Tender For Execution Of Maintenance Contract Of 500Tpd Methanol Plant Including Gantry And Batching Plant Area, Dibrugarh-Assam

Assam Petrochemicals Limited-APL has published Tender For Execution Of Maintenance Contract Of 500Tpd Methanol Plant Including Gantry And Batching Plant Area. Submission Date for this Tender is 10-08-2023. Heavy Equipment Component Tenders in Dibrugarh Assam. Bidders can get complete Tender details and download the document.

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Tender For Execution Of Maintenance Contract Of 500Tpd Methanol Plant Including Gantry And Batching Plant Area
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Tender For Execution Of Maintenance Contract Of 500Tpd Methanol Plant Including Gantry And Batching Plant Area

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Sl. No. Item Description
1Earth work in excavation by mechanical means (Hydraulic excavator)/manual means over areas (exceeding 30 cm in depth, 1.5 m in width as well as 10 sqm on plan) including getting out and disposal of excavated earth lead upto 50 m and lift upto 1.5 m, as directed by Engineer-in-charge.a. All kinds of soil
2Supplying and filling sand gravel in foundation trenches/ pits, side berms of road open parking area over slushy soil including pumping out water (if necessary), ramming etc. complete for strengthening the bearing capacity of the soil/sub soil as directed and specified.
3Supplying and filling in plinth withsand under floors, including watering, ramming, consolidating and dressing completea. With river sand / silt by truck carriage including loading and unloading.
4Plain Cement concrete works with coarse aggregate of size 13mm to 32mm in foundation bed for footing steps,walls,brickworks etc.as directed and specified including dewatering if necessary and curing etc.a. In proportion of 1:3:6
5Providing and laying plain/reinforced cement concrete works , cement, coarse sand and 20mm down graded stone agg. Including dewatering if necessary, and curing complete (Form work and reinforcement will be measured and paid seperately.)N) Without using Admixture, plasticiser a. M20 grade concrete or prop. 1:1.5:3
6Providing Form Work of ordinary timber planking so as to give a rough finish including centering, shuttering and propping etc. height of propping and centering below supporting Floor to ceiling not exceeding 4.0M and removal of the same for in-situ reinforced concrete and plain concrete work.
7Providing Bamboo Scaffolding up to a height of 6.5 M including 2nd class timber plank platforms and removal of the same complete as directed & specified ( measurement to be taken on elevation area of the building / structure).
8Providing Soling in foundation and under floor with stone/best quality picked jhama brick, sand packed and laid to level and in panel after preparing the sub grade as directed including all labour and materials and if necessary dewatering, complete. a. Brick on flat soling.
91st class brick nogged wall (112 mm thick) in cement morter including racking out joints and curing complete as directed in super structure above plinth upto 1st floor level (protruding M.S rod/Tor steel of column to be embeded in cement morter & will be measured and paid separately) In cement morter in proportion 1:4
10Brick work in cement morter with 1st class brick including racking out joints and curing complete as directed. I. In Sub-Structure upto plinth level including dewatering if necessary.a. In proportion 1:4
1125 mm thick cement concrete topping 1:2:4 finished with a floating coat of neat cement slurry to be laid in panels including curing complete as directed. (Cement shall be supplied from APL store at a cost of Rs. 433.00/ bag of cement.)
1240 mm thick cement concrete floor consisting of 25mm under layer of cement concrete in prop 1:3:6 and 15 mm thick wearing layer in cement concrete in proportion 1:1:2 finished with a floating coat of neat cement finish using cement slurru for bond @ 2.75 kg per square meter of floor area, wearing layer is to be laid in panels including curing etc. complete as directed. (Cement shall be supplied from APL store at a cost of Rs 433/Bag of cement)
13Cement plaster skirting with cement morter in prop. 1:3 finished with a floating coat of neat cement including rounding of junctions with floor a. 15 mm thick
14Providing Vitrified floor tiles of approved quality of specified size, shape and thickness not less than 18mm o floors, skirtings, risers and treads of steps over 15mm thick base of cement mortar I prop.1:3 including cutting where necessary finished with flush pointing with Fix-A-Tile white cement slurry mixed with approved pigment to match the shade of the tiles, complete at all levels as specified and directed. a) Normal range (Somany/ Orient/ Nitco/ Varmora/ Jhonson make) ii) Of size 600mm × 600mm and above.
1515 mm thik cement plaster in single coat on single or half brick wall for interior plastering up to Ist floor level including arises, internal rounded angles, not exceeding 80mm girth and finished even and smooth including curing complete as directed.(Cement shall be supplied from APL store at a cost of Rs 433/Bag of cement) I.On rough side.a. In cement mortar prop. 1:4
16Suplying, fitting, fixing and painting(one coat primer and two coats of paint) M/F Suspended ceiling which includes GI perimeterchannels of size 0.55 mm thick (having one flange of 20 mm and another flange of 30 mm and a web of 27 mm) along with perimeter of ceiling, screw fixed to brick wall / partition with the help of nylon sleeves and screws, at 610 mm c/c. Then suspending GI intermediate channels of size 45 mm (0.9 mm thick withy two equal flanges of 15 mm each) from the soffit at 1220 mm c/c with ceiling angle of width 25 mm x 10 mm x 0.55 mm thick fixed to soffit with GI cleat and steel expansin fasteners. Ceiling section of 0.55 mm thickness having knurled web of 51.5 mm and two equal flanges of 26 mm each with lips of 10.5 mm are then fixed to the intermediate channel with the help of connecting clip and in direction perpendicularto the intermediate channel at 457 mm c/c, 9.5 mm/12.5 tapered edge Gypboard is then screw fixed to ceiling section with 25 mm long drywall screws at 230 mm c/c. Screw fixing is done mechanicallyeither with screw driver or drilling machine with suitable attachment. Finally, the boards are to be jionted and finished so as to have a flush look which includes filling and finishing the tapered and square edges of the boards with jointing compounds, joint paper tape and two coats of drywall topcoat suitable for Gypboard complete at all levels as specified and directed.a. 12.5 mm thick
17Providing and laying four course water proofing treatement with bitumen felt over roof consisting of first and third courses of blown or residual bitumen applied hot @ 1.45kg per sq.m of area for each course second course of roofing with felt type 3 grade 1 (hessian base self finished bitumen) and fourth and final coursewith stone grit 6mm and down size, felt pea gravel spread @ 0.006m3 per sq.m including preparation of surface, excluding grouting etc. asdirected and specified.
18Providing corrugated 1.20mm thick transparent fibre sheet roofing including fitting and fixing necessary galvanised J or L hooks, bolts and nuts of 8mm dia with bitumen washer 25mm dia × 3 mm thick and 1.6 mm thick limpet washercomplete excluding cost of roof truss, purlins etc. (Roof trusses, purlin etc. to be measured and paid separately.)
19Providing and fixing precoated galvanised iron profile sheets (0.50 mm) (size,shapeandpitchofcorrugationas approved by Engineer-in-charge) with zinc coating 120 gramspersqmasperIS:277,in240mpasteel grade,5-7micronsepoxyprimeronbothsideof thesheetandpolyestertopcoat15-18microns. Sheet should have protective guard film of 25 microns minimum to avoid scratches during transportation and should be supplied in single length upto 12 metre or as desired by Engineer-in- charge. The sheet shall be fixed using self drilling /self tapping screws of size (5.5x 55mm)withEPDMseal,completeuptoanypitchin horizontal/verticalorcurvedsurfaces,excludingthe cost of purlins, rafters and trusses and including cutting to size and shape wherever required.
20Providing Colour Coated (Iron Plastic Laminated Sheet) Ridging (0.65 mm thick) includingsupplyingandfixingnecessary galvanised screws / washer etc. complete as specified and directed.
21Providing, fitting and fixing Anodised aluminium glazed doors with anodised aluminium frame made of 100mm x 45mm x 2.5mm section of approved brand (HINDALCO/NALCO/BALCO/ JINDAL other equivalent primary producers with door style of size 88mm x 45mm x 2.5mm, 50mm x 45mm x 2mm , lock rails 100mm x 45mm x 2.5mm fitted with glazing clips, special type rubber gusket complete including hydraulic floor spring, pivot, tower bolts in each leaf. a. 6 mm clear glass.
22Providing, fitting and fixing Anodised aluminium framed glazed doors with partition walls partly glass and partly prelaminated board with anodised aluminium frame made of approved brand 100mm x 43mm x 2mm section with doors style of size 81mm x 43mm x 2mm, top rail 46mm x 43mm x 2mm, lock rail 81mm x 43mm x 2mm, fitting with glazing clips, special rubber gusket complete including hydraulic floor spring pivot aluminium door handle lock angles clear etc. complete as directed and specified.5mm thick glass panes with 12mm laminated particle board.
23Providing, fitting and fixing Anodised aluminium sliding windows and ventilators of standard sections of approved brand (HINDALCO/NALCO/BALCO/JINDAL/Other equivalent primary producer) without horizontal glazing bars, joints mitred and welded and providing and fixing handles, angle cleat, rubber gasket, roller, bolting device, locking arrangements, screws etc as required complete as specified and directed for all levels. A. 2 Track sliding windowa. 5 mm clear glass
24Wall painting with plastic emulsion paint of approved brand and manufacture (Asian paint/ Berger/ ICI / J & N Paint/ Nerolac) on new surface to give an even shade after thoroughly brushing the surface free from mortar droppings and other foreignmatters and sand paperde smooth.a. One Coat
25Finishing old / new wall with water proofing weather coat smooth anti-fungal exterior painting of approved make of BERGER/ Asian Paint/Nerolac of required shade after cleaning and clearing the surface etc.
26Supplying, fitting and fixing anodised aluminium fittings of approved make, reasonbly smooth free from sharp edges and corners, flaws and other defects and with counter sunk holes for screws including necessary aluminium screws etc. complete.
27a) Sliding door bolts.i. 300mm x 16mm
28a) Sliding door bolts. ii. 250mm x 16mm
29c) Door handles i. 75mm
30c) Door handles ii. 100mm
31f) Mortice lock vertical type i. 65mm (Godrej with handle 2 lever)
32Providing and fixing clear sheet glass beded in putty and fixed with/ without wooden bidding including necessary cutting and glass to be required sized. 2) area of glass panes exceeding 0.15 sqm. But not exceeding 0.52 sqm.b. 4.00mm thick
33Supplying, fitting & fixing chain link fencing of 10 S.W.G, G.I. wire 50mm × 50mm mesh fittedto M.S angle iron post at 2000mm apart of specification detailed below including supplying, fitting & fixing hooks, eye bolts with nuts, staples and bolts including three horizontal lines of G.I wire 10 S.W.G at top, middle and bottom and with one vertical line to each fencing postfor keeping the fencing tight and erect complete, including one coat of primer painting to M.S angle iron post in P.C.C base etc. with following.a) Corner and end posts with M.S angle of size 50mm × 50mm × 5mm and length not lessthan 1800mm only duly slotted and bottom torqued with two numbers as stay posts. b) Intermediate post with M.S angle of size 40mm ×40mm ×5mm length and not less than 1800 mm only duly slotted and bottom torqued and splayed. c) Stay post with M.S angle of size 35 mm × 35mm ×5mm and length not less than 1800mm duly slotted and bottom torqued and slayed. All M.S angle iron posts are to be fitted to P.C.C base embedded not less than 600mm (P.C.C work shall be measured and paidseparately)
34Supplying, fittting & fixing in position reinforcement bars conforming to IS:1786 Grade of Tiscon / SAIL make including straightening, cleaning, cutting & bending to proper shapes & length as per detail drawing binding with 20G annealed black wire, placing in position with proper blocks, supports, chairs, spacers etc. up to a maximum level of 6.5 m height complete as directed & specified.
35Labour cost for fabricating, hoisting & fixing of roof trusses and purlins made of MS black tubes or MS angle conforming to relevant IS:Code as per approved design and drawing including providing MS connecting plate, cleat, base plate, bolts & nuts and supplying & painting (single coat) with red oxide primer complete as directed & specified.
36Providing , fitting,hoisting and fixing of roof trusses, including purlins fabricated using MS circular hollow sections conforming to relevant IS code, as per approved design and drawing including providing MS cleats, base plates, bolt and nuts and one coat of red oxide ZINC Chromate primer and two coats of approved enamel paintscomplete .
37Providing drain with brick work in cement morter in proportion 1:5 with half brick thick side walls and 100mm thick C.C (1:3:6) base over one brick flat soling including 15mm thick cement plastering in prop. 1:3 finished with a floating coat of cement slurry as directed with necessary shuttering for sides and earthwork in excavation of foundation trenches and refilling the sides after completion of work etc. as specified.ii. 300mm wide and average 250mm deep with bed slope 1 in 150 with initial depth of 100 mm.
38Demolishing Plain cement concrete including disposal of debris as directed for all levels, Prop (1:4:8) or leaner mix.
39Demolishing RCC work including stacking of steel bars and disposal of unserviceable material as directed for all levels.
40Demolishing the Plastering from walls / R.C.C and P.C.C members without causing any damage to the wall / member upto any height including disposal of debris as directed for alllevels.
41Dismentling Roofing Sheets (CGI/Asbestos) including disposal of debris and stacking of serviceable material as directd complete.
42Construction of temporary shed of maximum height 3.5 M with Bamboo post at 2.00 M interval driven to grouna and tied by horizontally placed bamboo at 1.2M interval to form a framed structure with CGI sheet walls tied to bamboo frame including CGI sheet roofing on bamboo rafter and purlin well tied and interlaced with coconut rope and GI wire complete as directed. (CGI sheet shall be supplied free of cost from APLstore on returnable basis.With jati bamboo kami frame.
43Providing inter locking concrte block of concrete grade M40 or above of approved quality, size, shape of specified thickness over a levelling bedding layer of 30 mm compacted sand over a base course of WBM or PCC (Base course to be paid separatly) including cutting where necessary finished with spreading, sweeping jointing sand and compacting the pavers using vibrating compactor as specified and directed. (a) 80 mm
44Laying, spreading and compacting stone aggregate of specified sizes to WBM specifications in uniform thickness, hand picking, rolling with 3 wheeled road/vibratory roller 8-10 tonne capacity in stages to proper grade and camber , applying and brooming requisite type of screening / binding material to fill up interstices of coarse aggregate, watering and compacting to the required density .
45Granular Sub-Base with Coarse Graded Material(Table:- 400- 2) (Construction of granular sub-base by providing coarse graded material, spreading in uniformlayerswithmotorgraderonprepared surface, mixing by mix in place method with rotavator at OMC,andcompactingwithvibratoryrollerto achieve the desired density ,complete.
46Providing, fitting & fixing Vitreous water closet squatting pan (Indian type W.C Orissa pattern) with all fittings and fixtures complete including cutting and making good to the walls and floors wherever required. Make: Hindware / Parrywarea. White
47Providing, fitting & fixing Vitreous china pedestal type water closet (European type W.C pan 400mm high) with seat and lead, CP brass hinges and rubber buffers, CI/MS brackets, 40mm dia flush band with fittings including painting of fittings and brackets, required. a) Whitei.Pettie (S/P)
48Providing, fitting & fixing Vitreous china flat back type lipped front Urinal Basin with standard flush pipe and CP brass spreader and brass unions, etc. complete including painting of fittings and brackets, cutting and making goodthe walls & floors whereever required.a. Parryware Make (White) i.Flat Back with 5litre white PVC automatic flushing cistern
49Providing, fitting & fixing PVC Automatic Flushing Cistern with all internal fittings with CI brackets including fitting & fixing standard size CP flush pipe, union, clapms etc. complete as directed and specified. a) White Make: Parryware / Hindware
50Providing and fixing wash basin with C.I. brackets, 15 mm PTMT pillar cock, 32 mm PTMT waste coupling of standard pattern, including painting of fittings and brackets, cutting and making good the walls wherever required. White Vitreous China Flat back wash basin size 550x400 mm with single 15 mm PTMT pillar cock Without Padestal (A) Parryware Make(a) Whitei.Size 550 ×400
51Labour for laying, fitting & fixing PVC rain water piping including cutting to required length and joining with bends, junctions, tees etc. complete with necessary rubber gusket, solvent cement,clamps etc. including cutting wall/floor/roof wherever required and necessar repair of the same after fixing of pipe line as directed.
52Providing and laying in situ five course water proofing treatment with APP( Attactic Polypropelene) modified membrane over roof consisting of first coat of bitumen primer @0.40litre/sqm, 2nd&4th courses of bonding material@1.20kg/sqm, which shall consist of blown type bitumen grade 85/25 conforming to IS:702, 3rd layer of roofing membrane APP modofied Polymeric membrane 2.0mm thick of 3.00kg/ sqm weight consisting of five layers prefabricated with centre core as 100micron HMHDPE film sanwithced on both sides with polymeric mix and the polymeric mis is protected on both side with 20micron HMHDPE film. 5th, the top most layer shall be finished with brick tiles of class designation 10 grouted with cement mortar 1:3 mixed with 2% integral water proofing compound by weight of cement over a 12 mm layer of cement mortar 1:3 and finished neat cement slurry.
53Surface dressing of the ground including removing vegetation and inequalities not exceeding 15cm deep and disposal of rubbish, lead up to 50m and lift up to 1.5m. For all kinds of soil
54Hiring of excavator (JCB)
55Hiring of Hydra 15MT capacity
56Hiring of Truck 5.5 cum capacity/10MT
57Skillerd worker (Other than ITI certificate holder)
58Providing and laying 60mm thick faciory made cement concrete interlocking paver block of M-30 grade made by block making machine with strong vibratory compaction of approved size&shape, laid in required color and pattern over and thick compacted bed of coarse sand, filling the joints with etc.all complete as per the direction of Engineer-in-charge.
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