Tender For Construction Of A Cultural Shed At Mouza- Dignala,Under Andal G.P., durgapur-West Bengal

Asansol Durgapur Development Authority -ADDA has published Tender For Construction Of A Cultural Shed At Mouza- Dignala,Under Andal G.P.. Submission Date for this Tender is 21-02-2024. Civil Work Tenders in durgapur West Bengal. Bidders can get complete Tender details and download the document.

Tender Notice

Tender For Construction Of A Cultural Shed At Mouza- Dignala,Under Andal G.P.
Open Tender
West Bengal

Tender Details

Construction Of A Cultural Shed At Mouza- Dignala,Under Andal G.P. Civil Works

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INR 29955.0 /-
Tender Value
INR 14.97 Lakhs /-

BOQ Items

Name of the Work:"Construction of a cultural shed at Mouza- Dignala,under Andal G.P."
Sl. No. Item Description
1Clearing compound premises of shurbs, plants, jungles etc.by cutting and removing as directed (Specific permission of Engineer-in-Charge prior to execution will be necessary).(Payment to be made on area cleared)
2Dismantling all types of masonry excepting cementconcrete plain or reinforced, stacking serviceablematerials at site and removing rubbish as directedwithin a lead of 75 m.a) In ground floor including roof.
3Dismantling all types of plain cement concrete works, stacking serviceable materials at site and removing rubbish as directed within a lead of 75ma) In ground floor including roof.upto 150mm. Thick.
4Earthwork in excavation of foundation trenches or drainsin all sorts of soil (includingmixed soil but excluding laterite or sand stone ) including removing spreading or stacking the spoils within a lead of 75 metre as per direction.The items includes necessary trimming the sides of trenches, levelling , dressing & ramming the bottom , bailing outwater as required complete.a) Depth of excavation not exceeding 1500 mm
5Earth work in filling in foundation trenches or plinth with good earth, in layers not exceeding 150 mm. including watering and ramming etc. layer by layercomplete. (Payment to be made on the basis of measurement of finished quantity of work). Withearth obtained from excavation foundation.
6Flling in foundation or plinth by finesand in layers not exceeding 150 mm as directed and consolidating same by through saturation with water and ramming complete including cost of sand.By Fine sand .
7Single brick flat soling of picked jhama bricks including ramming and dressing bed to proper level and filling joints with local sand .
8Brick work with 1st class bricks in cement mortar (1:6); in Foundation and plinth
9(b) In superstructure, ground floor
10Ordinary Cement concrete [mix1:2:4]with graded stone chips (20 mm down) excluding shuttering and reinforcement, If any in ground floor as per relevant IS code . With Pakur varity
11Ordinary Cement concrete (mix 1:1.5:3) with graded stone chips (20 mm nominal size) excluding shuttering and reinforcement if any, in ground floor as per relevant IS codes.(i) Pakur Variety
12Hire and labour charges for shuttering with centering and necessary staging upto 4 m using approved stout props and thick hard wood planks of approved thickness with rewuired bracing for concrete slabs, beams, columns, lintels, curved or straight including fitting , fixing and stricking out after completion of works.( Upto Ground floor roof level ) .(f) 25 mm to 30 mm shuttering without staging in foundation
13(c) Steel shuttering or 9 to 12 mm thick approved quality ply board shuttering in G.F. in any concrete work
14Supplying steel Reinforcement for RCC Work ready to use"cut and Bend " rebars (ie, stirrups for all types & all shapes, bars of all shapes,tie bars, chairs etc.for slabs, beams,columns, piles,raft etc.) of Approved make from Factory / workshop to construction site including placing in position and binding all completeas per drawing and direction of Engineer in charge.Thermo Mechanically Treated bars of Grade Fe-500D or more.For works in Foundation and upto roof of Ground Floor/upto 4 m.ForSRMB , ELEGANT STEEL, CAPTAIN, BALAJI SHAKTI, HEXA,RUNGTA STEEL,ADUNNIK, SUPER SHAKTI, SALUJA GOLD, RASHMI TMT, SEL, SEL TIGER. in G.F.
15Supplying best Indian sheet glass panes set in putty (as per I.S specification) and fitted and fixed with teak wood beads and nails complete. (In all floors for internal wall & upto 6 m height for external wall(ii) 4 mm thick
16Supplying, fitting and fixing Stainless Steel railing consist of 38mm dia and 900mm height vertical balustrade at every two alternative steps, 50mm dia top rail, 3 (three) nos 19mm dia horizontal Strainless steel pipe and base/cover plate with Strainless Steel GRADE 304 containing 7.5% nickle (Interior Grade) Brushed/Mat finish, complete as per direction of the Engineer-in-charge. Weight of Strainless Steel railing per metre 6.5 Kg (approx)
17Labour for Chipping of concrete surface before taking up Plastering work.
18Plaster (to wall, floor, etc.) with sand and cement mortar including rounding off or chamfering corners, as directed and racking out joints roughening of concrete surface including chipping and application of cement slurry where necessary etc. complete.( In ground floor.) With 6:1 cement mortar. b) 20 mm thick plaster
1915 mm thick plaster (Out side)6:1
20ii) With 1:4 cement mortar.In ground floor. c) 10 mm thick plaster
21Supplying, fitting and fixing Marble Slab/tile of 15 to 18 mm thickness in floor, lobby, stair, landing & treads etc. over 20mm (av.) thck base of Cement mortar (1:2) laid with white cement slurry @ 4.4 kg/Sq.m before placing marble & jointed with white cement slurry @ 2.0 kg/Sq.m with necessary pigments including grinding and Granite polishing as per direction of Engineering -in -Charge in Ground Floor. {White cement and Pigment to be supplied by the Agency]a) With Makrana plain pink / Adranga Pink / Garbh Gulabi/ Udaypur pink / Udaypur Green / Black Bhaslana (iii) Area of each Slab/tile exceeding 0.60 sq.m but not exceeding 1.00 sq.m.
22Supplying, fitting, fixing marble slab/tiles, 15 mm. to 18 mm.thick in dado / wall in 15 mm thick [avg] cement mortar (1:2) including making suitable arrangements to hold the stones properly by brass / copper hooks applying white cement slurry @ 4.4 kg/ sq.m at the back side of marble & pointing in cement mortar (1:2) (1 cement, 2 marble dust) with admixture of pigment matching the stone shades including polishing allcomplete as per direction of the Engineer-in-charge including cost of materials,labours,scaffolding,staging, curing complete. [White ement,Pigment to be supplied by the Agency](a) With Makrana plain pink / Adranga Pink / Garbh Gulabi / Udaypur Pink / daypur green / Black Bhalsana(i) Area of each Slab/tile exceeding 0.3 sq.m.but not exceeding 0.6 sqm.
23Removal of rubbish,earth etc. from the workingsite and disposal of the same beyond thecompound, in conformity with the Municipal Corporation Rules for such disposal, loading into truck and cleaning the site in all respect as perdirection of Engineer in charge
24Construction of Plaque with Brickwork Structure providing letters embossed over Granite Board (900 mm x 1200 mm) & fixing it, Plastering , painting etc complete at site as per drawing , specification and direction of the Executive Engineer
25Applying Interior grade Acrylic Primer of approved quality and brand on plastered or cencrete surface old or new surface to receive Distemper/ Acrylic emulsion paint including scraping and preparingthe surface throughly, complete as per manufacturer"s specification andas per direction of the EIC. (In Ground Floor)a) One Coatii) Solvent based interior grade Acrylic Primer
26Acrylic Distemper to interior wall, ceiling with a coat of solvent based interior grade acrylic primer (as per manufacturer"s specification) including cleaning and smoothning of surface. Two Coats
27Supplying,fitting & fixing of 2-Track / 3-Track Aluminium sliding Window of all Aluminium sections viz. window frame (top,bottom & side frame), shutter (top, bottom, side & interlock member) made of aluminium alloy extrusions conforming to IS 733-1983 & IS 1285-1975, annodised conforming to IS 1868-1983, fitted with all other accessories viz. PVC roller, EPDM gasket, maruti lock, screws etc. including labour charges for fitting & fixing of aluminium 2-track/3-track sliding window with fixing of glass (excluding cost of glass) all complete as per architectural drawings and direction of Engineer-in-charge. 10-12 Micron thickness Annodizing film Natural white
28Applying Exterior grade Acrylic primer of approved quality and brand on plastered or cencrete surface old or new surface to receive decorative textured(matt finish) or smooth finish acrylic exterior emulsion paint including scraping and preparing the surface throughly, complete as per manufacturer"s specification and as per direction of the EIC. One Coat.
29Protective and Decorative Acrylic exterior emulsion paint of approved quality, as per manufacturer"s specification and as per direction of EIC to be applied over acrylic primer as required. The rate includes cost of material, labour,scaffolding and all incidental charges but excluding the cost of primer.Normal Acrylic Emulsion.(Two Coat )
30GST @ 18%
31Labour welfare cess @ 1%
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