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Posted By DhruvSagar | May 15, 2023 | Tender Analytic Tools

Tender Detail is a national and international global tender information platform that provides business opportunities to companies by publishing tenders, procurement notices, and contract awards. Tender Detail has recently launched Tender Analytics tools that provide valuable insights and data-driven solutions to help businesses make informed decisions while bidding for tenders.

The Tender Analytics tools provide a range of data analysis features, such as bid trend analysis, bidder analysis, and price analysis, to help businesses understand the tendering landscape and develop effective strategies for winning contracts. The tools also provide information on the performance of companies in specific sectors, allowing businesses to identify potential partners and competitors.

Overall, the launch of Tender Analytics tools is a significant development for businesses that rely on tendering for growth and expansion. The tools provide valuable insights that can help businesses to identify opportunities, mitigate risks, and improve their chances of winning contracts.

Tender Detail launched Tender Analytics tools to empower procurement professionals with insights into the business impact of procurement decisions, helping them make better decisions and delivering a better service to customers.

Simplifying Stakeholder Management

A good tender management process provides a clear overview of all stakeholders who are involved, their importance, and what role they are playing. This allows for a better understanding of what each parties needs are and helps with planning ahead for the various stages in the project timeline.

Reducing The Chance of Duplication

Once your sales team has forecasted customer demand, it will be possible for them to see in real time how many quotes they have for the year, and not double or treble count one product or service sold for the same project. This additional tender management capability provided with Dynamics Tender Management linked Customer Engagement environment helps mitigate this risk by ensuring that you don''t double-count quotations in your pipeline.

Higher Document Control

When building a detailed tender, you may need third-party input from architects and other vendors. In addition to ensuring they have the right access privileges, Dynamics Document Manager and Dynamics Tender Management can provide the structure needed to manage all project phases using one system. This saves time by avoiding switching from one system to another and improves version control. For example, if many stakeholders must sign off on each paper, these papers might be temporarily stored in a safe location with suitable permissions configured for the appropriate persons

Additional Details About Tendering

Tender management is a process that involves solicitation of bids or tenders, evaluation of the submissions and awarding of contracts or service providers. In commercial organizations, it is important to involve strategic partners from time to time. However, this may be difficult if your organization has not adopted tender management software and other technologies that aid in managing the processes involved with contracting. If you choose to participate in upcoming bidding procedures for various goods or services, you should strive to gather as much information as possible on current bids from around the world


Tender Analytics Solution is a suite of tools designed to solve problems associated with bid submission and the evaluation of bids. The system is an online platform used by tender managers, stakeholders, and bidders. The benefit of using this solution is that it saves time, eases the management of tendering efforts, reduces errors and expense, and improves compliance with procurement rules and regulations. This will help eliminate errors and reduce costs associated with manual handling, thus enabling you to focus on other important tasks involved in the process.



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