Strengthening Work Of Road.

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Strengthening Work Of Road.
Uttar Pradesh

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Strengthening Work Of Road.

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Sl. No. Item Description
1Providing, laying, spreading and compacting graded stone aggregate to Wet Mix Macadam specification including premixing the Material with water at OMC in mechanical mix plant carriage of mixed Material by tipper to site, laying in uniform layers with paver in sub- base / base course on well prepared surface and compacting with vibratory roller to achieve the desired density. LDA SOR
2Providing and applying Primer coat with Emulsion on prepared surface of granular base. Including cleanning of road surface and spraying primer @ 0.60 kg./sqm. Using mechanical means. (as per MORTH Specification - 502) LDA Sanctioned Rate)
3Providing and applying Tack coat with VG-10 Bitumen Using pressure distributor at the rate of 0.20 Kg. per square metres on the prepared bitumenous / granuler surface cleaned with mechanical broom. (as per MORTH Specification-50) Analysis rate) & Sanctoned rate)
4Providing and laying bituminous macadam with 100-120 TPH Hot Mix Plant producing an average output of 25 cum per hour using crushed aggregate of specified grading, premixed with bituminous binder (VG-30 @ 3.3 %)transported to site , laid over a previously prepared surface with paver finisher to the required grade, level and alignment and rolled as per clauses 501.6 and 501.7 to achieve the desired compaction. (as per MORTH Specification - 504) LDA Sanctioned Rate)
5Semi- dense bituminous concrete ( Using waste plastic) Providing & laying semi dense bituminous concrete with 100-120 TPH batch type HMP producing an average output of 25 cum per hours using crushed aggregate of specified grading, premixed with bituminous binder ( VG-30) @5 percent mix to work at site as per MORTH Specifications clause 508 complete in all respect-( Redusing bituminous, Quantity by 8% and replacing by plastic waste as per IRC : SP:98-2013)unit = cum Taking output = 195 Cum (450 Tonne) LDA Sanctioned Rate)
6Road marking with Hot Applied Thermoplastic compound with Reflectorising Glass beads on Bituminous surface. Providing and laying of hot applied thermoplastic compound 2.5 mm thick including reflectorising galss beads @ 250 gms per sqm area thickness of 2.5 mm is exclusive of surface applied galss beads as per IRC 35-2015 The finished surface to be level uniform and free from streaks and holes. PWD SOR 2020 CH-26 Page 56 Morth 803 (8.13)
7Reflective Raised Pavement Markers (Road Studs/Cat Eye) Supply and fixing of reflective ralsed pavement marker with its body surface made of lough ASA (Acrylic Styrene Acrylonitrite) or HPS (HI Impact Polystyrene) or acrylonitrilebutadien styrene (ABS) or any other suitable material approved by the engineer. The Marker shall support a load of 13.635 kg tested in accordance with ASTM D4280. the Reflective panels shall consist of number of lenses contatning single or dual prismatic cubes capable of providing total internal reflective of the entring the lens face, Lenses shall be moulded of methly methecryable conforming to ASTM D788 of equivalent. The stop or retro reflecting surface shall perferably be 35+/-5 degree to baseand the area of earth retro- reflecting surface shall not be less than 13.0 sqcm the marker height shall not be less than 10 mm and shall not exceed 20 mm exceed 20 mm & width shall not exceed 130 mm the base of the marker shall be flat within 1:3 mm all road studs shall be legibly marked with the name, trade or other means of identification of the manufacture epoxy installations, excess adgesive around the edge of the marker excess adhesive on the pavement and adhesive on the exposed surface of the markers shall be immediately removed. The contractor shall submit a two year warranty for satisfactory field performance including sliputated retro reflectance of the reflecing panel, to the Engineer in addition a two year warranty for satisfactory infield performance of the finished........... etc all complete. PWD SOR 2020 ( CH-26/Traffic Signs/Page No. 54/ Morth 804/(8.35) Suggestive)
8Clearing Jungle including uprooting of rank vegetation, grass, brush wood, trees and saplings of grith up to 30 cm measured at a hight of 1 m above ground level and removal of rubbish up to a distance of 50 m outside the periphery of the area cleared. PWD SOR20-21 (SI 2.31)
912 mm thick Plaster 1:4 (1cement : 4 coarse Sand) (13.4.1)
10Scraping old white or colour wash including disposal of refuse as directed by the engineer in charge with in a distance of 60 Mtr (200 ft) PWD SOR 2020 CH-17/Page 8/ SI 708
11Providing and applying white cement based putty of average thickness 1 mm of approved brand and manufacture over the plastered wall surface to prepare the surface even and smooth complete PWD SOR 2020. Ch-15/ Page No. 5/ SI. 13.80
12Painting on divider of the roads with enamal paint two coat on previously old painted surface complete in all respect. (PWD SOR-20-21,CH-15,642+643)
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