Supply, Installation & Commissioning Of Medical Equipment On Turnkey Basis--Bihar

Government Departments has published Supply, Installation & Commissioning Of Medical Equipment On Turnkey Basis-. Submission Date for this Tender is 28-10-2021. Cutting Crimping and Punching Tools Tenders in Bihar. Bidders can get complete Tender details and download the document.

Tender Notice

Supply, Installation & Commissioning Of Medical Equipment On Turnkey Basis-
Open Tender
Due Date Not Mentioned, Contact Concern Authority.

Tender Details

Supply, installation & commissioning of medical equipment on turnkey basis-patient examination table ,anaesthesia machine (with accessories) ,multipara monitor ,electrical suction apparatus ,anaesthesia equipment: anaesthesia machine accessories,multi parameter monitor with etco2 monitoring ,defibrillator ,fibre optic bronchoscope ,ultrasound machine ,pns ,adult manikin,pediatric manikin ,Oxygen Therapy Unit ,Suction Machine,Provision For resuscitation equipment and CPR algorithms ,Airway crash cart , ABG machine Pulse Oximeter Monitor (Multipara Monitor) , TOF monitor (PNS), Radio Frequency Ablation Device , Fluoroscopy machine (CARM) ,Ultrasound machine ,Patients controlled analgesia system (portable) ,Intrathecal Infusion Pump ,OT Table fluoroscopy compatible ,Nerve locator ,Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulating Machine , Anaesthesia machine with resuscitation equipment ,Crash cart ,Monitors for vital signs (NIBP, P.R, ECG, SPO2, Temperature, R.R) ,Nerve stimulator ,Drill machine ,Hand saw (preferably metal) , Storage tank to hold cadavers.Static /movable Durable tank with input and output facility with lid, Dissecting instruments cadaveric dissection Embalming Machine, Mortuary cooler with arrangement to keep body, Band saw , Microscopes, Monocular, Dissection microscope Microtomes Rotary ,Microtomes, Sledge, large cutting,Paraffin Bath Embedding,Analytical Balance : upto 200g/1gm incr ,Hot air oven (More than 200 litres) ,Students microscope ,Semi autoanalyzer ,Water bath , Constant temperature water bath Tank Capacity: (Temperature range 5 to 80 degree Celsius), Complete Chromatographic Unit for paper & TLC Centrifuge Machine (16 tube),, Complete Electrophoresis apparatus with power supply (Paper, PAGE, agarose), System, Configuration and Accessories Incubator 37oC Densitometer with computer , Fume cupboard ,Digital Analytical Balance ,Balance Micro ,Spectrophotometer ,ELISA (Demonstration ,Arterial blood gas analyser (ABG) ,Basic Life Support (BLS), CPR (cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) mannequin ,Various Types of injections- Subcutaneous, Intra-muscular, Intravenous ,Gynecological examination mode/mannequin including ICUD (Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device) Training model ,Neonatal & Pediatric resuscitation mannequins,Whole body mannequins,Trauma mannequin ,Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation ( Skeleton Traction set) ,Interferential therapy unit ,Short Wave Diathermy ,Hotpacks & Hydrocollator ,Exercise table ,Static Cycle ,DENTISTRY (DENTAL X-RAY-INTRA ORAL WITH RVG) ,DENTAL X-RAY –EXTRA ORAL(O.P.G) –DIGITAL ,FULLY LOADED DENTAL CHAIR ELECTRICALLY OPERATED ,Dental Instruments,Emergency X-ray (Fixed 600mA),CR System ,CR Compatible imaging plates ,Image Reader ,Digital Radiography ,Mobile X-ray Machine 100 mA ,Ultrasonography equipment and color Doppler (Additional unit independently for OBGY). ,Caesarion Set ,Hysterectomy Set (Abdominal & vaginal) ,Electro Convulsive Therapy (E.C.T.) machine preferably with ECG & EEG monitoring ,SSaile ,Lithium analyzer ,Binocular Microscopes ,Spirometer ordinary ,Gas analyser automatic for CO2, O2, N2 ,Bicycle ergometer ,Polygraph (Digital) , Technical Specifications Physiograph Machine with transducers & other relevant access. , Ophthalmoscope (Direct) ,ECG,Otoscope ,PHARMACOLOGy,LED Binocular Microscope with Scanner, 10X, 40X, & Oil immersion lenses and inbuilt Battery backup power source (For Students ,Manual Rotary Microtome ,Automated Rotary Microtome , Cryostat, Paraffin embedding bath Heated Paraffin, Embedding Module, Autopsy Tables Automated Tissue Processor Autoclave , Ultrapure water solutions Distilled water plant, Water bath, Centrifuge Machine (16 tube),Fully Automated high throughput Multi-Stainer Workstation ,Fully Automated Embedding System (Heated embedding module & cold plate ,Fully Automated Flexible Cover slipping Workstation ,Water Bath For Tissue Floatation ,Balance single pan ,Balance, chemical with weights ,Binocular Microscope for Students ,Microscope for Diagnostic & Research Work Type with Attachment for Camera ,Microscopes with high end optics including 100X & LED Fluorescence for each Faculty/ resident working in lab plus 2 microscopes for technicians ,Microscopes For every Tutor –Binocular Microscope with suitable high end lenses ,Penta Head Microscope with High end Optics with HDMI Multi output Photographic camera (> 5 MP) including Software ,Microscopes for Deca Head Microscope ,Fully Automated Immunohisto- chemistry Setup with Continuous supply of Important Antibodies, Lymphoma Panel etc ,Automatic High-Speed Slide Scanner for converting Slides in Digital Format with software and ,Five Part Hematology Analyzer ,Automated Urine Analyzer ,Binocular Microscopes with high end optics including 100X & LED Fluorescence for each ,Incubator ,Automatic Hematology Slide Stanier. ,Balance single pan ,CPAP Machine ,Mechanical Ventilator (Neonatal & Child) ,LED Phototherapy Unit ,Ophthalmoscope ,Radiant Warmer ,Pulse Oximeter , Digital Weighing machine Digital Weighing machine for Baby ,Otoendoscope ,NASAL ENDOSCOPES ,LARYNGEAL ENDOSCOPE ,TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION OF DESKTOP COMPOSITE DOCUMENTATION TERMINAL WITH INBUILT CAMERA, MONITOR, LIGHT SOURCE AND STROBOSCOPE ,Camera Head ,Technical specification for strobe light source to Diagnosis of video Disorders with Advanced LED Technology ,Anaesthesia machine ,Cautery machines , ENT Operating microscope for major Operation Theatre ( with camera attachment & monitor for teaching and recording ,FESS set ,Nasal endoscopy trolley ,Basic OT table ,ENT Operating microscope for minor Operation Theatre ,Puretone audiometer ,Brainstem evoked response audiometer with ASSR ,OAE Impedance audiometer (With sound treated air-conditioned room for audiometry ,Electronystagmography ,Brainstem evoked response audiometer ,Automated Perimeter ,Ophthalmoscope (Direct) ,Streak Retinoscope ,Indirect Ophthalmoscope ,Applanation tonometer,Photo Slit Lamp , Keratometer ,CORNEAL DIAMETER MEASUREMENT ,Synoptophore,Schiotz’s tonometer ,Cryo Unit ,Operation Theatre Table for opthalmology ,Suction machine ,Ophthalmic Refraction Chair Unit ,Non- Contact Tonometer ,Autorefractometer with Keratometer ,Slit lamp with Applanation Tonometer ,Operating Microscope ,Proctoscope ,Operation Theatre Table ,Pedestal lights ,Pedestal lights ,Anesthesia Equipment ,Autoclave ,Proctoscope ,Operation Theatre Table ,Pedestal lights ,Suction machine ,Anesthesia Equipment ,Diagnostic and Operative laparoscope including one High Definition with all accessories and hand instruments ,Cystoscope & Resectoscope ,Flexible Video Colonoscope ,Flexible Video Side viewing Gastroduodenoscopy for ERCP ,VIDEO COLONOSCOPE ,VIDEO PROCESSOR WITH LIGHT SOURCE COMPATIBLE WITH THE ABOVE MENTIONED VIDEOSCOPE ,HIGH DEFINITION LCD COLOUR MONITOR ( FLAT PANEL) ,Flexible Video End viewing Oesophago- Gastroduodenoscope ,Flexible Video Sigmoidoscope , Flexible Video ,HARMONIC SCALPEL ,Autoclave ,Balance Electronic Digital ,Biosafety Cabinet Type - 2A ,BOD Incubator ,CENTRIFUGE MACHINE ,Deep Freeze -20° C & Deep Freezer ,Distilled water Plant ,Elisa Reader Bronchoscope ,C-arm image intensifier ,Operative ultrasound , Hot Air Oven ,Incubator ,Laminar flow , Microscope BinocularBinocular Microscope (Student) ,Microscope with universal condenser containing oil immersion, Bright field, Phase Contrast & Dark ground ,Water bath with variable temperature ,Oil-immersion lens for student microscope ,Automated Blood Culture System ,RT PCR ,-80-degree deep freezer with UPS ,Refrigerated Microcentrifuge ,Lab Refrigerator ,Colony Counter ,Colposcope ., (Students ,Cryo/electro cautery apparatus ,Ultrasound Machine ,Suction machine Diagnostic laparoscopy set and Operating laparoscopy ,Electronic Carbondioxide insuffator/ Insuffator basic unit ,Cystoscope & Resectoscope ,Operative microscope ,Electro Cautery machines ,CTG Machine , Portable Ultra sound ,High End suction machine ,Oxytocin Infusion Pump ,Multichannel Monitor ,Ultrasound machine with Doppler/Vaginal probe/facilities for Interventional procedure ,Multichannel Monitor with ECG, BP, HR, Pulse oximeter ,Operation Theatre table ,Vacuum Extractor and suction machine ,Infusion Pump ,Suction machine ,Microscope Student Type ,Digital Spectrophotometer ,Chemical Balance ,Distillation Plant , Automatic Tissue, Processing Machine Centrifuge, Spectroscopic Lens With Adjustable Slit, Binocular Research Type With Attachment For Camera, Deep Freezer For Keeping Tissue , Rotary Microtome With Knife (Semi automated) Paraffin Bath Embedding, Water Bath For Tissue, samples Thin layer, chromatography, Gas Chromatograph, Ultra Violet Spectroscope,Infra Red Spectroscope MASS SPECTROPHOTOMET ER UPLC Specifications: , Cold Storage For Dead Bodies , Weighing Machine For Dead Bodies, Autopsy Tables Autopsy Saw With Accessories, Weighing Machine For Organs, Weighing Machine For Fetus, Portable X-ray Machine (can be shared with Radiology Department) OT light Shadowless adjustable , Colposcope ,Proctoscope With Light source ,Digital Weighing machine for Baby ,Incubator, Electric ,Centrifuge Machine (16 tube) ,Ice Lined Refrigerator (I.L.R.) ,Ophthalmoscope (Direct) ,Otoscope ,Hyfrecator/ Electrosurgical instrument ,Cryotherapy with liquid Nitrogen,Iontophoresis machine ,Light microscope ,Set for Hip Replacement ,Interlock nailing sets ,Fracture Reduction OT Table ,Simple OT tables ,Pneumatic Drill set reamer Set ,Electric Drill & Reamer Set ,Fluoroscopy machine (CARM) ,Mobile X-ray Machine 100 mA ,Arthroscope ,Ophthalmoscope ,Flexible Video End viewing Oesophago- Gastroduodenoscope ,Flexible Video Colonoscope ,Flexible Video Side viewing Gastroduodenoscopy for ERCP ,Proctoscope ,Fiber optic bronchoscope (May be shared with ,Infusion Pump ,Multipara Monitor ,Pulse Oximeter ,ECG MACHINE (12 Channel ,Spirometer Equipment for Cardiac pacing, ,Echocardiography machine ,Tread mill test machine (TMT) ,Haemodialysis machine and suitable capacity RO Water Plant ,Arterial blood gas analyser (ABG), EMG and nerve conduction velocity machine ,Portable Suction Machine ,Patient Examination table ,Upper GI endoscope , Sigmoidoscope ,Sigmoidoscope ,Light Microscope,ICU Ventilator ,Transport ventilator ,ICU BED ,Airway crash cart ,Portable X-ray Machine ,Echocardiography machine ,Arterial blood gas analyser (ABG) ,Multi Parameter Monitor with ETCO2 Monitoring ,Multipara Monitor ,Pulse Oximeter ,ECG MACHINE (12 Channel ,Defibrillator ,Infusion Pump ,Rapid Autoclave ,Radiant Warmer

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