Tender For Installation Of Waterpump Near Sarna Maath And Birsa Munda Munch. Sansad 13., Jalpaiguri-West Bengal

Zilla Parishad-ZP has published Tender For Installation Of Waterpump Near Sarna Maath And Birsa Munda Munch. Sansad 13.. Submission Date for this Tender is 03-04-2023. Garden Tools Tenders in Jalpaiguri West Bengal. Bidders can get complete Tender details and download the document.

Tender Notice

Tender For Installation Of Waterpump Near Sarna Maath And Birsa Munda Munch. Sansad 13.
Open Tender
West Bengal

Tender Details

Installation Of Waterpump Near Sarna Maath And Birsa Munda Munch. Sansad 13. , Earth Work In Excavation Of Foundation Trenches Or Drain In All Sorts Of Soil Including Setting Out, Removing, Spreading Or Stacking Of Spoils Within A Lead Of 75 M. As Directed And Including Trimming The Sides Of The Trenches, Leveling, Dressing And Ramming The Bottom Bailing Out As Required Complete.(A) Depth Of Excavation Not Exceeding 1500Mm. , Earth Work In Filling In Foundation Trenches With Good Earth, In Layers Not Exceeding 15 Cm, Including Watering And Rammering Layer By Layer Complete.A)With Earth Obtained From Excavation Of Foundation. , Iv)With Carried Earth Arranged By The Contractor Within A Radious Exceeding 5Km Not Exceeding 10Km. Including Cost Of Carried Earth. , Single Brick Flat Soiling Of Picked Jhama Bricks Including Rammering And Dressing Bed To Proper Level And Filling Joints With Local Sand. , Cement Concrete With 30Mm Down Graded Shingles Excluding Shuttering.(A) 1:3:6 Proprtion , Ordinary Cement Concrete (Mix 1:1.5:3) With Graded Stone Chips (20Mm Nominal Size) Excluding Shuttering And Reinforcement If Any In Ground Floor As Per Relevant Is Codes.B)River Bazree , Hire And Labour Charge For Shuttering With Or Without Staging Up To 4.0M Height Using Approved Stout Props Without Wooden Planks/ Ply Wood/ Steel Sheet Plate With Required Bracing For Any Kind Of Plain. Or Reinforced Concrete Works In All Sorts Of Minor Structure Including Culvert, Box Culvert. Cross Drain Etc. The Rate Is Inclusive Of Fitting Fixing And Striking Out After Completion Of Work As Per Specification And Direction Of Engineer-In-Charge. , Reinforcement For Reinforced Concrete Work In All Sorts Of Structures Including Disrtibution Bars,Stirrups,Binders Etc Initial Straightening And Removal Of Loose Rust. Cutting To Requisite Length,Hooking And Bending To Correct Shape, Placing In Proper Position And Binding With 16 Guage Black Annealed Wire At Every Intersection,Complete As Per Drawing And Direction.A) For Workss In Foundation, Basement And Upto Roof Of Ground Floor/Upto 4M I)Tor Steel/Mild Steel , Brick Work With 1St Class Bricks In Cement Mortar(1:6)A) In Foundation And Plinth. , 25Mm Thick Damp Proof Course With Cement Concrete With Stone Chips (1:1.5:3) With Graded Stone Aggregate 10Mm Nominal Size And Admixture Of Water Proofing Compound As Per Manufactures Specification Followed By The Two Coat Of Polymer Based Paint (1St Coat After 4 To 5 Days Of Concrete Laying And 2Nd Coat Just Before Brick Masonary Work ) As Directed (Cost Of Water Proofing Compund & Polymer Based Paint To Be Paid Separately). , 125Mm Thick Brick Work With 1St Class Brick In Cement Mortar (1:4) In Ground Floor. , Artificial Stone In Floor, Dado, Staircase Etc.With Cement Concrete (1:2:4) With Stone Chips, Laid In Panels As Directed With Topping Made With Ordinary White Cement (As Necessary) And Marble Dust In Proportion (1:2) I/C Smooth Finishing And Rounding Off Corners And I/C Application Of Cement Slurry Before Flooring Works, Using Cement @ 1.75 Kg/Sqm All Complete I/C All Materials And Labour.In Ground Foor Ii) 25 Mm Thick. , Plaster (To Wall, Floor, Ceiling Etc.) With Sand And Cement Mortar Including Rounding-Off Corners As Directed And Raking Out Joints Or Roughening Of Concrete Surfaces Etc. Scaffolding/Staging Where Necessary(Ground Floor) Ii) With 1:6 Cement Mortar A) 15Mm Thick Plaster , Neat Cement Punning About 1.5Mm Thick In Wall,Dado, Window, Sils Floor Etc. , Supplying, Fittings And Fixing M.S Clamps For Door And Windows Frame Made Of Flat Bent Bars, End Bifurcated With Necessary Screws Etc. By Cement Concrete (1:2:4) As Per Direction.B)40Mm X 6Mm,200Mm Length , Iron Butt Hinges Of Approved Quality Fitted And Fixed With Steel Screws, With Isi Marks Viii)100Mmx58mmx1.90Mm , Iron Socket Bolt Of Approved Quality Fitted And Fixed Complete. C)150Mmlong X 10Mm Dia Bolt. , Galvanised Plain Sheet Works (Excluding Supporting Framework) Fitted And Fixed With 6 Mm. Dia J Or L Hook-Bolts And Nuts, Sheet-Bolts, Limpet And Bitumen Washers And Putty With 150 Mm. End Lap & 50 Mm Minimum Side Lap Complete , Applying Decorative Cement Base Paint Of Approved Quality Afterpreparing The Surface Including Scraping The Same Thoroughly As Per Manufactures Spacification. In Ground Floor Iii)Two Coats , A)Priming One Coat On Timber Or Plastered Surface With Synthetic Oil Bournd Primer Of Approved Quality Including Smoothening Surface By Sand Papering Etc. , A)Painting With Best Quality Synthetic Enamel Paint Of Approved Make And Brand Including Paint Of Approved Make And Brand Including Smoothening Surface By Sand Papering Etc. Including Using Of Approved Putty Etc On The Surface, If Necessary. A)On Timber Or Plastered Surface Iv)Two Coat , Supplying, Fitting And Fixing Pvc Pipes For Underground Work Of Approved Make (Medium Duty) Conforming To Astmd - 1785 And Threaded To Match With Gi Pipes As Per Is : 1239 (Part - I). With All Necessary Accessories, Specials Viz. Socket, Bend, Tee, Union, Cross, Elbo, Nipple, Longscrew, Reducing Socket, Reducing Tee, Short Piece Etc. Fitted Including Cost Of All Materials ,Jointing Materials, Cutting Pipes, Making Threads ,Cutting Trenches Upto 1.5 Metre Below Surface In All Sorts Of Soil And Refilling The Same As Directed Complete In All Respect. (Payment Will Be Made On The Centre Line Measurement Of The Total Pipe Line Including All Specials No Separate Payment Will Be Made For Accessories, Specials.) , Supplying P.V.C. Water Storage Tank Of Approved Quality With Closed Top With Lid (Black) - Multilayer , Supply & Delevary Of Submercsible Pump Directly Coupled With 1.5 Hp Shingle Phase 250 V Watered Cooled Submersible Motor For Instllation For 80 Mm Dia Deep Tubewell As Per Fallowing Specification , Supply & Installation Of Sutable Pump Control Panel With Volt Meter,Amp Meter & Dol Starter With Necessary Relay And Drawing Of Power Line From Main Maximum Up To 25Mtr. , Supply & Delivery Of Fallowing Electrical & Mechanical Accessories (Any Approved Make ) A) 2.50 Sqm 3 Core Flat Submersible Cable , B) 11/4 Heavy Duty Upvc Column Pipe 3.0 Mtr Long With Both End , C) Adapter For Both Side Top & Bottom , D) Ms Clamp 2 Part Type , E)5 X 1- 1/2 Ms Well Cover , F) 40Mm Nrv , G) 40 Mm Dia Elbow G.L , H) 40 Mm Dia Nipple , I) 40 Mm Dia Union , J) 40 Mm Dia Peet Valve(Lsl) , Supply & Laying Of 20Mm Dia G.L Pipe( Medium Quality) (Lsl Make) For Cable Protection With All Pipe Fittings Elbow,Tee, Nipple,Union Etc. , Installation Of The Above Pump Motor Set Stage By Stage With The Help Of Chain Pully & Derrick Arrangement Including All Electrical & Mnechanical Connection Including Making All Pipe Line Arrangement Complete As Per Direction Of Elc. , Supplying & Fixing Of 32A Spn Main Switch Fixing Wall In Wooden Board , Making Of All Electrical Connection Viz Seb Mains,Main Switch ,Control Panel Etc & Including Making Of Proper Earthing Arrangement As Per Dlirection Of Elc. , Gst @ 18% Of Gross Amount , Labour Welfare Cess @ 1% Of Gross Amount

Key Value

Document Fees
INR 1000 /-
INR 3977.0 /-
Tender Value
INR 1.98 Lakhs /-

BOQ Items

Name of Work:Installation of waterpump near Sarna Maath and Birsa Munda Munch. Sansad 13. under Malangi Gram Panchayat
Sl. No. Item Description
1Earth work in excavation of foundation trenches or drain in all sorts of soil including setting out, removing, spreading or stacking of spoils within a lead of 75 m. as directed and including trimming the sides of the trenches, leveling, dressing and ramming the bottom bailing out as required complete.(a) Depth of excavation not exceeding 1500mm.
2Earth work in filling in foundation trenches with good earth, in layers not exceeding 15 cm, including watering and rammering layer by layer complete.a)with earth obtained from excavation of foundation.
3iv)with carried earth arranged by the contractor within a radious exceeding 5km not exceeding 10km. Including cost of carried earth.
4Single brick flat soiling of picked jhama bricks including rammering and dressing bed to proper level and filling joints with local sand.
5Cement concrete with 30mm down graded shingles excluding shuttering.(a) 1:3:6 proprtion
6Ordinary Cement concrete (mix 1:1.5:3) with graded stone chips (20mm nominal size) excluding shuttering and reinforcement if any in ground floor as per relevant IS codes.b)River Bazree
7Hire and labour charge for Shuttering with or without staging up to 4.0m height using approved stout props without wooden planks/ ply wood/ steel sheet plate with required bracing for any kind of plain. Or reinforced concrete works in all sorts of minor structure including culvert, box culvert. cross drain etc. The rate is inclusive of fitting fixing and striking out after completion of work as per specification and direction of Engineer-in-Charge.
8Reinforcement for reinforced concrete work in all sorts of structures including disrtibution bars,stirrups,binders etc initial straightening and removal of loose rust. Cutting to requisite length,hooking and bending to correct Shape, placing in proper position and binding with 16 guage black annealed wire at every intersection,complete as per drawing and direction.a) for workss in foundation, basement and upto roof of ground floor/upto 4m i)Tor steel/mild steel
9Brick work with 1st class bricks in cement mortar(1:6)a) in foundation and plinth.
1025mm thick damp proof course with cement concrete with stone chips (1:1.5:3) with graded stone aggregate 10mm nominal size and admixture of water proofing compound as per manufactures specification followed by the two coat of polymer based paint (1st coat after 4 to 5 days of concrete laying and 2nd coat just before brick masonary work ) as directed (cost of water proofing compund & polymer based paint to be paid separately).
11125mm thick brick work with 1st class brick in cement mortar (1:4) in ground floor.
12Artificial stone in floor, dado, staircase etc.with cement concrete (1:2:4) with stone chips, laid in panels as directed with topping made with ordinary white cement (as necessary) and marble dust in proportion (1:2) i/c smooth finishing and rounding off corners and i/c application of cement slurry before flooring works, using cement @ 1.75 kg/sqm all complete i/c all materials and labour.In ground foor ii) 25 mm thick.
13Plaster (to wall, floor, ceiling etc.) with sand and cement mortar including rounding-off corners as directed and raking out joints or roughening of concrete surfaces etc. scaffolding/staging where necessary(ground floor) ii) with 1:6 cement mortar a) 15mm thick plaster
14Neat cement punning about 1.5mm thick in wall,dado, window, sils floor etc.
15Supplying, fittings and fixing M.S clamps for door and windows frame made of flat bent bars, end bifurcated with necessary screws etc. by cement concrete (1:2:4) as per direction.B)40mm x 6mm,200mm length
16Iron Butt hinges of approved quality fitted and fixed with steel screws, with ISI marks viii)100mmx58mmx1.90mm
17Iron Socket bolt of approved quality fitted and fixed complete. C)150mmlong X 10mm dia bolt.
18Galvanised plain sheet works (excluding supporting framework) fitted and fixed with 6 mm. dia J or L hook-bolts and nuts, sheet-bolts, limpet and bitumen washers and putty with 150 mm. end lap & 50 mm minimum side lap complete
19Applying decorative cement base paint of approved quality afterpreparing the surface including scraping the same thoroughly as per manufactures spacification. In ground floor iii)Two coats
20a)Priming one coat on timber or plastered surface with synthetic oil bournd primer of approved quality including smoothening surface by sand papering etc.
21A)Painting with best quality synthetic enamel paint of approved make and brand including paint of approved make and brand including smoothening surface by sand papering etc. including using of approved putty etc on the surface, if necessary. a)on timber or plastered surface iv)two coat
22Supplying, fitting and fixing PVC pipes for underground work of approved make (medium duty) conforming to ASTMD - 1785 and threaded to match with GI Pipes as per IS : 1239 (Part - I). with all necessary accessories, specials viz. socket, bend, tee, union, cross, elbo, nipple, longscrew, reducing socket, reducing tee, short piece etc. fitted including cost of all materials ,jointing materials, cutting pipes, making threads ,cutting trenches upto 1.5 metre below surface in all sorts of soil and refilling the same as directed complete in all respect. (Payment will be made on the centre line measurement of the total pipe line including all specials No separate payment will be made for accessories, specials.)
23Supplying P.V.C. water storage tank of approved quality with closed top with lid (Black) - Multilayer
24Supply & Delevary of submercsible pump directly coupled with 1.5 Hp shingle phase 250 V watered cooled submersible motor for instllation for 80 mm dia Deep tubewell as per fallowing specification
25Supply & installation of sutable pump control panel with volt meter,Amp meter & DOL starter with necessary relay and drawing of power line from main maximum up to 25mtr.
26Supply & delivery of fallowing electrical & mechanical accessories (any approved make ) a) 2.50 sqm 3 core flat submersible cable
27b) 11/4" heavy duty UPVC column pipe 3.0 mtr long with both end
28c) Adapter for both side top & Bottom
29d) MS clamp 2 part type
30e)5" x 1- 1/2" MS well cover
31f) 40mm NRV
32g) 40 mm dia Elbow G.l
33h) 40 mm dia Nipple
34i) 40 mm dia union
35j) 40 mm dia peet valve(lsl)
36Supply & laying of 20mm dia G.l pipe( Medium Quality) (lsl make) for cable protection with all pipe fittings elbow,tee, Nipple,union etc.
37Installation of the above pump motor set stage by stage with the help Of chain pully & derrick arrangement including all electrical & mnechanical connection including making all pipe line arrangement complete as per direction of ElC.
38Supplying & fixing of 32A SPN main switch fixing wall in wooden board
39Making of all electrical connection viz seb mains,Main switch ,control panel etc & including making of proper earthing arrangement as per dlirection of ElC.
40GST @ 18% of gross amount
41Labour Welfare Cess @ 1% of gross amount
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