Various Electro Mechanical Works To Be Executed At, Pulwama,Jammu And Kashmir Tender

Irrigation And Flood Control Department has published a tender for Various Electro Mechanical Works To Be Executed At Lis Narwah . Submission Date for this Tender is 09-07-2022. Electromechanical Work Tenders in Pulwama Jammu And Kashmir. Bidders can get complete Tender details and download the document.

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Corrigendum : Various Electro Mechanical Works To Be Executed At Lis Narwah
Jammu And Kashmir

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Various Electro Mechanical Works To Be Executed At Lis Narwah

Corrigendum Details

Sr No CorrigendumDate Corrignedum CorrigendumType NewSubmissionDate
1 27-Jun-2022 Corrigendum Other 09-07-2022
2 29-Jun-2022 Corrigendum for terms conditions Technical Bid 09-07-2022
3 29-Jun-2022 Corrigendum for terms conditions Other 09-07-2022

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BOQ Items

Name of Work: Various electro mechanical works to be executed at LIS Narwah Ratnipora
Sl. No. Item Description
1Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of horizontal centrifugal Pumping unit at LIS Narwah RatniporaThe pumping unit shall have the following specifications:- A.PUMP:- Discharge10 Cusec Dynamic Head 10 Mtr. Speed960 RPM PSH AvailableNot more than 3.5 Type of pumpCentrifugal, split casing type Make Kirloskar/Mathar and Platt (M&P)/Flowmore/WPIL MATERIAL OF CONSTRUCTION: Impeller = Stainless Steel ASTM351/CF-8M/Bronze Impeller Nut = Stainless Steel ASTM 351/CF-8M Casing lines/ Wearing Ring= ASTM 351/CF-8M Impeller Shaft = Stainless Steel AISI 410 Stuffing Box = Cast Iron GlandBronze grade V of IS: 318 Fasteners High tensile Steel Shaft Sleeve=Stainless Steel AISI 410 Pump Casing = Close fine grained Cast Iron conforming to IS:210 grade 20 B,MOTOR:- Type = Three phase, squirrel Cage, Electric Induction Motor Rating + suitable for 10 cusec, 10 M dynamic head Speed 960 (Synchronized) Operating Voltage = 415 + 10 % Volt Frequency = 50 Hz Class of insulation =F Type of Duty = Continuous Type of enclosure TEFC / SPDP: Make = Compton Greaves/ABB/KBL/Seimens/BHEL/Havells The motor shall confirm to IS: 325 with latest amendments. The pumping unit shall be complete with Mild Steel Base Frame, fabricated asper IS 226 or IS 2026, requisite number of Foundation Bolts, and Pump - Motor Coupling.
2Fabrication, providing, installation and testing of 300 mm Nominal Diameter 6 mmthick mild steel pipes for rising main/Delivery line as per the following technical specifications: 1 Nominal Diameter = 300 mm 2 Thickness = 6.0 mm 3 Length of each pipe = 4 to 7 M 4 Quality of MS plate to be used for manufacture = As per IS 2062 5 Hydraulic test pressure= As per 10.1 of IS 3589 6 Type of welding to be used for joining pipes = arc welding 7 Tolerances= As per clause 12.3 of IS:3589 These pre-fabricated pipes are to be laid as per the available corridor. The pipes shallbe joined by continuous butt welding in at least two runs on outside surface of thepipe. The welded area shall be chipped properly in order to remove the flux formation to ensure the leak proof joints on full working pressure. Quality productelectrodes shall be used for welding. The cost also includes fabrication ofoffsets/bends (if any). 18 mm thick flanges of required numbers, nuts and bolts, gaskets etc. All mechanical means tools, tackles and equipment such as lifting/pulling machines/ tripods, welding machines, electrical generator etc. required forhandling/ laying/ joining /welding and any other activity for completion of job shallhave to be arranged by the firm. The cost shall also includes excavation of a portionof the available corridor, and the refilling the same after the pipeline is laid. Thepipes shall be painted with one coat of metal primer and two coats of anti corrosive paint. The installation shall be carried out in accordance with IS 10804
3Fabrication, providing, installation and testing of 350 mm Nominal Diameter 6 mmthick mild steel pipes for suction piping of 01 No pump as per the following technical specifications: 1 Nominal Diameter = 350 mm 2 Thickness= 6.0 mm 3 Total Length of suction line= 8 M 4 Quality of MS plate to be used for manufacture = As per IS 2062 5 Hydraulic test pressure = As per 10.1 of IS 3589 6 Type of welding to be used for joining pipes = arc welding 7 Tolerances = As per clause 12.3 of IS:3589 The vertical suction portion of the suction pipe shall be cut into 03 to 04 equal lengths (flanged at both ends) for easy dismantling. The job also includes fabrication& installation of 350 mm dia. Mild steel 90 degree bend (flanged at both ends) fabricated out of the supplied pipe. The pipes shall be fitted with M.S plate flanges 28 mm thick and washers, fasteners for end connections and on the foot valve end.The pipes shall be painted with one coat of metal primer and two coats of anticorrosive paint. The installation shall be carried out in accordance with IS 10804.
4Manufacture, providing, and installation of 350 mm dia. Mild steel foot valve. The foot valve shall have to be fabricated out of 8mm thick Mild steel plate. The flanges fitted with the foot valve shall be of 18 mm thickness.The thickness of weight plate shall be 20 mm and shall be fitted with heavy duty hinge having sufficient foot valve seat duly turned on lathe and fitted with leather washer.The job also includes fabrication, providing and fitting of M.S strainer made out of 12mm sq. bars. The height of the strainer shall be 300mm other specifications of the foot valve are given hereunder:- Material =Mild steel plate Thickness of body = 8mm Internal diameter of foot valve = 350mm Thickness of weight plate = 20 mm i. Thickness of the flange ... 18 mm il. Inner dia. of the flange... 350 mm ili. Number of holes on flange... 12 Nos. iv. Dia. of holes on flange.. 20mm. The foot valve shall be painted with one coat of steel primer The job also includesproviding and fitting of additional matching flange to be fitted on suction side forinstallation of the foot valve, and other items like nuts and bolts and RI cloth Washers.
5Manufacture, Supply, Installation and commissioning and testing at site 75 kVA Capacity Copper wound voltage stabilizer. The stabilizer shall be manually operated, oil cooled suitable for working on 3 phases 50 HZAC voltage. The core shall be contained in a rectangular container made out of 3mm thick Mild Steel plate. The container shall be spray painted in two coats of steel primer both inside and outside and with two coats of super enamel paint of grey shade outside the container. Lifting hooks of proper size for lifting stabilizer shall be provided on the top of the tank. The container of the stabilizer shall be mounted on wheels for easy shifting/positioning as and when required. Copper Strips of suitable size shall be used for winding and fibre glass insulating material shall be used for insulating of copper wire. The core of the stabilizer shall be fabricated out of CRNGO (cold rolled non- grain oriented steel) cut to the specified shape and size and then tightened securely. The stabilizer shall have suitable insulated lugs of appropriate size of cable connection. The indicating glass of the transformer oil shall also be provided on the stabilizer body. Specifications. Voltage Range = Input 240-460 volts Output= 400-415 volts Tape Changer= Manually operated balance type changer of 6 tapings with tape position Indicator. Tape No1: line voltage. Tape No: 2-6 = -These tapes shall be used to increase the input voltage in the range of 240-460 volts to output voltage in the range of 400-41 5volts The stabilizer shall be provided with a free standing type control panel made out of sheet metal, dust and vermin proof, internally wired, having following accessories. a). Two number voltmeter 96 mm square Digital type 0-500 volts, AE/L&T/Rishab/equivalent make, one each on incoming and outgoing circuits. The voltmeter shall be with phase selection option. b). A set of indicating lamps for 3 phase complete with fusing both in primary and secondary side of the transformer c). Red and green lamps for OFF/On display. The stabilizer shall be filled with fresh transformer oil up to the required level. All the accessories and meters shall confirm to relevant ISI standards. The voltage stabilizer shall be testedon full load as directed by engineer incharge.
6Providing, installation and testing at site 80 HP capacity fully automatic auto transformer starter. The starter shall comprise of fitment of the following equipment and accessories. a) Main contactor of L&T make having capacity 150 Amp. b)Delta contactor assembly of L&T make having a capacity of 150 Amp C)Auto transformer contractor assembly of L&T having a range of 50 Amp. d)Thermal overload relay (90-150A) MN series of suitable Capacity (L&T make). e)Electro-pneumatic timer assembly having time range of 0-60/sec. Barat Batlar Hamar make. f)Single phase preventer of L&T make/Minilac make for above capacity starter. g) Auxiliary fuse units of suitable ampere range. h) Electrolytic copper bus bar strips of suitable size, duly tinned air insulated, mounted on suitable size backlit insulators. i)Three No. current transformer coils with a range of 5-500 Amp. Of L&T/AE make, fitted in each busbar strips connected to 96 x 96 mm square, Flush type ampere Meter of AE/L&T make fitted on the door of the housing. Each phase shall indicate the amp range of having one number selector actuator fitted. j) One number voltmeter of AE/L&T make 0-500 volts with one selector suitable for cut showing voltage in each phase. K)On/Off push button actuator of red and green colors of 5A-415 volts 50 HZ suitable for cut, of dia.30mm. L) Complete internal wiring of the control panel for operating the starter, by using single strand copper wire of standard make and of adequate capacity. The wiring should be completed properly and be provided with plastic washers for identification of each wire at various joints. Housing for all the equipment fabricated out of MS Sheets of suitable size and gauge and shall be fabricated with a hinged door at the front which shall have a proper locking arrangement. The housing shall be provided with a MS base frame welded/bolted to the housing at the bottom. The necessary brackets for the fitment of the above equipment. The housing shall have to be provided with necessary cut out spaces for meters/push button actuators/selectors incoming and outgoing connections. And have air vents and shall have be painted with two coats of red oxide primer spraying two coats of synthetic enamel (Shade: RAL7035) from inside as well as outside after providing and applying of putty and smoothing of the surface. Auto Transformer coil made out of 1" class electrolytic copper strips having capacity suitable for the above starter. The coil shall be provided with "F" class insulation tape. The coil shall have tapings taken out at40%, 60% and 80%. The Core of the auto transformer shall be fabricated out of 1$ class silicon of suitable grade pota sheets cut to size and then tightening of the same adequately. The auto-transformer tank shall be made out of M.S sheet of suitable thinness so as to make the tank leak proof, which have a lid at the top provided with holes for tightening the same of the tank. The tank shall have painted in two coats of redoxide primer. The job includes providing and fitting of high grade low viscosity transformer oil of powermake upto the required level in the tank so that the auto-transformer coils gets fully immersed. Adequate capacity electrolytic copper bus strips or cable shall be fitted for internal connections. The tank shall have tobe fitted at back side of the starter.
7PROVIDING, INSTALLATION, TESTING OF 400 AMP, 3 PHASE LT MOTOR CONTROL PANEL AT LIS NARWAH RATNIPORA Providing, installation, testing of 400 Amp, 3 phase LT motor control panel, door type, totally enclosed,dust and vermin free, internally wired, body fabricated out of 14-gauge sheets duly alkalized and paintedwith enamel paint. The panel shall be channel mounted and lifting hooks to be provided. The LT panel shalloperate on 3-phase AC supply 415+10%. The main features are Incoming Feeder Outgoing Feeder Auxiliary Feeder INCOMING FEEDER: -One no. incoming feeder consisting of TPN air insulated 400 Ampere Al.Bus-bar arrangement. The incoming feeder shall house one no. 3-Pole ,400 Amp, 50 KA breaking capacity with magneto thermal overload protection relay. The front of the panel shall have the following Digital type meters mounted on it: 01 No. Amp Meter, 96 mm2size 0-400Amp range with 4way selector switch, 01 set of three indicating neon bulbs. 01 no. Volt meter. 96 mm2 size, 0-500 Volt range with 4-way selector switch, CT"s of adequate range for Ampere meter Complete control wiring for protection release OUT GOING FEEDER:01 No. outgoing feeder, each outgoing feeder shall house the following; 01 No.MCCB 200 Amp, D-Sine 50 KA breaking capacity with magneto thermal overload protection system of suitable range for 60 HP motor. - 03 Pole. [L&T Make] Air insulated Aluminium Bus Bar arrangement of suitable rating. The front of the panel shall have the following digital type meters mounted on it. 01 No Ampere meter. 96mm? size, 0-500 Ampere range L&T/Rishabh /equivalent make with 4- way selector switch, KAY CEE Make. 01 Set of three indicating neon bulbs. 01 No. Voltmeter, 96mm size, 0-500-volt range AE/L&T/Rishabh /equivalent make with 4-way selector switch, KAY CEE make. CT"s of adequate range for Ampere meter. Complete control wiring for protection release AUXILIARY FEEDER: One No, Auxiliary compartment shall have 01 No. MCCB of 100A capacity, 4- Pole, 36 KA(L&T make) and aluminum bus bar arrangement of adequate rating for priming pump and other auxiliary requirements of the pump house. The LT Panel shall also be provided with Earthing terminals as per requirement, inbuilt single phase DOL starter for Priming motor and 63 Amp Isolater for electrification/ Lights Etc. The control panel should be fully inbuilt with all devices for smooth operation of the 1 No. pumping equipment of 150HP capacity each.
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