Nru As Per Appx A , Items : , Cradle, Bed, Folding, 40.5 Cm Wide X 53.3 Cm Long X 25.5 Cm High , External Fixator Tubular Set Complete , File, Bone , Forceps, Bone Holding (Lane), For Large Bones, 29.35 Cm , Forceps, Plaster Bending , Fulcrum, (Lorenz) , , AFMSD DELHI CANTT-110010-Delhi

Indian Army-IA has published Nru As Per Appx A , Items : , Cradle, Bed, Folding, 40.5 Cm Wide X 53.3 Cm Long X 25.5 Cm High , External Fixator Tubular Set Complete , File, Bone , Forceps, Bone Holding (Lane), For Large Bones, 29.35 Cm , Forceps, Plaster Bending , Fulcrum, (Lorenz) , . Submission Date for this Tender is 16-11-2021. Kitchen Equipment Tenders in AFMSD DELHI CANTT-110010 Delhi. Bidders can get complete Tender details and download the document.

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Nru As Per Appx A , Items : , Cradle, Bed, Folding, 40.5 Cm Wide X 53.3 Cm Long X 25.5 Cm High , External Fixator Tubular Set Complete , File, Bone , Forceps, Bone Holding (Lane), For Large Bones, 29.35 Cm , Forceps, Plaster Bending , Fulcrum, (Lorenz) ,
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Tender Details

Nru As Per Appx A , Items : , Cradle, Bed, Folding, 40.5 Cm Wide X 53.3 Cm Long X 25.5 Cm High , External Fixator Tubular Set Complete , File, Bone , Forceps, Bone Holding (Lane), For Large Bones, 29.35 Cm , Forceps, Plaster Bending , Fulcrum, (Lorenz) , Goniometer, Conzett , Hook, For Strirrup , Kit For Cervical Traction, Complete With Head Holder, Two Cords, Wall Bracket, Pair Of Pulleys And Two Sets Of Weights , Mallet, Fluted Handle, Diameter 3.5 Cm , Pins (Steinmann) 15 Cm X 4 Mm Dia S.S. Trocar Point 3 Faced Chuck End , Shears, Plaster (Bohler), Stainless Steel, 24 Cm , Spreader, Plaster Cast , Stick, Walking, Shipton Handled, 100 Cm Long X 2.5 Cm Dia , Stick, Walking, Shipton Handled, 90 Cm Long X 2.5 Cm Dia , Stick, Walking, Ferrule, Rubber, For (To Fit New Pvms 080251) , Tape, Broad, Piece Of 16.5 Metre , Baby Identification Disks Round Plastic , Baby Suction Apparatus Low Pressure , Catherer, Female, Metal, 8 English Gauge(Ss) , Clamp, Myomectomy, Stainless Steel 24 Cm , Cryocautery, Standard Cry Cauterization Eqpt With Full Accessories Probe Conical, Flat And End Cervical Probe Gas Reservoir , Curette, Sharp No 2, Width Of Working Part 9Mm Carbon Steel, Chromium Plated , Curette, Blunt No 2, Width Of Working Part 9 Mm Carbon Steel, Chromium Plated , Curette, Blunt No 2, Width Of Working Part 11Mm Carbon Steel, Chromium Plated (Sims Type) , Dilators, Uterine, Hollow, Set Of 16 Conical Metal, Size 3/6 To 18/21 Mm Dia In Metal Case , Depressor, Vaginal (Sim) , Forceps, Clamp, Hysterectomy/Bb , Forceps, Clamp, Hysterectomy/M 24 Cm , Forceps, Caesarian Section Haemostatic , Forceps, Midwifery, Extra Small, Stainless Steel , Forceps, Ovum, Hay Woods Width 25Cm Ss , Forceps, Uterine, Vulsellum, Teals,With Lateral Curve, Three Into Four Teeth,Screw Joint,25Cm Ss , Forceps, Uterus Holding, Shirodkar Pattern , Forceps, Uterine Tenaculum , Myoma Screw Ss , Noise Free Vaccum Extractor Pump Set Complete With Traction Handle, Tubing, Silicone And Metal Cups , Retractor, Abdominal,With Set Of Three Blades, And Balance Fixing Band , Retractor, Vaginal, Self-Retaining , Retractor, Vaginal, Blade 8.75 Cm X 2.5 Cm , Retractor Devars Set , Scissors, Dressing Both Points Blunt, Curved On Flat, 17 Cm Long, Stainless Steel , Speculum, Vaginal, Duck-Bill, Double Ended Blade, Size 3.5 Cm X 10.5 Cm And 2.8 Cm X 10.5 Cm, Ss , Speculum, Vaginal , Solid Blades And Folding Handles, Extra Small 1.55 Cm Ss , Speculum,Vaginal,Large,With Fenestrated Blades And Folding Handles, Ss , Speculum, Vaginal, Duckbill, Double Ended Heavy Model,Medium Size, 2.69 Cm X 2.9 Cm Ss , Speculum, Vaginal, Medium Ss , Sanitary Waste Receptacle With Stainless Steel Body , Bottle Hot Water, I.R. 30 Cm X 20 Cm Cover For , Cup Feeding, Earthenware, 10 Cm , Pillow Air Circular With Central Hole Rubber, 45 Cm , Sheet Douching (Kelly) Rubber Apron 50.8 Cm Dia , Sheeting, Waterproof Thick 110 Cm Wide , Sheeting, Waterproof Thin 110 Cm Wide , Funnel E.I., 360Ml , Advanced Rotary Microtome, Knife For , Apparatus Anaerobic Consisting Of Polycarbonate Rimmed Jar With Top Of The Rim Machine Planed To Accept Metailc Lid And Give A Flush Air Tight Fit.The Lid Has Built In Valves (No 2) And Has A Clamp To Hold Room Temperature Catalyst Sachet , Automatic Knife Sharpner With 2 Honning Plates, Universal Knife Holder, Knife Inspection Block With Abrassives Complete , Bath Water, For Agglutination, Stainless Steel, 31.25 Cm X 37.5 Cm X 31.25 Cm (12.5 X 15 X 12.5), Double Wall, With Non Corrosive, Highly Polished Exterior, 220 Volts, 50 Cycles (Nomextn-Single Phase Ac, Complete With Sensitive Thermostat To Control The Temperature Upto 60ºc, Finger Tip Knob, Reference Dial Neon Pilot Lamps, On-Off Switch 5 Metre Cord & Plug.) , Bath Water Electrically Heated 33X23x10 Cm 220/240 Volts Ac, Single Phase,Complete And With Thermostatic Control , Bath Water, Universal, 65 X 30 X 24 Cm (26 X 12 X 9 1/2) With Trays, Electrically Heated (Ac 230 Volts, 50 Cycles) Complete, With One Capsule 37 Degree C With 9 Copper Racks To Fit Holding 1.5 Cm (5/8) Tubes (Nomextn- Spare Heating Elements (One Set) One Thermometer And Drop On Lids With Cover (Components As Under) , Bath, Water, Universal,66X30.5Cm With Lid And Tray Electrically Heated 230 Volts Ac 50, Cycles,Complete (For Components See Annexure) , Blood Sedimentation Rate Pipette Stand To Hold 6 Pipettes (Westergren). , Burner Bunsen No.B-1 For Use With Pv 160172 , Cabinet Mild Steel, Size 122 Cm High X 91.44 Cm Wide X 38.10 Cm Deep To Hold 10000 Microscope Slides Complete With 50 Trays Plus Two Extra Drawers For Keeping Index Cards. , Centrifuge Research (Non-Refrigerated ) 7000 Rpm, 0.6Kva 230V Single Phase 50 Cycles Ac Complete With Angle And Swing Out Rotor Head (For Component See Annexure) , Clip Staining For 10 Slides , Clip Staining Jar Glass For (For Use With Pv 160081) , Counter Laboratory Six Unit With Five Keys And One Totalizer. , Dishes, Petri, Sterilising, Copper/Aluminium Box, For. , Forceps, Bent, Fine Point. , Haemometer Round Comparison Tube Graduated. , Jar, Glass, Square, Wide Mouth Screw Neck, 2000 Ml, With Bakelite Cap, For Storage. , Jar Glass Specimen Rectangular With Glass Lid Ground At Edges (26 Cm Height X 15 Cm Width X 8 Cm Depth). , Jar Staining Vertical/Horizontal Made Of Glass/Polypropylene To Take Ten 7.5 Cm X 2.5 Cm Slides , Laminar Flow Biohazard Model, Size 3X2x2 With Pressure Diff Manometer, Inbuilt U.V Tube Attachment & S.S Top , Lamp, Spirit, Brass 200 Ml. , Lifter Section , Loop Holders , Loop Sterliser, Electrical , Machine Sealing Hand Operated , Micropipettes, Variable Volume, 50 - 200 Ul , Microtome Rotary Precision Knife With Back And Handle, Spare For (For Use With Pv 160305) , Mould, L Shaped Complete With Brass Base Plate (For Paraffin Wax) , Oven Laboratory, Double Walled, Inside Stainless Steel, Outside Mild Steel, Inner Dimensions 45 Cm X 45 Cm X 45 Cm, Temperature Controlled By Thermostat Up To 250 Degree Centigrade (Nomextn- Complete With Thermometer 0-250 Deg. C Temp Controlled Pilot Lamp, Two Perforated Metal Shelves, Three Core Wire And Plug For Operation On 220 Volts 50 Cycles Ac) , Polycarbonate Anaerobic Jars, Complete With Chargers 5 Plate Capacity. , Syringe Holder For Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology , Tube Wintrobe,Stand To Hold 12 Tubes For , Urine Test, Case For Complete (For Componenets See Annexure) , Urinometer, With Graduated Cylinder (For Components See Annexure) , Apparatus, Water Testing (Horrocks) Complete (For Component, See Annexure). , Field Kit For The Detection Of Poisons In Water. , Hook Sharp, Dural 12.5Cm , Scissors, Dural, Angular Probe Pointed Under Blade Screw Joint 14.6Cm Ss , Ileostomy/Colostomy Appliances Complete , Voltage Stabilizer Automatic Servo Type Single Phase Input 175-260 Volts, Output 230 V, +/- 0.5% Capacity 2 Kva With Under Voltage And Over Voltage Protection With Delay Start. , Apron Lead Vinyl Rubber With Heavy Duty Nylon Reinforced Seams And Padded Shoulder, Minimum 0.5 Mm Lead Equivalent. , Board Auxiliary Power Plug For Complete With 9.15 Mtr Of Cable , Board Auxiliary 15.24 Cm X 15.24 Cm Complete With 15 Amps Socket, 9.15 Mtr Of 3 Core Cable And 15 Amps Power Plug. => Limited

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BOQ Items

Sl. No. Item Description
1Items :
2Cradle, Bed, folding, 40.5 cm wide X 53.3 cm long X 25.5 cm high
3External Fixator Tubular Set Complete
4File, Bone
5Forceps, bone holding (Lane), for large bones, 29.35 cm
6Forceps, plaster bending
7Fulcrum, (Lorenz)
8Goniometer, Conzett
9Hook, for strirrup
10Kit for cervical traction, complete with head holder, two cords, wall bracket, pair of pulleys and two sets of weights
11Mallet, fluted handle, diameter 3.5 cm
12Pins (Steinmann) 15 cm X 4 mm dia S.S. trocar point 3 faced chuck end
13Shears, plaster (Bohler), stainless steel, 24 cm
14Spreader, plaster cast
15Stick, walking, shipton handled, 100 cm long X 2.5 cm dia
16Stick, walking, shipton handled, 90 cm long X 2.5 cm dia
17Stick, walking, ferrule, rubber, for (to fit New PVMS 080251)
18Tape, broad, piece of 16.5 metre
19Baby Identification disks round plastic
20Baby suction Apparatus low pressure
21Catherer, Female, metal, 8 English gauge(SS)
22Clamp, Myomectomy, stainless steel 24 cm
23Cryocautery, standard cry cauterization eqpt with full accessories probe conical, flat and end cervical probe gas reservoir
24Curette, sharp No 2, width of working part 9mm carbon steel, chromium plated
25Curette, blunt No 2, width of working part 9 mm carbon steel, chromium plated
26Curette, blunt No 2, width of working part 11mm carbon steel, chromium plated (Sim"s type)
27Dilators, uterine, hollow, set of 16 conical metal, size 3/6 to 18/21 mm dia in metal case
28Depressor, vaginal (Sim)
29Forceps, clamp, Hysterectomy/BB
30Forceps, clamp, Hysterectomy/M 24 cm
31Forceps, caesarian section Haemostatic
32Forceps, midwifery, extra small, stainless steel
33Forceps, ovum, hay woods width 25cm SS
34Forceps, Uterine, vulsellum, Teal"s,with lateral curve, three into four teeth,screw joint,25cm SS
35Forceps, Uterus holding, Shirodkar pattern
36Forceps, Uterine tenaculum
37Myoma Screw SS
38Noise free vaccum extractor pump set complete with traction handle, tubing, silicone and metal cups
39Retractor, abdominal,with set of three blades, and Balance fixing band
40Retractor, vaginal, self-retaining
41Retractor, Vaginal, blade 8.75 cm x 2.5 cm
42Retractor Devar"s set
43Scissors, dressing both points blunt, curved on flat, 17 cm long, stainless steel
44Speculum, vaginal, Duck-bill, double ended blade, size 3.5 cm x 10.5 cm and 2.8 cm x 10.5 cm, SS
45Speculum, vaginal , solid blades and folding handles, extra small 1.55 cm SS
46Speculum,vaginal,large,with fenestrated blades and folding handles, SS
47Speculum, Vaginal, Duckbill, double ended heavy model,medium size, 2.69 cm x 2.9 cm SS
48Speculum, vaginal, medium SS
49Sanitary waste receptacle with stainless steel body
50Bottle Hot Water, I.R. 30 cm x 20 cm cover for
51Cup feeding, Earthenware, 10 cm
52Pillow air circular with central hole rubber, 45 cm
53Sheet douching (Kelly) rubber apron 50.8 cm dia
54Sheeting, waterproof thick 110 cm wide
55Sheeting, waterproof thin 110 cm wide
56Funnel E.I., 360ml
57Advanced rotary microtome, knife for
58Apparatus anaerobic consisting of Polycarbonate rimmed jar with top of the rim machine planed to accept metailc lid and give a flush air tight fit.The lid has built in valves (No 2) and has a clamp to hold room temperature catalyst sachet
59Automatic knife sharpner with 2 honning plates, Universal knife holder, knife inspection block with abrassives complete
60Bath Water, for agglutination, stainless steel, 31.25 cm x 37.5 cm x 31.25 cm (12.5" x 15" x 12.5"), double wall, with non corrosive, highly polished exterior, 220 volts, 50 cycles (Nomextn-single phase AC, complete with sensitive thermostat to control the temperature upto 60ºC, Finger tip knob, reference dial Neon pilot lamps, ON-OFF switch 5 metre cord & plug.)
61Bath water electrically heated 33x23x10 cm 220/240 volts AC, single phase,complete and with Thermostatic control
62Bath Water, universal, 65 x 30 x 24 cm (26" x 12" x 9 1/2") with trays, electrically heated (AC 230 Volts, 50 cycles) complete, with one capsule 37 degree C with 9 copper racks to fit holding 1.5 cm (5/8") tubes (Nomextn- spare heating elements (One Set) one thermometer and drop on lids with cover (components as under)
63Bath, water, Universal,66x30.5cm with lid and tray electrically heated 230 volts AC 50, cycles,complete (For components see Annexure)
64Blood sedimentation rate pipette stand to hold 6 pipettes (Westergren).
65Burner Bunsen No.B-1 for use with PV 160172
66Cabinet Mild steel, size 122 cm high X 91.44 cm wide X 38.10 cm deep to hold 10000 Microscope slides complete with 50 trays plus two extra drawers for keeping Index cards.
67Centrifuge research (non-refrigerated ) 7000 RPM, 0.6KVA 230V single phase 50 cycles AC complete with angle and swing out rotor head (For component see Annexure)
68Clip staining for 10 slides
69Clip staining jar glass for (For use with PV 160081)
70Counter Laboratory six unit with five keys and one totalizer.
71Dishes, petri, sterilising, copper/aluminium box, for.
72Forceps, Bent, Fine point.
73Haemometer Round comparison tube graduated.
74Jar, glass, square, wide mouth screw neck, 2000 ml, with bakelite cap, for storage.
75Jar glass specimen rectangular with glass lid ground at edges (26 cm height x 15 cm width x 8 cm depth).
76Jar staining vertical/horizontal made of glass/polypropylene to take ten 7.5 cm x 2.5 cm slides
77Laminar flow biohazard model, size 3"x2"x2" with pressure diff manometer, inbuilt U.V tube attachment & S.S top
78Lamp, Spirit, brass 200 ml.
79Lifter section
80Loop holders
81Loop Sterliser, electrical
82Machine sealing hand operated
83Micropipettes, variable volume, 50 - 200 ul
84Microtome Rotary Precision knife with back and handle, spare for (For use with Pv 160305)
85Mould, "L" shaped complete with brass base plate (For paraffin wax)
86Oven Laboratory, Double Walled, inside stainless steel, outside mild steel, inner dimensions 45 cm x 45 cm x 45 cm, temperature controlled by thermostat up to 250 degree Centigrade (Nomextn- complete with thermometer 0-250 deg. C temp controlled pilot lamp, two perforated metal shelves, three core wire and plug for operation on 220 volts 50 cycles AC)
87Polycarbonate Anaerobic jars, complete with chargers 5 plate capacity.
88Syringe holder for fine needle aspiration cytology
89Tube Wintrobe,stand to hold 12 tubes for
90Urine test, case for complete (For Componenets see Annexure)
91Urinometer, with graduated cylinder (For Components see Annexure)
92Apparatus, Water Testing (Horrocks) complete (For component, see Annexure).
93Field Kit for the detection of poisons in water.
94Hook sharp, dural 12.5cm
95Scissors, dural, angular probe pointed under blade screw joint 14.6cm SS
96Ileostomy/Colostomy appliances complete
97Voltage stabilizer Automatic servo type single phase input 175-260 Volts, output 230 V, +/- 0.5% capacity 2 KVA with under voltage and over voltage protection with delay start.
98Apron lead Vinyl rubber with heavy duty nylon reinforced seams and padded shoulder, minimum 0.5 mm lead equivalent.
99Board auxiliary power plug for complete with 9.15 mtr of cable
100Board auxiliary 15.24 cm X 15.24 cm complete with 15 amps socket, 9.15 mtr of 3 core cable and 15 amps power plug.
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