Tender For To Purchase And Provide Mbbs Second Year Equipment For Pune Municipal Corporation Medical Education Trusts Bharatratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee Medical College Pune, Pune-Maharashtra

Pune Municipal Corporation-PMC has published Tender For To Purchase And Provide Mbbs Second Year Equipment For Pune Municipal Corporation Medical Education Trusts Bharatratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee Medical College Pune. Submission Date for this Tender is 20-12-2022. Kitchen Equipment Tenders in Pune Maharashtra. Bidders can get complete Tender details and download the document.

Tender Notice

Corrigendum : Tender For To Purchase And Provide Mbbs Second Year Equipment For Pune Municipal Corporation Medical Education Trusts Bharatratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee Medical College Pune

Tender Details

To Purchase And Provide Mbbs Second Year Equipment For Pune Municipal Corporation Medical Education Trusts Bharatratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee Medical College Pune-2 Microscopes 3 Facility For Heating Slides 4 Anaerobic Apparatus 5 Autoclave 6 Balance Electronic Digital 7 Bio-Safety Cabinet Type - 2A 8 Bod Incubator 9 Centrifuge 10 Co2 Incubator 11 Candle Jar 12 Distilled Water Plant 13 Elisa Reader 14 Elisa Washer 15 Hot Air Oven 16 Incubator 17 Laminar Flow Cabnet 18 Pcr Workstation 19 Micrometer Eye Pieces 20 Micrometer Stage 21 Microscope Binocular 22 Microscope With Universal Condenser Containing Oil Immersion, Bright Field, Phase Contrast & Dark Ground 23 Ph Determination Apparatus 24 Serum Inspissators 25 Vdrl Shaker 26 Vortex Mixer 27 Water Bath With Variable Temperature 28 Oil-Immersion Lens For Student Microscope 29 Automated Identification & Susceptibility Testing Instrument ( With Id & Ast Cards ) Specification For Fully Automated Rapid Bacterial Identification And Drugsusceptibility System. 30 Automated Blood Culture System 31 Colony Counter 32 Antibiotic Zone Scale 33 Antisera-Salmonella 34 Antisera-Shigella Dysenteriae Antisera-Shigella Flexnari Antisera- Shigella Boydii Antisera- Shigella Dysenteriae Antisera-Shigella Sonnie 35 Antisera-Vibrio Cholera 36 Atcc Strain - Enterococcus Fecalis 29213 37 Atcc Strain - E.Coli 25922 38 Atcc Strain - E.Coli 35218 39 Atcc Strain - Pseudomonas Aeruginosa 27853 40 Atcc Strain - Staphylococcus Aureus 25923 41 Atcc Strain - Staphylococcus Aureus 29213 42 Digital Thermometers Of Different Temperatures 43 Real-Time Pcr Machine Calibrated For The Fluorophore Dyes With Ups & Desktop 44 Extraction System For Rtpcr With Ups System 45 Microcentrifuge / Refrigerated Centrifuge 46 Dry Bath 47 Mx Vortex Mixer 48 Spinwin Micro Centrifuge 49 Gx-2500-Mpc Pcr Plate Centrifuge Make 50 Micropippette Single-Channel Adjustable Volume 0.1-2.5 Μl 51 Micropippettesingle-Channel Adjustable Volume 0.5-10Μl 52 Micropippette Single-Channel Adjustable Volume 10-100Μl 53 Micropippette Single-Channel Adjustable Volume 20-200Μl 54 Micropippette Single-Channel Adjustable Volume 100-1000Μl 55 Pipette Stand 56 Disecting Microscope 57 Deep Freeze -20° C With Ups 58 Refrigerator 59 Minus 80 Degree Deep Freezer With Ups 60 Department Of Pathology 61 Manual Microtome 62 Automated Rotary Microtome 63 Cryostat 64 Hot Plate 65 Paraffin Embedding Bath 66 Heated Paraffin Embedding Module 67 Cold Plate For Modular Tissue Embedding System 68 Automated Tissue Processor 69 Autoclave 70 Ultra Water Solutions Distilled Water Plant 71 Water Bath 72 Water Bath ( Tissue Floatation ) 73 Centrifuge Machine 74 Plastic Tissue Embedding Casette 75 Plastic Tissue Holding Casette 76 Cabinet For Slides 77 Autopsy Table 78 Digital Slr At Least 20 Megapixel With Micro, Macro, Wide Angle Zoom Lenses, Flash And Other Accessories 79 Digital Automatic Camera >5 Megapixel 80 Fully Automated High Throughput Multi-Stainer Workstation 81 Fully Automated Embedding System ( Heated Embedding Module & Cold Plate ) 82 Fully Automated Flexible Coverslipping Workstation 83 Stand Alone Paraffin Dispensing Module Cold Plate Holding More Than 100 Cassettes 84 Stand Alone Cold Plate 85 Troughs For Staining 86 Coplin Jars 87 Single Pan Digital Balance, Chemical 88 Balance, Chemical With Weights 89 For Students - Led Binocular With Scanner, 10 X, 40X, & Oil Immersion Lenses And Inbuilt Battery Backup Power Source 90 Trinocular Head Microscope 91 Binocular Microscopes With High End Semiapochromatic Optics Of International Standard 92 For Every Tutor - Binocular Microscope With Suitable High End Lenses 93 Penta Head Microscope With High End Optics With Hdmi Multi Output Photographic Camera ( >5Mp ) Including Software 94 Deca Head Microscope With High End Optics With Hdmi Multi Output Photographic Camera ( >5Mp ) Including Software 95 Grossing Station 96 Five Part Fully Automated Cell Counter 97 Three Part Fully Automated Cell Counter 98 Coagulometer ( Fully Automated ) 99 Magniflying Lens 100 Blood Pressure Instrument 101 Laboratory Cell Counter 102 Laboratory Stirrer 103 Automatic Digital Timer 104 Weighing Machines For Organs 105 Saws, Wire For Cutting Bones 106 Slide Boxes For 100 Slides For Students 107 Drill For Boring Glass 108 X-Ray Viewing Box ( Led ) 109 Sternal Puncture Needle Adult Size 110 Sternal Puncture Needle Child Size 111 Liver Biopsy Needle 112 Stop Watch Reading At 1 / 100 Second 113 Ph Meter Electric 114 Surgical Instruments 115 Binocular Microscopes With High End Optics Including 100X . 116 Sp. Gravity Measure 117 Incubator 118 Haemocytometers With Red And White Pipettes 119 Staining Jars For Slides 120 Urinometers 121 Centrifuge Tubes Graduated 122 Graduated Cylinders Of Capacity 100 Cc 123 Graduated Cylinders Of Capacity500 Cc 124 Graduated Cylinders Of Capacity 1000 Cc 125 Pipettes Of Various Sizes ( 2.5, 5, 10, 50, 100, 1000Microl ) 126 Disposable Microtips Plastic ( Large Blue, Small Yellow ) 127 Reagent Bottles ( 125Ml ) 128 Reagent Bottles ( 500Ml ) 129 Reagent Bottles ( 1000Ml ) 130 Dropping Bottles ( 500Ml, 1000Ml ) 131 Balances-Digital Single Pan Sensitive Chemical Balance 132 Hot Air Oven 133 Cytocentrifuge For Monolayered Cell Preparation 134 Block Cabinet For Tissue Blocks 135 Weighing Machine Digital 136 Bone Marrow Aspiration & Biopsy Needle ( Jamshidi ) 137 Lumbar Pucture Disposable Needle 138 Urine Refractometer 139 L- Moulds ( Brass ) 140 Tissue Cassettes ( Metal ) 141 Slide Staining Rack 142 Ayres Spatula 143 Department Of Community Medicine 144 Barometer, Digital 145 Filter, Pasteur Chamberland, Complete Set 146 Filter, Berke Fed 147 Hydrometres, Spirit 148 Hydrometres, Milk 149 Hydrometers, Wet And Dry Bulb 150 Incubator, Electric 151 Balance Analytical 200 Gm. 152 Balance For Weighing Food Stuff ( Capacity 2 Kg ) . 153 Centrifuge Clinical 154 Weighing Machine Adult 155 Baby Weighing Machine 156 Salters Baby Weighing Machine 157 Harpender Calipers ( For Skinfold Thickness ) 158 Height Measuring Stand 159 Dissecting Microscope 160 Microscope Oil Immersion 161 Autoclave 162 Chloroscope 163 Horrock’S Apparatus 164 Muac Tapes 165 Haemoglobinometer 166 Bp Apparatus ( Digital ) 167 Stethoscope 168 Kata Thermometer 169 Globe Thermometer 170 Anemometer 171 Sound Level Meter 172 Soil Testing Kit 173 Water Sampling Bottle From Any Depth 174 Needle Shredder 175 Vaccine Carrier 176 Craft Water Testing Kit 177 Protective Device Sets For Occupational Safety ( Ear Muffs, Ear Plugs, Safetyhelmet, Goggles, Safety Boots, Gloves, Triple Layer Surgical Mask, High Efficiency Mask, Long Sleeved Cuffed Gown, Protective Eye Wear, Cap ) 178 Glucometer 179 Mosquito Catching Kit 180 Clinical Thermometer 181 Sling Psychrometer 182 Solar Radiation Thermometer 183 First Aid Kit 184 Spirometer 185 Audiometry 186 Otoscope 187 Ophthalmoscope 188 Department Of Pharmacology 189 Stop Watch 190 Critical Flicker Fusion Apparatus 191 Pupillometer 192 Mannequin For Demonstration Of Intravenous Injection 193 Mannequin For Demonstration Of Intravenous Infusion 194 Mannequin For Demonstration Of Intramuscular Injection 195 Mannequin For Demonstration Of Intramuscular Injection 196 Mannequin For Demonstration Of Intramuscular Injection 197 Mannequin For Demonstration Of Intrademal Injection 198 Mannequin For Demonstration Of Subcutaneous Injection 199 Mannequin For Demonstration Of Intracardiac Injection 200 Department Of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology 201 Weighing Machine, Dial Type Human ( Medium End ) 202 Equipment For Reporting Height ( Medium End ) 203 Balance Chemical ( Medium End ) 204 Balance, Single Pair For Weighing Foetus ( Medium End ) 205 Weighing Machine For Weighing Dead Bodies ( Medium End ) 206 Weighing Machine For Organs ( Medium End ) 207 Folding Metal Scale To Measure Upto 7 Ft. ( Lowend ) 208 Steel Tape Roll ( Medium End ) 209 Varnier Callipers ( Medium End ) 210 Autopsy Table ( Medium End ) 211 Styker Autopsy Saw With Accessories ( Medium End ) 212 Hacksaw ( Medium End ) 213 Dissection Sets Consisting Of Cartilage Knife, Bone Cutting Forceps, Scissors, Straight And Curved Enterotomes, Scalpels, Knives With Spare Blades, Metal Scale Graduated In Cms ( Medium End ) 214 Rib Shears, Right And Left ( Medium End ) 215 Microscope Student Type ( Medium End ) 216 Microscope Binocular, Research With High End Optics ( Medium End ) 217 Stopwatch ( Medium End ) 218 Xray View Box Two In One ( Medium End ) 219 Bp Apparatus Digital ( Medium End ) 220 Anthropometric Set ( Medium End ) A. Osteometric Board 221 Anthropometric Set ( Medium End ) B. Craniometer 222 Anthropometric Set ( Medium End ) C. Goniometer 223 Anthropometric Set ( Medium End ) D. Mandibulometer 224 Automatic Tissue Processor 225 Hot Plates ( Medium End ) 226 L Moulds ( Medium End ) 227 Paraffin Bath Embedding 228 Slide Warming Table ( Medium End ) 229 Distillation Plant 230 Brain Knife ( Medium End ) 231 Block Holder ( Medium End ) 232 Digital Spectrometer ( Medium End ) 233 Digital Ph Meter ( Medium End ) 234 Hand Set Heat Sealer ( Medium End ) 235 Spectroscope Lens With Adjustable Slit ( Medium End ) 236 Cold Storage For Keeping Dead Bodies ( Medium End ) 237 Instrument Trolly 238 Centrifuge 239 Magnifying Lens 240 Proctoscope 241 Water Bath For Tissue Floatation 242 Abrasive Powder 243 Thin Layer Chromatograph 244 Models, Slides, Charts And Photographs 245 Poisons 246 Skeleton 247 Rectal Thermometer 248 Weapons Set 249 Stethoscope 250 Tooth Extractor ( Right And Left ) 251 Portable X-Ray Machine ( Can Be Shared With Radiology Department )

Corrigendum Details

Sr No CorrigendumDate Corrignedum CorrigendumType NewSubmissionDate
1 13-Dec-2022 TECHNICAL DETAILS AFTER PREBID MEETING Technical Bid 20-12-2022

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INR 17879 /-
INR 764937.0 /-
Tender Value
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BOQ Items

Name of Work:To purchase and provide MBBS second year equipement for Pune Municipal Corporation-Medical Education Trust"s Bharatratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee Medical College, Pune
Sl. No. Item Description
1Department of Microbiology
3Facility for heating slides
4Anaerobic apparatus
6Balance Electronic Digital
7Bio-safety Cabinet Type - 2A
8BOD Incubator
10CO2 Incubator
11Candle Jar
12Distilled water Plant
13Elisa Reader
14Elisa Washer
15Hot Air Oven
17Laminar flow cabnet
18PCR workstation
19Micrometer eye pieces
20Micrometer stage
21Microscope Binocular
22Microscope with universal condenser containing oil immersion, Bright field, Phase Contrast & Dark ground
23pH determination apparatus
24Serum inspissators
25VDRL shaker
26Vortex Mixer
27Water bath with variable temperature
28Oil-immersion lens for student microscope
30Automated Blood Culture System
31Colony Counter
32Antibiotic zone scale
34Antisera-Shigella dysenteriae Antisera-Shigella flexnari Antisera- Shigella boydii Antisera- Shigella dysenteriae Antisera-Shigella sonnie
35Antisera-Vibrio cholera
36ATCC strain - Enterococcus fecalis 29213
37ATCC strain - E.coli 25922
38ATCC strain - E.coli 35218
39ATCC strain - Pseudomonas aeruginosa 27853
40ATCC strain - Staphylococcus aureus 25923
41ATCC strain - Staphylococcus aureus 29213
42Digital Thermometers of different temperatures
43Real-time PCR machine calibrated for the fluorophore dyes with UPS & Desktop
44Extraction system for RTPCR with UPS system
45Microcentrifuge / Refrigerated Centrifuge
46Dry bath
47MX Vortex mixer
48Spinwin Micro centrifuge
49GX-2500-MPC PCR Plate centrifuge Make
50Micropippette Single-channel Adjustable Volume 0.1-2.5 µl
51MicropippetteSingle-channel Adjustable Volume 0.5-10µl
52Micropippette Single-channel Adjustable Volume 10-100µl
53Micropippette Single-channel Adjustable Volume 20-200µl
54Micropippette Single-channel Adjustable Volume 100-1000µl
55Pipette Stand
56Disecting Microscope
57Deep Freeze -20° C with UPS
59Minus 80 degree deep freezer with UPS
60Department of Pathology
61Manual Microtome
62Automated Rotary Microtome
64Hot plate
65Paraffin Embedding Bath
66Heated Paraffin Embedding Module
67Cold Plate for Modular Tissue Embedding System
68Automated Tissue Processor
70Ultra water Solutions Distilled water plant
71Water Bath
72Water Bath(Tissue floatation)
73Centrifuge machine
74Plastic Tissue Embedding Casette
75Plastic Tissue holding Casette
76Cabinet for slides
77Autopsy table
78Digital SLR at least 20 megapixel with micro, macro, wide angle zoom lenses, Flash and other accessories
79Digital automatic camera >5 megapixel
80Fully Automated high throughput Multi-Stainer Workstation
81Fully Automated Embedding system(Heated embedding module & cold plate)
82Fully Automated Flexible Coverslipping workstation
83Stand alone paraffin dispensing module cold plate holding more than 100 cassettes
84Stand alone cold plate
85Troughs for staining
86Coplin jars
87Single Pan Digital Balance, Chemical
88Balance, Chemical with weights
89For students - LED Binocular with Scanner, 10 X, 40X, & oil immersion lenses and inbuilt Battery backup power Source
90Trinocular head microscope
91Binocular Microscopes with High end Semiapochromatic Optics of international standard
92For every Tutor - Binocular Microscope with suitable high end lenses
93Penta head Microscope with High end Optics with HDMI Multi output Photographic camera(>5MP) including software
94Deca Head Microscope with High end Optics with HDMI Multi output Photographic camera (>5MP) including software
95Grossing Station
96Five part Fully Automated Cell Counter
97Three part Fully Automated Cell Counter
98Coagulometer (Fully automated)
99Magniflying lens
100Blood pressure instrument
101Laboratory cell Counter
102Laboratory stirrer
103Automatic digital timer
104weighing machines for organs
105Saws, wire for cutting bones
106Slide boxes for 100 slides for students
107Drill for boring glass
108X-ray viewing box(LED)
109Sternal puncture needle adult size
110Sternal puncture needle child size
111Liver Biopsy needle
112Stop watch reading at 1/100 second
113pH Meter electric
114Surgical instruments
115Binocular Microscopes with high end optics including 100x .
116Sp. Gravity Measure
118Haemocytometers with red and white pipettes
119Staining jars for slides
121Centrifuge tubes graduated
122Graduated cylinders of capacity 100 cc
123Graduated cylinders of capacity500 cc
124Graduated cylinders of capacity 1000 cc
125Pipettes of various sizes ( 2.5, 5, 10, 50, 100, 1000microL)
126Disposable microtips plastic (large blue, small yellow)
127Reagent bottles ( 125ml)
128Reagent bottles ( 500ml)
129Reagent bottles ( 1000ml)
130Dropping bottles ( 500ml, 1000ml)
131Balances-Digital Single Pan Sensitive Chemical balance
132hot air oven
133Cytocentrifuge for monolayered cell preparation
134Block cabinet for tissue blocks
135Weighing machine digital
136Bone Marrow Aspiration & Biopsy needle (Jamshidi)
137Lumbar Pucture disposable needle
138Urine Refractometer
139L- Moulds (brass)
140Tissue cassettes (metal)
141Slide staining rack
142Ayres spatula
143Department of Community Medicine
144Barometer, digital
145Filter, Pasteur Chamberland, complete set
146Filter, Berke fed
147Hydrometres, Spirit
148Hydrometres, milk
149Hydrometers, wet and dry bulb
150Incubator, electric
151Balance Analytical 200 gm.
152Balance for weighing food stuff(Capacity 2 Kg).
153Centrifuge clinical
154Weighing machine adult
155Baby weighing machine
156Salters Baby weighing machine
157Harpender Calipers (for skinfold thickness)
158Height measuring stand
159Dissecting microscope
160Microscope oil immersion
163Horrock’s Apparatus
164MUAC tapes
166BP Apparatus (Digital)
168Kata Thermometer
169Globe Thermometer
171Sound level meter
172Soil testing kit
173Water sampling bottle from any depth
174Needle Shredder
175Vaccine carrier
176Craft water testing kit
177Protective device sets for occupational safety (Ear muffs, Ear plugs, Safetyhelmet, Goggles, Safety boots, Gloves, Triple layer surgical mask, High efficiency mask, Long sleeved cuffed gown, Protective eye wear, Cap)
179Mosquito catching kit
180Clinical Thermometer
181Sling psychrometer
182Solar radiation thermometer
183First Aid Kit
188Department of Pharmacology
189Stop watch
190Critical Flicker Fusion Apparatus
192Mannequin for demonstration of Intravenous injection
193Mannequin for demonstration of Intravenous infusion
194Mannequin for demonstration of Intramuscular injection
195Mannequin for demonstration of Intramuscular injection
196Mannequin for demonstration of Intramuscular injection
197Mannequin for demonstration of Intrademal injection
198Mannequin for demonstration of subcutaneous injection
199Mannequin for demonstration of intracardiac injection
200Department of Forensic Medicine & toxicology
201Weighing machine, dial type human ( Medium end)
202Equipment for reporting height(Medium end)
203Balance chemical ( Medium end)
204Balance, single pair for weighing foetus ( Medium end)
205Weighing machine for weighing dead bodies ( Medium end)
206Weighing machine for organs ( Medium end)
207Folding metal scale to measure upto 7 ft. (Lowend)
208Steel tape roll ( Medium end)
209Varnier callipers(Medium end)
210Autopsy table(Medium end)
211Styker autopsy saw with accessories( Medium end)
212Hacksaw ( Medium end)
213Dissection sets consisting of cartilage knife, bone cutting forceps, scissors, straight and curved enterotomes, scalpels, knives with spare blades, Metal scale graduated in cms ( Medium end)
214Rib shears, right and left ( Medium end)
215Microscope student type ( Medium end)
216Microscope binocular, research with high end optics(Medium end)
217Stopwatch( Medium end)
218Xray view box two in one(Medium end)
219BP Apparatus digital ( Medium end)
220Anthropometric Set ( Medium end) A.    Osteometric board
221Anthropometric Set ( Medium end) B.    Craniometer
222Anthropometric Set ( Medium end) C.    Goniometer
223Anthropometric Set ( Medium end) D.    Mandibulometer
224Automatic tissue processor
225Hot plates ( Medium end)
226L Moulds ( Medium end)
227Paraffin bath embedding
228Slide warming table ( Medium end)
229Distillation Plant
230Brain knife ( Medium end)
231Block Holder ( Medium end)
232Digital spectrometer( Medium end)
233Digital PH meter ( Medium end)
234Hand set heat sealer ( Medium end)
235Spectroscope lens with adjustable slit( Medium end)
236Cold storage for keeping dead bodies( Medium end)
237Instrument trolly
239Magnifying lens
241Water Bath for Tissue Floatation
242Abrasive Powder
243Thin Layer Chromatograph
244Models, Slides, Charts and photographs
247Rectal Thermometer
248Weapons Set
250Tooth Extractor (right and Left)
251Portable X-ray Machine (can be shared with Radiology department)
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