Selection Of Technical Consultancy For Rehabilitation And Refurbishment Of Outfitting Jetty And Src Dry Dock At Hindustan Shipyard Limited

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Corrigendum : Selection Of Technical Consultancy For Rehabilitation And Refurbishment Of Outfitting Jetty And Src Dry Dock At Hindustan Shipyard Limited
Andhra Pradesh

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Selection Of Technical Consultancy For Rehabilitation And Refurbishment Of Outfitting Jetty And Src Dry Dock At Hindustan Shipyard Limited

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1 02-Nov-2021 Due Date Extension Date 11-11-2021
2 11-Nov-2021 Due Date Extension 2 Date 24-11-2021
3 24-Nov-2021 Due date extension Date 01-12-2021

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BOQ Items

Name of Work: Selection of technical consultancy for Rehabilitation & Refurbishment of Outfitting Jetty & SRC Dry Dock at Hindustan Shipyard Limited
Sl. No. Item Description
1PART-1:Survey, investigation and Technical Feasibility Studies for Rehabilitation and Retrofitting of Outfit Jetty & Crane Trackand Repairs/ Refurbishment of RCC Structure of SRC Dry Dock
3Inception Report: (i) Visual inspection of all the structural members of the existing Jetty and crane track by accessing to under deck with the help of boats, pontoons, or through inspection chambers. (ii) Condition assessment of the structure. (iii) Study the available drawings, reports and understand the overall condition Jetty and requirements of HSL (iv) Submit the inception report containing the way forward.
4Under water Survey: Carry out Under water Surveyto assess the physical condition of the pile foundations of the Structure below water level and submit report on condition assessment
5Pile Load tests: Conductpile load tests on randomly selected piles to assessthe load carrying capacity of existing piles
6Study on Soil erosion: Carryout detail study and establish the causes for soil erosion on both West & East end of the jetty and suggest suitable Preventive measures
7Geotechnical Investigation: Carryout soil investigation by grilling 150 mm dia bore hole up to hard rock and analyses the data and submit the report
8Calibration of Bollards: Study the existing Bollards and calibrate the existing Capacity of each Bollard
9Destructive Tests: Core cutting through the existing RCC Structural elements of the structure such as Pile, Pile caps, Tie beams, Short Columns, Column heads, floor beams and Deck slab, 4 Nos in each bay (22x4=88) , analyze the data and submit detailed report on strength and other parameters
10NDT Tests: ConductingNDT tests like rebound hammer andUPV tests for determining strength /density /integrity of structural members like slab, beam,coloumns, pile caps & pilesof the existing Outfit Jetty,5 Nos in each bay (22x5=110)
11Assessment of Crane Track Capacity: Asses the capacity of existing Crane track and develop feasible solution for strengthening of crane track to facilitate installation of 60 T L.L. crane with wheel load of 50T or as required by HSL
12Structural Layout: Prepare a structural layout plans of the existing Jettyand withdetails of proposed modifications to suit HSL requirements
13Load Tests: conducting physical load tests on Deck Slab to derive structural load / capacity calculations for Jetty including Crane track and submit the report
14Generation of Models: Analyze the data of existing facilities , investigations carried out and generate a various models forfeasible solution to rehabilitation, retrofitting of Jetty & Crane Track to meet the design /service criteria of Jetty
15paved Areas: Conducting physical load tests or any other suitable methodfor capacity evaluation of surroundingconcrete paved areas
16Preliminary Design: Carry out necessary preliminary design calculationsof the existingstructure of Jetty, Crane Track and Bollards for intended load bearing capacity
17Scope for detailed design: Define scope for detailed design for proposed Rehabilitation & Retrofitting of Jetty& Crane track.
18Feasibility Report: Preparation of detailed Feasibility Report for Rehabilitation & Retrofitting of Jetty and crane track to meet the design requirements and concrete paved area in the vicinity of Jetty.Ratification of the findings in Feasibility Report from third party such as NITs /IITs / Bureau VERITAS (I) as approved by HSL. Five copies of hard copies and two soft copies of the Feasibility Report are to be provided
19Cost benefit analysis: Carryout detail study with regards to Optimum & Cost effective solutions in comparison to total Repairs (or) partial replacement of structure (or) new construction. Comparative study shouldbe vis-a-visthe production schedules / Out fitting activities ofvarious vessels planned at Jetty
20Presentation: presentationand discussion on findings, observations and recommendations to HSL
22Dry-dock : Study, investigate, analyze the condition of dry dock RCC structure andprepare repair methodology , including technical specifications for refurbishment the gate recess to arrest the leakagesas per scope at 7.1.2.
23Part-2: Detailed Design and preparation of construction drawing, Bill of Material, Specifications , Cost Estimate for Rehabilitation & RetrofittingofOutfit Jetty & Crane Trackand SRC Dry Dock
24Based on the technical feasibility studyand optimal technical solution, workout detailed engineering methodology for Rehabilitation, Retrofitting and Strengthening of the Jetty & Crane Track and Repairs/refurbishment of RCC Structure of the SRC Dry Dock (including detailed design for retaining wall with sheet piles, design an effective fender system for outfit jetty). Design, analysis and preparation of GFC drawings, Material Schedule, Execution Plan, Cost Estimate and detailed Scope of Work.
25Part-3: Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) and Tender Document for Augmentation of the Infrastructure.
26Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for execution of the proposed Rehabilitation & Retrofitting methodology for Outfit Jetty & Crane trackand repairs/ refurbishment of SRC Dry Dock to meet the design requirementsbased on the Feasibility Report of Part-1 and Detailed Design & Technical Specifications evolved at Part-2 above and prepare the RFP required for tender action
27Ratification of the design and Detailed Project Report by a third party such as NITs /IITs / Bureau Veritas (I) and its acceptance by HSL
28Provision of Five sets of hard copies of Detailed Project Report and two sets of Soft copies (in editable form in MS Work, Excel, AutoCAD as well as pdf format) are to be provide.
29Note:The bidder should ensure, the technical specifications and tender documents shall be generic in nature so as to avoid undue favor to any product/brand/agency and allow more competition in the tenders
30Part-4: Project Management Consultancy (PMC) Services during execution which include Project Management, Supervision, Quality Assurance, Work Measurement and Billing during Execution of Work.
31Providing PMC services for execution ofwork related to Rehabilitation & Retrofitting of Outfit Jetty and Crane Track and Repairs & Refurbishment of SRC Dry Dock (Provide Project Management Consultancy Serviceslike Assisting Technical evaluation , Price negotiation , Placement of Order ,preparation of CPM/PERT charts , Reviewing of project milestones , supervision,mitigation of risks , providing alternative approaches , Preparation of Quality Assurance plan, Quality and Test checks at regular intervals ,measurement of work progress through site visits and maintaining formal record of the same, recommendation of stage payments and issuing of work completion certificate
32Preparation of Project Closure Report and as fitted drawings on completion of the work.
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