child )-200 lbs –weight capacity item42 1 set
44 1.43 Hand exerciser24x30x30 inches (wooden table with pulley and ropes and weight item43 1 Nos
45 1.44 Bosu Ball (blue)56cm item44 1 Nos
46 1.45 Sensory Integrated Therapy Material\n\nProne wedge20x60x70CM item45 1 Nos
47 1.46 Bean bags (Red)Bag with 27inch filled with styrene beads. item46 2 Nos
48 1.47 Slides Length- 180 cm, width-40cm, height-110cm, sliding slope length-140cm. item47 1 Nos
49 1.48 Swings (red, blue, yellow)1.plat form swing – 31’’ Length x 31’’ width 60’’ height, Working weight load -300 lbs item48 1 Nos
50 1.49 2. disc swing- 30 ‘’ base diameter, pillar height 30’’, pillar diameter 8’’( working load 100kgs) item49 1 Nos
51 1.5 Ball pool (red, blue, yellow)6ftx4ftx 3 ft, Dimension of stair case: 36x24x35 inches item50 1 Nos
52 1.51 Gym ball (orange) 75cm item51 1 Nos
53 1.52 Gym ball Blue ,85cm item52 1 Nos
54 1.53 Boat rocker (red or blue )52 x 28 x 21 inches item53 1 Nos
55 1.54 Trampoline40 inches with mesh item54 1 Nos
56 1.55 Pea nut ball (blue) 45 cm item55 2 Nos
57 1.56 Sensory floor mat60 cm x 60cm each mat (set of 6 blocks) mats are inter lockable with different color and texture. item56 9 Nos
58 1.57 Tunnelkids catter pillar tunnel, 85 X 40X 42 Inches item57 2 Nos
59 1.58 Basket ball with set54’’ inch item58 1 Nos
60 1.59 Stepping1 Set of 3 pieces: 2 Stairs with three steps + 1 Cube for motor skills, they are the best tool to stimulate and strengthen crawling in babies, their shape and size favors proper posture and movement. Materials: washable vinyl and high density foam. item59 3 Nos
61 1.6 Rocker (red and yellow)31 x11 x18 inches item60 1 Nos
62 1.61 Sensory brushesOT Sensory Brush- Sensory Processing Disorder And Autism Therapressure Therapy Brush Sponge Brush Surgical Hands Sterile Scrub Bristle Brushes 5 Colors (Box Of 5) item61 5 Nos
63 1.62 Bubble tube with visual effect10 cm diameter x 120 cm high item62 1 Nos
64 1.63 Spine ballsThe Sensory Colorful UV Spine Balls make a great visual and tactile resource in any sensory space. The Sensory Colorful UV Spine Balls are supplied in a set of four different color combinations. The Sensory Colorful UV Spine Balls are UV reactive, firm and bouncy, yet soft to touch. item63 1 Nos
65 1.64 Weighted vest and blanket item64 1 Nos
66 1.65 Weighted blanket item65 1 Nos
67 1.66 Bloster Medium size soft item66 1 Nos
68 1.67 Floor Mattress (padded floor)4’x6’ item67 4 Nos
69 1.68 1. Noise cancelling headphone, - 2 nos., item68 2 Nos
70 1.69 2. drums of different sizes - 2 nos, item69 2 Nos
71 1.7 3. white noise machinewhite Noise, Sleeping Machine Relax with 8 Soothing Nature Sounds,Timer and Memory Playback Function for Child item70 2 Nos
72 1.71 Touch and match (toy)Different textured cylinders, 1 boardwith 10 different textures for matching cylinders. item71 1 set
73 1.72 Sensory toysCan be purchased local market. item72 2 Nos
74 1.73 Wobble board ( red & Blue)18’’diameter X 4 Inches height, WL 70 kg foam padded, Pediatric wobble board item73 1 Nos
75 1.74 Tactile sensory bagsIn exciting bag full of tactile resources to get your hands on - squeeze the Goohey Mesh Balls, fiddle with the Tangle, press the Squidgy Fish, roll the Hedgehog Balls - lots of fun at your fingertips. Includes: 4x sensory pillows, 4 x Goohey Mesh Balls, 6 x Squidgy Fish, 1 x Squidgie Ball, 2 x Spider Balls, 1 x Chinese Loofah, 1 x Knitted Sisal Sponge, 1 x Tactile Animal item74 2 set
76 1.75 Rocking horseLength -23’’,width:13’’,height 19’’ for rocking item75 1 set
77 1.76 Vibrator body massagerThis pressure-operated, mitt-style massager provides soft, consistent, highly tactile, vibrating sensory input. Features 2 very pleasing therapeutic textures: a fluffy, high-pile synthetic sheepskin on one side, and a silky-soft, velvety material on the other item76 1 set
78 1.77 Chewy tubesChewy Tubes are innovative oral motor devices designed to provide a resilient, non- food, chewable surface for practicing biting and chewing skills.Combo 4 pack : (red,green,yellow and blue chewy ) item77 5 Nos
79 1.78 Rope LadderLength, Rope Diameter, Load Capacity, Rope Material item78 1 Nos
80 1.79 Bubble mirror9 Fascinating convex bubbles scatter light and reflections. Mount in one or two or more to create a stunning visual effect using the bubble mirror. item79 1 set
81 1.8 Tactile wallsSize: 90cm x 120 cm ( laminated wall panel for hanging on wall, comes with twelve different textured to touch ) item80 1 Nos
82 1.81 Materials inside Snoozlean room (1.37 to 1.48) items\n\nOptic fibers curtain. Optic spray, sensory light100x 1.5 mm strands, Strands: 100fibers can be 1.5 mm thick and 2 meter long, Color: red, green, blue, yellow, Source: LED item81 1 Nos
83 1.82 Laser sphere projectorThis awe-inspiring effect will transform any dark room into a jaw-dropping laser room. Thousands of red and green laser dots will move across the room, making your sensory room stunning item82 1 Nos
84 1.83 Music System (with speakers)5 in 1 music system item83 1 Nos
85 1.84 Light (disco)Lighting system: This mirror ball is covered in tiny glass tiles which reflect any available light to make stunning spots of light around the room. The sturdy, metal chain allows it to be hung securely from a hook to recreate that retro 70s disco atmosphere in a bedroom or sensory room item84 1 Nos
86 1.85 Aroma TherapyFour aromatherapy oils have been determined to be both safe and effective for use with children over age 5: lavender, peppermint, orange and ginger. Many children like the smell, and it is generally effective in calming a child who is anxious. Can be obtained from local market item85 1 Nos
87 1.86 Bubble mirror9 Fascinating convex bubbles scatter light and reflections. Mount in one or two or more to create a stunning visual effect using the bubble mirror. item86 1 Nos
88 1.87 Massaging pillowPillow dimension: 24x14x4 inches item87 1 Nos
89 1.88 Radium sticker item88 1 set
90 1.89 UV Lights item89 1 Nos
91 1.9 Multi Color focus light2-way, 3-way, 4-way, 6-way lights item90 1 Nos
92 1.91 Bubble tube10 cm diameter x 120 cm high item91 1 Nos
93 1.92 Moving Lights item92 1 Nos
94 1.93 Phsyiotherapy Materials\n\n\nParallel Bar ( Pediatric) with divider adjustable Length 10Feet\nHeight adjusts from 22? to 36? Width adjusts from 16? to 24? Hand rail size 1-1/2?\nCan be used with optional Model 90 Divider Board\nAllow wheelchair access with a distance of 31 1/2? clearance between posts item93 1 nos
95 1.94 Stair Climber one side and incline slope on other side • Product Description\n• Exercise Staircase with Ramp is built in Two Sections to assemble in Right\nAngle and to fit into a corner.\nSpecifications:\n* Construction: Sides & Supporting Frame of steps is made of Tubular Pipe (30mm square) with reinforcement.\n* Step Arrangement: One section has Five steps i.e. 7.5cm, 10cm, 12.5cm, 15cm and again 15cm in height and 25cm deep, leading to platform of 60cm x 60cm. Steps are 60cm wide & 25cm deep.\nOther section has a Ramp, rising from 2.5cm to 60cm. & leading to the central platform.\n* Steps, Ramp and Platform is made of commercial board of 12 mm thickness and is covered with non-slip matting.\n* Hand Rails: Height adjusting Arms are made of Chrome-Plated square steel tubing of 30mm x 30mm. Outer uprights are of square steel tubeing of 35mm x 35mm. : Hand-\nRails are made of P.V.C.sheathed iron tubing of 35mm dia. : Inside Width of Hand-rails\n60cm.\n: Height of Handrails are adjustable from 60cm to 90cm to accommodate Adult and\nChildren.\n* Height Adjustment of Handrails can easily be done by means of setting Pins at the\nrequired holes & can further be stabilised by tightening the screws.\n* Finish: Working Parts are Chrome-Plated and Uprights & Base with powder coated finish. +++ 1 nos
96 1.95 Static cycle With a biomechanical seat for those patients requiring\nback support & reduced gluteal pressure. The sturdy,\nheavy duty frame with powder coated finsh and\nnon-friction magnetic resistance system provides\nsmoothness, durability and must run silent. item95 1 nos
97 1.96 Standing Frame Functional vertical stander with four points of support\n1.Height-adjustable Chest, Pelvic & Knee supports\n2.Adjustable foot restraints\n3.Detachable rimmed tray for activities\n4.Chrome-plated uprights fitted on non-slip \nmatted foot board. item96 1 nos
98 1.97 Rowing – Machine "Tubular steel frame, bright chrome plated finish, size 60""long x 13""wide. Speciffically\ndesigned foam padded seat is fitted with FOUR nylon wheels that slides smoothly over","the frame. Comes with FIVE Springs of different tensions. TWO high tension springs \nattached to the seat for leg exercises and Three light tension springs are fitted with Two Handles for Rowing exercises. Resistance can be varied by removal or adding the springs." item97 1 nos
99 1.98 Inter locking mat Perfect flooring, extra cushioning, dual color interlocking mat, both side usable, anti skid design are the main features of our Interlocking Mats. Easy to assemble & dissemble is\nthe popular specification of our karate mat, which is highly appreciated in market. item98 1 nos
100 1.99 Corner seat with cut out table Wooden Floor Sitter CP Corner Chair, with broad base that helps to prevent tipping, has a padded seat, sides and back support. An abductor block, hip positioning belt, and removable tray are the integral part of the floor sitter. Unit finished in natural wood\npolish. item99 1 nos
101 2 CP chair Water Repellant Fabric\n• Removable Pedals\n• Uplifttable Armrests\n• Feet Positioning\n• Reclining Back\n• Reclining Option Settings\n• Light Aluminum\n• 41 cm Inside Width\n• 55 cm Outside Width\n• 120 kg Weight Capacity item100 1 nos
102 2.01 Prone Crawler Rexine made body hammock tilts forward or backward\nfor correct positioning of the patient.\nHeight adjustable to accommodate children\nfrom 2 to 7 years of age. item101 1 nos
103 2.02 Prone Wedge 15CM X 60CMX70CM item102 1 nos
104 2.03 Prone Wedge 20CM X 60CMX70CM item103 1 nos
105 2.04 Prone Wedge 25CM X 60CMX70CM item104 1 nos
106 2.05 Prone Wedge 30CM X 60CMX70CM item105 1 nos
107 2.06 Bolster 15CM X 60CM item106 1 nos
108 2.07 Bolster 20CMX90CM item107 1 nos
109 2.08 Bolster 25CMX90CM item108 1 nos
110 2.09 Bolster 30CMX90CM item109 1 nos
111 2.1 Therapy ball inflatable,molded heavy duty vinyl ball should \nsupport upto 150kg.\nDiameter of Balls 26" (655cm)\n item110 2 nos
112 2.11 Bath ball foam padded round Ball Pool of 120cm in diameter x 50cm high, & has 10cm thick padded sides. containing 500 multi colour balls of 7cm or 8cm diameter. Pool side and bottom is covered with durable rexine item111 1 nos
113 2.12 Balance board Rexine covered cushioned\nplatform size is 45cm x 60cm x 15cm high. item112 1 nos
114 2.13 Balance Beam hardwood constructed balance beam -185cm long &\nwalking surface sould be covered with non-slip mat. \nshould have a gradual increase in incline from 7cm to\n15cm and gradual taper from 8cm to 15cm. item113 1 nos
115 2.14 Scooter board • Includes non-marking swivel rubber casters\n• Features full perimeter bumpers for safety\n• Dimensions: 60cm Length x 45cm Wide\n• Heavy wood scooter board\n• Great indoor or outdoor P.E. activity! item114 1 nos
116 2.15 Trampoline 40 inches with mesh item115 1 nos
117 2.16 Therapy Mattress Foam Mattresses with rexine cover\n3x6x4"\n6x6x4" item116 1 nos
118 2.17 Rocker The board encourages rhythm, balance, coordination and vestibular responses. As\nchildren develop confidence, they can use it in kneeling or standing position. Features :\nPlatform is padded and wooden parts finished natural.\n• EVA Foam cushioned top is nonslip & provids sure footing during rocking / balance exercises.\n• The recessed sides provide hand holds to eliminate pinched fingers. item117 1 nos
119 2.18 Postural Mirror size 180cm x 60cm, protected by 5cm wide hardwood\npolished frame with back covered by ply board,is fitted\nwith a pair of angular and tubular stand. Frame is mounted\non 4 ball-bearing rubber castors of 50mm dia.\nOverall size is 210cm x 75cm. item118 1 nos
120 2.19 Ladder – floor mounting for gait training Wooden floor ladder with adjustable dividers,\nSteps may be of equal size and alternately placed\nfor right-left progression.\nSPECIFICATIONS:\nMaterial: Beams & Dividers made of Teak-wood.\n*Size: 96" long x 27" wide.\n*Finish: Beams finished in natural wood.\nAdjustable 16 Divider-bars finished in different enamel colours item119 1 nos
121 2.2 Bubble Bath / Sand Bath item120 1 nos
122 2.21 Hydrotherapy Unit Hydrotherapy Bath Pool is designed in compact Rectangular design for permanent installations with direct connections to Hot & Cold water supply, Overflow and Drainage.\nconstruction:heavy gauge (14 & 16gauge) stainless steel sheet, electrically Argon welded tank is in Rectangular Shape.\nInside dimension:Tank measures; 200cm long x 100cm wide x 50cm deep from inside.\nTurbine Ejectors, Aerators & Carriages:One, with 1/2 H.P. motor, Ejectors with elevators on ball bearing carriages.\nHead-Rest: Adjustable Stainless Steel Head-Support.\nStretcher:Stainless Steel Body Stretcher fitted with nylon cloth.\nStool:Stainless Steel Stainless Sitting seat fitted with nylon cloth.\nThermometer:One digital thermometer to show the temperature of water.\nPower Supply:220 V AC.\nAccessories:2 water inlets drain and overflow pipes with all necessary fitting\nFinish:Bright polish finish inside the tank with special paint finish from outside.\nHot & Cold water supply and water drainage.\n item121 1 nos
123 2.22 Sideline board To put the child in proper side line position as the prone position eventually done. (4 x 8) It is folded from the middle and adjusted according to the child position. item122 1 nos
124 2.23 special CP Chair for 2-5 years Customized as per the customer requirement\nMS Powder coated frame Rexine seat and back cover Chest and Abdominal support belt item123 1 nos
125 2.24 special CP Chair for 5-8 years Customized as per the customer requirement\nMS Powder coated frame Rexine seat and back cover Chest and Abdominal support belt item124 1 nos
126 2.25 special CP Chair for 8-12 years Customized as per the customer requirement\nMS Powder coated frame Rexine seat and back cover Chest and Abdominal support belt item125 1 nos
127 2.26 four spring item126 1 nos
128 2.27 Vgrip item127 1 nos
129 2.28 Round spring item128 1 nos
130 2.29 sand bags for age 2-5 years item129 1 nos
131 2.3 sand bags for age 5-10 years item130 1 nos
132 2.31 dumb bells for age 2-4 years 1kg item131 1 nos
133 2.32 dumb bells for age 4-6 years 2kg item132 1 nos
134 2.33 dumb bells for age 6-8 years 3kg item133 1 nos
135 2.34 dumb bells for age 8-10 years 4kg item134 1 nos
136 2.35 dumb bells for age-10 -12years 5kg item135 1 nos
137 2.36 weight cuffs 0.5kg item136 1 nos
138 2.37 weight cuffs 1kg item137 1 nos
139 2.38 weight cuffs 2kg item138 1 nos
140 2.39 CP Walker adjustable For age group of 1- to 5 years. Chrome plated rectangular shaped ring is fitted with adjustable saddle gear to hold the child in an upright position. Height of the ring and the handle provided at the rear for the patient to hold, is adjustable. Mounted on four 50mm size ball bearing rubber castors item139 1 nos
141 2.4 CP Walker adjustable Tubular welded rectangular shaped ring fitted with adjustable saddle gear to hold the child in upnght position. Height of the ring is adjustable from 18" to 26". A Handle is provided at the front for the patient to hold. Overall width of the frame 20" & Height 21" mounted on four 2" size ball bearing rubber castors. Oven Baked Finish item140 1 nos
142 2.41 Quadripod high-quality quadripod walking sticks are extremely helpful for patients, who need\nsupport while walking. This is perfect aid those with poor balance. The four legged design ensures a better stability. It features a lightweight and sturdy stainless steel construction and the suction rubber bush for better grip on any surface. item141 1 nos
143 2.42 Tripod high-quality tripod walking sticks are extremely helpful for patients, who need support while walking. This is perfect aid those with poor balance. The four legged design ensures a better stability. It features a lightweight and sturdy stainless steel construction\nand the suction rubber bush for better grip on any surface. item142 1 nos
144 2.43 COCKUP SPLINT item143 1 nos
145 2.44 FOOT DROPS SPLINT item144 1 nos
146 2.45 MILWAUKEE BRACE item145 1 nos
147 2.46 KNEE GUTTER BACK SPLINT item146 1 nos
148 2.47 ELBOW GUTTER BACK SPLINT item147 1 nos
149 2.48 calipers item148 1 nos
150 2.49 Braces item149 1 nos
151 2.5 Gaiter BRACE item150 1 nos
152 2.51 Elbow BRACE item151 1 nos
153 2.52 knee BRACE item152 1 nos
154 2.53 Swings small size item153 1 nos
155 2.54 Swings medium size item154 1 nos
156 2.55 cradel small size item155 1 nos
157 2.56 cradel medium size item156 1 nos
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