Tender For Medical/Dental Store Items, ayodhya-Uttar Pradesh

Indian Army-IA has published Tender For Medical/Dental Store Items. Submission Date for this Tender is 27-02-2024. Disposable Patient Clothing Tenders in ayodhya Uttar Pradesh. Bidders can get complete Tender details and download the document.

Tender Notice

Tender For Medical/Dental Store Items
Open Tender
Uttar Pradesh

Tender Details

Medical/Dental Store Items As Per Tender Documents , Abrasive Mounted Diamond Fg Inverted Cone 1.6Mm , Antiseptic Oral Pain Relieving Topical Dologel Ct , Calcium Hydroxide With Iodoform Root Canal Dressing Metapexand Filling Paste In Syringes Of 2-4 Gms , Pedodontic Diamond Burs Straight, Round, Tapered And Fissure) Set Of 40 , Suction Cleaning Solution Bott Of 1 Ltr , Material Impression Alginate Pkt In 300 To 500 Gms , Dental Nano Composite Restorative Kit Photo Cure. , Disc Polishing For Composite, Snap-On Consisting Of Medium, Coarse And Fine Grit Pkt Of 50-75 Discs With 2-3 Mandrels , Medicaments Root Canal Pulpryel , Medicaments Root Canal Chealting-1 , Medicament Root Canal Formocresol-Bott Of 10 - 15 Ml , Sol Sod-Hypochlorite 2% For Endodontic Irrigation Bott Of 500Ml , Matrix Retainer Ss (Ivory Pattern) , Pkt Of 12 (For Molars And Premolars) , Benzocaine 20% , Pectin Based Oral Ointment Tube Of 5 Gm , Desensitizing Paste (Stannous Fluoride/Potassium Nityrate/Sodium Monoflurphosphate)( Tube Of 50 Gm , Sodium Hypochlorite 5% 500 Ml , Hydrogenperoxide Solution , Clove Oil Bott Of 50 Ml , Glycerin (Glycerol) In Bottle Of 01 Kg , Three Layer Face Mask With Nose Clip Elastic Type , H File Stainless Steel Size No 15-40 , Length 21 Mm Set Of 06 , H File Stainless Steel Size No 45-80, Length 21 Mm Set Of 06 , K Files Stainless Steel Size No 8 Length 25 Mm Set Of 6 , K Files Stainless Steel Size No.10 Length 25 Mm Set Of 6 , K Files Stainless Steel Length 25 Mm Size No 15-40 Set Of 6 , Autoclave Pouches Pkt Of 500 , Roll Absorbent Cotton Dental Assorted Size In Box Of 500 , Liq Antiseptic (Chlorhexidine Gluconate 7.5%V/V Cetrimide 15%W/V& Alcohol 6-10%V/V Sol , Disposable Shoe Cover , Syringe Disposable Plastic 5 Ml With Needle , Cloth Glass Polishing (Bleeched Cotton White )1X1/2 Metres , Handpiece Lubricant Spray Bott Of 500 Ml , Patient Bib Plastic Reusable , Pit & Fissure Sealant Syringe Of 1-3 Ml , Brush Lathe 7.6 Cm Rows Stiff Covering With Wooden Hub , Cold Mould Seal , Bur Surgical Oral Tappered Fissure Tungsten Carbide For Straight Handpiece , Bur Surgical Oral Roundtungsten Carbide Forhandpiece

Key Value

Document Fees
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Tender Value
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BOQ Items

Name of Work:The Under mentioned medical/ Dental stores items consumable are required to be procured through DGLP Fund
Sl. No. Item Description
1Abrasive mounted diamond FG inverted cone 1.6mm
2Antiseptic oral pain relieving topical Dologel CT
3Calcium hydroxide with iodoform Root canal dressing Metapexand filling paste in syringes of 2-4 gms
4Pedodontic diamond burs Straight, round, tapered and fissure) set of 40
5Suction cleaning solution bott of 1 ltr
6Material impression alginate pkt in 300 to 500 gms
7Dental Nano Composite restorative kit photo cure.
8Disc polishing for composite, snap-on consisting of medium, coarse and fine grit pkt of 50-75 discs with 2-3 mandrels
9Medicaments root Canal pulpryel
10Medicaments root canal Chealting-1
11Medicament root canal formocresol-bott of 10 - 15 ml
12Sol Sod-hypochlorite 2% for endodontic irrigation bott of 500ml
13Matrix retainer SS (Ivory pattern) , pkt of 12 (for molars and premolars)
14Benzocaine 20% , Pectin based oral ointment tube of 5 gm
15Desensitizing paste (Stannous Fluoride/potassium Nityrate/Sodium monoflurphosphate)( Tube of 50 gm
16Sodium hypochlorite 5% 500 ml
17Hydrogenperoxide solution
18clove Oil bott of 50 ml
19Glycerin (Glycerol) in bottle of 01 Kg
20Three layer face mask with nose clip elastic type
21H file stainless steel Size No 15-40 , length 21 mm set of 06
22H file stainless steel Size No 45-80, length 21 mm set of 06
23K files stainless steel size No 8 length 25 mm set of 6
24K files stainless steel size No.10 length 25 mm set of 6
25K files stainless steel length 25 mm size no 15-40 set of 6
26autoclave pouches pkt of 500
27Roll absorbent cotton dental assorted size in box of 500
28Liq antiseptic (Chlorhexidine gluconate 7.5%v/v cetrimide 15%w/v& alcohol 6-10%v/v sol
29Disposable shoe cover
30Syringe disposable plastic 5 ml with needle
31cloth glass polishing (bleeched cotton white )1x1/2 metres
32Handpiece Lubricant Spray bott of 500 ml
33Patient bib plastic reusable
34Pit & fissure sealant syringe of 1-3 ml
35brush lathe 7.6 cm rows stiff covering with wooden hub
36cold mould seal
37Bur surgical oral tappered fissure tungsten carbide for straight handpiece
38Bur surgical oral roundtungsten carbide forhandpiece
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