E Tender For Procurement Of Dental Items Used In Dentistry For Two Years From The Date Of Award Of Contract ( Aoc ) , Automatic X Ray Film Developer Specification: Cprocesses All Films From 2 X 3 , 3 X 4, 15 X 30 Up To 24 X 30 Cms Dry In 5 Minutes,

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E Tender For Procurement Of Dental Items Used In Dentistry For Two Years From The Date Of Award Of Contract ( Aoc ) , Automatic X Ray Film Developer Specification: Cprocesses All Films From 2 X 3 , 3 X 4, 15 X 30 Up To 24 X 30 Cms Dry In 5 Minutes,
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E Tender For Procurement Of Dental Items Used In Dentistry For Two Years From The Date Of Award Of Contract ( Aoc ) , Automatic X Ray Film Developer Specification: Cprocesses All Films From 2 X 3 , 3 X 4, 15 X 30 Up To 24 X 30 Cms Dry In 5 Minutes, All Auto Processing Of Developing & Fixing Of X-Ray Films Auto Temperature Control And Auto Film Transport Standard Packaging / Physicalverification Of Sample May Be Made , Bone Grafting Instruments Specification: Comprising Of-Bone Block Clamps, Membrane Tacks, Center Point Trephine Kit, Osseo Tip Bone Grafter, Bone Saws, Bone Cylinder Grafting Kit, Bone Mills, Bone Morseliser, Osseous Trap, Graft Mixing Dishes, Ramus Retractors, Graft Packers, Osteotomes, Bone Spreaders, Sinus Window Bone Tampers, Rongeurs, Bone Curettes3, 4, 5Mm, Bone Chisels ( 4Mm, 6Mm, 8Mm, 10Mm ) Standard Packaging / Physicalverification Of Sample May Be Made , Casting Machine Motor Cast With Gas Blow Torch Specification: Motor Driven Table Top Casting Machine Gas Blow Torch Based Melting Technique, Ceramic Melting Crucibles Casting Of All Dental Alloy ( Except Titanium ) Size : 700D X 550W X 450H Approximate Power Rating : 3000 Watts , Chair Side Autoclave ( Type B ) Specification: Front Loading Fully Automatic Autoclave With Vacuum & Dry Cycle. Capacity 22-24 Litres , Chamber Size ( Inner Space ) -190X190x360 Mm Or More With Built In Water Chamber Provided With Safety Lock On Door, Gasket Lined. Provided With 3 Trays. With Digital Display , Dental Implant Surgical Kit Comprising Of Specification: Surgical Point Drill Pilot Surgical Drill Tap Drill Drill Extension Counter Sink Stopper Connectors Parallel Pin Depth Gauge Torque Rachet Fixture Direction Pin Fixture Driver Hex Driver & Other Related Items. ( European Ce / Usa Fda Approved ) , Electrically Operated Dermatome Specification: Designed To Have Large, Uniform-Thickness Skin Grafts Using Electric Power. These Dermatomes Are Typically Handheld Instruments That Include An Electric Powered Rapidly Oscillating Cutting Blade That Is Manually Advanced Over The Skin. Dermatome Kits Include: Handpiece Handpiece Cable Power Supply Wall Cord Width Clips, Guard Plate Dermatome Screwdriver Pin Position Guide Dermatomepower Supply 110-230 Volts Unique Depth Regulation System Guard Always Parallel With Blade Edge. Carrying Case , Erbium Yag Laser Specification: Pulse Energy Upto 700 Mj, Power Upto 8.4 Watt On Tissue, Frequency 10Hz- 50Hz, Wavelength 2940Nm , Gcf Analyser Device Specification: Table Top Micro Moisture Meter For Measuring Gingival Crevicular Fluid, Periodontal Pocket Fluid, Salivary Flow & Saliva Thickness.Theinstrument Is Designed To Quantify Submicrolitre Volumes Of Fluid Sampled On A Filter Paper Strip . Provided With Paper Holder, Gcf Paper Strips, Papers &Computer Software. Should Also Have Sialo Strips That Can Collect 0-3.0Ml Of Fluid From Minor Salivary Gland. , Hard Tissue Laser-Er, Cr: Ysgg Laser Specification: 0.1-9.0W ( 450 Mj ) 10-50 Hz, Laser Classification 4, Voltage 100- 230 Vac , Of Wave Length 2780Nm , Hard Tissue Microtome With Blade Specification: Mode Of Section-Manual And Automatic Speed Of Action- 50Mm / Sec;100Mm / Swc;140Mm / Sec;180Mm / Sec Slice Thickness Range- 0.5 To 100Um Dimension- 500Mm X 320Mm X 500Mm Hard Tissue Microtome Blade 100 Piece Specification-For Microtome Blade Cutting Hard Or Decalcified Tissue. Material: Stainless Steellength: 80 Mm Height: 8 Mm Blade Angle: 35° , Implant Strengthening Unit Specification: Unit Comprising Of Probe Attached With Display Meter Via Chord Works On Principle Of Universal Isq Scale, A Test Peg Attached To Implant Is Tested For Implant Stability Measurement , Implant Strengthening Unit Specification: Unit Comprising Of Probe Attached With Display Meter Via Chord, Works On Principle Of Universal Isq Scale, A Testpeg Attached To Implant Is Tested For Mobility. , Induction Casting Machine With Vacuum Pump Specification: Power:Ac220v 50Hz-60Hz 2000Watt Or More Centrifugal Mount:620 R / Min, Melting Type: Induction, Casting Sequence 3-5 Minutes , Maximum Melting Temperature 1700 °C, Maximum Weight Ofalloy To Be Melted 60Gms, Built In Vacuum Pump With Vacuum Adjustment By Digital Software, Vacuum Level 0.7 Bar Or Lesser, Maximum Pressure 3.5 Bar Attachment For Argon Gas Supply. Casting Ring Dimensions Minimum 50 X 55Mm & Maximum 100 X 70Mm Motor Power:350W Or More , Injectable Gutta Percha Obturation Kit Specification: Containing: Dual Kit-Pluggers-Variable Sizes. Flexible Extra Long Heat Conductible Silver Alloy Cannula, 1 Cartridge Capable Of Filling More Than 3 Root Canals Preferbly With Arrangement For Back Filling. , Laser Guided Caries Detection Device Specification: Made Of A Control Box With Digital Display & Touch Pad Unit Pen Like Handheld Unit Attached To Main Unit With Chord Battery Operated, Light Weight & Portable. Adjustable Intensity < 1 Mw, Using Wavelength 655 Nm. With Seperate Sapphire Tips For Occlusal & Other Flat Surfaces. With Detachable / Sterilisable Grip Sleeve & Tips , Milling Machine Specification: Capable Of Unattended 5-Axis Milling With Simple One- Button Operation Precision Milling Of Wax, Zirconia, Nano Composites And Pmma Blocks Using Fully Automated 8 Position Disc Changer Unit Integrated Air Flow System Keeps Work Area Clean Sintering Unit Sintering Unit Capable Of Maintaining High Temperature Of Around 1500 Degree Celsius For Not Less Than 5 Hours Or More With Vacuum Unit 110-240 Volts 50-60Hz With Cad / Cam Unit Capable Of Unattended 5-Axis Scanning Diagnostic Notification System Alerts User Of Machine Status § Cam Software Material Sizes Supported Disc, Pin & Ingot , Penta Head Microscope Specification: Total Magnification: Penta Head 1+4 , 40X – 1000X Viewing Head-Compensation Free Trinocular Head Inclined At 300 , 3600 Rotatable-Ipd 48 -75Mm Objective Lens: Infinite Plan Achromatic Objectives 4X, 10X, 40X & 100X ( Oil ) Eyepiece- 10X / 22Mm Nosepiece- Reversible Inward Quintuple Nosepiece Condenser- Swing Out / Dual Type Condenser, N.A.0.9 / 0.25 Centre Adjustable Focus- Co-Axial Coarse & Fine Focusing System 0.002Mm Stage- Double Layer Mechanical Stage 185Mm X 142Mm, Cross Travel- 75Mm X 55Mm Illumination-Led Pointer With Brightness Adjustment 24V / 100W Warranty- 2 Years , Physiodispenser ( Implant Motor With Handpiece ) Specification: Implant Motor With Handpiece Control Unit With Display Panel, Powerful Motor With Integrated Thread Cutting Function, Provided With Tool Control For Hands Free Operation. Speed Controllable Between R.P.M. Of 200-40000. Brushless Micromotor, With Upto 8 Programmable Memory. Should Have A Attached Saline Stand & Accessory Irrigation Tubings. Hands Free Operation Via Foot Control For Speed / Coolant Solution Flow Volume / Forward Reverse / Program. Handpiece Calibration System Provided With Cooling Attachment System. Handpiece- 20:1 Implant Contra Angle Handpiece With Pushbutton Chuck Autoclavable, Can Generate Upto 80Ncm Torque Pump Output 70Ml / Minute , Piezo Surgical Unit Specification: Device With Intermittent Operation, With Variable Operating Mode And Time Setting With Irrigation Device, Power Supply 240V, 50 / 60 Hz, Maximum Power Absorbed 120Va. Surgical Tip Capable Of Modulating From 10, 30 & 60 Cycles / S ( Hz ) To 29Khz. Power Adjustable From 2.8 To 16W. Tip Vibration In Range Of 60-200?M.Motor With Tips & Other Accessories , Portable I.O.P.A X Ray &Phosphor Imaging System Specification: Cordless Battery Operated Portable Iopa X-Ray Machine Capable Of 300 Exposures With One Time Charging. For Imaging System-Wireless Phosphor Plate System ( Having Sizes 0, 1, 2, 3 ) Capable Of 15-20 Line Pairs Per Millimeter ( Lp / Mm ) , That Is Mounted On Kit Holder For X Ray Imaging, Then Processed In Laser Scanner Technology For Digital Intra Oral Imaging. Scanner With Preview Screen & Ultra Violet Cleaning System. Front Loading Of Imaging Plate For Scanning. Networking Capable Upto 8 Computers. , Power Saw Unit For Osteotomy- Set Specification: Of Microdrill Handpiece 1Pc, Motor Control Unit-1, Foot Switch-1Pc, Micro Reciprocating Saw 1Pc, Micro Sagittal Saw 1Pc & Micro Oscillating Saw 1Pc Micro Drill Hand Piece:1 No High Speed, Pencil Grip Light Weight Titanium Body Drill – Length 4.6-4.9 Inch, Diameter 19-21Mm, Mass - 0 .12-0.14Kg. Speed: Max Rpm Of 50, 000. Accepts J- Notch Or Straight Shank Burs Sterilizable Through Steam, Eto And Flash Autoclavable, Should Be Supplied With Medium Straight Attachment – 1 No & Long Angled Attachment – 1 No, Short “O” Attachment – 1 No Should Be Usfda & Ce Approved Motor Control Unit: 1 No Touch Screen Display Control For Incorporating Multifunction Into System Interactive Icons Represents Systems. Outputs Represent In Digital Figures Supply 220-240V On 50-60Hz. Can Identify Different Hand Pieces With Display Must Be Equipped With Atleast 3 Ports To Connect 3 Hand Pieces, 2 Ports For Connecting 2 Foot Switches & Integrated Irrigation Facility. Should Be Usfda & Ce Approved Footswitch: 1 No Fully Programmable Footswitch As User Need Able To Control Following Function Via Footswitch Motion – Forward, Reverse. Oscillation. Switch Over To High / Low Speed. Increase Or Decrease Speed. Can Operate 2-3 Hand Pieces Sequentially Attached To The Same Motor Control Unit. Micro Reciprocating Saw: 1 No Should Run From The Same Motor Control Unit Meant For The Micro Drillshould Cut In A Perpendicular Line, Should Have Maximum Speed Of 14000 Cpm, Dimension: Length 165-170Mm, Diameter 18-20Mm, Mass 0.19-0.21Kg Excursion 3Mm, Titanium Body Ensuring Light Weight, Should Run From The Same Motor Control Unit Meant For Neuro Drill, & At Times Can Run Sequentially. Should Be Usfda & Ce Approved Micro Sagittal Saw:1 No Should Run From The Same Motor Control Unit Meant For The Micro Drill. Should Cut In Same Horizontal Plane, Should Have Maximum Speed Of25000 Cpm. Dimension – Length 134-136Mm, Diameter 19-21Mm, Mass 0.14-0.16Kg Maintenance Free D.C Brush-Less Motor, Snap-Lock Assembly And Disassembly Of All Attachments, Titaniumbody Ensuring Light Weight, Sterilizable Through Steam, Eto And Flash. Micro Oscillating Saw: Should Cut In Same Horizontal Plane, Should Have Maximum Speed Of 20000 Cpm. Dimension: Length – 162-164Mm, Diameter – 19 – 21Mm, Mass – 0.180- 0.185Kg, Excursion – 7-8 Degree Arc. Maintenance Free D.C Brush-Less Motor, Snap-Lock Assembly And Disassembly Of All Attachments, Titanium Body Ensuring Light Weight, Sterilizable Through Steam, Eto And Flash Compatible Hand Switch: 1 No Should Be Common To Micro Drill & Micro Saws. Length 150-153Mm, Diameter 23-23.3Mm. It Should Have Safety Switch To Control Operation Of The Hand Piece. Connecting Cord – 2 Nos Should Be At Least 10Ft Long, 3 / 8 Diameter Flexible Electrical Connecting Cord. Dot-To-Dot Type Push-Pull Connectors At Both Ends. Cutting Accessories : Qty – 10 Each For 1.Micro Drill, Sagittal Saw, Reciprocating Saw & Oscillating Saw All Products Quoted Should Be From The Same Manufacturer To Offer Compatibility Of System , Pressurized Local Anaesthesia Specification: Needle Free Anaesthethetic Injectable System With Needle Handpiece, With Non Digital Control Unit. , Programmable Porcelain Furnace With Vacuum Pump Specification: Power Connection 50-60Hz 200-240 V 50-60Hz Acceptable Voltage Fluctuations ±10% Max. Power Consumption 8.5 Aat 200-240V Data For The Vacuum Pump: Max. Power Consumption: 2.1 A Final Vacuum: < 50 Mbar Use Only Tested Pumps Display Graphic Lcd Display With Background Lighting And Touch Screen Display. Dimensions Of Electrical Fuses 110-120 V: Diameter 6.3 X 32 Mm 200-240 V: Diameter 5 X 20 Mm Dimensions Of The Closed Furnace Depth: 430 Mm Width: 305 Mm / 410 Mm ( With Cooling Tray ) Height: 565 Mm Usable Size Of The Firing Chamber Diameter: 80 Mm Height: 48 Mm Max. Firing Temperature 1200 °C / 2192 °F Weight Furnace Base: 12.0 Kg Furnace Head: 7.0 Kg Safety Notes , R. V. G. With X Ray Unit Specification: A ) X Ray Unit: Dc X Ray With Timer & Wall Mounted Scissor Arm Supported Stand, Tube Voltage65-70 Kvp Tube Current 4-8 Ma Radiation- Minimum Exposure Time 0.02 Sec Upto 3.2 Sec, Leakage Radiation Less Than 0.25 Mgs / Hour Maximum At A Distance Of 1 Mt From Focal Point. Compatible To Rvg System. Aerb Approved. B ) Digital Intra Oral Sensor: 1.Digital Intra Oral Sensor With Supporting Software For Computer To Be Provided 2.Automatic Controlled Exposure Technology Sensor Of Size 1 Rounded Cornered, 1200 X 1600 Pixel Minimum, Dimension 22 X 30 Mmsize 2 For All, Having Clipped Corner, 1400 X 1920 Pixels Minimum, Dimension 27 X 36 Mm 3.White Sided Strips For Better Positioning In Mouth Higher Signal To Noise Reduction 4.Cable 3 Meter Or More & Reinforced Cable To Provide Durability& Bend Resistant 5.A Two Years Warranty Or Period Of Warranty Should Be Mentioned 6.With Auto Ready Sensor 7. Sensor Resolution : 26 + Ip / Mm 8. Usb 3.0 Technology Or 2.0 Technology 9. Inbuilt Virtual Implant Library In Software. , Reconstruction Surgical Operating Microscope With Microscopic Co Observation Systems Specification: Working Distance & Focusing- 215-500Mm Continuously Variable Through Motorized Multifocal Lens That Can Be Controlled & Focused Through Hand & Foot Control Switch & Manual Adjustment Override. Magnification Upto 18 X Eyepieces: 12.5 X Powerful Led Or Xenon Based Illumination System Controlledthrough Hand & Foot Control Switch & Manual. With Built In Automatic Zoom Synchronized Illumination Field Diameter, Manual Override & Iris Controller. Binocular Tube Tiltable Upto 180 Degrees With Variable Diapter Settings. Suspension System With Height , Lateral Movement Adjustable Floor Stand, With Position Locking Facility. Microscope Should Have Automatic Circuit Breaker, Voltage 230V +- 10%, Frequency 50-60 Hz. Ce / Fda Approved. Beam Splitter: Stereoscopic Beam Splitter Have Minimum Of Four Port. Have Stereo Co Observervation Attachment For Assistant 360° Movement Of Binocular With 12 X Or More Eyepiece With Diapter Setting From +5D To -8D. Face To Face Attachment With 0-180° Tiltable Binocular Tube With 12 X Eyepiece With Stereoscope Having Similar View With Main Surgeondiapter Setting From +5D To -8D. Full Hd Video Camera Display:Hd Display System Attached With Microscope Body. ( No External Monitor / Detachable Monitor Will Be Acceptable ) . Recording System With Integrated Hdd. Recorder Should Have Hdmi Input & Output. Permit Precise Movement Of Camera & Microscope In Vertical & Horizontal Plane. , Research Microscope With Phase Contrast Specification: Dark Field, Polarization, Cctv & Photomicrography Attachments Optics- Icos System With Upto1000 X Magnification. Trinocularhead ( Siedentop F Type ) I. Padjustment53mmto75mm Graduated Inclined At30°. Photo And Video Attachment With Sliding 80 / 20Beam Splitter For Attaching Video / Digital Camera. Eyepiece-Widefield Eyepiece 10X / 22 High Eyepoint Nosepiece-Quintuple Stage-Double Plate Ceramic Coated Stage 191Mm ( W ) X 128Mm ( D ) With Rounded Corners & Low Positioned Drop Down Ergonomic X-Y Coaxial Controls Condenser-Universal Abbe Condenser, N.A.1.25 With Iris Diaphragm Dovetail Mount Suitable For Darkfield, Phase Contrast, Polarising & Fluorescence Observations Objectives-U Plan 4X, N.A.0.10, W.D.25.9Mm, F.N.24 Semi Apo Plan 10X, N.A.0.40, W.D.1.0Mm, F.N.24 Semi Apo Plan 40X, N.A.0.82, W.D.0.15Mm, F.N.24 Semi Apo Plan 100X Oil, N.A.0.1.25, W.D.0.2Mm, F.N.24 Incident Illumination Truekoehler 6V, 30W Halogen Illumination With Automatic Voltage Sensing Power Supply Modular Fixposition Fluorescence Illuminator.To Be Supplied With Blue, Green &Uv Excitation Chroma Filters.100Whg ( Mercury ) Hbolamp ( 2200L ) Microphotography Attachment With Image Documentation System. 3Mporbettercolorcooledccdwithimageanalysissystem. Individual Calibration For All Magnification Are Required In All Linear Measurement And Annotation. Camera ( Image Sensor 1 / 1.8” Ccd, Pixel Size 3.45 Um X 3.45 Um, Frame Rate: 6 Fps @ 2080X1542, 12 Fps @ 1040X770 ) Should Have The Capability To Capture The Fluorescence Images Simultaneously Upto 5Filters With Image Merging Capability. Standard Accessories:30W Spare1no. 100Whghbo1no. Standard European Powercord2 No. Spare Fuse3amp. Polyvinyl Dust Cover Immersion Oil. The Above Microscope Should Be Upgradable In Future With Motorized Focus And Noise Piece. Branded Computer With Hdmi Led Monitor ( 24” ) To Be Supplied With The Microscope Warranty-5 Years Comprehensive On Microscope & Accessories From The Date Of Installation. , Semi Automatic Microtome With Blades Specification: 1.Advanced Driving Systems With Fuctions Of Motorized Trimming, Fast Forward, Backward. 2.Lcd Screen Displays Section And Trimming Thickness Range, Numbers Of Section And Trimming. 3.Universal Microtome Object Holder And Blade Holder. 4.Automatic Coarse Feed Advance And Manual Modes Of Microtome Sectioning. 5.Handwheel Can Be Locked At Any Position. 6.Universal Cassette Clamp And Standard Blades Microtome Blades- 100 Piece High Profile 818 Disposable Blades Made Of Stainless Steel With Exceptional Durability. Ultra Fine Yet Durable, 80Mm Long X 14Mm High X 0.35 Mm Thick Suitable For Use With Microtomes And Cryostat Series As Well As For Common Cryostat And Microtome Models Inventive Blade Coating Process Provides Perceptibly Improved Results In Section Stretching And In The Quality Of Sectioning Ribbons In Routine Histology. , Sinus Lifting Instrument Kit Specification: For Lateral & Crestal Approach With S-Reamer / Lateral Reamers Initial Drill / Crestal Drills Bone Inserter Bone Spreader Bone Carrier Bone Condenser Depth Gauge Chisels Of Different Width Sinuscurettes- Of Various Designs Bone Rongeurforceps Mallet Irrigation Syringe & Tips & Other Instruments Autoclavable Cassette 1 Piece , Soft Tissue Laser Diode Soft Tissue Laser ( 3 Watts ) Specification: Features:Should Have 21 Preset Programs & 4 Customised Programs, 4 Hrs Battery Backup, Large Lcd Screen, Cordless Foot Control, Built In Help Tutorials And Other Specialized Features. Laser Unit With Variable Power Output Upto A Maximum 3 Watt ( 1 No ) , Laser Goggle ( 2 No ) , Eye Protector ( 1 No ) , Multi Tip Permanent Fibre ( 1 No ) , Tips ( 5 No ) , User Manuals ( 1 No ) , Set Up Dvd ( 1 No ) , Carrying Case ( 1 No ) . Mode:Continuous Or Pulse Mode Hertz Rate In Pulsed Mode: 1-5000Hz Pulse Interval: 0.1Ms - 9.9S Pulse Duration: 0.1Ms - 9.9S Should Achieve Multiple Levels Of Aiming Beam Intensity Duty Cycle: Adjustable Autoclave: Hand Piece Autoclavable High Light Emitting, Auto Cooling Ergonomic Design, Digital Technology Easy Operation, With Touch Screen Monitor 21 Preset Treatment Programs With Foot Pedal Control User Friendly Software For More Precision And Faster Surgery , Spindle Grinder With Suction Specification: With Foot Control And High Intensity Illumination. Safety Glass For Glare Elimination And Visual Protection. Connection To Dust Collector &Suction. Operating Voltage 230Vac + / - 10% 50Hz.Motor Rotation At 24000Rpm Or More. With Suction Unit

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BOQ Items

Sl. No. Item Description
1Automatic x ray film developer Specification: cProcesses all films from 2 x 3 , 3 x 4, 15 x 30 up to 24 x 30 cms dry in 5 minutes, all auto processing of developing & fixing of X-Ray films Auto temperature control and auto film transport Standard packaging/physicalverification of sample may be made
2Bone grafting instruments Specification: comprising of-Bone block clamps, membrane tacks, center point trephine kit, Osseo tip bone grafter, bone saws, bone cylinder grafting kit, bone mills, bone morseliser, osseous trap, graft mixing dishes, ramus retractors, graft packers, osteotomes, bone spreaders, sinus window bone tampers, rongeurs, bone curettes3,4,5mm, bone chisels( 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm) Standard packaging/physicalverification of sample may be made
3Casting machine motor cast with gas blow torch Specification: motor driven table top casting machine Gas blow torch based melting technique, Ceramic melting crucibles Casting of all dental alloy (except titanium) size : 700D x 550W x 450H approximate Power rating : 3000 Watts
4Chair Side Autoclave(Type B) Specification: Front loading fully automatic autoclave with vacuum & dry cycle. Capacity 22-24 litres ,chamber size(inner space)-190x190x360 mm or more with built in water chamber Provided with safety lock on door, gasket lined. Provided with 3 trays. With Digital display
5Dental Implant surgical kit comprising of Specification: Surgical point drill pilot surgical drill tap drill drill extension counter sink stopper connectors parallel pin depth gauge torque rachet fixture direction pin fixture driver hex driver & other related items. (European CE/USA FDA approved)
6Electrically operated dermatome Specification: designed to have large, uniform-thickness skin grafts using electric power. These dermatomes are typically handheld instruments that include an electric powered rapidly oscillating cutting blade that is manually advanced over the skin. dermatome kits include: Handpiece Handpiece Cable Power Supply Wall Cord Width Clips, Guard Plate Dermatome Screwdriver Pin Position Guide Dermatomepower Supply 110-230 Volts Unique depth regulation system Guard always parallel with blade edge. Carrying Case
7Erbium YAG Laser Specification: pulse energy upto 700 mJ, power upto 8.4 Watt on tissue, frequency 10Hz- 50Hz, wavelength 2940nm
8GCF ANALYSER DEVICE Specification: Table top micro moisture meter for measuring gingival crevicular fluid, periodontal pocket fluid, salivary flow & saliva thickness.Theinstrument is designed to quantify submicrolitre volumes of fluid sampled on a filter paper strip . Provided with paper holder, GCF paper strips, papers &Computer software. Should also have sialo strips that can collect 0-3.0ml of fluid from minor salivary gland.
9Hard tissue laser-Er,Cr: YSGG laser Specification: 0.1-9.0W(450 mJ)10-50 Hz, laser classification 4, voltage 100- 230 Vac , of wave length 2780nm
10Hard tissue microtome with blade Specification: Mode of section-Manual and automatic Speed of action- 50mm/sec;100mm/swc;140mm/sec;180mm/sec Slice thickness range- 0.5 to 100um Dimension- 500mm x 320mm x 500mm Hard tissue microtome blade 100 piece specification-for microtome blade Cutting hard or decalcified tissue. Material: stainless steelLength: 80 mm Height: 8 mm Blade angle: 35°
11Implant Strengthening unit Specification: Unit comprising of probe attached with display meter via chord works on principle of universal ISQ scale, a test peg attached to implant is tested for implant stability measurement
12Implant Strengthening unit Specification: Unit comprising of probe attached with display meter via chord, works on principle of universal ISQ scale, a testpeg attached to implant is tested for mobility.
13Induction casting machine with vacuum pump Specification: Power:AC220V 50Hz-60Hz 2000Watt or more Centrifugal mount:620 r/min, melting type: induction, casting sequence 3-5 minutes ,maximum Melting temperature 1700 °C, maximum weight ofalloy to be melted 60gms, Built in vacuum pump with vacuum adjustment by digital software, vacuum level 0.7 Bar or lesser, maximum pressure 3.5 Bar attachment for argon gas supply. Casting ring dimensions minimum 50 x 55mm & maximum 100 x 70mm Motor power:350W or more
14Injectable gutta percha obturation kit Specification: containing: Dual Kit-Pluggers-variable sizes. Flexible extra long heat conductible silver alloy cannula, 1 cartridge capable of filling more than 3 root canals preferbly with arrangement for back filling.
15Laser guided caries detection device Specification: made of a control box with digital display & touch pad unit Pen like handheld unit attached to main unit with chord Battery operated, light weight & portable. Adjustable Intensity < 1 mW, using wavelength 655 nm. With seperate sapphire tips for occlusal & other flat surfaces. With detachable/sterilisable grip sleeve & tips
16Milling machine Specification: Capable of unattended 5-axis milling with simple one- button operation Precision milling of wax, zirconia, nano composites and PMMA blocks using fully automated 8 position disc changer unit Integrated air flow system keeps work area clean sintering unit sintering unit capable of maintaining high temperature of around 1500 degree celsius for not less than 5 hours or more with vacuum unit 110-240 volts 50-60Hz With CAD/CAM unit Capable of unattended 5-axis scanning Diagnostic notification system alerts user of machine status § CAM software Material sizes supported disc, pin & ingot
17Penta Head microscope Specification: Total Magnification: Penta Head 1+4 , 40X – 1000X Viewing Head-Compensation free Trinocular Head inclined at 300 , 3600 rotatable-IPD 48 -75mm Objective Lens: Infinite Plan Achromatic objectives 4X, 10X, 40X & 100X (oil) Eyepiece- 10X/22mm Nosepiece- Reversible Inward Quintuple Nosepiece Condenser- Swing out / dual type condenser, N.A.0.9/0.25 centre adjustable Focus- Co-axial coarse & fine focusing system 0.002mm Stage- Double layer Mechanical Stage 185mm X 142mm, cross travel- 75mm X 55mm Illumination-LED pointer with brightness adjustment 24V/100W Warranty- 2 years
18Physiodispenser (implant motor with handpiece) Specification: Implant motor with handpiece Control unit with display panel, powerful motor with integrated thread cutting function, provided with tool control for hands free operation. Speed controllable between r.p.m. of 200-40000. Brushless micromotor, with upto 8 programmable memory. Should have a attached saline stand & accessory irrigation tubings. Hands free operation via foot control for speed/coolant solution flow volume/forward reverse/program. Handpiece calibration system provided with cooling attachment system. Handpiece- 20:1 Implant Contra Angle Handpiece with Pushbutton Chuck autoclavable, can generate upto 80Ncm torque pump output 70ml/minute
19Piezo surgical unit Specification: device with intermittent operation, with variable operating mode and time setting with irrigation device,power supply 240V,50/60 Hz, maximum power absorbed 120VA. Surgical tip capable of modulating from 10, 30 & 60 cycles/s (Hz) to 29kHz. Power adjustable from 2.8 to 16W. Tip vibration in range of 60-200µm.Motor with tips & other accessories
20Portable I.O.P.A X RAY &Phosphor Imaging System Specification: Cordless battery operated portable IOPA X-RAY machine capable of 300 exposures with one time charging. For imaging system-Wireless Phosphor plate system (having sizes 0,1,2,3) capable of 15-20 line pairs per millimeter (lp/mm), that is mounted on Kit holder for x ray imaging, then processed in laser scanner technology for digital intra oral imaging. Scanner with preview screen & ultra violet cleaning system. Front loading of imaging plate for scanning. Networking capable upto 8 computers.
21Power saw unit for osteotomy- SET Specification: OF microdrill handpiece 1pc, motor control unit-1, foot switch-1pc, micro reciprocating saw 1pc, micro sagittal saw 1pc & micro oscillating saw 1pc MICRO DRILL HAND PIECE:1 no High speed, pencil grip light weight Titanium body drill – Length 4.6-4.9 inch, diameter 19-21mm, mass - 0 .12-0.14kg. Speed: Max RPM of 50,000. Accepts J- Notch or Straight Shank Burs Sterilizable through Steam, ETO and Flash Autoclavable, Should be supplied with Medium Straight Attachment – 1 No & Long Angled Attachment – 1 No, Short “O” Attachment – 1 no Should be USFDA & CE approved MOTOR CONTROL UNIT: 1 No Touch screen display control for incorporating multifunction into system Interactive icons represents systems. Outputs represent in digital figures Supply 220-240V on 50-60hz. Can identify different hand pieces with display Must be equipped with atleast 3 ports to connect 3 hand pieces, 2 ports for connecting 2 foot switches & integrated irrigation facility. Should be USFDA & CE approved FOOTSWITCH: 1 NO Fully programmable footswitch as user need Able to control following function via footswitch motion – Forward, Reverse. Oscillation. Switch over to high/low speed. Increase or decrease speed. Can operate 2-3 hand pieces sequentially attached to the same motor control unit. Micro Reciprocating Saw: 1 No Should run from the same Motor Control Unit meant for the Micro DrillShould cut in a Perpendicular Line, Should have Maximum speed of 14000 cpm, Dimension: Length 165-170mm, Diameter 18-20mm, Mass 0.19-0.21Kg Excursion 3mm, Titanium Body ensuring light weight, Should run from the same motor control unit meant for Neuro Drill, & at times can run sequentially. Should be USFDA & CE approved Micro Sagittal Saw:1 No Should run from the same Motor Control Unit meant for the Micro Drill. Should cut in same horizontal plane, Should have Maximum speed of25000 cpm. Dimension – length 134-136mm, diameter 19-21mm, mass 0.14-0.16kg Maintenance free D.C brush-less motor, Snap-lock assembly and disassembly of all attachments, TitaniumBody ensuring light weight, Sterilizable through steam, ETO and Flash. Micro Oscillating Saw: Should cut in same horizontal plane, Should have Maximum speed of 20000 cpm. Dimension: Length – 162-164mm, Diameter – 19 – 21mm, mass – 0.180- 0.185kg, Excursion – 7-8 degree arc. Maintenance free D.C brush-less motor, Snap-lock assembly and disassembly of all attachments, Titanium Body ensuring light weight, Sterilizable through steam, ETO and Flash Compatible hand switch: 1 No Should be common to micro drill & micro saws. Length 150-153mm, diameter 23-23.3mm. It should have safety switch to control operation of the hand piece. Connecting cord – 2 Nos Should be at least 10ft long, 3/8" diameter flexible electrical connecting cord. Dot-to-Dot type push-pull connectors at both ends. Cutting Accessories : Qty – 10 each for 1.Micro drill, Sagittal Saw, Reciprocating saw & Oscillating Saw All products quoted should be from the same manufacturer to offer compatibility of system
22Pressurized local anaesthesia Specification: Needle free anaesthethetic injectable system with needle handpiece, with non digital control unit.
23Programmable porcelain furnace with vacuum pump Specification: Power connection 50-60Hz 200-240 V 50-60Hz Acceptable voltage fluctuations ±10% Max. Power consumption 8.5 Aat 200-240V Data for the vacuum pump: Max. power consumption: 2.1 A Final vacuum: < 50 mbar Use only tested pumps Display Graphic LCD Display with background lighting and touch screen display. Dimensions of electrical fuses 110-120 V: diameter 6.3 x 32 mm 200-240 V: diameter 5 x 20 mm Dimensions of the closed furnace Depth: 430 mm Width: 305 mm/410 mm (with cooling tray) Height: 565 mm Usable size of the firing chamber Diameter: 80 mm Height: 48 mm Max. firing temperature 1200 °C/2192 °F Weight Furnace base: 12.0 kg Furnace head: 7.0 kg Safety notes
24R. V. G. with X ray unit Specification: a) X ray unit: DC X Ray with timer & wall mounted scissor arm supported stand, tube voltage65-70 Kvp tube current 4-8 Ma Radiation- minimum exposure time 0.02 sec upto 3.2 sec, leakage radiation less than 0.25 mgs/hour maximum at a distance of 1 mt from focal point. Compatible to RVG system. AERB approved. b) Digital Intra Oral Sensor: 1.Digital Intra Oral Sensor with supporting software for computer to be provided 2.Automatic controlled Exposure technology Sensor of Size 1 rounded cornered, 1200 x 1600 pixel minimum, dimension 22 x 30 mmSize 2 for all, having clipped corner, 1400 x 1920 pixels minimum, dimension 27 x 36 mm 3.white sided strips for better positioning in mouth Higher signal to noise reduction 4.Cable 3 meter or more & reinforced cable to provide durability& bend resistant 5.A two years warranty or period of warranty should be mentioned 6.With Auto ready sensor 7. Sensor Resolution : 26 + Ip/mm 8. USB 3.0 Technology or 2.0 Technology 9. Inbuilt Virtual implant library in software.
25Reconstruction surgical operating microscope with microscopic co observation systems Specification: Working distance & focusing- 215-500mm Continuously variable through motorized multifocal lens that can be controlled & focused through hand & foot control switch & manual adjustment override. Magnification upto 18 X Eyepieces: 12.5 X Powerful LED or Xenon based illumination system controlledthrough hand & foot control switch & manual. With built in automatic zoom synchronized illumination field diameter, manual override & iris controller. Binocular tube tiltable upto 180 degrees with variable diapter settings. Suspension system with height , lateral movement adjustable floor stand, with position locking facility. Microscope should have automatic circuit breaker, voltage 230V +- 10%, Frequency 50-60 Hz. CE/FDA approved. Beam splitter: stereoscopic Beam Splitter have minimum of four port. Have Stereo Co observervation attachment for assistant 360° movement of binocular with 12 X or more eyepiece with Diapter setting from +5D to -8D. Face to Face attachment with 0-180° tiltable binocular tube with 12 X eyepiece with stereoscope having similar view with main surgeonDiapter setting from +5D to -8D. Full HD video camera display:HD display system attached with microscope body. ( No External Monitor/detachable monitor will be acceptable). Recording system with integrated HDD. Recorder should have HDMI input & output. Permit precise movement of camera & microscope in vertical & horizontal plane.
26Research microscope with phase contrast Specification: dark field, polarization, CCTV & photomicrography attachments Optics- ICOS system with upto1000 X Magnification. TrinocularHead(Siedentop f type)I. Padjustment53mmto75mm graduated inclined at30°. Photo and Video attachment with Sliding 80/20beam splitter for attaching Video/Digital Camera. Eyepiece-Widefield eyepiece 10X/22 High eyepoint Nosepiece-Quintuple Stage-Double plate ceramic coated stage 191mm (W) X 128mm(D) with rounded corners & low positioned drop down ergonomic X-Y coaxial controls Condenser-Universal Abbe condenser,N.A.1.25 with iris diaphragm dovetail mount suitable for darkfield, phase contrast, Polarising & Fluorescence observations Objectives-U Plan 4X,N.A.0.10, W.D.25.9mm,F.N.24 Semi Apo Plan 10X, N.A.0.40, W.D.1.0mm, F.N.24 Semi Apo Plan 40X, N.A.0.82, W.D.0.15mm, F.N.24 Semi Apo Plan 100X oil, N.A.0.1.25, W.D.0.2mm, F.N.24 Incident Illumination TrueKoehler 6V,30W Halogen Illumination with automatic voltage sensing power supply Modular fixposition Fluorescence illuminator.To be supplied with blue, green &UV excitation Chroma filters.100WHG (Mercury)HBOLamp (2200L) Microphotography attachment with Image documentation system. 3mporbettercolorcooledccdwithimageanalysissystem. Individual calibration for all magnification are required in all linear measurement and annotation. Camera (image sensor 1/1.8” CCD, pixel size 3.45 um x 3.45 um, frame rate: 6 fps @ 2080x1542,12 fps @ 1040x770)should have the capability to capture the fluorescence images simultaneously upto 5filters with image merging capability. Standard Accessories:30W spare1no. 100WHGHBO1no. Standard European powercord2 no. Spare fuse3amp. Polyvinyl dust cover Immersion oil. The above microscope should be upgradable in future with motorized focus and noise piece. Branded computer with HDMI LED MONITOR (24”) to be supplied with the microscope Warranty-5 years comprehensive on Microscope & accessories from the date of installation.
27Semi automatic microtome with blades Specification: 1.Advanced driving systems with fuctions of motorized trimming,fast forward,backward. 2.LCD screen displays section and trimming thickness range,numbers of section and trimming. 3.Universal microtome object holder and blade holder. 4.Automatic coarse feed advance and manual modes of microtome sectioning. 5.Handwheel can be locked at any position. 6.Universal cassette clamp and standard Blades Microtome Blades- 100 piece High Profile 818 Disposable Blades made of stainless steel with exceptional durability. Ultra fine yet durable, 80mm long x 14mm high x 0.35 mm thick suitable for use with microtomes and cryostat series as well as for common cryostat and microtome models Inventive blade coating process provides perceptibly improved results in section stretching and in the quality of sectioning ribbons in routine histology.
28Sinus lifting instrument kit Specification: For Lateral & crestal approach with s-reamer/lateral reamers initial drill/crestal drills bone inserter bone spreader bone carrier bone condenser depth gauge chisels of different width sinuscurettes- of various designs bone rongeurforceps mallet irrigation syringe & tips & other instruments autoclavable cassette 1 piece
29Soft tissue laser Diode Soft tissue laser(3 watts) Specification: Features:should have 21 preset programs & 4 customised programs, 4 hrs battery backup, large LCD screen, cordless foot control, built in help tutorials and other specialized features. Laser unit with variable power output upto a maximum 3 watt(1 no), laser goggle(2 no), eye protector(1 no), multi tip permanent fibre (1 no), tips(5 no),user manuals(1 no),set up DVD(1 no), carrying case(1 no). Mode:Continuous or Pulse Mode Hertz Rate in Pulsed Mode: 1-5000Hz Pulse Interval: 0.1ms - 9.9s Pulse Duration: 0.1ms - 9.9s Should achieve multiple levels of aiming beam intensity Duty Cycle: Adjustable Autoclave: Hand piece autoclavable High Light Emitting,Auto Cooling Ergonomic Design,Digital Technology Easy Operation,With Touch Screen Monitor 21 preset treatment programs with foot pedal control User friendly software for more precision and faster surgery
30Spindle grinder with suction Specification: with Foot control and high intensity illumination. Safety glass for glare elimination and visual protection. connection to dust collector &suction. Operating voltage 230VAC +/- 10% 50Hz.Motor rotation at 24000rpm or more. With suction unit
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