Construction Work Of Interlocking Ward 43 West Mustfabad Near Nausad Se Master Abrar Hanif Se Iqbal

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Construction Work Of Interlocking Ward 43 West Mustfabad Near Nausad Se Master Abrar Hanif Se Iqbal
Uttar Pradesh

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Construction Work Of Interlocking Ward 43 West Mustfabad Near Nausad Se Master Abrar Hanif Se Iqbal

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INR 2360 /-
INR 202547.00 /-
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INR 20.25 Lakhs /-


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BOQ Items

Name of Work:okMZ uå 43 ekSgYyk if"peh eqLrQkckn es gkth ukSlkn ls ekLVj vojkj ds edku rd ]guhQ ls bdcky ]uthj ls lkfgc [kku ,oa eq"kZjQ ls vkfjQ ds edku rd ukyh ,oa b.Vjy‚fdax VkbYl dk fuekZ.k dk;ZA
Sl. No. Item Description
1E/w in cutting or in embankment in ordinary soil excavation to be in the from of regular pits not be exceeding 0.50m in depth and earth work in embankment to be in 20 cm . Layers including ramming and dressing the surface to required level and slop and also including 1.5m lift and upto 8km .SI No-253
2Concrete with 4 cm. gauge brick ballast, fine sand of 1.25 F.M. and cement. In proportion of 12:6:1 in foundations and under floors, including supply of all materials, labour, Tools & plants etc. required for proper completion of the work. . SI no -273
3M-150 Brick Work in (1:4) cement & Coarse Sand 2.20 F.M. Mortar in foundation and plinth including supply of all materials, labour and T & P etc. required for proper completion of the work. . SI no 305( a)
412 mm thick plaster with (1:4) cement and coarse sandover brick work minimum thickness not to be less than 1cm. Including supply of all materials, labour, tools & plants etc. required for proper completion of the workSI no 584 new item
5Cement concrete with 2 cm gauge stone grits coarse sand & cement in the proportion of (4:2:1) including supply of all material labour tools and plants etc .rquired for proper completion of work S.I 279(a)
6Centering and shuttering including strutting, propping etc. and removal of form for Walls (any thickness) including attached pilasters, butteresses, plinth and string courses etc. DSR NO. 5.9.2
7MSTor In plain work such as RCC work Including bending forproper shapeand inclu- ding supply of steel and its wastage bend hooks, and authorized overlapping shall be measured and including cost of binding. s.i no 504 2017
8Reinforced cement concrete work in walls (any thickness), including attached pilasters, buttresses, plinth and string courses, fillets, columns, pillars, piers, abutments, posts and struts etc. above plinth level up to floor five level, excluding cost of centering, shuttering, finishing and reinforcement :1:1.5:3 (1 cement : 1.5 coarse sand(zone-III) derived from natural sources : 3 graded stone aggregate 20 mm nominal size derived from natural sources) D.S.R NO 5.2.2
9Collection and consolidation of WBM top coat with 22.4 -53mm gauge stone ballast including supply of stone ballast of approved quarry, royalty.carriage uplo site loading unloading stacking, testing charges, trade tax and other taxes, octroi levies to and also including opening out stacks spreading stone ballast to required cambor and template and making mendies to retain water and also all leads and lifts, water charges,watering and compacting with 8-10 tonne smooth wheeled road roller, including all hire fuel charges of the roller and blinding with Type B screening materials required for propor completion of work. Including all material, labour, T&P, taxes, labour coss etc. complete as per direction of Engineer in charge but excluding GST (mord 405)
10Supply and laying of 80mm precast cement concrete I shape interlocking paver blocks with top layer of minimum 8mm thickness having plan diamension 200(160+120mm) O.P cement, smooth high gloss finish , skid resistant manufactured from rubber mould through vibro compression mechanism . The compressive strength of concrete paver block shall not to be less than 30Mpa (m-30) and weight 5kg per no. conferming to IS 15658-2006 including cost of material , labour T&P etc required for proper completion of the work as directed by Engineer -in -charge . But excluding UP TT which shall be paid extra as rules.
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