Tender For Repairing Of Borough No.I, siliguri-West Bengal

Urban Local Bodies has published Tender For Repairing Of Borough No.I. Submission Date for this Tender is 17-04-2023. Garden Tools Tenders in siliguri West Bengal. Bidders can get complete Tender details and download the document.

Tender Notice

Corrigendum : Tender For Repairing Of Borough No.I
Open Tender
West Bengal

Tender Details

Repairing Of Borough No.I. 1 Earth Work In Excavation Of Foundation Trenches Or Drains In All Sorts Of Soil ( Including Mixed Soil But Excluding Laterite Or Sand Stone ) Including Removing, Spreading Or Stacking The Spoils Within A Lead Of 75M. As Directed. The Item Includes Necessary Trimming The Sides Of Trenches, Levelling, Dressing And Ramming The Bottom, Bailing Out Water As Required Complete. . 2 ( A ) Depth Of Excavation Not Exceeding 1.500 Mm. 3 Laying 150 Mm. To 200 Mm. Boulder Soling Including Rough Dressing Hand Packing And Ramming Down Small Pieces In The Interstics Without Rolling But Including Ramming. 4 Cost Of Stone Boulder 150 Mm Size Delivered Ans Stacked At Site. 5 ( Ii ) Cement Concrete With 30 Mm. Down Graded Shingles Excluding Shuttering.N.B. Varietyin Ground Floor . 6 ( A ) 1:3:6 Proportion. 7 Ordinary Cement Concrete ( Mix 1:1.5:3 ) With Graded Stone Chips ( 20Mm Nominal Size ) Excluding Shuttering And Reinforcement, If Any, In Ground Floor As Per Relevant Codes. 8 ( Ii ) River Bazree. 9 Reinforcement For Reinforced Concrete Work In All Sorts Of Structures Including Distribution Bars, Stirrups, Binders Etc.Initial Straightening And Removal Of Loose Rust ( If Necessary ) , Cutting To Requisite Length, Hooking And Bending To Correct Shape, Placing In Proper Position And Binding With 16 Gauge Black Annealed Wire At Inter-Section, Complete As Per Drawing And Direction. 10 ( A ) For Works In Foundation, Basement And Up To Roof Of Ground Floor / Up To 4M. Tor Steel / Mild Steel. 11 Sail / Tata / Rinl 12 Hire And Labour Charge For Shuttering With Centreing And Necessary Staging Up To 4 M. Using Approved Stout Props And Thick Hard Wood Planks Of Approved Thick Ness With Required Bracing For Concrete Slabs, Beams, Columns, Lintels Curved Or Staight Including Fitting Fixing And Striking Out After Complection Of Works. ( Up To Roof Of Ground Floor ) . 13 ( F ) 25Mm. To 30Mm. Shuttering With Out Staging In Foundation Etc. 14 Plaster ( To Wall, Floor, Ceiling Etc. ) With Sand And Cement Mortar Including Rounding Off Or Chamfering Conrners As Directed And Raking Out Joints Including Throating, Nosing And Drip Course, Scaffolding / Staging Where Necessary ( Ground Floor ) . [ Excluding Cost Of Chipping Over Concrete Surface ] . 15 ( Ii ) With 1:4 Cement Mortar . 16 ( C ) 10 Mm. Thick Plaster. 17 Neat Cement Punning About 1.5Mm Thick In Wall, Dado, Windowsill, Floor Etc.Note:Cement 0.152 Cu.M Per100 Sq.M. 18 ( A ) Rendring The Surface Of Walls And Ceilingwith Plaster Of Paris ( Thickness Not Less Than 1.5 Mm. ) . 19 Rendering The Surface Of Walls And Ceiling With White Cement Basewater Proof Wall Putty Of Approved Make & Brand. ( 1.5 Mm Thick ) 20 Applying Interior Grade Acrylic Primer Of Approved Quality And Brand On Plasteredor Concrete Surface Old Or New Surface To Received Distemper / Acrylic Emulsion Paint Including Scraping And Preparing The Surface Thoroughly , Complete As Per Manufactured Specification And As Per Directions Of The Eic.In Ground Floor. 21 ( B ) Two Coats. 22 ( I ) Water Based Interior Grade Acrylic Primer. 23 Applying Acrylic Emulsion Paint Of Approved Make And Brand On Walls And Ceiling Including Sand Papering In Intermediated Coats Including Putty ( To Be Done Under Specific Instructions Of Superintending Engineer ) : ( Two Coats ) . 24 ( Ii ) Luxury Quality. 25 Applying Exteriorgrade Acrylic Primer Of Approved Quality And Brand On Plaster Or Concrete Surface Old Or New Surface To Receive Decorative Textured ( Mat Finish ) Or Smooth Finish Acrylic Exterior Emulsion Paint Including Scraping And Preparing The Surface Throughly Complete As Per ManufacturerS Specification And As Per Direction Of The Eic. In Ground Floor:. 26 ( B ) Two Coat. 27 Protective And Decorative Acrylic Exterior Emulsionpaint Of Approved Quality , As Per Manufacturespecification As Per Direction Of Eic To Be Apply Over Acrylic Primer As Required. The Rate Included Cost Of Material , Labour Scaffoldic And All Incidential Charges But Excluding The Cost Of Primer.In Ground Floor ( Two Coat ) . 28 ( C ) Super Protective 100% Acrylic Emulsion. 29 Supplying Solid Flush Type Doors Of Commercial Quality, The Timber Frame Consisting Of Top And Bottom Rails And Side Styles Of Well Seasoned Timber 65Mm Wide Each And The Entire Frame Fitted With 37.5Mm Wide Battens Places Both Ways In Order To Make The Door Of Solid Core And Internal Lipping With Garjan Orsimilar Wood Veneers Using Phenol Formaldehyde As Glue Etc. Complete, Including Fitting, Fixing Shutters In Position But Excluding The Cost Of Hinges And Other Fittings In Ground Floor 30 ( A ) 35 Mm Thick Shutters ( Single Leaf ) 31 Supplying Weather Silicon Of Approved Make And Brand For Fixing Of Grove Line Between The Glasses As Per Direction Of Engineer-In - Charge.For Structural Glazing / Curtain Wall Weather Silicon For Filling The Grove Line Between Glasses Or Any Other Material For Facial Work, Glazing Silicon For Fixing Glass On Sub Frame. 32 Supplying Bubble Free Float Glass Of Approved Make And Brand Conforming To Is: 2835-1987; ( A ) Clear, Toughened Glass Conforming To Is:2553-1992 ( Part-Ii ) 33 ( Iii ) 10Mm Thick 34 ( A ) Priming One Coat On Steel Or Other Metal Surface With Synthetic Oil Bound Primer Of Approved Quality Including Smoothening Surfaces By Sand Papering Etc. 35 ( A ) Painting With Best Quality Synthetic Enamel Paint Of Approved Make And Brand Including Smoothening Surface By Sandparpering Etc. In Cluding Using Of Approved Putty Etc. On The Surface , If Necessary. 36 ( A ) On Timber Or Plastered Surface:. 37 ( 1 ) With Super Gloss ( Hi-Gloss ) . 38 ( Ii ) Two Coats ( White In Shade ) . 39 Supplying, Fitting & Fixing Factory Made Prelaminated P.V.C. Door Frame Of Size50 Mmx47 Mm With A Wall Thickness Of 5 Mm, Made Out Of Extruded 5 Mmprelaminated Pvc Sheet Miter Cut At Two Corners And Joined With Two Nos Of 1.5Mm Long Brackets Of 15 Mm X15 Mm M.S. Square Tube. The Two Vertical Doorprofiles Are To Be Reinforced With 19 Mmx 19 Mm M.S. Square Tube Of 19 Gauge, Weather Seal To Be Provided Through Out The Frame. The Door Frame Shall Be Fixedwith The Wall Using 65 / 100 Mm M.S. Screws Through The Frame By Using P.V.Cfasteners. A Minimum Of 4 Nos Of Screws To Be Provided For Each Vertical Memberand Minimum 2 Nos For Horizontal Member Etc. Complete As Per Manufacturer?Sspecification And Direction Of Engineer-In-Charge. 40 Supplying, Fitting & Fixing 30 Mm Thick Both Side Prelaminated Factory Madesolid Panel Pvc Door Shutter Consisting Of Outer Frame Made Out Of M.S. Tubes Of19 Gauge Thickness And Size 19 Mmx19 Mm For Styles, Top And Bottom Rails, M.S.Frame Shall Have Cost Of Steel Primers Of Approved Make And Manufacture, M.S.Frame Covered With 5 Mm Th. Heat Moulded Pvc “C” Channel Of Size 30 Mm Th, 70Mm Width Out Of Which 50 Mm Shall Be Flat And 20 Mm Shall Be Tapered In 45Degree Angle On Either Sides Forming Styles; And 5 Mm Th. 95 Mm Wide Pvc Sheetout Of Which 75 Mm Shall Be Flat And 20 Mm Tapered In 45 Degree On The Innerside To Form Top & Bottom Rail And 115 Mm Wide Pvc Sheet Out Of Which 75Mmshall Be Flat And 20 Mm Shall Be Tapered On Both Sides To Form Lock Rail. Top, Bottom And Lock Rails Shall Be Provided Either Side Of The Panel With 10 Mm ( 5Mmx2 ) Th., 20 Mm Wide Cross Pvc Sheet As Gap Insert For Top Rail And Bottom Railsheet To Be Fitted In The M.S. Frame Welded / Sealed To The Styles &Rails With 41 ….. 42 Supplying, Fitting & Fixing 1St Quality Ceramic Tiles Inwalls And Floors To Match With The Existing Work & 4 Nos. Of Key Stones ( 10Mm ) Fixed With Araldite At The Back Of Each Tile & Finishing The Joints With White Cement Mixed With Colouring Oxide If Required To Match The Colour Of Tiles Including Roughening Of Concrete Surface, If Necessary Or By Synthetic Adhesive & Grout Materials Etc. 43 ( B ) Wall With Sand Cement Mortar ( 1:3 ) 15Mm Thick & 2 Mm Thick Cement Slurry At Back Side Of Tiles Using Cement @ 2.91 Kg / Sq.M. & Joint Filling Using White Cement Slurry @0.20Kg / Sq.M. 44 ( B ) Area Of Each Tile The Above 0.09Sq.M. 45 ( I ) Coloured Decorative. 46 Supplying, Fitting And Fixing Anglo-Indian W.C. In White Glazed Vitreous China Ware Of Approved Makecomplete In Position With Necessary Bolts, Nuts Etc. 47 With S Trap ( With Vent ) . 48 Supplying, Fitting And Fixing Flat Back Urinal ( Half Stall Urinals ) In White Vitreous Chinaware Of Approved Makein Position With Brass Screws On 75 Mm X 75 Mm X 75 Mm Wooden Blocks Complete. 49 635Mm X 395Mm X 420Mm 50 Supplying, Fitting And Fixing Cpvc ( Chlorinated Polyvinylchloride ) Pipes Of Approved Make Conforming To Is-15778:2007 . With All Necessary Accessories, Specials Viz. Socket, Bend, Tee, Union, Cross, Elbo, Nipple, Longscrew, Reducingsocket, Reducing Tee, Short Piece Etc. Fitted With Holder Batsclamps, Including Cutting Pipes, Fitting, Fixing Etc. Completein All Respect Including Cost Of All Necessary Fittings Asrequired, Jointing Materials In Any Position Above Ground. ( Payment Will Be Made On The Centre Line Measurements Oftotal Pipe Line Including All Specials. No Separate Paymentwill Be Made For Accesories, Specials. ( A ) For Exposed Work 51 For Exposed Work 52 ( I ) Cpvc Pipes Class-I, Sdr-11 53 25 Mm 54 Supplying, Fitting And Fixing Bib Cock Or Stop Cock. 55 Chromium Plated Bib Cock Short Body ( Equivelent To Code No.511 & Model- Tropical / Sumthing Special Of Essco Or Similar Brand ) . 56 Supplying, Fitting And Fixing 10 Litre P.V.C. Low-Down Cistern Conforming To I.S. Specification With P.V.C. Fittings Complete, C.I. Brackets Including Two Coats Of Painting To Bracket Etc.

Corrigendum Details

Sr No CorrigendumDate Corrignedum CorrigendumType NewSubmissionDate
1 12-Apr-2023 Date corrigendum Date 17-04-2023

Key Value

Document Fees
INR 1000 /-
INR 22269.0 /-
Tender Value
INR 11.13 Lakhs /-

BOQ Items

Name of Work: Repairing of Borough No.I
Sl. No. Item Description
1Earth work in excavation of foundation trenches or drains in all sorts of soil (including mixed soil but excluding laterite or sand stone) including removing, spreading or stacking the spoils within a lead of 75m. as directed. The item includes necessary trimming the sides of trenches, levelling, dressing and ramming the bottom, bailing out water as required complete. .
2(a) Depth of excavation not exceeding 1.500 mm.
3Laying 150 mm. to 200 mm. boulder soling including rough dressing hand packing and ramming down small pieces in the interstics without rolling but including ramming.
4Cost of stone boulder 150 mm size delivered ans stacked at site.
5(II) Cement concrete with 30 mm. down graded shingles excluding shuttering.N.B. VarietyIn ground floor .
6(a) 1:3:6 proportion.
7Ordinary cement concrete (mix 1:1.5:3) with graded stone chips (20mm nominal size) excluding shuttering and reinforcement, if any, in ground floor as per relevant codes.
8(ii) River bazree.
9Reinforcement for reinforced concrete work in all sorts of structures including distribution bars, stirrups, binders etc.initial straightening and removal of loose rust (if necessary), cutting to requisite length, hooking and bending to correct shape, placing in proper position and binding with 16 gauge black annealed wire at inter-section, complete as per drawing and direction.
10(a) For works in foundation, basement and up to roof of ground floor/up to 4m. Tor steel/Mild steel.
12Hire and labour charge for shuttering with centreing and necessary staging up to 4 m. using approved stout props and thick hard wood planks of approved thick ness with required bracing for concrete slabs, beams, columns, lintels curved or staight including fitting fixing and striking out after complection of works. (up to roof of ground floor).
13(f) 25mm. To 30mm. Shuttering with out staging in foundation etc.
14Plaster ( to wall, floor, ceiling etc.) with sand and cement mortar including rounding off or chamfering conrners as directed and raking out joints including throating, nosing and drip course, scaffolding/staging where necessary (ground floor). [Excluding cost of chipping over concrete surface].
15(ii) With 1:4 cement mortar .
16(c)10 mm. thick plaster.
17Neat cement punning about 1.5mm thick in wall, dado, windowsill, floor etc.NOTE:Cement 0.152 cu.m per100 sq.m.
18(a) Rendring the surface of walls and ceilingwith plaster of paris (thickness not less than 1.5 mm.).
19Rendering the Surface of walls and ceiling with White Cement baseWATER PROOF wall putty of approved make & brand.(1.5 mm thick)
20Applying interior grade acrylic primer of approved quality and brand on plasteredor concrete surface old or new surface to received distemper /Acrylic emulsion paint including scraping and preparing the surface thoroughly , complete as per manufactured specification and as per directions of the EIC.In ground floor.
21(b) two coats.
22(i) water based interior grade Acrylic primer.
23Applying acrylic emulsion paint of approved make and brand on walls and ceiling including sand papering in intermediated coats including putty ( to be done under specific instructions of superintending engineer): (two coats).
24(ii) luxury quality.
25Applying exteriorgrade Acrylic primer of approved quality and brand on plaster or concrete surface old or new surface to receive decorative textured (mat finish) or smooth finish acrylic exterior emulsion paint including scraping and preparing the surface throughly complete as per manufacturer"s specification and as per direction of the EIC. In Ground Floor:.
26(b) two coat.
27Protective and decorative Acrylic exterior emulsionpaint of approved quality , as per manufacturespecification as per direction of EIC to be apply over Acrylic primer as required. the rate included cost of material , labour scaffoldic and all incidential charges but excluding the cost of primer.In ground floor ( two coat).
28( c) Super protective 100% Acrylic emulsion.
29Supplying solid flush type doors of commercial quality, the timber frame consisting of top and bottom rails and side styles of well seasoned timber 65mm wide each and the entire frame fitted with 37.5mm wide battens places both ways in order to make the door of solid core and internal lipping with Garjan orsimilar wood veneers using phenol formaldehyde as glue etc. complete, including fitting, fixing shutters in position but excluding the cost of hinges and other fittings in ground floor
30(a) 35 mm thick shutters (single leaf)
31Supplying Weather Silicon of approved make and brand for fixing of grove line between the Glasses as per direction of Engineer-in - charge.for Structural Glazing/Curtain wall Weather Silicon for filling the Grove line between Glasses or any other material for facial work, Glazing silicon for fixing glass on sub frame.
32Supplying bubble free float glass of approved make and brand conforming to IS: 2835-1987;(A) clear, toughened glass conforming to IS:2553-1992 (part-II)
33(iii) 10mm thick
34(a) Priming one coat on steel or other metal surface with synthetic oil bound primer of approved quality including smoothening surfaces by sand papering etc.
35(A) Painting with best quality synthetic enamel paint of approved make and brand including smoothening surface by sandparpering etc. in cluding using of approved putty etc. on the surface , if necessary.
36(a) On timber or plastered surface:.
37(1) With super gloss (hi-gloss).
38(ii) Two coats( white in shade ).
39Supplying, Fitting & Fixing Factory made prelaminated P.V.C. door frame of size50 mmx47 mm with a wall thickness of 5 mm, made out of extruded 5 mmPrelaminated PVC sheet miter cut at two corners and joined with two nos of 1.5mm long brackets of 15 mm x15 mm M.S. square tube. The two vertical doorprofiles are to be reinforced with 19 mmx 19 mm M.S. Square tube of 19 gauge,weather seal to be provided through out the frame. The door frame shall be fixedwith the wall using 65/100 mm M.S. Screws through the frame by using P.V.Cfasteners. A minimum of 4 Nos of screws to be provided for each vertical memberand minimum 2 Nos for horizontal member etc. complete as per Manufacturer?sspecification and direction of Engineer-in-Charge.
40Supplying, Fitting & Fixing 30 mm thick both side prelaminated Factory madesolid Panel PVC Door Shutter consisting of outer frame made out of M.S. tubes of19 gauge thickness and size 19 mmx19 mm for styles, top and bottom rails, M.S.frame shall have cost of steel primers of approved make and manufacture, M.S.frame covered with 5 mm th. heat moulded PVC “C” channel of size 30 mm th, 70mm width out of which 50 mm shall be flat and 20 mm shall be tapered in 45degree angle on either sides forming styles; and 5 mm th. 95 mm wide PVC sheetout of which 75 mm shall be flat and 20 mm tapered in 45 degree on the innerside to form top & bottom rail and 115 mm wide PVC sheet out of which 75mmshall be flat and 20 mm shall be tapered on both sides to form lock rail. Top,bottom and lock rails shall be provided either side of the panel with 10 mm (5mmx2) th.,20 mm wide cross PVC sheet as gap insert for top rail and bottom railsheet to be fitted in the M.S. frame welded/sealed to the styles &rails with
42Supplying,Fitting & fixing 1st quality Ceramic tiles inwalls and floors to match with the existing work & 4 nos. of key stones (10mm) fixed with araldite at the back of each tile & finishing the joints with white cement mixed with colouring oxide if required to match the colour of tiles including roughening of concrete surface, if necessary or by synthetic adhesive & grout materials etc.
43(B) Wall With Sand Cement Mortar(1:3)15mm thick & 2 mm thick cement slurry at back side of tiles using cement @ 2.91 Kg/Sq.m. & joint filling using white cement slurry @0.20kg/Sq.m.
44(b) Area of each tile the above 0.09Sq.m.
45(i) Coloured decorative.
46Supplying, fitting and fixing Anglo-Indian W.C. in white glazed vitreous china ware of approved makecomplete in position with necessary bolts, nuts etc.
47With "S" trap (with vent).
48Supplying, fitting and fixing Flat back urinal (half stall urinals) in white vitreous chinaware of approved makein position with brass screws on 75 mm X 75 mm X 75 mm wooden blocks complete.
49635mm X 395mm X 420mm
50Supplying, fitting and fixing CPVC (Chlorinated PolyvinylChloride) pipes of approved make conforming to IS-15778:2007 . with all necessary accessories, specials viz. socket,bend, tee, union, cross, elbo, nipple, longscrew, reducingsocket, reducing tee, short piece etc. fitted with holder batsclamps, including cutting pipes, fitting, fixing etc. completein all respect including cost of all necessary fittings asrequired,jointing materials in any position above ground.(Payment will be made on the centre line measurements oftotal pipe line including all specials. No separate paymentwill be made for accesories, specials.(a) For Exposed Work
51For exposed work
52(i) CPVC Pipes Class-I,SDR-11
5325 mm
54Supplying, fitting and fixing bib cock or stop cock.
55Chromium plated Bib Cock short body (Equivelent to Code No.511 & Model- Tropical /sumthing special of ESSCO or Similar brand).
56Supplying, fitting and fixing 10 litre P.V.C. low-down cistern conforming to I.S. Specification with P.V.C. fittings complete, C.I. brackets including two coats of painting to bracket etc.
5718% gst
581% cess
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