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Employees State Insurance Corporation - Live

tender for carrying out laboratory investigations under rate contract for the year 2019 -21 - 110 protein c antigen, quantification 111 protein free s antigen 112 protein s antigen, quantitative by immunotrubidimetry 113 ra & aso –quantitative by immunotrubidimetry 114 renin activity, plasma (pra) 115 sweat chloride 116 tb gold (quantiferon) (gamma interferon for tb) 117 testosterone profile (total and free testosterone, shbg, free androgen index, calculations) 118 torch-4 lgm (lgm antibodies to toxoplasma, cmv, rubella, hsv-1 and hsv-1/2 combi) serum/csf 119 torch-5 lgg (lgg antibodies to toxoplasma, cmv, rubella, hsv-1 and hsv-2) serum/csf 120 typhoid dna pcr 121 varicella (herpes) zoster-lgg antibodies serum/csf 122 varicella (herpes) zoster-lgm antibodies serum/csf 123 vitamin d2 (1,25 dihydroxy cholecalciferol) 124 vitamin d3 (25 hydroxy cholecalciferol) 125 vma- vanillylmandelic acid 126 vw (von willebrand) (factor viii) plasma/tissue 127 weil felix test 128 zinc aas/serum/24 hr and spot urine pyruvate/lactate 129 pyruvate/lactate130 ammonia 131 tacrolimus 132 cysticercal ab-igg, igm 133 platelet aggregation 134 aspergillus ab-serum/tissue igg/lgm 135 beta hcg urine 24 h 136 amino acids urine 137 gh-growth hormone 138 gh stimulation test basal, 30 min., 60min. 139 oxalate serum/urine 24h 140 factor vii141 anti mullerian hormone ab amh 142 x ray ls spine standing in flexion/extension 143 sleep study 144 acth. 145 acth stimulation test146 gastrin 147 azar/leishmania ab igg 148 kala azar/leishmania kala aldehyde chopra test 149 hbc igm 150 aldosterone 151 adh/vasopressin 152 apml ra-t(15-17) translocation quantification 153 htlv 1 elisa 154 platelet ab 155 scrub typhus ab igm 156 metanephrine urine 24h157 parvo virus b19 ab igg/igm 158 anti-dnase ab 159 pterin urine 24h 160 tandem mass spectrometry glutaric acid

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  • Tamil Nadu
  • Jan 24, 2019
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