Outsourcing Of Conservancy And Housekeeping Services For Mes Complex At Faridkot Mil Stn

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Outsourcing Of Conservancy And Housekeeping Services For Mes Complex At Faridkot Mil Stn

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Outsourcing Of Conservancy And Housekeeping Services For Mes Complex At Faridkot Mil Stn , Providing Conservancy And Housekeeping Services In Ge Faridkot Office And Installations As Required For Daily Cleaning , Sweeping , Mopping Of Building And Structures And Their Open Area And Approach / Connecting Roads , Path Etc Cleaning Of Toilets And Cooler Area Including Disinfection Of Rooms Builtin Furniture Items , Cleaning Floors , Doors , Windows , Window Panes Removing Cob-Webs , Cleaning Roofs Stair Cases , Cleaning Adjoining Area , Open Drains , Cleaning Of Furniture / Machine In Rooms , Section Attendant , Movement Of Files And Dak / Fax And Services , Dispatch / Receipt , Maintenance Of File Record , Xerox Copies / Prints As Required By The Concerned Section Officer Etc In Ge Faridkot Complex Complete All As Specified . ( 12 Numbers Multi Tasking Staff ( Un-Skilled ) For 268 Days Except Gazetted And Closed Holidays ) . Note : ( A ) The Certain Items Are To Be Provided By Contractor To The Cleaning Staff I . E . Phenyl , Acid , Napthelene Balls / Cake , Mineral Tarpoline Oil , Cleaning Tools Such As Brooms , Brush , Duster , Moping Cloth , Colin For Glass Cleaning Etc And Above Quoted Rates Are Deemed To Be Included In Unit Rate Of Item . ( B ) 0800 Hrs To 1600 Hrs For Cleaning Staff And For Balance Staff 0900 Hrs To 1700 Hrs Of All Working Days ( Except Gazzetted Holidays And Closed Holidays Such As Sunday Etc ) . However , In Exigencies Of Work They May Be Required To Sit Late Upto 01 More Hour Without Any Extra Cost And The Personnel May Be Called On Sunday/Holidays For Which Extra Payment Shall Be Made On Proportionate Basis , If Required . , Notes : - As This Item Pertain To Only Wages Of Labourers Based On The Prevailing Minimum Labour Wages . Hence After Opening Of Financial Bid , If It Is Found That Quoted Rates Are Below The Existing Minimum Labour Wages Rates Of Un-Skilled Labour As Prescribed By The Government Of India/ State Government / Local Body ( Whichever Is Higher ) Plus Cost Of Other Factor Such As Esi , Epf , Lwc , Gst , Cost Of Dress , Insurance Of Persons , Safety Equipments Etc And All Factors As Specified In Tender , Then Accepting Officer At His Sole Discreption Has The Right To Reject The Quoted Bid And The Same Shall Be Treated As "Non-Bonafide" . In Such Case The Lowest Tender Shall Be Determined By Lowest Amount Amongst Valid /Bonafide Bids Only . , General Notes : ( A ) Contractor Will Arrange Biometric Attendance Machine By Its Own Expenses And Payment Will Only Be Made On The Basis Of Biometric Attendance . ( B ) All Types Of T&P Required For Day To Day Reqmt Shall Be Provided By Contractor ( C ) All Types Of Transportation If Reqd For Handling Materials/Eqpt Etc Shall Be Provided By The Contractor ( D ) All Fittings And Fixtures To Be Maintained And Contractor Shall Be Responsible For Any Damage ( E ) All Area To Be Kept Neat And Clean All The Time And Security Checks To Be Carried Out Daily ( F ) In Case Of Any Damage Misuse Mishandling Of Govt Property , Contractor Will Be Held Responsible For The Same ( G ) All Safety Eqpts Such As Breathing Apparatus , Safety Belt , Air Hose Respiratory , Portable Lighting Eqpt , Driver Suit Etc For Working Hazardous Condition To Be Provided By Contractor , ( H ) First Aid Box With Basic Medicines To Be Kept In Main Installation By The Contractor ( J ) Misuse Of Electricity And Water To Be Penalised And Effective Recovery Will Be Made By The Department ( K ) Work Shall Start As Per The Stipulated Date In Work Order ( L ) Proper Disposal Of Material Of Residual Dry Waste/Other Waste Material Should Be Carried Out By The Contractor All As Directed By Engr-In-Charge . The Cost Of The Same Is Deemed To Be Included In Rates Quoted By The Contractor ( M ) Wages To Be Paid To Employee Through Individual Bank Account Only Duly Aadhar Linked ( I . E Payment Through Cheque/Neft/Rtsg ) And Documentary Proof Of Payment To Emplyed Staff Shall Be Submitted To The Engineer-In-Charge For Releasing Of Payment . ( N ) Minimum Qualification Of All Staff Employed Shall Be Submitted . ( O ) Group Insurance , E . S . I , And Epf Shall Be Provided By The Contractor For His Staff And Documentary Proof Of Payment To Staff Shall Be Submitted To The Engineer-In-Charge Before Releasing Of Payment . ( P ) In Case Of Absence Of Staff , Double The Rate Quoted To Be Recovered .

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Document Fees
INR 500 /-
INR 39600.00 /-
Tender Value
INR 19.80 Lakhs /-

BOQ Items

Name of Work: Outsourcing of conservancy and housekeeping services for MES complex at Faridkot Mil Stn
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Providing conservancy and housekeeping services in GE Faridkot office and installations as required for daily cleaning, sweeping, mopping of building and structures and their open area and approach / connecting roads, path etc cleaning of toilets and cooler area including disinfection of rooms builtin furniture items, cleaning floors, doors, windows, window panes removing cob-webs, cleaning roofs stair cases, cleaning adjoining area, open drains, cleaning of furniture / machine in rooms, section attendant, movement of files and dak / fax and services, dispatch / receipt, maintenance of file record, xerox copies / prints as required by the concerned section officer etc in GE Faridkot complex complete all as specified . (12 Numbers Multi Tasking Staff (Un-Skilled) for 268 days except gazetted and closed holidays).\nNote : (a) The certain items are to be provided by contractor to the cleaning staff i.e. phenyl, Acid, Napthelene Balls / cake, Mineral tarpoline oil, cleaning tools such as brooms, brush, duster, moping cloth, colin for glass cleaning etc and above quoted rates are deemed to be included in unit rate of item.\n(b) 0800 hrs to 1600 hrs for cleaning staff and for balance staff 0900 hrs to 1700 hrs of all working days (except Gazzetted holidays and closed holidays such as Sunday etc). However, in exigencies of work they may be required to sit late upto 01 more hour without any extra cost and the personnel may be called on Sunday/Holidays for which extra payment shall be made on proportionate basis, if required. 3216 Nos.
2 1.1 Notes : -\nAs this item pertain to only wages of labourers based on the prevailing minimum labour wages. Hence after opening of financial bid, if it is found that quoted rates are below the existing minimum labour wages rates of un-skilled labour as prescribed by the Government of India/ State Government / Local Body (whichever is higher) plus cost of other factor such as ESI, EPF, LWC, GST, Cost of dress, insurance of persons, safety equipments etc and all factors as specified in tender, then Accepting Officer at his sole discreption has the right to reject the quoted bid and the same shall be treated as "Non-Bonafide". In such case the lowest tender shall be determined by lowest amount amongst valid /bonafide bids only.
3 1.2 General Notes : \n(a) Contractor will arrange biometric attendance machine by its own expenses and payment will only be made on the basis of biometric attendance.\n(b) All types of T&P required for day to day reqmt shall be provided by contractor\n(c) All types of transportation if reqd for handling materials/eqpt etc shall be provided by the contractor \n(d) All fittings and fixtures to be maintained and contractor shall be responsible for any damage \n(e) All area to be kept neat and clean all the time and security checks to be carried out daily\n(f) In case of any damage misuse mishandling of Govt property, contractor will be held responsible for the same\n(g) All safety eqpts such as breathing apparatus, safety belt, air hose respiratory, portable lighting eqpt, driver suit etc for working hazardous condition to be provided by contractor\n
4 1.3 (h) First Aid Box with basic medicines to be kept in main installation by the contractor\n(j) misuse of electricity and water to be penalised and effective recovery will be made by the department \n(k) Work shall start as per the stipulated date in work order\n(l) Proper disposal of material of residual dry waste/other waste material should be carried out by the contractor all as directed by Engr-in-charge. The cost of the same is deemed to be included in rates quoted by the contractor \n(m) Wages to be paid to employee through individual bank account only duly AADHAR linked (i.e payment through cheque/NEFT/RTSG) and documentary proof of payment to emplyed staff shall be submitted to the Engineer-in-Charge for releasing of payment.\n(n) Minimum Qualification of all staff employed shall be submitted.\n(o) Group insurance, E.S.I, and EPF shall be provided by the contractor for his staff and documentary proof of payment to staff shall be submitted to the Engineer-in-Charge before releasing of payment.\n(p) In case of absence of staff, double the rate quoted to be recovered.
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