Supply Of Chemicals / Glassware / Reagents And Other Laboratory Item ( S ) , - ( A ) Molecular Biology Chemicals / Routine Chemicals & Reagents / Kits ( B ) Glassware Items ( C ) Plastic Ware Items ( D ) Filter Paper / Needles ( E ) Dna

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Supply Of Chemicals / Glassware / Reagents And Other Laboratory Item ( S ) , - ( A ) Molecular Biology Chemicals / Routine Chemicals & Reagents / Kits ( B ) Glassware Items ( C ) Plastic Ware Items ( D ) Filter Paper / Needles ( E ) Dna
Uttar Pradesh

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Supply Of Chemicals / Glassware / Reagents And Other Laboratory Item ( S ) , - ( A ) Molecular Biology Chemicals / Routine Chemicals & Reagents / Kits ( B ) Glassware Items ( C ) Plastic Ware Items ( D ) Filter Paper / Needles ( E ) Dna Sequencing Services ( Sanger & Ngs ) ( F ) Dna And Rna-Probes And Primer Synthesis ( G ) Small Clinical Equipments ( Bp Machine, Anthropometric Machine, Weighingmachine, Pippettes, Glucometer, Hemoglobinometer Etc. ) H Gas Refiling I Liquid Nitrogen J Dry Ice - Molecular Biology Chemicals / Routine Chemicals & Reagents Aldrih, Amersham, Amersco, Abcam, Applied Biosystems, Applied Biological, Axiva, Applichem, Atlanta, Ambion, Avegen, Agile, Agilent, Axygen, Azure B Type, Avanti Polar Lipids ( Usa ) , Allide Scientific, Kolkota ( Life Science Product ) , Ark Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd., Applichem Germnay ( By Chempure ) , Apollo Scientific, U>K> ( By Chempure ) , Alfa Aesar, Usa ( A Johnson Matthey Chemicals India Pvt.Ltd. ) Central Durg House ( P ) Ltd. 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Merk / Bdh, Eppendorf, Excellion, , E-Bioscience, Embee Diagnostics, Fischer-Scientific, Fischer Bioreagents, Finzymes, Fermentas, Fermentas Life Science, Future Bioscience, Fluka, , Genetix, Gilson, Glasil, Genex Ranbaxy, Gibco, Gehealthcare, G-Biosciences, Hoefer, Hyclon, Himedia, Ilifediscovery, , J-Sil Scientific Industries, Agar, Invitrogen, Imgenex, Immuno, Invitrogen, Ils, Lonza, Idt, , Loba, Madhu Labtech ( Banglore ) Millipore, Miltenyi, Biotec, Mdi Membrane Technologies, Merck, Macrogen, Mp Biomedicals, Biolabs, M P Biomedicals, Mwg Speckpure, , Merk, Merk Bioscience, Mp Biomedicals , Nalgene, Nxgenbio Life Sciences, New England Biolabs, Nucleopore, , Oligo’S, Operon, , Puregene, Pierce, Promega, Parma, Pal Life Science, Pyekem, Priston Biomedical, , Perkin Elmers, , Phyto Technology, Qiagens, Gmbh, Ranbaxy, Roche Diagnostic, , R&D System, , Renkem Fermentas, Rami Sales, Mumbai, Santa Cruz, Spincotech, Stategene, Srl, Spectrochem, Sigma, Spectrum Medical Industries, Scot Duran, Se Technology, Sds Bitron, Srl, , , Thomas Baker, Thermo Fisher, Tarson, Tkm, Takara, Thomasbaker Titan, Thermo Scientific, Usb, U S Biological, , Wipro, Waters.J.Mitra, Siemens, Qualigens, Drg. 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C, Chikungunya ) , Span ( G6pd ) , Randox ( G6pd ) , Tulip Diagnostic, Biomedical System, First Response Malaria, Span Diagnostics, Painbio J.Mitra, Inbios, Panbio, Molbio Diagnostics, Fuller Pricking Needles Blood Lancets, Worldlet, Biopoaint, Bd Biosciences Gas Refilling Co2, Mix Gas, Clinical Equipments Omron, Accuchek, Morepan, , Romson, Dr.Trust Media Antibiotics Difco ( Bd ) , Himedia, "Hyclone", "Gibco

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INR 10 Lakhs /-
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