Supply Installation Testing Commissioning Of Package/Ductable Type Ac Units With Air Cooled Condensors Along With Low Side Works For Various Locations, Mtnl, New Delhi

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Supply Installation Testing Commissioning Of Package/Ductable Type Ac Units With Air Cooled Condensors Along With Low Side Works For Various Locations, Mtnl, New Delhi

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Supply Installation Testing Commissioning Of Package / Ductable Type Ac Units With Air Cooled Condensors Along With Low Side Works For Various Locations, Mtnl, New Delhi - 2 B ) 8.75 Tr Ductable Type Ac Unit 3 C ) 8.75 Tr Package Type Ac Unit 4 D ) 11 Tr Ductable Type Ac Unit 5 E ) 11 Tr Package Type Ac Unit 6 Supplying And Fixing Of G.I Sheet Metal Ducting I / C Air Distribution System, Complete Thickness Gauge I / C Nut Bolts & Gasket Etc. As Required. \ Na ) 22 Gauge G.I Sheet 7 B ) 24 Gauge G.I Sheet 8 Providing & Fixing Of 6 Mm Thick Nitrile Insulation For Thermal / Acoustic Work / Partition Application As Per Site Requirment For Duct, Wall, Room, False Ceiling Or Roof Including Adhesive, Nitrile Rubber Tape Etc As Reqd. 9 Supplying And Installation Of Supply Air Grilles With Volume Control Damper To Be Fixed In Supply Air Ducts I / C Nut Bolts Accessories Etc. 10 Supplying And Fixing Of Return Air Grille Without Vcd To Be Fixed In Return Air Path I / C Nut Bolts Etc As Required. 11 Supplying And Fixing Of Gi / Aluminum Volume Control Damper For Ac Package / Ducted Units Including Nut Bolts, Flanges Etc As Required. 12 Providing And Fixing Integral Switchgear Panel Comprising Of Starters, Contactors, On / Off Isolator For Evaporator And Condensing Units Etc As Required. 13 Providing And Fixing Of Microprocessor Based Controller Panel To Be Fitted Inside Built-In Features For Operation Of Accessories Such As Evaporator, Condensor, Compressor With Controls In Sequence Manner For Each Unit Including Display Of Parameters, Phase Correction / Reverse Phase Correction, Hp / Lp Signal Etc. Complete As Required. 14 Pressure Testing With Nitrogen , Pressure Standing For At Least 8 Hr., Vaccumzing & Commissioning With Refrigerant Gas Of Following A C Unit Complete As Reqd. \ Na ) 11 Tr Package / Ductable Ac Unit 15 B ) 8.75 Tr Package / Ductable Ac Unit 16 C ) 5.5 Tr Ductable Ac Unit 17 Lifting / Shifting Of Ac Unit From Ground Floor To The Required Floor I.E Upto The Required Site Situated With The Help Of Heavy Labour & Chain Pulley Block Complete As Required. 18 Micro Controller System To Operate Air-Conditioning Units In The Sequential Order Including The Features Of Room Temperature Display, Room Temperature Sensor, On Indication For Ac Unit, Time Duration Adjustment Facility, Cut In Temperature Facility As Req 19 Providing & Installing Soft / Hard Copper Pipe Including Cutting Bending, Jointing, Brazing Etc. As Required For Hot And Liquid Refrigerant. \ Na ) 5 / 8" 20 B ) 7 / 8" 21 C ) 1 1 / 8" 22 Providing And Fixing Of Kini Foam Insulation / Sleeve On Copper Pipes / Drain Pipes Etc Complete As Required. 23 Minor Civil Work Such As Cutting, Widening And Making Ground Of Small Holes Etc. For Ac System Capacity As Required. 24 Supplying And Fixing Power Cabling & Control Cabling Of Pvc Insulated Pvc Shethed Copper Conductor Cable Of Following Size I / C End Termination Etc. As Required. \ Na ) 3 C X 2.5 Sq.Mm 25 B ) 4C X 6 Sq Mm 26 C ) 4 C X 10 Sq.Mm 27 D ) 3.5 C X 16 Sq.Mm 28 E ) 8 C X 1.5 Sq.Mm 29 Providing And Fixing Of Canvas Connection With Fire Resistance Cloth On Opening Of Blowers Of Ac Units Complete As Reqd. 30 Providing And Fixing Of 6 Swg Gi Wire For Earthing Etc 31 Fabricating & Installing Of 50Mm Wide Cable Tray Tray Made Out Of Gi / M.S. Perforated Sheet Of Heavy Duty Material Duly Painted I / C Nut Bolt, Screw, Etc. As Reqd. 32 Providing & Making Drain Arrangement For Ac Units With Following Pipe Size 25 Mm I / C Tee, Union Socket & Elbow Etc As Reqd. 33 Providing & Fixing Metallic Inter Connections For Each Circuit For Distribution Of Air From Package Unit To Main Branch For Air Distribution

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INR 1180 /-
INR 144688.00 /-
Tender Value
INR 57.87 Lakhs /-

BOQ Items

Name of Work: SITC of Package/Ductable type AC units with air cooled condensors along with low side works for various locations, MTNL, New Delhi.
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Supplying and Installation of following TR (nominal capacity) AC units complete with outdoor unit, indoor unit, compressor operating on 220V or 3 phase, 415 V ± 10%, 50 Hz A.C supply & acessories like various motors, cooling & condensing coils, driers, expansion valves, evaporator blower & motors etc. \na) 5.5/5 TR AC ductable unit 2 Number
2 1.01 b) 8.75 TR Ductable type AC Unit 2 Number
3 1.02 c) 8.75 TR Package type AC unit 2 Number
4 1.03 d) 11 TR Ductable type AC Unit 2 Number
5 1.04 e) 11 TR Package type AC unit 2 Number
6 2 Supplying and fixing of G.I Sheet metal ducting i/c air distribution system, complete thickness gauge i/c nut bolts & gasket etc. as required.\na) 22 Gauge G.I Sheet 10 Sq.Metre
7 2.01 b) 24 Gauge G.I sheet 10 Sq.Metre
8 3 Providing & fixing of 6 mm thick nitrile insulation for thermal/ acoustic work/partition application as per site requirment for duct, wall, room, false ceiling or roof including adhesive, Nitrile rubber tape etc as reqd. 20 Sq.Metre
9 4 Supplying and Installation of Supply air grilles with volume control damper to be fixed in supply air ducts i/c nut bolts accessories etc. 2 Number
10 5 Supplying and fixing of Return air grille without VCD to be fixed in return air path i/c nut bolts etc as required. 2 Number
11 6 Supplying and fixing of GI/Aluminum Volume Control Damper for AC Package/Ducted Units including nut bolts, flanges etc as required. 2 Number
12 7 Providing and fixing integral switchgear panel comprising of starters, contactors, ON/OFF isolator for evaporator and condensing units etc as required. 10 Number
13 8 Providing and fixing of Microprocessor based controller panel to be fitted inside built-in features for operation of accessories such as evaporator, condensor, compressor with controls in sequence manner for each unit including display of parameters, phase correction/reverse phase correction, HP/LP signal etc. complete as required. 4 Number
14 9 Pressure testing with nitrogen ,pressure standing for at least 8 hr.,vaccumzing & commissioning with refrigerant gas of following A C unit complete as reqd.\na) 11 TR Package/ductable AC Unit 4 Job
15 9.01 b) 8.75 TR Package/ductable AC Unit 4 Job
16 9.02 c) 5.5 TR ductable AC Unit 2 Job
17 10 Lifting/ Shifting of AC unit from ground floor to the required floor i.e upto the required site situated with the help of heavy Labour & chain pulley block complete as required. 10 Number
18 11 Micro controller system to operate Air-conditioning units in the sequential order including the features of room temperature display, room temperature sensor, on indication for AC unit, time duration adjustment facility, cut in temperature facility as req 1 Number
19 12 Providing & installing soft/hard copper pipe including cutting bending, jointing, brazing etc. as required for hot and liquid refrigerant. \na) 5/8" 100 Metre
20 12.01 b) 7/8" 100 Metre
21 12.02 c) 1 1/8" 20 Metre
22 13 Providing and fixing of kini foam insulation/sleeve on copper pipes/drain pipes etc complete as required. 100 Metre
23 14 Minor civil work such as cutting, widening and making ground of small holes etc. for AC system capacity as required. 14 Job
24 15 Supplying and fixing power cabling & control cabling of PVC insulated PVC shethed copper conductor cable of following size i/c end termination etc. as required.\na) 3 C x 2.5 80 Metre
25 15.01 b) 4C x 6 sq mm 80 Metre
26 15.02 c) 4 C x 10 20 Metre
27 15.03 d) 3.5 C x 16 20 Metre
28 15.04 e) 8 C x 1.5 10 Metre
29 16 Providing and fixing of Canvas Connection with fire resistance cloth on opening of Blowers of AC Units complete as reqd. 5 Number
30 17 Providing and fixing of 6 SWG GI wire for earthing etc 100 Metre
31 18 Fabricating & installing of 50mm wide cable tray tray made out of GI/M.S. perforated sheet of heavy duty material duly painted i/c nut bolt, screw, etc. as reqd. 40 Metre
32 19 Providing & making drain arrangement for AC units with following pipe size 25 mm i/c Tee, union socket & elbow etc as reqd. 20 Metre
33 20 Providing & fixing metallic inter connections for each circuit for distribution of air from package unit to main branch for air distribution 5 Number
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