Supply Of Office Stationary Required At Mhs Circle Pochampad.

Tender Notice

Supply Of Office Stationary Required At Mhs Circle Pochampad.

Tender Details

Supply Of Office Stationary Required At Mhs Circle Pochampad. 1. 200 Page Deluxe Registers, 2. 100 Page Deluxe Registers, 3. 300 Page Deluxe Registers, 4. 400 Page Deluxe Registers, 5. A-4 Size Xerox Papers (80 Gsm), 6. A-3 Size Xerox Papers (75 Gsm), 7. White Papers (Legal) (75 Gsm), 8. Pocket Books Plain With Spiral Binding, 9. Thick Brown Papers, 10. File Folders Ordinary, 11. File Pad,Fs Size,35 And 25Cms, 12. Black Permanent Marker Pens, 13. Red Permanent Marker Pens, 14. Green Permanent Marker Pens, 15. Blue Permanent Marker Pens, 16. Marker Pen, White Board, 17. Blue Pens, 18. Red Pens, 19. Blackpens, 20. Sketch Pens, 21. Erozix Or Whitener (Pen Type), 22. Pencils, 23. Eraser, 24. Sharpener, 25. Steel Ruler, 30 Cm, 26. Office Calculator, 27. Big Stamp Pads, 28. Stamp Pad Ink Bottile(500 Ml), 29. Staplers(Small), 30. Staplers(Big Size), 31. Staplers Pins Small Size, 32. Staplers Pins Big Size, 33. Tochers, 34. Single Hole Punch, 35. 150Ml Gum Bottles, 36. Fevi Sticks Glue Sticks, 15 Grams, 37. Big Pin Sheets, 38. Jump Clips, Bigg Size, 39. File Tags, 10Inchlength, 40. Paper Cutters, 41. Brown Envelops Small Size(500-1 Box )(Boxes), 42. Brown Envelops Medium Size(500-1 Box )(Boxes), 43. Brown Envelops Big Size(500-1 Box )(Boxes), 44. Envelop Cover,11Inch And 5Inch, 45. Envelop,Cloth Lined,A4 12Inch And 10Inch, 46. Envelops Big Size(A3 Ppaer Size), 47. Writing Pads, 48. Rasper Transparent Acrylic Writing Pad With Adjustable Height(24 And 18), 49. Box Files, Pvc,A4 Size With Lock Spring, 50. Stick Files, 51. Blue Carbon Papers 210 Mmx 330 Mm, 52. Packing Tape(White) 2 Inch, 53. Packing Tape(Brown) 2 Inch, 54. Packing Tape(White) 1 Inch,25 M, 55. M.Books (100 Pages), 56. Paper Weight, 57. Attendance Register, 58. Torch Light, 2 Cell,3V,Plastic, 59. File Flags (Packets), 60. Double Hole Punch, 61. Magnetic Pin Box, 62. Penor Pencil Holders, 63. Dust Bins Small Size, 64. Table Tray, 65. Table Calling Bells, 66. Scissors, 67. White Notice Board (3 Ftand 4Ft), 68. Duster, 69. Notice Board ,Pin Up Board High Quality, Matty Fabric Aluminum Or Wooden Frame, 70. Push Pin,Thumb Plastic For Notice Board, 71. Petty Cash Book, 72. T Note Book, 73. Gate Pass Books,

Key Value

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INR 1270.00 /-
Tender Value
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BOQ Items

Item IDItem CodeItem NameItem DescriptionAgree NIT QuantityUOMItem SpecificationQuantityPart NumberAction
226409Registers-01200 Page Deluxe Registers200 Page Deluxe RegistersYesPer NO200 Page Deluxe Registers111.00None
226410Registers-02100 Page Deluxe Registers100 Page Deluxe RegistersYesPer NO100 Page Deluxe Registers117.00None
226411Registers-03300 Page Deluxe Registers300 Page Deluxe RegistersYesPer NO300 Page Deluxe Registers50.00None
226412Registers-04400 Page Deluxe Registers400 Page Deluxe RegistersYesPer NO400 Page Deluxe Registers55.00None
226413Xerox Papers -01A-4 Size Xerox Papers (80 GSM)A-4 Size Xerox Papers (80 GSM)YesBundleA-4 Size Xerox Papers (80 GSM)360.00None
226414Xerox Papers -02A-3 Size Xerox Papers (75 GSM)A-3 Size Xerox Papers (75 GSM)YesBundleA-3 Size Xerox Papers (75 GSM)8.00None
226415White papers -01White papers (legal) (75 GSM)White papers (legal) (75 GSM)YesBundleWhite papers (legal) (75 GSM)5.00None
226416Pocket Books -01Pocket Books Plain with spiral bindingPocket Books Plain with spiral bindingYesPer NOPocket Books Plain with spiral binding63.00None
226417Brown Papers-01Thick Brown PapersThick Brown PapersYesPer NOThick Brown Papers1045.00None
226418File Folders -01File Folders ordinaryFile Folders ordinaryYesPer NOFile Folders ordinary400.00None
226419FILE PAD-01FILE PAD,FS SIZE,35 and 25CMSFILE PAD,FS SIZE,35 and 25CMSYesPer NOFILE PAD,FS SIZE,35 and 25CMS344.00None
226420Marker Pens -01Black Permanent Marker PensBlack Permanent Marker PensYesPer NOBlack Permanent Marker Pens47.00None
226421Marker Pens -02Red Permanent Marker PensRed Permanent Marker PensYesPer NORed Permanent Marker Pens22.00None
226422Marker Pens -03Green Permanent Marker PensGreen Permanent Marker PensYesPer NOGreen Permanent Marker Pens19.00None
226423Marker Pens -04Blue Permanent Marker PensBlue Permanent Marker PensYesPer NOBlue Permanent Marker Pens19.00None
226424Marker pen-05Marker pen, White boardMarker pen, White boardYesPer NOMarker pen, White board2.00None
226425Blue Pens-01Blue PensBlue PensYesPer NOBlue Pens540.00None
226426Red Pens-01Red PensRed PensYesPer NORed Pens130.00None
226427BlackPens-01BlackPensBlackPensYesPer NOBlackPens167.00None
226428Sketch Pens-01Sketch PensSketch PensYesPACSketch Pens19.00None
226429Whitener -01Erozix or Whitener (Pen type)Erozix or Whitener (Pen type)YesPer NOErozix or Whitener (Pen type)46.00None
226430Pencils -01PencilsPencilsYesPer BoxPencils47.00None
226431Eraser-01EraserEraserYesPer BoxEraser17.00None
226432Sharpener-01SharpenerSharpenerYesPer BoxSharpener17.00None
226433Steel Ruler, 30 cm-01Steel Ruler, 30 cmSteel Ruler, 30 cmYesPer NOSteel Ruler, 30 cm23.00None
226434Office Calculator-01Office CalculatorOffice CalculatorYesPer NOOffice Calculator9.00None
226435Big stamp pads-01Big stamp padsBig stamp padsYesPer NOBig stamp pads16.00None
226436ink bottile-01Stamp pad ink bottile(500 ml)Stamp pad ink bottile(500 ml)YesPer NOStamp pad ink bottile(500 ml)20.00None
226437Staplers(small)-01Staplers(small)Staplers(small)YesPer NOStaplers(small)19.00None
226438Staplers(Big Size)-01Staplers(Big Size)Staplers(Big Size)YesPer NOStaplers(Big Size)10.00None
226439Staplers Pins -01Staplers Pins small sizeStaplers Pins small sizeYesPer BoxStaplers Pins small size14.00None
226440Staplers Pins -02Staplers Pins Big sizeStaplers Pins Big sizeYesPer BoxStaplers Pins Big size11.00None
226441Tochers-01TochersTochersYesPer NOTochers16.00None
226442Single Hole Punch-01Single Hole PunchSingle Hole PunchYesPer NOSingle Hole Punch8.00None
226443150ml Gum bottles-01150ml Gum bottles150ml Gum bottlesYesPer NO150ml Gum bottles21.00None
226444Fevi Sticks -01Fevi Sticks glue sticks, 15 gramsFevi Sticks glue sticks, 15 gramsYesPer NOFevi Sticks glue sticks, 15 grams40.00None
226445Pin Sheets-01Big Pin SheetsBig Pin SheetsYesPer BoxBig Pin Sheets13.00None
226446Jump clips-01Jump clips, bigg sizeJump clips, bigg sizeYesPer BoxJump clips, bigg size15.00None
226447File Tags-01File Tags, 10inchlengthFile Tags, 10inchlengthYesBunchFile Tags, 10inchlength32.00None
226448Paper Cutters-01Paper CuttersPaper CuttersYesPer NOPaper Cutters23.00None
226449Brown Envelops -01Brown Envelops Small Size(500-1 box )(Boxes)Brown Envelops Small Size(500-1 box )(Boxes)YesPer BoxBrown Envelops Small Size(500-1 box )(Boxes)6.00None
226450Brown Envelops-02Brown Envelops Medium Size(500-1 box )(Boxes)Brown Envelops Medium Size(500-1 box )(Boxes)YesPer BoxBrown Envelops Medium Size(500-1 box )(Boxes)7.00None
226451Brown Envelops-03Brown Envelops Big Size(500-1 box )(Boxes)Brown Envelops Big Size(500-1 box )(Boxes)YesPer BoxBrown Envelops Big Size(500-1 box )(Boxes)4.00None
226452Envelop cover-01Envelop cover,11inch and 5inchEnvelop cover,11inch and 5inchYesPer NOEnvelop cover,11inch and 5inch30.00None
226453Envelop,Cloth Lined-01Envelop,Cloth Lined,A4 12inch and 10inchEnvelop,Cloth Lined,A4 12inch and 10inchYesPer NOEnvelop,Cloth Lined,A4 12inch and 10inch290.00None
226454Envelops Big size-01Envelops Big size(A3 Ppaer size)Envelops Big size(A3 Ppaer size)YesPer NOEnvelops Big size(A3 Ppaer size)60.00None
226455Writing Pads-01Writing PadsWriting PadsYesPer NOWriting Pads13.00None
226456Writing Pad-02Rasper Transparent Acrylic Writing Pad with Adjustable Height(24 and 18)Rasper Transparent Acrylic Writing Pad with Adjustable Height(24 and 18)YesPer NORasper Transparent Acrylic Writing Pad with Adjustable Height(24 and 18)1.00None
226457Box Files-01Box Files, PVC,A4 Size with lock springBox Files, PVC,A4 Size with lock springYesPer NOBox Files, PVC,A4 Size with lock spring60.00None
226458Stick Files-01Stick FilesStick FilesYesPer NOStick Files20.00None
226459Carbon Paper-01Blue Carbon Papers 210 mmX 330 mmBlue Carbon Papers 210 mmX 330 mmYesPer BoxBlue Carbon Papers 210 mmX 330 mm11.00None
226460Packing Tape-01Packing Tape(White) 2 inchPacking Tape(White) 2 inchYesPer NOPacking Tape(White) 2 inch26.00None
226461Packing Tape-02Packing Tape(Brown) 2 inchPacking Tape(Brown) 2 inchYesPer NOPacking Tape(Brown) 2 inch3.00None
226462Packing Tape-03Packing Tape(White) 1 inch,25 MPacking Tape(White) 1 inch,25 MYesPer NOPacking Tape(White) 1 inch,25 M12.00None
226463M Books -01M.Books (100 Pages)M.Books (100 Pages)YesPer NOM.Books (100 Pages)90.00None
226464Paper Weight-01Paper WeightPaper WeightYesPer NOPaper Weight16.00None
226465Register-05Attendance RegisterAttendance RegisterYesPer NOAttendance Register25.00None
226466Torch light-01Torch light, 2 cell,3V,PlasticTorch light, 2 cell,3V,PlasticYesPer NOTorch light, 2 cell,3V,Plastic6.00None
226467File flags -01File flags (Packets)File flags (Packets)YesPACFile flags (Packets)30.00None
226468Hole Punch-02Double Hole PunchDouble Hole PunchYesPer NODouble Hole Punch15.00None
226469Pin Box-01Magnetic Pin BoxMagnetic Pin BoxYesPer NOMagnetic Pin Box22.00None
226470Pen holder-01Penor Pencil holdersPenor Pencil holdersYesPer NOPenor Pencil holders10.00None
226471Dust bins -01Dust bins small sizeDust bins small sizeYesPer NODust bins small size6.00None
226472Table Tray-01Table TrayTable TrayYesPer NOTable Tray2.00None
226473Calling Bells-01Table Calling BellsTable Calling BellsYesPer NOTable Calling Bells2.00None
226474Scissors-01ScissorsScissorsYesPer NOScissors2.00None
226475Notice Board -01White Notice Board (3 ftand 4ft)White Notice Board (3 ftand 4ft)YesPer NOWhite Notice Board (3 ftand 4ft)2.00None
226476Duster-01DusterDusterYesPer NODuster2.00None
226477Notice Board -02Notice Board ,Pin up board high quality, matty fabric aluminum or wooden frameNotice Board ,Pin up board high quality, matty fabric aluminum or wooden frameYesPer NONotice Board ,Pin up board high quality, matty fabric aluminum or wooden frame1.00None
226478Push Pin-01Push Pin,Thumb Plastic for Notice BoardPush Pin,Thumb Plastic for Notice BoardYesPACPush Pin,Thumb Plastic for Notice Board1.00None
226479Cash Book-01Petty Cash BookPetty Cash BookYesPer NOPetty Cash Book4.00None
226480T Note Book -01T Note BookT Note BookYesPer NOT Note Book3.00None
226481Gate Pass Books-01Gate Pass BooksGate Pass BooksYesPer NOGate Pass Books3.00None
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