Supply And Fixing Transformer Cm Residential Scheme In Murla Ganesh Road Dungarpur Supply And Fixing Transformer Cm Residential Scheme In Murla Ganesh Road Dungarpur , Supply And Erection Of P.C.C. / R.C.C. Pole As Per Rec Manual No 15 / 1979 Conformin

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Supply And Fixing Transformer Cm Residential Scheme In Murla Ganesh Road Dungarpur Supply And Fixing Transformer Cm Residential Scheme In Murla Ganesh Road Dungarpur , Supply And Erection Of P.C.C. / R.C.C. Pole As Per Rec Manual No 15 / 1979 Conformin

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Supply And Fixing Transformer Cm Residential Scheme In Murla Ganesh Road Dungarpur Supply And Fixing Transformer Cm Residential Scheme In Murla Ganesh Road Dungarpur , Supply And Erection Of P.C.C. / R.C.C. Pole As Per Rec Manual No 15 / 1979 Conforming To Is: 2905 / 1966 As Per Requirement Of Sec3 In Alignment, Including Excavation Of Pit And Back Filling With Stone Aggregate / Boulders And Soil In 0.45M Consolidating Each Deposited Layer Of 0.45M By Ramming And Watering Etc Complete In All Respect 9.0 Mtr Long ( 200 Kg ) As Per Discom Specification , Supply And Fixing 11Kv Pin Insulator ( Is 731 / 1971 ) With Minimum Creepage Distance Of 300Mm On Existing Bracket Including All Accessories Like Hot Dipped Gi Spindle And Nuts Etc ( As Per Specificationof Discom ) . , Supplying And Drawing Overhead Steel Core Aluminium Conductor ( Acsr ) Isi Marked ( Is 398 Part Ii-1996 ) On Existing Cross Arms Through Insulator With All Necessary T&P Required Including Binding And Twisting Etc. Complete In All Respect As Required As Per Discom Specification. , Supply And Fixing Of Pg Clamps On Overhead Lines / Jumpers, Made Of Aluminium Alloy Of Is 617-1994 ( With Latest Amendment If Any ) With Steel Nut And Bolts Conforming To Is 1363-1992 & Is 1367 / 1979-80 ( With Latest Amendments If Any ) All Ferrous Metal Parts Intended For Outdoor Use Except Those Made Of Stainless Steel Shall Be Protected By Hotdip Galvanising In Accordance With Is 2633-1986 Complete In All Respect As Required For Acsr Conductor. Rabbit , Supply And Fixing 11 Kv Disc Insulator ( Is 731 / 1971 ) With Minimum Creepage Distance Of 300Mm On Existing Bracket Including All Accessories Like Hot Dipped Gi Spindle And Nuts Etc ( As Per Specificationof Discom ) . B & S Type Hardware & Insulator , Supply And Fixing Of 11 Kv Danger Plates As Per Specification Of Discom On The Existing Poles Complete In All Respect As Per Discom Specification. , Providing And Fixing Testing And Commissioning Of Kiosk Type Weather Proof Distribution Feeder Pillar Box Of Size 600 X 450 X 1000Mm With A Taper Of 75Mm At Top ( For Protection From Rain Water ) And Made Out Of 3.2 Mm ( 10 Gauge ) Thick Crca Ms Sheet, Front And Back Both Side Openable, Duly Hinged Doors With Locking Arrangement By Providing Both Sides Hold Drafts And All Hardware For Fabrication Of Box. The Cubical Panel Should Be Dust And Vermin Proof Followed By Two Coats Of Enanel Paint And Primer. The Cubicalpanel Should Be Mounted With Hardware On Angle Iron Frame 40 X 40 X 6M And 600Mm Long Legs Duly Primered And Black Painted. Frame Be Grouted With Cement Concrete 1:3:6 Ratio In 150 X 150 X 750Mm And Providing Brick Masonry Along Angle Iron Frame Above Ground Level. The Panel Should Comprise Of As Per Following : ( A ) P / F Of 2 Nos. Knife Switch 400 Amp. With U Contacts Studs And Washers Etc. ( B ) P / F Of 32 Amp Category-I Make Mcbs, 10 Nos.Double Pole. & 5 Nos Tpn . ( C ) P&F Of Connecting Strips Of 63 Amp. 4 Pole. ( D ) Backelite Sheet 10Mm Thick And Size 3X2. ( E ) Epoxy Insulators 40Mm: As Per Requirement. ( F ) Pvc Copper Wire 10 Sq.Mm. Flexible Connecting To Bus Bars To Mcbs And Mcb To Connectiong Stips In Proper Manner. ( G ) Copper Bus Bar Double And D-Type Of Size 30 X6mm Strip Approx. 1.5 Long, 8 No. With Hardware. ( H ) Provision Of Cable Clamps At Side Of Box And Base Plate With Cable Glands Of Suitable Size , Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of Aluminium Wound Isi Marked Transformer 11 / 0.433 Kv, Three Phase, 50 Hz, Dyn 11, Onan Type , Standard Accessories Like, Conservator, Silicagel Breather, Radiator, Fins, Ht & Lt Cable End Boxes Or Bus Duct Flange, Lifting Lugs, Bi-Directional Plain / Flanged Rollers, Earthing Terminal, Air Relaese Plug.Off Load Tap Changer ( +5% To -10% In Steps Of 2.5% ) , Winding / Top Oil Temperature Rise Of 45°C / 40°C, Isi Marked Drain Valves, Dial Type Temperature Gauge, First Fill Oil, Epoxy Based Paint Etc Having Max. Total Losses As Per Energy Efficiency Level - 2 At Basic Insulation Level Conforming To Is 2026 ( Part- I To Part - Ii ) , Latest Ammended And Is 1180 Part-I : 2014 Bee Star Level - I As Per Govt. Of India, Ministry Of Power Notification Dated 16Th Dec., 2016. Transformers Described As Above And As Per The Following Continuous Rating.The Bidder Has To Bear The Charges For Electrical Inspectors Supervision Certificate. 200 Kva , 315 Kva , Additional Fittings Bochgolz Relay ( Below 630 Kva ) , Magnetic Oil Level Indicator ( Below 630 Kva ) , Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning Of Ht Metering Cubical Panel As Approved By Discoms Fabricated Out Of 14 Swg Crca Sheet Steel In Two Compartment & Ms Angle Of Size 60Mmx6mm Having Provision For Following: ( I ) Provision For Fixing Trivector Meter ( To Be Supplied By Discoms ) ( Ii ) Provision For Fixing Of Combined Ct Pt Set ( To Be Supplied By Discoms ) ( Iii ) Tt Block ( Iv ) 6Mm Bakelite Sheet On All Sides. , Supply, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of 11 Kv Double Pole Structure With Air Break Switch Having Following Specifications : ( A ) Dp : Double Pole Structure Made Of Two Nos. 9 Meter Long Pcc Poles ( 400 Kg ) & 7 Nos. Ms Channel Each Of Size 100 Mmx50mmx2500mm Complete With Earthing Of The Structure As Per Rec Standards In All Respect With Nuts, Springs Washers, Clamps As Required. ( B ) Go:Off Load Type Gang Operated 3-Pole Vertical Flute Type Switch Suitable For 11Kv ; 400A , 3 Phase, Central Post Rotating Double Break Isolator Complete With Ms Hardware , Copper Moving & Fixed Contact , Assembly Of 9 Nos Pin Insulator , Gi Pipe Of Suitable Length For Operation. C ) Do: 3 Nos. Horizontal / Vertical Mounted 33Kv Horn Gap Fuse Set / Drop Out Fuse Set, 33Kv Barrel Fuses Mounted On 6 Nos. Post Insulators. ( C ) Do: 3Nos Vertical / Horizontal Mounted 11Kv Horn Gap Fuse Set / Drop Out 11Kv Barrel Fuses Mounted On 6No Pin Insulators ( D ) La:3 Piece Non Linear Resistor Type. Lighting Arrestor Of Approved Make Suitable For 3 Wire, 11Kv Oh Linewith Rated Voltage Of 9Kv Rms & Nominal Discharge Current Rating Of 5 Ka & Complete With Galvanized Clamping Arrangement Gi Bolts, Nuts, Washer Etc As Required. ( E ) Jumpers: 3 No 11Kv Acsr Conductors Mounted On Pin Type Insularors As Required. General:The Go Shall Be Operated By Hand Operated Liver Properly Earthed With Provision For Locking Mounted At 3’ , Supply And Eraction Of Gi Stay Set As Per Discom Specification Complete With Long Stay Rod With Anchor Plate Including Stay Clamps Turn Buckle And G.I Stay Wire Tightened Through Strain Insulator Including Excavation Of Pit-Re-Filling Etc & Exculding Cement Concrete. Stay Set Of Dia 20Mm, 2.4M Long Stay Rod And Anchor Plate 380X380x6.4Mm , Plate Earthing As Per Is:3043 With G.I. Earth Plate Of Size 600Mm X 600Mm X 6.0Mm By Embodying 3 To 4 Mtr. Below The Ground Level With 20 Mm Dia. G.I. B Class Watering Pipe Including All Accessories Like Nut, Bolts, Reducer , Nipple, Wire Meshed Funnel, And C.C. Finished Chamber Covered With Hinged Type With Locking Arrangement C.I. Cover, C.I. Frame Of Size300mm X 300Mm Complete With Alternate Layers Of Salt And Coke / Charcoal, Testing Of Earth Resistance As Required. , S & Laying Following Size Earth Wire / Strip In Horizontal Or Vertical Run In Ground / Surface / Recess Including Riveting, Soldering, Saddles, Making Connection Etc. As Required. 25Mm X 3Mm G.I. Strip , 70.0 Sq, Mm 3.5 Core , Providing & Laying Xlpe Insulated Is:7098 / Ii / 85 Of Approved Make H.T.Cable For Working Voltage 11 K.V.Earthed With Stranded Compacted Circular Aluminium Conductor, Conductor Screened With Extruded Semi-Conducting Compound, Xlpe Insulated, Insulation Screened With Extruded Semi-Conducting Compound In Combination With Copper Tape, Cores Laid Up, Inner Sheath Of Thermoplastic Tape, Galvanised Flat Steel Strip Armoured And Overall Extruded Pvc Type St- 2 Outer Sheathed Cable Direct In Ground Including Excavation Of 30Cmx100cm Size Trench, 25Cm Layer Of River Sand, Second Class Bricks Covering, Refilling Earth, Compaction Of Earth, Making Necessary Connection Testing Etc.As Required Of Size. 3 Core 185.0 Sq.Mm , Providing & Making Heat Shrinkable Type Indoor / Outdoor / Straight Through Terminations / Joint Kit Of Approved Make Suitable For Xlpe Insulated 11 Kv Cable, With Required Components, Prepration Of Cable Ends, Testing Etc. As Required Of Following Sizes . Outdoor 3 Core 120 / 150 / 185 / 225 Sq.Mm , S & Laying Following Size B Class G.I. Pipe Confirming To Is : 1239 P - 1 ( 1990 ) With Accessories For Laying Earth Conductor / Strip / Cable In Ground / Surface / Recess As Required 80 Mm Dia.

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INR 35 Lakhs /-

BOQ Items

Name of Work:Supply and Fixing Transformer cm residentialscheme in murla ganesh road Dungarpur
Sl. No. Item Description
1Supply and erection of P.C.C./R.C.C. pole as per REC manual no 15/1979 conforming to IS: 2905/1966 as per requirement of sec3 in alignment, including excavation of pit and back filling with stone aggregate/boulders and soil in 0.45m consolidating each deposited layer of 0.45m by ramming and watering etc complete in all respect 9.0 Mtr long (200 Kg) as per Discom specification
2Supply and fixing 11kV pin insulator( IS 731/ 1971) with minimum creepage distance of 300mm on existing bracket including all accessories like hot dipped GI spindle and nuts etc (as per specificationof Discom).
3Supplying and drawing overhead steel core Aluminium conductor (ACSR) ISI marked(IS 398 part II-1996) on existing cross arms through insulator with all necessary T&P required including binding and twisting etc. complete in all respect as required as per Discom specification.
4Supply and fixing of PG clamps on overhead lines/jumpers, made of aluminium alloy of IS 617-1994 (with latest amendment if any) with steel nut and bolts conforming to IS 1363-1992 & IS 1367/1979-80 (with latest amendments if any) all ferrous metal parts intended for outdoor use except those made of stainless steel shall be protected by hotdip galvanising in accordance with IS 2633-1986 complete in all respect as required for ACSR conductor. Rabbit
5Supply and fixing 11 kV Disc insulator (IS 731/ 1971) with minimum creepage distance of 300mm on existing bracket including all accessories like hot dipped GI spindle and nuts etc (as per specificationof Discom). B & S type hardware & insulator
6Supply and fixing of 11 kV Danger plates as per specification of Discom on the existing poles complete in all respect as per Discom specification.
7Providing and fixing testing and commissioning of Kiosk type weather proof distribution feeder pillar box of size 600 x 450 x 1000mm with a taper of 75mm at top ( for protection from rain water) and made out of 3.2 mm (10 gauge) thick CRCA MS Sheet, front and back both side openable, duly hinged doors with locking arrangement by providing both sides hold drafts and all hardware for fabrication of box. The cubical panel should be dust and vermin proof followed by two coats of enanel paint and primer. The cubicalpanel should be mounted with hardware on angle iron frame 40 x 40 x 6m and 600mm long legs duly primered and black painted. Frame be grouted with cement concrete 1:3:6 ratio in 150 x 150 x 750mm and providing brick masonry along angle iron frame above ground level. The panel should comprise of as per following : (a) P/F of 2 Nos. knife switch 400 amp. with U contacts studs and washers etc. (b) P/F of 32 amp Category-I make MCBs, 10 Nos.double pole. & 5 nos TPN . (c) P&F of connecting strips of 63 amp. 4 pole. (d) Backelite sheet 10mm thick and size 3"x2". (e) Epoxy insulators 40mm: as per requirement. (f) PVC copper wire 10 flexible connecting to bus bars to MCB"s and MCB to connectiong stips in proper manner. (g) copper bus bar double and D-Type of size 30 x6mm strip approx. 1.5" long, 8 no. with hardware. (h) Provision of cable clamps at side of box and base plate with cable glands of suitable size
8Supply, Installation, Testing and commissioning of Aluminium wound ISI marked Transformer 11/0.433 KV, Three Phase, 50 Hz, DYN 11, ONAN type , Standard accessories like, conservator, Silicagel breather, radiator, fins, HT & LT cable end boxes or Bus Duct flange, Lifting lugs, Bi-directional Plain/ Flanged Rollers,Earthing terminal,Air relaese plug.Off load tap changer (+5% to -10% in steps of 2.5%), winding / Top oil temperature rise of 45°C/40°C, ISI marked drain valves, Dial type temperature gauge,first fill oil, Epoxy based paint etc having max. total losses as per energy efficiency level - 2 at basic Insulation level conforming to IS 2026 (Part- I to Part - II), latest ammended and IS 1180 Part-I : 2014 BEE star level - I as per Govt. of India, Ministry of power notification Dated 16th Dec., 2016. Transformers described as above and as per the following continuous rating.The bidder has to bear the charges for electrical inspector"s supervision certificate. 200 KVA
9315 KVA
10Additional Fittings Bochgolz Relay (Below 630 kVA)
11Magnetic oil Level Indicator (Below 630 kVA)
12Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of HT metering cubical panel as approved By DISCOMs fabricated out of 14 SWG CRCA sheet steel in two compartment & MS angle of size 60mmX6mm having provision for Following: (i) Provision for fixing Trivector Meter (To be supplied by DISCOMs) (ii) Provision for fixing of combined CT PT Set (To be supplied by DISCOMs) (iii)TT Block (iv) 6mm Bakelite sheet on all sides.
13Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of 11 KV Double Pole structure With Air Break SWITCH having following specifications : (a) DP : Double pole structure made of two nos. 9 meter long PCC poles (400 Kg) & 7 nos. MS Channel each of size 100 mmx50mmx2500mm complete with earthing of the structure as per REC standards in all respect with nuts, springs washers, clamps as required. (b) GO:Off load type gang operated 3-pole vertical flute type switch suitable for 11KV ; 400A ,3 phase, central post rotating double break isolator complete with MS hardware , copper moving & fixed contact ,assembly of 9 Nos pin insulator ,GI pipe of suitable length for operation. c) DO: 3 Nos. Horizontal/Vertical mounted 33KV Horn Gap fuse set / Drop Out fuse set, 33KV barrel fuses mounted on 6 Nos. Post insulators. (c) DO: 3nos Vertical / Horizontal mounted 11kv horn gap fuse set /drop out 11kv barrel fuses mounted on 6no pin insulators (d) LA:3 piece non linear resistor type. lighting arrestor of approved make suitable for 3 wire, 11kv oh linewith rated voltage of 9kv rms & nominal discharge current rating of 5 ka & complete with galvanized clamping arrangement GI bolts, nuts, washer etc as required. (e) JUMPERS: 3 no 11kv acsr conductors mounted on pin type insularors as required. GENERAL:The go shall be operated by hand operated liver properly earthed with provision for locking mounted at 3’
14Supply and eraction of GI stay set as per Discom specification complete with long stay rod with anchor plate including stay clamps turn buckle and G.I stay wire tightened through strain insulator including excavation of pit-re-filling etc & exculding cement concrete. Stay set of dia 20mm,2.4m long stay rod and anchor plate 380x380x6.4mm
15Plate Earthing as per IS:3043 with G.I. Earth plate of size 600mm x 600mm x 6.0mm by embodying 3 to 4 mtr. below the ground level with 20 mm dia. G.I. "B" class watering Pipe including all accessories like nut, bolts, reducer ,nipple, wire meshed funnel, and C.C. finished chamber covered with hinged type with locking arrangement C.I. Cover, C.I. Frame of size300mm x 300mm complete with alternate layers of salt and coke/charcoal, testing of earth resistance as required.
16S & Laying following size earth wire/strip in horizontal or vertical run in ground/surface/recess including riveting, soldering, saddles, making connection etc. as required. 25mm x 3mm G.I. Strip
1770.0 Sq,mm 3.5 core
18Providing & Laying XLPE insulated IS:7098/II/85 of approved make H.T.cable for working voltage 11 K.V.Earthed with Stranded Compacted Circular Aluminium Conductor, Conductor Screened with Extruded Semi-conducting compound, XLPE Insulated, Insulation Screened with extruded semi-conducting compound in combination with Copper Tape, cores laid up, inner sheath of Thermoplastic tape, galvanised flat steel strip armoured and overall Extruded PVC Type ST- 2 Outer Sheathed cable direct in ground including excavation of 30cmx100cm size trench, 25cm layer of river sand, second Class bricks covering, refilling earth, compaction of earth, making necessary connection testing required of size. 3 core 185.0
19Providing & making heat shrinkable type indoor/outdoor/straight through terminations/joint kit of approved make suitable for XLPE insulated 11 KV cable, with required components, prepration of cable ends,testing etc. as required of following sizes . Outdoor 3 core 120/150/185/225
20S & Laying following size" B " class G.I. Pipe confirming to IS : 1239 P - 1 ( 1990 ) with accessories for laying earth conductor/strip / cable in ground/surface/recess as required 80 mm dia.
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