Tender For Supplying And Installation Of Science Equipment And Materials For Science Lab For I) Taranipur High School. Ii) Nazirpur Sarada Balika Vidyalaya. Iii) Debnathpur Sarat Sarkar High School. Iv) Natna High School. Under Tehatta-I Developme, tehatta-West Bengal

Zilla Parishad-ZP has published Tender For Supplying And Installation Of Science Equipment And Materials For Science Lab For I) Taranipur High School. Ii) Nazirpur Sarada Balika Vidyalaya. Iii) Debnathpur Sarat Sarkar High School. Iv) Natna High School. Under Tehatta-I Developme. Submission Date for this Tender is 06-12-2022. Kitchen Equipment Tenders in tehatta West Bengal. Bidders can get complete Tender details and download the document.

Tender Notice

Tender For Supplying And Installation Of Science Equipment And Materials For Science Lab For I) Taranipur High School. Ii) Nazirpur Sarada Balika Vidyalaya. Iii) Debnathpur Sarat Sarkar High School. Iv) Natna High School. Under Tehatta-I Developme
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West Bengal

Tender Details

Supplying And Installation Of Science Equipment And Materials For Science Lab For I) Taranipur High School. Ii) Nazirpur Sarada Balika Vidyalaya. Iii) Debnathpur Sarat Sarkar High School. Iv) Natna High School. Under Tehatta-I Development Block. U , Spherometer -Dubble Disc, Trangule Stand Fitted With Body (Is Not Screw Type), Made By Non Magnetic Metal (Sampling Required) , Grevsandof Forces Apparatus :- 36X23 Teak Ply Board Panelled On Tak Wood Frame . Colmplete With Two Bracketswith Pulles And Three Pans With Weights,Complete Set . (Sampling Required) , Youngs Modulus Apparatus Vernier Method :- Brass Body With Hanger ,Dead Weight , Suspension , Arrangement ,Wire Etc.(Sampling Required) , Force Constant Apparatus :- The Springs Is Made With High Tensile Steel And Is 25 Cms. Long And 2Cm Diameter .(Sampling Required) , Boyles Law Apparatus :-Take Wood With Metal Base With Levellig Screws With Two Alluminium Metal Rods One Brass Slider For Graduated Burette And Another Brass Slider For Mercury Reservoir - Coplete With Glass Parts And Superior Quality Rubber Tubingswith Mercury .(Sampling Required ) , Sonometer:- Size Of The Resonance Box Is 48X8x4 - Top Finished With Teak Wood Sliding Jockey Fitted With Transparent Perspex Plate- Complete With Two Hangers ,Brass And Steel Wire. (Sampling Requred ) , Viscosity Apparatus:-2 Dia X 1 Meter Long Borosil Glass Tube On Heavy Metal Base With Teak Wood Stand,Arrangement For Lifting Of Metal Balls With Capturing Rod Fitted With Neet Complete Set . , Meter Brigde :-Cp Teak Wood 45X6X2 Base With Heavy Gauge Non -Magnetic Brass Strips Superior Quality Jockey (Not Pre Type ) Having Phos-Phor Bronze Contact - Fitted With 8Mm Brass Rod (Non-Magnetic) With Gaps .(Sampling Required) , Potentiometer:- Cp Take Wood 46X8x1 Base With Heavy Gauge Non-Magnetic Brass Strips Superior Quality Jockey ( Not Pern Type ) Having Phor Bronze Contac - Fitted With 8Mm Bross Rod (Non-Magnetic) Jockey Slides On Brass Rod - Resistance 20Ohms Approximately . (Sampling Required) , Galvanometer :-Ssd 30-0-30 Fitted On Bake Light Stand Moving Coil With Good Quality Jewel And Magnet Fitted With Core Current Capacity 20 Micro/Division. (Sampling Required) , Power Supply :- Digital Dc Power Supply 1.2 Volt -12 Volt-1Amp With Fine And Coarse Controller With In Built Fuse Operated For Student Saf Ty . Band- Micro Control Systems Or Equivalent. Six Month Replacement Warrantee. (Sampling Required) , Milli- Ammeter (0-1000Mamp) :- Fsd 0-1000Mamp Fitted On Bakelight Stand Moving Coil With Good Quality Jewel And Maganet Fitted With Core . (Sampling Required) , Ammeter (0-5Amp) :- Fsd 0-5Amp Fitted On Bake Light Stand Moving Coil With Good Quqlity Jewel And Magnet Fitted With Core . (Sampling Required) , Milli-Voltmetere (0-1000M Volt) :-Fsd 0-1000M Volt Fitted On Bakelight Stand Moving Coil With Good Quality Jewel And Magnet Fitted With Core .(Sampling Required) , Voltmetere (0-50Volt) :- Ssd 0-50 Volt Fitted On Bakelight Stand Moving Coil With Good Quality Jewel And Magnet Fitted With Core. (Sampling Required) , Digital Multimeter :-Digital Multimeter Reputed Company . (Sampling Required) , Rheostat (0-50Ohms) :- Non Magneticheavytype Oxidized Eureka Wire ,Contacts Slides Over Square Shaped Brass Rod , Metal Legs Fitted ,Wooden Base ,1.5 Dia Porcelain Tube .(Sampling Required) , Resistance Box (0-10Ohm) :-Coil Made From Constant Wire Double Wound On Obonitebobbin , Plugs Are Interchangeable ,Electro Plated Brass Blocks , Values Areengraved On Box Top Of Polished Bakelite Sheet . Range 0-10Ohms , No . Of Coils 05Nos , Total 20Ohms. (Sampling Required) , Jockey :- Heavy Type Metal Jockey (Not Pen Type) Slides On Brass Rod In Meter Bridge.(Sampling Required) , Jockey :- Heavy Type Metal Jockey (Not Pen Type) Slides On Brass Rod In Potentiomeyter.(Sampling Required) , Leclanches Cell :- Complete With Charged Heavy Type Porous Pot, With Glass Jar, Heavy Type 12Mm Zinc ,Rod.(Sampling Required) , Leclanches Cell :- Complete With Charged Heavy Type Porous Pot, With Glass Jar, Heavy Type 12Mm Zinc ,Rod.(Sampling Required) , Daniel Cell :- Copper Pot With Perforated Shelf And Brass Terminal, Heavy Type Empty Porous Pot, Heavy Type 12Mm Zinc Rod (Sampling Required) , Plug Commutator :- On Ebonite Base ,Four Way Type , Circular Brass Ring And Nickel Plated Terminals. ( Sampling Requiried) , Optical Bench (Metal) :- 1.5Meter Long ,All Accessories Are Polished Nickel On Brass Rod , Fitted On Metal Rails Of 1.5X1 Size ,With Travelling Screws Complete With Universal Lens Holder ,Two Pins, Candle Holder , Screen Holder Also Cross Wire. , P-N Junction Diode :-Digital Display 2000M V Capacity Volt Volt Meter With Digital 20Ma Capacity Mili-Ammeter, 9Volt Capacity Dc Power Source With Variable Resistance Circuit With In Built Fuse Operated For Student Safty . Band -Micro Control Systems Or Equivalent .Six Month Replacement Warrantee. (Sampling Required) , Zenner Diode :- Digital Display 0-2 Volt Capacity Volt Meter With Digital 0-20Ma Capacity Milli-Ammeter , 9Voltcapacity Dc Power Source With Variabe Resistance Circuit With In Built Fuse Operated For Student Safty . Band - Micro Control Systems Or Equivalent . Six Month Replacement Warrantee. ( Sampling Required) , Transistor Characteristics With Regulated Power Supply :- Two Digital Display Current Metere Range 2000Ma And 20Ma Andtwo Digital Voltage Display Meter Range 2000Mv And 20V , With Npn And Pnp Transistor Circuit Display,Voltage Operatorupto 0-2000M V , Dc Output 0-20Volt, Voltage Set 0-20Volt . Band-Micro Control Systems Or Equivvlent . Six Month Replacement Warrantee. (Sampling Required) , Lens :- Well Edged And Highly Polished Surface Accurate Focal Length 20Cm Fl , Mirror :- Optically Worked Protective Coating Back Dia 75Mm , Microscope Compound (Has) Fixed Condensor Make-Dsh Brand , Compound Microscope Has Make-Olympus , Model No-Mh 100 , Dissecting Microscope Make-Ajoy , Slide 75X25 Thicness 1.00Mm 50Pcs/Pack Make-Riviera , Cover Slip 18X18mm (Squre) Make-Blue Star , Cover Slip 18X18mm (Round) Make-Blue Star , Petri Dish 80X17mm Make-Riviera , Watch Glass 3 Make-Borosilicate Glass , Test Tube 5X5/8 72Pcs/Pack Make-Borosilicate Glass , Test Tube 15X 125Mm With Rim Hard Glassmake -Riviera , Test Tube Stand 6 Holes Make-Polylab , Compound Microscope -Olympus , C X 23 Biological Microscope - (Destgned To Improve Educational Microscope - Olympus , Scalpel , Chart For Biology , Grams Safranine 125Ml Make-Merck , Benedicts Reagent (Qualitative) 500Mlmake-Merck , Fehlings Solution A 500Mlmake-Merck , Fehlings Solution B 500Ml Make-Merck , Iodine Solution 1% W/V 125Ml Make-Merck , Copper Sulfate 500Ml Make-Nice , Ph Indicator Paper 1-10, Roll Make-Merck , Distilled Water 5 Ltr Jar Make-Local , Blotting Paper , Sucrose 500Gm Make-Merck , Chloroform 500Ml Make-Merck , Sudan Ii 25Gm Make-Nice , Sudan Iii 25Gm Make-Nice , Acetone 500Ml Make-Merck , Acetic Acid 500Ml Make-Merck , Hydrochloric Acid 500Ml Make-Merck , Nitric Acid 500Ml Make-Merck , Sulfuric Acid 500Ml Make-Merck , Slide Box 100 Capacity Make-Polylab , Biology Box , Model Dna For Education , Absorbent Cotton 400Gm , Ph Capsul (Ph-4.00) Make-Merck , Ph Capsul (Ph-7.00) Make-Merck , Ph Capsul (Ph-9.00) Make-Merck , Needle , Sudan Iii 25Gm , Ethanol , Acetone 500Ml , Starch Powder 500Gm , Glacial Acefic Acid (N/10) Solution , Acctic Acid , Formalin , Starch Solution , Fehlingsa Soulution , Fehling Sb Solution , Buffer Solution , Choloform , Xnathyarol Solution , Acid:- Sulpho Salicylic Acid , Stain :-I) Methylene Blue , Ii) Eosin , Iii) Leishmans Stain , Iv)Crystal Violet , V)Safranin , Vi)Hacmatorylin , Vii) Light Green , Viii) Cotton Blue , Ix) Aceto Carmine , X) Aceto Orccin , Reagant :- I) Mgso4 , Ii) Kno3 , Iii) Kl , Cocl2 (Cobalt Cloride ) , Urease Tablet , Slide Specimen :-I) T.S Of Orary (Human) , Ii)T.S Of Testis(Human) , Iii) T.S Of Blastula , Iv) Slide Specimen Of Plasmodim Vivax , V) Entamoeba Sp. , Vi) Amoeba Sp. , Vii) Hydra Sp. , Viii) Spirogyro Sp. , Digital Balance (0.01Gm) 500Gm , Weight Box 100Gm , Burette Stand (Retort Stand) Make-Polylab , Burette 50Ml With Taplon , Burette 50Ml Galss Stopper , Burette 50Ml Plastic , Burette Clamp Plastic Make- Polylab , Bunsen Burnner , Spirit Lamp Ss , Tripod Stand , Wire Gauge , Wash Bottle 250Ml Make-Polylab , Volumetric Flaks 250Ml Make Borosil Glass , Volumetric Flask500ml Make-Borosil Glass , Volumetric Flask 100Ml Make-Borosil Glass , Funnel 3 Make-Borosil Glass , Test Tube Holder , Test Tube 15X125 ,72Pcs/ Pack With Rim Make-Borosil Glass , Tongs 6 Ss Made , Conical Flask250ml Make-Borosil Glass , Conical Flask500ml Make-Borosil Glass , Beaker 100Ml Make-Borosil Glass , Beaker 250Ml Make-Borosil Glass , Beaker 500Ml Make-Borosil Glass , Pipette Volumetric 5Ml Make-72700 55 , Pipette Volumetric 10Ml Make-Riviera Cat-72700 60 , Pipette Volumetric 25Ml Make-Riviear Cat-72700 70 , Graduated Pipette 5Ml Make Borosil Galss , Graduated Pipette 10Ml Make-Borosil Glass , Graduated Pipette 1Ml Make-Borosil Glass , Graduated Pipette 2Ml Make-Borosil Glass , Measuring Cylinder 100Ml Make-Borosil Glass , Measuring Cylinder 250Ml Make-Borosil Glass , Measuring Cylinder 500Ml Make-Borosil Glass , Measuring Cylinder 1000Ml Make-Borosil Glass , Separating Funnel 250Ml Make-Borosil Glass , Separating Funnel 500Ml Make-Borosil Glass , Reagent Bottle 125Ml Make-Borosil Glass , Reagent Bottle 250Ml Make-Borosil Glass , Reagent Bottle 500Ml Make-Borosil Glass , R/B Flask 250Ml Make-Borosil Glass , R/B Flask 500Ml Make-Borosil Glass , Flat Bottom Flask 250Ml Make-Riviera Cat-21711 36 , Petri Dish 3 Make-Riviera 71500 42 , Capillary Tube , Specific Garvity Bottle 25Ml , Weing Bottle 10Ml , Glass Rod , Glass Pipe , Woulf Bottle 500Ml , Dropper With Treat , Morter & Pastel 4 , Morter & Pastel 3 , Filter Paper 9Cm , Filter Paper 11Cm , Platinum Wire , Litmass Paper Red Make-Indica Brand , Litmass Paper Blue Make-Indica Brand , Ph Paper 1-10 Make-Merck , Test Tube Stand 6 Holes Make-Polylab , Pipette Stand Make-Polylab Cat-79102 , Test Tube Brush , Thermometer 110 , Distilled Water 5 Ltr , Spatula Plastic , Gloves 1 Pair , Lab Coat , Safety Goggles Make-Tarsons , Pipette Pump 25Ml Make-Plylab , Tissue Paper Roll , Tissue Paper Roll Make-Safex , Automic Model , Periodic Table Chart , Nickel Ii-Sulphate 100Gm Make-Srl-Cat-61397 , Cobalt Ii Chloride 100Gm Make-Nice Cat-C12517 , Zinc Sulphide 98% 250Gm Make-Nice Cat-Z10528 , Zinc Sulphate-99%500Gmmake-Nice Cat-Z10788 , Iron Ii Sulphate Make-Merck , Lead Acetate 500Gm Make-Nice Cat-L10129 , Copper Ii Sulfate 500Gm Make- Merck, , Copper Ii Chloride 500Gm Make-Merck , Copper Chloride 500Gm Make-Nice , Barium Chloride 500Gm Make-Merck , Potassium Iodide 100Gm Make-Nice , Sodium Sulfide Flakes 500 Gm Make-Nice , Sodium Hydroxide Pellets 500Gm Make-Merck , Ammonium Chloride 500Gm Make-Merck , Manganese Ii Sulfate 500Gm Make-Merck , Calcium Oxalate 250Gm Make-Nice , Sodium Carbonate 500Gm Make-Merck , Strontium Nitrate 500Gm Make-Merck , Magnesium Chloride 500Gm Make-Merck , Arsenic Trioxide 500Gm Make-Nice , Calcium Chloride 500Gm Make-Merck , Calcium Chloride 500Gm Make-Nice , Calcium Carbonate 500Gm Make-Nice , Calcium Nitrate Make-Nice , Sodium Sulfite 500Gm Make-Merck , Ammonium Acetate 500Gm Make-Merck , Potassium Dichromate 500Gm Make-Merck , Potassium Dichromate 500Gm Make-Nice , Silver Nitrate Solution 500Ml Make-Merck , Silver Nitrate Solution 500Ml Make-Nice , Silver Nitrate 25Gm Make-Merck , Siver Nitrate 10Gm Make-Nice , Ammonium Heptamolybdate 100Gm Make-Merck , Ammonium Heptamolybdate 100Gm Make-Nice , Ammonium Thiocyanate 500Gm Make-Merck , Potassium Hexacyanoferrate Iii 500Gm Make-Nice , Potous Alum 500Gm Make-Nice , Potous Alum 500Gm Make-Merck , Sodium Bismuthate 25Gm Make-Nice , Dimethylglyoxime 100Gm Make-Merck , Potassium Chromate 500Gm Make-Merck , Potassium Chromate 500Gm Make-Nice , Nesslers Reagent 125Ml Make-Nice , Sodium Nitroprusside 100Gm Make-Merck , Sodium Nitroprusside 100Gm Make-Nice , Nitric Acid 500Ml Make-Merck , Sulfuric Acid 500Ml Make-Merck , Hydrochloric Acid 500Ml Make-Merck , Ammonia Solution 500Ml Make-Merck , Acetic Acid Glacial 500Ml Make-Merck , Lab Chemical 500 Ml , Fusion Tube , Condenser Leibig Drip Trp 400Ml Make-Riviera , Blue Glass Round , Filtering Flask 500Ml Make-Borosil Glass , Buchner Funnelmake-Borosil Glass , Potassium Permanganate 500Gm Make-Merck , Boric Acid Poder 500Gm Make-Merck , Anilin 500Ml Make-Merck , Acetone 500Ml Make-Merck , Glycerol 500Ml Make-Merck , Chloroform 500Ml Make-Merck , Di-Sodium Tetraborate (Borax) 500Gm Make-Merck , Oxalic Acid 500Gm Make-Merck , Citric Acid 500Gm Make-Merck , Sodium Sulfate 500Gm Make-Merck , Sucrose 500Gm Make-Merck , Potassium Sulfate 500Gm Make-Merck , Glycine 500Gm Make-Merck , Manganese Ii Sulfate 500Gm Make-Merck , Sodium Acetate 500Hm Make-Merck , Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate 500Gm Make-Merck , Iodine Resublimed 100Gm Make- Merck , Iodine Solution 125Ml Make-Nice , Iodine 25Gm Make-Nice , Phenololptthaline 1% 125Ml Make-Merck , Sodium Nitrite 500Gm Make-Merck , Benzoic Acid 500Gm Make-Merck , Methylene Blue 125Ml Make--Merck , Methyl Orange 125Ml Make-Merck , Blow Pipe , Calcium Nitrate 500Gm Make Merck , Ammonium Iron Ii Sulfate 500Gm Make-Merck , Di -Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate 500Gm Make-Merck , Charcoal Block , Sodium Chloride 500Gm Make-Merck , Sodium Thiosulfate 500Gm Make Merck , Litmus Solution Red 125Ml Make-Nice , Aluminium Metal Powder 250Gm Make-Nice , Zinc Metal A.R 250Gm Make-Nice , 2-Napthol For Synthesis 250Gm , 1- Napthol 100Gm Make-Merck , Gas Droni , Porceling Basine 4 , Kips Apparatus Glass 500Ml Make-Borosil Galss , Melting Point Flask100ml Make-Borosil Glass , Boiling Point Flask 100Ml Make-Borosil Galss , Map Of World Physical 3D , Map Of West Bengal Physical 3D , Trapograpical Sheet , Interior Of Earth Model , Rocks & Volcanic System Model , The Volcanic System Model , Formation Of Earth Model , Glacial Iandscape Model , Model Earth Quake , The Earth Layer Model , Rocks Cycle Model , Fold Moutains Model , Rota Meterfor Geography Instrument , Anemomete Robinson Cup Type With Flash Unit Digital , Baromater With Mercurry Make - Ambala , Rain Gauge (Brass) Make -Ambala , Wind Wane Big Size Make -Ambala , Wet & Dry Thermometer Make -Omsons , Maximum & Minimum Thermometere Make , Wall Thermometere Make - Local Made , Telescope With Tripod Stand Bruss Made Big Seze , Light Test Tablet , Pratical Box (Xi-Xii) , River In Action (Water Cycle) Model , Folds & Faults Model , Slide , Cover Slip(Blue Star) , Compound Microscope Dsh Brand , Sucrose (500 Gm) , Boric Acid (500 Gm) , Magnesium Sulfar (500 Gm) , Potassium Nitrate (500 Gm) , Beaker(250 Gm) , Glass Rod , Ph Paper , Magnifying Glass , Distillated Water 5 Ltr , Euphorbia(Speciman) , Kangaroo Rat(Speciman) , Hydrilla (Speciman) , Vallisneria (Speciman) , Water Hyacinath(Speciman) , Typha (Speciman) , Rohu Fish (Speciman) , Dissecting Microscope , Forcef , Needle , Measuring Cylinder 250 Ml , Wire Gauge With Asbestors , Tripod Stand , Bunsen Burner , Spirit Lamp , Thissel Funnel , Filter Paper , Petridish 4 , Chemical Balance , Weight Box 100 Gm , Dropper , Methelyne Blue 125 Ml , Glycerol 500 Ml , Meter Scale , Scissors , Paraffin Tray , Biology Box(Big) , Chloroform 500 Ml , Formaldehyde 500 Ml , Thermometer 250 Ml , Strach Powder 500 Gm , Potassiuim Iodide 100Gm , Conical Flask Wide Mouth 250 Ml , Blotting Paper , Tt Tube , Test Tube Stand , Pipette25 Ml , Cotton 450 Gm , Glass Rod , Iodine Solution 100 Ml , Tag , Ascaris (Slide) , Entaamoeba(Slide) , Buffer Capsuls Ph4 , Safranine 125 Ml , T.S Of Testis (Slide) , T.S. Of Overy (Slide) , Grassofer Testis (Slide) , Meiosis In Onion (Slide) , Blastula (Slide) , Enamel Tray , Plasmodium (Slide) , Ringworm (Slide) , Opuntia (Speciman) , Ammeter (0.5-3) Make -Oxford , Ammeter (0.5-3) Make- Ambala Made , Miliammeter (1000) Make - Oxford , Volt Meter (0-5) Volt Make-Ambala Made , Voltmeter (0-5) Volt Make -Oxford , Micro Ammeter Make -Ambala Made , Micro Ammeter Make - Oxford , Mili Voltmeter Make Ambala Made , Mili Voltmeter Make Oxford , Galvano Meter (30-0-30) Make Ambala Made , Galvano Meter (30-0-30) Make Oxford , Plug Comutator , Multimeter Digital , Multimeter Digital , Multimeter Digital , Wire Cutter , Plus , Laclance Cell Set , Meter Bridge (Segun Wooden) , Meter Bridge (Gammary Wooden) , Meter Bridge (Ply Wood) , Potentiometer (Segun Wooden) , Potentiometer (Gammary Wooden) , Potentiometer (Ply Wooden) , Resistance Box(0-50) Ohms , Resistance Box(0-500) Ohms , Resistance Box (0-5000) Ohms , Resistance Box (0-10000) Ohms , Tap Key Single , Tap Key Dubble , Travelling Microscope Heavy Quality Make-Ambla Made , Travelling Microscope Medium Quality , Travelling Microscope Heavy Quality Make-Orbit , Rheoscope 25 Ohms 10 Long , Rheoscope 200 Ohms 12 Long , Plug Key One Way , Plug Key Two Way , Plug Key Three Way , Resistance Coli 1,2,3,10,15,20 Ohms,/Pcs , Battery Eliminator (0-12Volt) 1Amp , Battery Eliminator (0-12Volt) 3Amp , Battery Eliminator (0-12 Volt) Heavy Duty ,1Amp , Battery Eliminator (0-12Volt) Heavy Duty , 3Amp , Carbone Resistance 50Pcs , Optical Bench Double Rod 1.5Mt (Brass) , Sonometer Heavy Type , Sonometer Medium Type , Sloted Weight 500Gm , Sloted Weight 1Kg , Bread Board , Convex Lense , Concave Lense , Convexmirror , Concavemirror , Battery Box Capacity 4Battery , A.C Source Power Supply , Ohms Law Apparatous Digital With Power Supply , Ohms Law Apparatous Anglo Without Power Supply , P.N Junction Diode Set Digital , Zener Diode Set Digital , Pnp & Npntransister Digital , Prism 50X50 (2) Big Size , Glass Slab 4 100X60x10mm , Hairs Pin 2.5 Size , Board Pin 1Box , Wooden Board 12X18 , Slide Clipers Ime Type Make -Ss Made , Slide Clipers Ime Type Make -Brass Made , Screw Gauge 0-25Mm Make - Brass Made , Screw Gauge 0-25Mm Make - Ss Made , Spherometer Double Ss Made , Spherometer Double Brass Made , Simple Pendulam Stand With Bob , Resonance Column Apparatous Make Brass Made , Resonance Column Apparatous Make Ss Made , Stocks Law (Viscosity ) Apparatous , Youngs Modulus Simple Method , Stop Watch Digital , Glycerol 2.54 Itr For Stocks Law Apparatous , Tunning Fork 7 Set , Connecting Wire 1 Coil , Surface Tention Apparatous Capillery Method , Colorimeter For Hipsometer , Colling Curve Apparatoud , Helical Spring Appartous Without Weight , Loose Weight 10Gm Set , Loose Weight 20Gm Set , Loose Weight 50Gm Set , Inclined Plain And Fraction Apparatoud , Bouls Law Apparatous Without Mercrry , Murcurry 1Kg , Thermometer 110Digree , Rubber Cork 6 No , Bar Magnet 2 , Ring & Ball Apparatus , Rubber Hammer , Rubber Pad , Digital Balance (0.01Gm) 500Gm , Digital Balance (0.1Gm) Kern Make Riviera Cat 1007 0500 , Chemical Blance Duble Pan 100Gm , Weight Box , Burette Stand (Retort Stand) Make Polylab , Burette Stand Iron With Clamp- , Burette 50Ml Glass Taplon , Burette 50Ml Glass Stopper , Burette 50Ml Plastic , Burette Clamp Plastic Make Polylab , Bunsen Burnner , Spirit Lamb Ss , Tripod Stand , Wire Gauge , Wash Bottle 250Ml Make Polylab , Wash Bottle 500Ml Make Polylab , Volumetric Flask 250Ml Make Borosil Glass , Volumetric Flask 250Ml Make -Riviera , 710086 , Volumetric Flask 500Ml Make Borosil Glass , Volumetric Flask 500Ml Make Riviera, Cat 7100090 , Volumetric Flask 100Ml Make Borosil Glass , Volumetric Flask 00Ml Make Riviera, Cat 7100080 , Funnel 3 Make Borosil Glass , Funnel 3 Make Riviera , Test Tube Holder , Testtube 15X125,72Pcs/Pack With Rim Make Borosil Glass , Tongs 6 Ss Made , Tongs 6 Brass Made , Conical Flask 250Ml Make Borosil Glass , Conical Flask 250Ml Makerivieracat 7140036 , Conical Flask500ml Make Borosil Glass , Conical Flask500ml Make Riviera Cat 7140044 , Beaker 100Ml Make Borosil Glass , Beaker 100Ml Make Reviera Cat 7010024 , Beaker 250Ml Make Borosil Glass , Beaker 250Ml Riviera Cat 7010036 , Beaker 500Ml Make Borosil Glass , Beaker 500Ml Make Riviera Cat 7010044 , Pipette Volumetric 5Ml Make 7270055 , Pipette Volumetric 10Ml Make Riviera Cat 7270060 , Pipette Volumetric 25 Ml Make Riviera Cat 7270070 , Graduated Pipette 5Ml Make Borosil Glass , Graduated Pipette 10Ml Make Borosil Glass , Graduated Pipette 1Ml Borosil Glass , Gratuated Pipette 2Ml Make Borosil Glass , Measuring Cylinder 50Ml Make Borosil Glass , Measuring Cylinder 100Ml Make Borosil Glass , Measuring Cylinder 250Make Borosil Glass , Measuring Cylinder 500Ml Make Borosil Glass , Measuring Cylinder 1000Ml Make Borosil Glass , Separating Funnel 250Ml Make Borosil Glass , Separating Funnel 500Ml Make Borosil Glass , Reagent Bottle 125Ml Make Borosil Glass , Reagent Bottle 250Ml Make Borosil Glass , Reagent Bottle 500Ml Make Borosil Glass , R/B Flask 250Ml Make Borosil Glass , R/B Flask 500Ml Make Borosil Glass , Flat Bottom Flask 250 Make Riviera Cat 2171136 , Petri Dish 3 Make Riviera 7150042 , Capillary Tube , Specific Garvity Bottlt 25Ml , Weing Bottle 10Ml , Glass Rod , Glass Pipe , Woulf Bottle 500Ml , Dropper With Treat , Morter & Pastel4 , Morter & Pastel3 , Filter Paper 9Cm , Filter Paper 11Cm , Platinum Wire , Litmass Paper Red Make Indica Brand , Litmass Paper Blue Make Indica Brand , Ph Paper 1-10 Make Merck , Test Tube Stand 6 Holes Make Poly Lab , Pipette Stand Make Polylab Cat 19102 , Test Tube Brush , Thermometer 110 , Distilled Water 6Ltr , Spatula Plastic , Gloves 1Pair , Lab Coat , Safety Goggles Make Tarsons , Dropping Bottle 125 Ml Make Polylab , Pipette Pump 25Ml Make Poly Lab , Tissue Paper Roll , Tissue Paper Roll Make -Safex , Automic Model , Periodic Table Chart , Nickel Ii - Sulphate 100Gm Make -Srl Cat 61397 , Cobalt Ii Chloride 100Gm Make - Nice Cat - 125117 , Zinc Sulphide 98% 25Gm , Zink Sulphate - 99% 500Gm Make -Nice Cat Z10528 , Iron Ii Sulphate Make Merck , Lead Acetate 500Gm Make - Nice Cat -L 10129 , Copper Ii Sulfate 500Gm Make - Merck , Copper Ii Chloride 500Gm Make - Merck , Copper Ii Chloride 500Gm Make - Nice , Barium Chloride 500Gm Make Merck , Potassium Idide 100Gm Make Merck , Tracing Table With Light , Topo Sheel No 73-J/6 R.F -1:50000-(73-J/5,73-J/8, 73-J/12,73-E/16) , Weather Report Map - Moonsoon, Pre-Moonsoon,Post-Moonsoon Condition , Barometre , Hygrometer , Rocks & Minerals- Big Speicimen -Granite ,Nis, ,Basalt,Conglomarate,Quartz,Mica,Feldper,Igneous,Sedimentary&Metamorphine Rock- Different Speimen , Weaight Mechine , Iodine Solution , Dilute Hcl , Methylin Blue , Compound Student Microscope (Olynpas) , Glases Slide (Blue Star) , Biology Box Standar , Measuring Cylinder 25Ml , Test Tube (Borosil) , Test Tube Holder , Petridish (Polythene) , Watch Glass , Forceps , Yeast , Mitosis Cell Division , Vorious Specimen Of Zopology And Botani , Microscope Simple , T.S Sunflower , T.S Cucurbita Stem , T.S Maizestem , T.S Of Pea Rot (Dicot) , Cellv Division Onion Bud Cell , Jar Specimen (Zoology)I)Fasciolasap ,Ii)Ascaris Sp (Male+Female),Iii)Hirudinaria, Iv)Macrobrachium Sp,V)Larva Of Silknaum, Vi)Qeen Bees,Drone Bees,Warke Bees, Vii)Pile Globosa ,Viii)Asteria Sp Ix)Scoliodom Sp, X)Labeo Rolita (M+F), Xi) Hymidacty Tus Sp , Permanent Slide Box I)Humanblood ,Ii) Fog Blood, Iii)Malaria Disease, Iv) Dengue Disease , Glass Beakers 100Ml , Glass Beakers 200Ml , Glass Bearkers 500 Ml , Plastic Bearkers 200Ml 5 , Compound Microscopes , Jonus Green , Sufranine , Litmus Papers Blue ,Red , Glycerin , Bell Jars , Thermofleske , Hand Glouses 10Boxeschart-I)Flow Charts - For Life Processes,Digestion ,Respiration, Excretion 2)Weight Macline, 3)Mendal Theorios, 4)Plant Cell, 5)Animal Cell, 6)Food Webs , 7)Ecological Pyranids, 8) Model-I)Mans Human Eye, Ii)Animal Cell, Iii)Working Modelof Human Respiratory, Iv)Plant Cell , V)Human Heart, Vi)Dna Working Model, Vii)Human Brain Viii) Somple Microscope 5Piece , Kieps Apparatus ( Borosili Cat) , Sodium Nitropruside 100Gg/500G , Ferric Choloride 20G , Yellow Ammonium Sulphide , Nesslers Reagent , Acetic Acide (500Ml) , Hydrogen Peroxide (500Ml) , Hno3+Hcl+H2so4+(Concentrale )2.5 Litre , Starch , Distilled Water , Platinum Wire , Table (6X3) , Boirax ,Boric Acide (Solid) , Platinum 100P (For Borax Beedtest) , Gas Lighter , Almirah(6X3x1.5) , Bunsen Barner , Dropper , Sodium Thiosulphate , Mohrs Salt , Oxalic Acid , Sodium Carbonate,Sodium Hydroxide , Wolf Bottle, U, Tube , Aniline Phenol , Sodium Nitrite , Potassium Permanganate Patassium Dichromate, Potassium Ferrocyanide , Manganese Dioxide, Asmmonium Thiocynate , Methylin Blue , Ammonium Hydroxide , Carbon Telrachlorde , Silver Nitrate ,Ki(Potassium Iodide),Potossium Chromate , Methanol 500Ml , Ethanol 500Ml , Bleaching Powder , Canvex/Concave Lens , Thremometer , Slide Callipers (Brass) , Screw Gauge (Brass) , Spring Balance , Plane Mirror , Pendulum Set (Iron) , Pendulum Bob , Youngs Modulus By Searles , Bar Magnet , Turnning Fork Set , Resonant Fork Set , Resonant Air Column , Ieclanche Cell , Rheostat Low Resistance , Ammeter 0-3 Amp , Galvanometer , Hairpin , Glass Slab , Board , Prism , To Find Focal Lenth Of Convex Lens Using Convex Lerse , Betlery Box , Plug Meter , Volt Meter , Barlow Wheel , Magnetic Needle , Viltameter (Electrolysis) , Telescope , Iodine Solution , Phenol Red (125) , Vasline (500 Mg) , Dilute Hcl , Ph Tablet , Methylin Blue , 1% Ch3cooh , Compound Student Microscope (Olympus) , Glases Slide (Blue-Star) , Cover Slip (Blue-Star, Sqr.) , Biology Box (Stemdard) , Measuring Cylinder (25Ml) , Test Tube (Borosil) , Test Tube Holder , Petridish (Polythene) , Watch Glass , Forceps , Small Beaker , Yeast , Mitosis Cell Division , Balanoblossus , Amphyoxus , Various Specimen Of Zoology And Botany , Microscope Simple , T.S. Of Sunflower , T.S Of Cucurbitastem , T.S. Of Maizestem , T.S. Of Pea Root (Dicot) , (Cell Division) Onion Bud Cell , Pheritima Sp , Pheritima Sp (Male + Female) , Fasciola Sp , Ascaris Sp (Male + Female) , Hirudinaria Sp , Macrobrchium Sp , Larva Of Silkworm , A) Queen Bees, B) Drone Bees, C) Warke Bees , Pila Globosa , Asteria Sp , Scoliodon Sp , Labeo Rohita (Male + Female) , Hymidactylus Sp , Amoea Sp , Hydra Sp , Slide Callipers (Brass) , Screw Gauge (Brass) , Convex / Concave Lens , Spring Balance , Plane Mirror , Pendulum Set (Wooden) 1 M , Pendulum Set (Iron) , Pendulum Bob , Youngs Modulus By Searles , Hno3 , Caustic Soda , Thermometer , Bar Magnet , Tunning Fork Set , Resonant Air Column , Leclanche Cell , Rheostat Low Resistance , Ammeter 0-3 Amp , To Find Focal Length Of Convex Lens Using Convex Lens , Hairpin , Glass Slab , Board , Prism , Ac To Dc Converter With 5 Or More Different Pd , Battery Box , Plug Key , Volt Meter , Barlow Wheel , Magnetic Needle , Voltameter ( Electrolysis) , Telescope , Ammonium Sulphate 500 , Cu- Turning 100 , Distilled Water , Filter Paper , Hno3 + Hcl + H2so4 (Concentrate) 2.5 Litre Each , Iron Nitrate , Lead Nitrate , Litmus Paper , Methylin Blue , Nesslers Reagent 125 , Phenopthalin , Ph Paper , Burette , Burrete Stand With Clamp , Measuring Cylinder Glass 10 Ml , Spirit Lamp Ss , Test Tube Stand , Table (6 X 3) (Wooden) , Almirah (6 X 3 X 1.5) , Diagonal Scale (Plastic) , Rain Gauge , Wet & Dry Bulb Thermometer , Hygrometer , Tracing Table , Tracing Board , Barometer , Steel Wall Hanger Map Stand-Short Length & Long Length , Wet & Dry Hygrometer , Max. And Min. Thermometer , Weather Wall Map (12 Months) , 3-D Model Flood & Faults , Wall Map , Bio Diversity Map Of India , Irrigation System Map , Land Use Pattern Map Of India , Flexible Curve (Set) , Telescope , Burette Stand Iron With Clamp , Cobalt Nitrate , Laboratory Wooden Table With Reagent Rack , Gas Pipeline & Basin ( Size - 8X4x26), Paint Colour With Acid Proof Coating

Key Value

Document Fees
INR 4800 /-
INR 32000.0 /-
Tender Value
INR 16 Lakhs /-

BOQ Items

Name of Work: Supplying and Installation of Science equipment and materials for Science Lab for i) Taranipur High School.Ii) Nazirpur Sarada Balika Vidyalaya.Iii) Debnathpur Sarat Sarkar High School.Iv) Natna High School. Under Tehatta-I Development Block. Under BADP.
Sl. No. Item Description
1Spherometer -Dubble disc, trangule stand fitted with body (is not screw type), made by non magnetic metal (Sampling Required)
2Grevsandof forces Apparatus :- 36""x23"" teak ply board panelled on tak wood frame . Colmplete with two bracketswith pulles and three pans with weights,complete set . (Sampling Required)
3Young"s Modulus Apparatus Vernier method :- Brass body with hanger ,dead weight , suspension , arrangement ,wire etc.(Sampling Required)
4Force Constant Apparatus :- The springs is made with high tensile steel and is 25 cms. Long and 2cm diameter .(Sampling Required)
5Boyle"s Law Apparatus :-Take wood with metal base with levellig screws with two alluminium metal rods One brass slider for graduated burette and another brass slider for mercury reservoir - coplete with glass parts and superior quality rubber tubingswith mercury .(Sampling Required )
6Sonometer:- Size of the resonance box is 48""x8""x4"" - top finished with teak wood sliding jockey fitted with transparent perspex plate- complete with two hangers ,brass and steel wire. (Sampling Requred )
7Viscosity apparatus:-2" dia x 1 meter long borosil glass tube on heavy metal base with teak wood stand,Arrangement for lifting of metal balls with capturing rod fitted with neet complete set .
8Meter Brigde :-CP Teak wood 45"x6"x2" base with heavy gauge non -magnetic brass strips superior quality jockey (Not pre type ) having phos-phor bronze contact - fitted with 8mm brass rod (Non-magnetic) with gaps .(Sampling Required)
9Potentiometer:- CP Take wood 46""x8""x1"" base with heavy gauge non-magnetic brass strips superior quality jockey ( Not Pern type ) having phor bronze contac - fitted with 8mm bross rod (Non-magnetic) jockey slides on brass rod - resistance 20ohms approximately . (Sampling Required)
10Galvanometer :-SSD 30-0-30 fitted on bake light stand moving coil with good quality jewel and magnet fitted with core current capacity 20 micro/division. (Sampling Required)
11Power Supply :- Digital Dc power Supply 1.2 Volt -12 volt-1Amp with fine and Coarse controller with in built FUSE operated for student saf ty . Band- Micro Control Systems or equivalent. Six month replacement warrantee. (Sampling required)
12Milli- Ammeter (0-1000mAmp) :- FSD 0-1000mAmp fitted on Bakelight stand moving coil with good quality jewel and maganet fitted with core . (Sampling Required)
13Ammeter (0-5Amp) :- FSD 0-5Amp fitted on bake light stand moving coil with good quqlity jewel and magnet fitted with core . (Sampling Required)
14Milli-Voltmetere (0-1000m volt) :-FSD 0-1000m Volt fitted on Bakelight stand moving coil with good quality jewel and magnet fitted with core .(Sampling Required)
15Voltmetere (0-50Volt) :- SSD 0-50 Volt fitted on Bakelight stand moving coil with good quality jewel and magnet fitted with core. (Sampling Required)
16Digital Multimeter :-Digital Multimeter reputed company . (Sampling Required)
17Rheostat (0-50ohms) :- Non magneticheavytype oxidized Eureka wire ,contacts slides over square shaped brass rod , metal legs fitted ,wooden base ,1.5"" dia porcelain tube .(Sampling Required)
18Resistance Box (0-10ohm) :-Coil made from constant wire double wound on obonitebobbin , plugs are interchangeable ,electro plated brass blocks , values areengraved on box top of polished bakelite sheet . Range 0-10ohms , no . Of coils 05nos , total 20ohms. (Sampling Required)
19Jockey :- Heavy type metal jockey (Not pen type) slides on brass rod in Meter Bridge.(Sampling Required)
20Jockey :- Heavy type metal jockey (Not pen type) slides on brass rod in Potentiomeyter.(Sampling Required)
21Leclanche"s Cell :- Complete with charged heavy type porous pot, with glass jar, heavy type 12mm Zinc ,rod.(Sampling Required)
22Leclanche"s Cell :- Complete with charged heavy type porous pot, with glass jar, heavy type 12mm Zinc ,rod.(Sampling Required)
23Daniel cell :- Copper pot with perforated shelf and brass terminal, heavy type empty porous pot, heavy type 12mm Zinc rod (Sampling Required)
24Plug Commutator :- On ebonite base ,four way type , circular brass ring and nickel plated terminals. ( Sampling Requiried)
25Optical Bench (Metal) :- 1.5meter long ,all accessories are polished nickel on brass rod , fitted on metal rails of 1.5""x1"" size ,with travelling screws complete with universal lens holder ,two pins, candle holder , screen holder also cross wire.
26P-N Junction Diode :-Digital display 2000m V capacity volt volt meter with digital 20mA capacity Mili-ammeter, 9volt capacity DC power source with variable resistance circuit with in built FUSE OPERATED FOR STUDENT SAFTY . Band -Micro control Systems or equivalent .Six month replacement warrantee. (Sampling Required)
27Zenner Diode :- Digital display 0-2 volt capacity volt meter with digital 0-20mA capacity milli-ammeter , 9voltcapacity DC power source with variabe resistance circuit with in built FUSE operated for student safty . Band - Micro Control Systems or equivalent . Six month replacement warrantee. ( Sampling Required)
28Transistor Characteristics with Regulated Power Supply :- Two digital display current metere range 2000mA and 20mA andtwo digital voltage Display meter range 2000mV and 20V , with NPN and PNP transistor circuit display,voltage operatorupto 0-2000m V , DC output 0-20volt, Voltage set 0-20volt . Band-Micro Control Systems or equivvlent . Six month replacement warrantee. (Sampling Required)
29Lens :- Well edged and highly polished surface accurate focal length 20cm FL
30Mirror :- Optically worked protective coating back Dia 75mm
31Microscope Compound (HAS) Fixed condensor Make-DSH Brand
32Compound Microscope HAS Make-Olympus , Model No-MH 100
33Dissecting Microscope Make-Ajoy
34Slide 75x25 Thicness 1.00mm 50pcs/Pack Make-Riviera
35Cover Slip 18x18mm (Squre) Make-Blue Star
36Cover Slip 18x18mm (Round) Make-Blue Star
37Petri Dish 80x17mm Make-Riviera
38Watch Glass 3"" Make-Borosilicate glass
39Test Tube 5x5/8 72pcs/pack Make-Borosilicate glass
40Test Tube 15x 125mm with Rim Hard glassMake -Riviera
41Test Tube Stand 6 Holes Make-Polylab
42Compound Microscope -Olympus
43C X 23 Biological Microscope - (Destgned to Improve Educational Microscope - Olympus
45Chart For Biology
46Gram"s Safranine 125ml Make-Merck
47Benedict"s reagent (Qualitative) 500mlMake-Merck
48Fehling"s Solution A 500mlMake-Merck
49Fehling"s Solution B 500ml Make-Merck
50Iodine solution 1% W/V 125ml Make-Merck
51Copper Sulfate 500ml Make-Nice
52pH indicator paper 1-10, Roll Make-Merck
53Distilled Water 5 Ltr Jar Make-Local
54Blotting Paper
55Sucrose 500gm Make-Merck
56Chloroform 500ml Make-Merck
57Sudan II 25gm Make-Nice
58Sudan III 25gm Make-Nice
59Acetone 500ml Make-Merck
60Acetic acid 500ml Make-merck
61Hydrochloric acid 500ml Make-Merck
62Nitric acid 500ml Make-Merck
63Sulfuric acid 500ml make-merck
64Slide Box 100 capacity Make-Polylab
65Biology Box
66Model DNA for education
67Absorbent cotton 400gm
68Ph capsul (ph-4.00) Make-Merck
69Ph capsul (ph-7.00) Make-merck
70Ph capsul (ph-9.00) Make-Merck
72Sudan III 25gm
74Acetone 500ml
75Starch Powder 500gm
76Glacial Acefic Acid (N/10) Solution
77Acctic Acid
79Starch solution
80Fehling"sA Soulution
81Fehling " SB Solution
82Buffer Solution
84XnathyArol Solution
85Acid:- Sulpho salicylic Acid
86Stain :-i) Methylene Blue
87ii) Eosin
88iii) Leishman"s Stain
89iv)crystal violet
92vii) Light Green
93viii) Cotton blue
94ix) Aceto carmine
95x) Aceto orccin
96Reagant :- i) Mgso4
97ii) KNO3
98iii) Kl
99Cocl2 (Cobalt Cloride )
100Urease Tablet
101Slide Specimen :-i) T.S of Orary (Human)
102ii)T.S of Testis(Human)
103iii) T.S of blastula
104iv) Slide Specimen of plasmodim vivax
105v) Entamoeba Sp.
106vi) Amoeba Sp.
107vii) Hydra Sp.
108viii) Spirogyro Sp.
109Digital Balance (0.01gm) 500gm
110Weight Box 100gm
111Burette stand (retort Stand) Make-Polylab
112Burette 50ml with Taplon
113Burette 50ml galss stopper
114Burette 50ml Plastic
115Burette clamp Plastic Make- Polylab
116Bunsen burnner
117Spirit Lamp SS
118Tripod Stand
119Wire gauge
120Wash bottle 250ml Make-Polylab
121Volumetric Flaks 250ml make borosil glass
122Volumetric Flask500ml Make-Borosil glass
123Volumetric flask 100ml Make-Borosil glass
124Funnel 3"" Make-Borosil glass
125Test tube holder
126Test tube 15x125 ,72pcs/ pack with Rim Make-Borosil glass
127Tongs 6"" SS made
128Conical Flask250ml Make-Borosil glass
129Conical Flask500ml Make-Borosil glass
130Beaker 100ml Make-Borosil glass
131Beaker 250ml Make-Borosil glass
132Beaker 500ml Make-Borosil glass
133Pipette Volumetric 5ml Make-72700 55
134Pipette Volumetric 10ml Make-Riviera cat-72700 60
135Pipette Volumetric 25ml Make-Riviear Cat-72700 70
136Graduated pipette 5ml Make Borosil galss
137Graduated pipette 10ml Make-Borosil glass
138Graduated pipette 1ml Make-Borosil glass
139Graduated pipette 2ml Make-Borosil glass
140Measuring Cylinder 100ml Make-Borosil glass
141Measuring Cylinder 250ml Make-Borosil glass
142Measuring Cylinder 500ml Make-Borosil glass
143Measuring Cylinder 1000ml Make-Borosil glass
144Separating Funnel 250ml Make-Borosil glass
145Separating Funnel 500ml Make-Borosil glass
146Reagent Bottle 125ml Make-Borosil glass
147Reagent Bottle 250ml Make-Borosil glass
148Reagent Bottle 500ml Make-Borosil glass
149R/B flask 250ml Make-Borosil glass
150R/B flask 500ml Make-Borosil glass
151Flat Bottom Flask 250ml Make-Riviera cat-21711 36
152Petri dish 3"" Make-Riviera 71500 42
153Capillary Tube
154Specific Garvity bottle 25ml
155Weing Bottle 10ml
156Glass Rod
157Glass pipe
158Woulf bottle 500ml
159Dropper With Treat
160Morter & pastel 4""
161Morter & pastel 3""
162Filter Paper 9cm
163Filter Paper 11cm
164Platinum Wire
165Litmass paper Red Make-Indica Brand
166Litmass paper Blue Make-Indica Brand
167Ph Paper 1-10 Make-Merck
168Test tube stand 6 holes Make-polylab
169pipette stand Make-polylab cat-79102
170Test Tube Brush
171Thermometer 110
172Distilled water 5 Ltr
173Spatula plastic
174Gloves 1 pair
175Lab Coat
176Safety Goggles Make-Tarsons
177Pipette pump 25ml Make-plylab
178Tissue Paper Roll
179Tissue Paper Roll Make-Safex
180Automic Model
181Periodic Table Chart
182Nickel II-sulphate 100gm Make-SRL-cat-61397
183Cobalt II Chloride 100gm Make-Nice cat-C12517
184Zinc Sulphide 98% 250gm Make-Nice cat-Z10528
185Zinc Sulphate-99%500gmMake-Nice Cat-Z10788
186Iron II Sulphate Make-Merck
187Lead Acetate 500gm Make-Nice Cat-L10129
188Copper II Sulfate 500gm Make- Merck,
189Copper II Chloride 500gm Make-Merck
190Copper chloride 500gm Make-Nice
191Barium Chloride 500gm Make-Merck
192Potassium Iodide 100gm Make-Nice
193Sodium Sulfide Flakes 500 gm Make-Nice
194Sodium Hydroxide pellets 500gm Make-Merck
195Ammonium Chloride 500gm Make-Merck
196Manganese Ii Sulfate 500gm Make-Merck
197Calcium Oxalate 250gm Make-Nice
198Sodium Carbonate 500gm Make-Merck
199Strontium Nitrate 500gm Make-Merck
200Magnesium Chloride 500gm Make-Merck
201Arsenic Trioxide 500gm Make-Nice
202Calcium Chloride 500gm Make-Merck
203Calcium Chloride 500gm Make-Nice
204Calcium carbonate 500gm Make-Nice
205Calcium Nitrate Make-Nice
206Sodium Sulfite 500gm Make-Merck
207Ammonium Acetate 500gm Make-Merck
208Potassium Dichromate 500gm Make-Merck
209Potassium Dichromate 500gm Make-Nice
210Silver Nitrate Solution 500ml Make-Merck
211Silver Nitrate Solution 500ml Make-Nice
212Silver Nitrate 25gm Make-Merck
213Siver Nitrate 10gm Make-Nice
214Ammonium Heptamolybdate 100gm Make-Merck
215Ammonium Heptamolybdate 100gm Make-Nice
216Ammonium Thiocyanate 500gm Make-Merck
217Potassium Hexacyanoferrate III 500gm Make-Nice
218Potous Alum 500gm Make-Nice
219Potous Alum 500gm Make-Merck
220Sodium Bismuthate 25gm Make-Nice
221Dimethylglyoxime 100gm Make-Merck
222Potassium Chromate 500gm Make-Merck
223Potassium Chromate 500gm Make-Nice
224Nessler"s reagent 125ml Make-Nice
225Sodium Nitroprusside 100gm Make-Merck
226Sodium Nitroprusside 100gm Make-Nice
227Nitric Acid 500ml Make-Merck
228Sulfuric Acid 500ml Make-Merck
229Hydrochloric Acid 500ml Make-Merck
230Ammonia Solution 500ml Make-Merck
231Acetic Acid Glacial 500ml Make-Merck
232Lab Chemical 500 ml
233Fusion Tube
234Condenser Leibig Drip Trp 400ml Make-Riviera
235Blue Glass Round
236Filtering Flask 500ml Make-Borosil Glass
237Buchner FunnelMake-Borosil Glass
238Potassium Permanganate 500gm Make-Merck
239Boric Acid Poder 500gm Make-Merck
240Anilin 500ml Make-Merck
241Acetone 500ml Make-Merck
242Glycerol 500ml Make-Merck
243Chloroform 500ml Make-Merck
244di-Sodium tetraborate (Borax) 500gm Make-Merck
245Oxalic acid 500gm Make-Merck
246Citric acid 500gm Make-Merck
247Sodium sulfate 500gm Make-Merck
248Sucrose 500gm Make-Merck
249Potassium sulfate 500gm Make-Merck
250Glycine 500gm Make-Merck
251Manganese Ii Sulfate 500gm Make-Merck
252Sodium acetate 500hm Make-Merck
253Sodium hydrogen carbonate 500gm Make-Merck
254Iodine Resublimed 100gm Make- Merck
255Iodine solution 125ml Make-Nice
256Iodine 25gm Make-Nice
257Phenololptthaline 1% 125ml Make-Merck
258Sodium nitrite 500gm Make-Merck
259Benzoic acid 500gm Make-Merck
260Methylene blue 125ml Make--Merck
261Methyl Orange 125ml Make-Merck
262Blow pipe
263Calcium Nitrate 500gm Make Merck
264Ammonium Iron II sulfate 500gm Make-Merck
265Di -Sodium hydrogen phosphate 500gm Make-Merck
266Charcoal block
267Sodium chloride 500gm Make-Merck
268Sodium Thiosulfate 500gm Make Merck
269Litmus solution red 125ml Make-Nice
270Aluminium metal powder 250gm Make-Nice
271Zinc Metal A.R 250gm Make-Nice
2722-Napthol for synthesis 250gm
2731- Napthol 100gm Make-Merck
274Gas droni
275Porceling basine 4""
276Kips Apparatus Glass 500ml Make-Borosil galss
277Melting Point Flask100ml Make-Borosil Glass
278Boiling point flask 100ml Make-Borosil galss
279Map of World Physical 3D
280Map of west Bengal Physical 3D
281Trapograpical sheet
282Interior of earth Model
283Rocks & Volcanic system Model
284The Volcanic system Model
285Formation of Earth Model
286Glacial Iandscape Model
287Model Earth Quake
288The Earth layer Model
289Rocks Cycle Model
290Fold moutains model
291Rota Meterfor Geography Instrument
292Anemomete robinson Cup type with Flash unit digital
293Baromater with mercurry Make - Ambala
294Rain Gauge (Brass) Make -Ambala
295Wind wane big size Make -Ambala
296Wet & Dry Thermometer Make -OMSONS
297Maximum & Minimum Thermometere Make
298Wall Thermometere Make - Local Made
299Telescope with Tripod stand bruss Made Big Seze
300Light test tablet
301Pratical Box (XI-XII)
302River in action (Water cycle) Model
303Folds & faults Model
305Cover Slip(Blue star)
306Compound Microscope DSH Brand
307Sucrose (500 gm)
308Boric acid (500 gm)
309Magnesium sulfar (500 gm)
310Potassium nitrate (500 gm)
311Beaker(250 gm)
312Glass rod
313pH Paper
314Magnifying glass
315Distillated water 5 ltr
317Kangaroo rat(speciman)
318Hydrilla (Speciman)
319Vallisneria (speciman)
320Water hyacinath(speciman)
321Typha (Speciman)
322Rohu fish (Speciman)
323Dissecting Microscope
326Measuring cylinder 250 ml
327Wire gauge with asbestors
328Tripod stand
329Bunsen burner
330Spirit lamp
331Thissel Funnel
332Filter paper
333Petridish 4""
334Chemical balance
335Weight box 100 gm
337Methelyne blue 125 ml
338Glycerol 500 ml
339Meter scale
341Paraffin Tray
342Biology Box(big)
343Chloroform 500 ml
344Formaldehyde 500 ml
345Thermometer 250 ml
346Strach powder 500 gm
347Potassiuim iodide 100gm
348Conical flask wide mouth 250 ml
349Blotting paper
350Tt tube
351Test tube stand
352Pipette25 ml
353Cotton 450 gm
354Glass rod
355Iodine solution 100 ml
357Ascaris (slide)
359Buffer capsuls pH4
360Safranine 125 ml
361T.S of Testis (Slide)
362T.S. of Overy (Slide)
363Grassofer Testis (slide)
364Meiosis in Onion (slide)
365Blastula (slide)
366Enamel Tray
367Plasmodium (slide)
368Ringworm (slide)
369Opuntia (Speciman)
370Ammeter (0.5-3) Make -Oxford
371Ammeter (0.5-3) Make- Ambala made
372Miliammeter (1000) Make - Oxford
373Volt meter (0-5) volt Make-Ambala made
374Voltmeter (0-5) Volt Make -Oxford
375Micro ammeter Make -Ambala made
376Micro ammeter Make - Oxford
377Mili voltmeter Make Ambala made
378Mili voltmeter Make Oxford
379Galvano meter (30-0-30) Make Ambala made
380Galvano meter (30-0-30) Make oxford
381Plug Comutator
382Multimeter Digital
383Multimeter Digital
384Multimeter Digital
385Wire Cutter
387Laclance Cell Set
388Meter Bridge (Segun Wooden)
389Meter Bridge (Gammary Wooden)
390Meter Bridge (Ply Wood)
391Potentiometer (Segun Wooden)
392Potentiometer (Gammary Wooden)
393Potentiometer (Ply Wooden)
394Resistance Box(0-50) Ohms
395Resistance Box(0-500) Ohms
396Resistance Box (0-5000) Ohms
397Resistance Box (0-10000) Ohms
398Tap Key single
399Tap key Dubble
400Travelling Microscope Heavy Quality Make-Ambla made
401Travelling Microscope Medium Quality
402Travelling Microscope Heavy Quality Make-ORBIT
403Rheoscope 25 Ohms 10"" Long
404Rheoscope 200 Ohms 12"" Long
405Plug Key One Way
406Plug key Two Way
407Plug key Three Way
408Resistance Coli 1,2,3,10,15,20 Ohms,/pcs
409Battery Eliminator (0-12volt) 1Amp
410Battery Eliminator (0-12volt) 3Amp
411Battery Eliminator (0-12 volt) Heavy Duty ,1Amp
412Battery Eliminator (0-12volt) Heavy Duty , 3Amp
413Carbone Resistance 50pcs
414Optical bench double rod 1.5mt (Brass)
415Sonometer heavy type
416Sonometer medium type
417Sloted weight 500gm
418Sloted weight 1kg
419Bread Board
420Convex Lense
421Concave Lense
424Battery Box Capacity 4Battery
425A.C Source Power Supply
426Ohms Law Apparatous Digital with power supply
427Ohms Law Apparatous anglo without power supply
428P.N Junction Diode Set Digital
429Zener Diode Set Digital
430PNP & NPNTransister Digital
431Prism 50x50 (2"") Big size
432Glass Slab 4"" 100x60x10mm
433Hairs pin 2.5"" size
434Board pin 1box
435Wooden Board 12""x18""
436Slide Clipers IME Type make -SS Made
437Slide Clipers IME Type make -Brass Made
438Screw Gauge 0-25mm Make - Brass made
439Screw Gauge 0-25mm Make - SS made
440Spherometer Double ss made
441Spherometer Double Brass made
442Simple pendulam stand with bob
443Resonance Column Apparatous Make Brass made
444Resonance Column Apparatous Make ss made
445Stocks Law (Viscosity ) Apparatous
446youngs Modulus Simple method
447Stop watch Digital
448Glycerol 2.54 Itr for stocks Law Apparatous
449Tunning Fork 7 set
450Connecting wire 1 coil
451Surface tention Apparatous capillery method
452Colorimeter for Hipsometer
453Colling Curve Apparatoud
454Helical spring appartous without weight
455Loose weight 10gm set
456Loose weight 20gm set
457Loose Weight 50gm set
458Inclined Plain and Fraction apparatoud
459Boul"s Law apparatous without mercrry
460Murcurry 1kg
461Thermometer 110digree
462Rubber cork 6 NO
463Bar Magnet 2""
464Ring & ball Apparatus
465Rubber hammer
466Rubber Pad
467Digital balance (0.01gm) 500gm
468Digital balance (0.1gm) KERN Make Riviera cat 1007 0500
469Chemical blance duble pan 100gm
470weight box
471Burette stand (retort stand) Make polylab
472Burette stand iron with clamp-
473Burette 50ml glass taplon
474Burette 50ml glass stopper
475Burette 50ml plastic
476Burette clamp plastic make polylab
477Bunsen Burnner
478Spirit Lamb SS
479Tripod stand
480wire gauge
481Wash bottle 250ml make polylab
482Wash bottle 500ml make polylab
483Volumetric Flask 250ml make borosil glass
484Volumetric Flask 250ml make -riviera , 710086
485Volumetric Flask 500ml make borosil glass
486Volumetric Flask 500ml make riviera, cat 7100090
487Volumetric flask 100ml make borosil glass
488Volumetric Flask 00ml make riviera, cat 7100080
489Funnel 3"" Make Borosil glass
490Funnel 3"" Make Riviera
491Test tube holder
492testtube 15x125,72pcs/pack with Rim make borosil glass
493Tongs 6"" SS made
494Tongs 6"" brass made
495Conical Flask 250ml make Borosil glass
496Conical Flask 250ml makeRivieracat 7140036
497Conical Flask500ml make borosil glass
498Conical Flask500ml make riviera cat 7140044
499Beaker 100ml make borosil glass
500Beaker 100ml make Reviera cat 7010024
501Beaker 250ml make borosil glass
502Beaker 250ml Riviera cat 7010036
503Beaker 500ml make borosil glass
504Beaker 500ml make Riviera cat 7010044
505Pipette Volumetric 5ml make 7270055
506pipette Volumetric 10ml make Riviera cat 7270060
507Pipette Volumetric 25 ml make Riviera cat 7270070
508Graduated pipette 5ml make borosil glass
509Graduated pipette 10ml make borosil glass
510Graduated pipette 1ml borosil glass
511Gratuated pipette 2ml make borosil glass
512Measuring Cylinder 50ml make borosil glass
513Measuring cylinder 100ml make borosil glass
514measuring cylinder 250make borosil glass
515Measuring cylinder 500ml make borosil glass
516Measuring cylinder 1000ml make borosil glass
517Separating Funnel 250ml make borosil glass
518Separating Funnel 500ml make borosil glass
519Reagent Bottle 125ml make borosil glass
520Reagent Bottle 250ml make borosil glass
521Reagent bottle 500ml make borosil glass
522R/B flask 250ml make borosil glass
523R/B flask 500ml make borosil glass
524Flat Bottom Flask 250 make riviera cat 2171136
525Petri dish 3"" make Riviera 7150042
526Capillary Tube
527Specific Garvity bottlt 25ml
528Weing bottle 10ml
529Glass rod
530Glass pipe
531Woulf bottle 500ml
532Dropper With Treat
533Morter & pastel4""
534Morter & pastel3""
535Filter Paper 9cm
536Filter Paper 11cm
537Platinum Wire
538Litmass paper Red Make Indica Brand
539Litmass paper Blue Make Indica Brand
540Ph paper 1-10 Make Merck
541Test tube stand 6 holes make poly lab
542pipette stand make polylab cat 19102
543Test Tube Brush
544Thermometer 110
545Distilled water 6Ltr
546Spatula plastic
547Gloves 1pair
548Lab coat
549Safety Goggles make Tarsons
550Dropping bottle 125 ml make polylab
551Pipette pump 25ml Make poly lab
552Tissue paper Roll
553Tissue paper Roll Make -Safex
554Automic Model
555Periodic Table Chart
556Nickel II - sulphate 100gm make -SRL cat 61397
557Cobalt II Chloride 100gm Make - Nice cat - 125117
558Zinc Sulphide 98% 25gm
559Zink Sulphate - 99% 500gm Make -Nice cat Z10528
560Iron II Sulphate Make Merck
561Lead Acetate 500gm Make - Nice cat -L 10129
562Copper II Sulfate 500gm Make - Merck
563Copper II Chloride 500gm Make - Merck
564Copper II Chloride 500gm Make - Nice
565Barium Chloride 500gm Make Merck
566Potassium Idide 100gm Make Merck
567Tracing Table with light
568Topo Sheel No 73-j/6 R.f -1:50000-(73-j/5,73-j/8, 73-j/12,73-E/16)
569Weather Report Map - Moonsoon, Pre-moonsoon,Post-moonsoon Condition
572Rocks & Minerals- Big Speicimen -Granite ,nis, ,Basalt,Conglomarate,Quartz,Mica,Feldper,Igneous,Sedimentary&Metamorphine Rock- Different Speimen
573Weaight Mechine
574Iodine Solution
575Dilute HCL
576Methylin Blue
577Compound Student Microscope (olynpas)
578Glases Slide (blue star)
579Biology Box Standar
580Measuring Cylinder 25ml
581Test tube (Borosil)
582Test tube holder
583Petridish (polythene)
584Watch Glass
587Mitosis cell Division
588Vorious Specimen of Zopology and Botani
589Microscope Simple
590T.S Sunflower
591T.S Cucurbita stem
592T.S Maizestem
593T.S of pea Rot (Dicot)
594Cellv Division Onion Bud cell
595Jar Specimen (Zoology)i)Fasciolasap ,ii)Ascaris sp (male+female),iii)Hirudinaria, iv)Macrobrachium sp,v)Larva of Silknaum, vi)Qeen Bees,Drone Bees,Warke Bees, vii)Pile Globosa ,Viii)Asteria sp ix)scoliodom sp, x)Labeo Rolita (M+F), xi) Hymidacty tus sp
596Permanent Slide Box i)HumanBlood ,ii) Fog Blood, iii)Malaria disease, iv) Dengue Disease
597Glass Beakers 100ml
598Glass Beakers 200ml
599Glass Bearkers 500 ml
600Plastic Bearkers 200ml 5
601Compound Microscopes
602Jonus green
604Litmus papers blue ,red
606Bell Jars
608Hand Glouses 10boxesChart-i)Flow charts - for life processes,Digestion ,Respiration, Excretion 2)Weight Macline, 3)Mendal Theorios, 4)Plant cell, 5)Animal Cell, 6)Food webs , 7)Ecological pyranids, 8) Model-i)Mans Human Eye, ii)Animal cell, iii)Working modelof human Respiratory, iv)Plant cell , v)Human Heart, vi)DNA Working Model, vii)Human Brain viii) Somple Microscope 5piece
609Kiep"s Apparatus ( borosili cat)
610Sodium nitropruside 100gg/500g
611ferric choloride 20g
612Yellow ammonium sulphide
613Nesslers Reagent
614Acetic acide (500ml)
615Hydrogen Peroxide (500ml)
616Hno3+Hcl+H2SO4+(Concentrale )2.5 litre
618Distilled water
619Platinum wire
620Table (6"x3"")
621Boirax ,Boric acide (solid)
622Platinum 100p (for borax beedtest)
623Gas lighter
625Bunsen Barner
627Sodium thiosulphate
628Mohrs salt
629Oxalic acid
630Sodium Carbonate,Sodium hydroxide
631wolf bottle, U, Tube
632Aniline Phenol
633Sodium nitrite , potassium permanganate patassium dichromate, potassium ferrocyanide
634Manganese dioxide, Asmmonium thiocynate
635Methylin Blue
636Ammonium hydroxide
637Carbon Telrachlorde
638Silver nitrate ,KI(potassium Iodide),potossium chromate
639Methanol 500ml
640Ethanol 500ml
641Bleaching Powder
642Canvex/Concave lens
644Slide Callipers (Brass)
645Screw Gauge (Brass)
646Spring Balance
647Plane Mirror
648Pendulum set (Iron)
649Pendulum Bob
650Young"s Modulus by Searles
651Bar Magnet
652Turnning Fork Set
653Resonant Fork set
654Resonant Air Column
655Ieclanche Cell
656Rheostat low Resistance
657Ammeter 0-3 Amp
660Glass slab
663To find focal lenth of convex lens using convex lerse
664Betlery Box
665plug Meter
666Volt Meter
667Barlow Wheel
668Magnetic Needle
669Viltameter (Electrolysis)
671Iodine Solution
672Phenol Red (125)
673Vasline (500 mg)
674Dilute HCL
675pH Tablet
676Methylin Blue
6771% CH3COOH
678Compound Student Microscope (olympus)
679Glases Slide (Blue-Star)
680Cover Slip (Blue-Star, Sqr.)
681Biology Box (Stemdard)
682Measuring Cylinder (25ml)
683Test Tube (Borosil)
684Test Tube Holder
685Petridish (polythene)
686Watch Glass
688Small Beaker
690Mitosis Cell Division
693Various Specimen of Zoology and Botany
694Microscope Simple
695T.S. of Sunflower
696T.S of Cucurbitastem
697T.S. of Maizestem
698T.S. of Pea Root (Dicot)
699(Cell division) Onion Bud Cell
700Pheritima SP
701Pheritima SP (Male + Female)
702Fasciola SP
703Ascaris SP (Male + Female)
704Hirudinaria SP
705Macrobrchium SP
706Larva of Silkworm
707a) Queen Bees, b) Drone Bees, c) Warke Bees
708Pila Globosa
709Asteria SP
710Scoliodon SP
711Labeo Rohita (Male + Female)
712Hymidactylus SP
713Amoea SP
714Hydra SP
715Slide Callipers (Brass)
716Screw Gauge (Brass)
717Convex / Concave Lens
718Spring Balance
719Plane Mirror
720Pendulum Set (Wooden) 1 M
721Pendulum Set (Iron)
722Pendulum Bob
723Young"s Modulus by Searles
725Caustic Soda
727Bar Magnet
728Tunning Fork Set
729Resonant Air Column
730Leclanche Cell
731Rheostat Low Resistance
732Ammeter 0-3 Amp
733To Find Focal Length of Convex Lens Using Convex Lens
735Glass Slab
738AC to DC Converter with 5 or more different PD
739Battery Box
740Plug Key
741Volt Meter
742Barlow Wheel
743Magnetic Needle
744Voltameter ( Electrolysis)
746Ammonium Sulphate 500
747Cu- Turning 100
748Distilled Water
749Filter Paper
750HNO3 + HCL + H2SO4 (Concentrate) 2.5 litre each
751Iron Nitrate
752Lead Nitrate
753litmus Paper
754Methylin Blue
755Nesslers Reagent 125
757pH Paper
759Burrete Stand with Clamp
760Measuring Cylinder Glass 10 ml
761Spirit Lamp SS
762Test Tube Stand
763Table (6" x 3") (Wooden)
764Almirah (6" x 3" x 1.5")
765Diagonal Scale (Plastic)
766Rain Gauge
767Wet & Dry Bulb Thermometer
769Tracing Table
770Tracing Board
772Steel Wall Hanger Map Stand-Short Length & Long Length
773Wet & Dry Hygrometer
774Max. and Min. Thermometer
775Weather Wall Map (12 Months)
7763-D Model Flood & Faults
777Wall Map
778Bio Diversity map of India
779Irrigation System Map
780Land Use Pattern Map of India
781Flexible Curve (Set)
783burette Stand Iron with clamp
784Cobalt Nitrate
785Laboratory wooden Table with reagent rack , gas pipeline & basin ( size - 8"x4"x2"6"), paint colour with acid proof coating
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