Providing Aluminium Partition And False Ceiling Govt . Press At Kavaratti

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Providing Aluminium Partition And False Ceiling Govt . Press At Kavaratti

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Providing Aluminium Partition And False Ceiling Govt . Press At Kavaratti

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INR 17.12 Lakhs /-

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Name of Work: Providing Aluminium Partition and False Ceiling Govt. Press at Kavaratti.
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Providing and fixing PVC board ceiling of approved quality with necessary fittings for fixing PVC ceiling materials with necessary 653.4 sqm
2 2 Providing and fixing aluminium work for doors, windows,\nventilators and partitions with extruded built up standard\ntubular sections/ appropriate Z sections and other sections of\napproved make conforming to IS: 733 and IS : 1285, fixed with\nrawl plugs and screws or with fixing clips, or with expansion\nhold fasteners including necessary filling up of gaps at\njunctions, at top, bottom and sides with required EPDM\n 307 kg
3 3 Providing and fixing 12mm thick prelaminated particle board flat pressed three layer or graded wood particle board conforming to IS: 12823 Grade 1 Type II in panelling fixed in aluminium doors, windows shutters and partition frames with C.P. brass / stainless steel screws etc. complete as per architectural drawings and directions of engineer-in-charge.Pre-laminated particle board with decorative lamination on one side and balancing lamination on other side. 40 sqm
4 4 Providing and fixing glazing in aluminium door, window, ventilator shutters and partitions etc. with EPDM rubber/neoprene gasket etc. complete as per the architectural drawings and the directions of engineer-in-charge .with float glass panes 5.5mmtk (FC) 12.4 cum
5 5 Providing and fixing ceramic glazed floor tiles of size\n300x300mm (thickness to be specified by the manufacture ) of\nfirst quality confirming to IS:15622 of approved make,in\ncolours such as White ,ivory,Grey,Fume red brown,laid on 20\nmm thick cement mortar 1:4 ( 1cement, 4 P sand ) and\njoining with 9.36 sqm
6 6 Providing and fixing 1st quality ceramic glazed wall tiles\nconfirming to IS:15622 (engineer-in-charge in skirting,risers of steps and dado over 12mm thick cement mortar 1:3 ( 1cement, 3 P sand ) and joining with grey cement slurry @3.3 kg per sqm,including pointing in white cement mixed with pigment of matching shade complete.300x600 mm 29 sqm
7 7 Providing anf fixing white vitrous China water closet Pedestal pan (European) type WC pans with white plastic seat and lid and rubber buffers, 15 white vitrous China low level flushing system of approved make with fittings and brackets 40mm flush bend, 20mm over flow pipe with complete including cutting and making good the walls and floors where required. 2 sqm
8 8 Providing anf fixing white vitrous China wash basin with RS or CI brackets painted white, 15mm C.P bras pillar tap and C.P brass chain and rubber plug 32mm C,P. brass waste of standrad pattern 32mm diametre and waste pipe complete including cutting and making good the walls and floors where required. 2 each
9 9 Providing and fixing C.P. Brass stop cock ( concealed ) of\nstandard design and of approved quality coforming to IS :8931 15mm normal 4 each
10 10 Providing and fixing C.P. Brass long nose bib cock of approved quality coforming to IS standard and weighing not less than 810 gms 15mm nor 4 each
11 11 Providing and fixing Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) pipes, having thermal stability for hot & cold water supply including all CPVC plain & brass threaded fittingsi/c fixing the pipe with clamps at 1.00 m spacing. This includes jointing of pipes &fittings with one step CPVC solvent cement and the cost of cutting chases and making good the same including testing of joints complete as per direction of Engineer in Charge.(Concealedworkincludingcutting chasesand making good the walls etc.,25 mm nominal outer dia .Pipes 24 mtr
12 12 Providing and fixing hand rail of approved size by welding etc.\nto steel ladder rail-ing, balcony railing and staircase railing\nincluding applying a priming coat of approved steel primer.- G I Post 247 Kg
13 13 Structural steel work riveted, bolted or welded in built up sections, trusses and framedwork, including cutting, hoisting, fixing in position and applying a priming coat of approved. 861.86 kg
14 14 Providing corrugated G.S. sheet roofing including vertical/curved surfacefixedwithpolymercoatedJorLhooks, boltsandnuts8 mm diameter with bitumen and G.I. limpet washers or with G.I. limpet washers filled with white lead and including a coat of approved steel primer and two coats of approved paint on overlapping of sheets complete upto any pitch in horizontal/ vertical or curved surfaces) excluding the cost of purlins, rafters and trusses and including cutting to size and shape wherever required. 0.80mm thick with zinc coating not less than 275gm/m2 90 sqm
15 15 Demolishingcementconcretemanually/bymechanicalmeans including disposal of material within 50 metres lead as per direction of Engineer in charge. 1:3:6 or richer mix\n 5.6 cum
16 16 Providing and laying cement concrete 1: 5:10 ( 1 cement: 5 M.Sand: 10 granite chips ) foundation and plinth.Stone aggregate 40mm nomonal size 12 cum
17 17 Cement concrete flooring 1:2:4 ( 1 cement, 2 metal sand,4 granite chips ) finished with floating coat of neat cement ,including cement slurry ,but excluding the cost of noising of steps etc…complete a) 40mm thick with 20 mm nominal size stone aggregate 65 cum
18 18 Brick work with modular bricks of class designation in\nfoundation and plinth in C.M.1:6 (1Cement: 6 Metal sand) 3 cum
19 19 Finishing with Deluxe Multi surface paint system for interiors and exteriors using primer as per manufactures specifications two or more coats applied with Teflon coated Royal coated) on walls @1.25ltr/10 sqm) over including priming coat of special primer applied @ 0.75 ltr/10 sqm. (Asian Paint or equivalent) 1500 sqm
20 20 Providing and fixing 100mm Bright finished brass mortice latch and lock with 6 levers and a pair of lever handles with necessary screws 6 each
21 21 Providing and fixing anodised Aluminium sliding door bolt anodised transparent or dyed to required color and shade with bolts , nuts and screws etc complete. 6 each
22 22 Providing and fixing brass towerbolt(barraltype) withnecessarys screws etc complete. 150x10 20 each
23 23 Providing and fixing health faucet of approved quality and manufacture complete. 2 each
24 24 Providing and Fixing PTMT towel rail with brackets fixed to wooden cleats with CP Brass screws with concealed ritting arrangement of approved quality and colour 600 mm long towel rail brackets with total length of 645 mm,width 78mm and effective height of 88 mm ,weighing not less than 190 gms. 4 each
25 25 Providing anf fixing 600x450mm mirror of superior glass (approved quality) complete with 6mm thick asbestose sheet ground fixed to wooden cleats with necessary screws and washers. 3 each
26 26 Providing and fixing CP brass angle cock of approved quality and manufacture complete.15 mm 2 each
27 27 Providing and fixing to existing door frames. Providing and\nfixing to existing door frames. 30mm thick factory made\nPolyvinyl Chloride (PVC) door shutter made of styles and rails\nof a UPVC profile section of size 30mm x 60mm and wall\nthickness 2mm ±0.2mm with inbuilt decorative moulding 3.78 sqm
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