Strengthening And Black Topping To Ovali Fhata Mungirane Bridge ( Kalkavne Ovali Road ) Vr 7 Tal Chiplun Dist Ratnagiri ( For Majoor Sahakari Sanstha Only )

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Strengthening And Black Topping To Ovali Fhata Mungirane Bridge ( Kalkavne Ovali Road ) Vr 7 Tal Chiplun Dist Ratnagiri ( For Majoor Sahakari Sanstha Only )

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Strengthening And Black Topping To Ovali Fhata Mungirane Bridge ( Kalkavne Ovali Road ) Vr 7 Tal Chiplun Dist Ratnagiri ( For Majoor Sahakari Sanstha Only )

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INR 500 /-
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Tender Value
INR 14.82 Lakhs /-

BOQ Items

Name of Work:- STBT to Ovali Fhata Mungirane Bridge (Kalkavne Ovali Road) VR 7 Tal Chiplun Dist Ratnagiri
Sl. No. Item Description
1Supplying trap/granite/quartzite/gneiss stone metal of required size by bringing the boulders / Rubble at the road side breaking them to required gradation including conveying the boulders /Rubble and stacking the broken metal etc. complete . (Prior approval of sample stack of broken metal by the Ex. Engineer is necessary the date of approval will form part of the measurements) a)80 mm Metal, By breaking Boulders (Hand broken).
2supplying soft murum at the road site including conveying and stacking complete
3Spreading 80/40 mm metal for road work including sectiong etc complete
4Spreading hard murum for side width etc complete
5Compacting the sub grade / gravel / size metal (100 mm loose) layers for all widths with Power roller having weight 8 to 10 MT. including necessary, labour, materials and artificial watering complet
6Providing and constructing 50 mm. thick Modified Penetration Macadam (MPM) road surface including all mataerials, preparing the existing road surface, spreading 40mm. stone metal layers 100% crusher broken metal with conical crusher plant heating and spraying the bitumen of specified grade @ 1.75 Kilogram/Square Metre, spreading 12mm.size chips compacting with static roller having weight 8 to 10 MT. to achive the desired degree of compaction as per Technical Specification Clause 506 etc. complete. Including picking of existing WBM surface.(VG-30 bulk bitumen rates are considered to arrive at rates)
7Providing 20mm thick premix bitumious carpet including supplying all materials preparing and cleaning the base heating bitumen applying tack coat at specified tate,mixing hot bitumen and chips laying the carpet layer and compacting etc complete By Bulk asphalt (excluding Tack coat)
8Providing bituminous Type A liquid seal coat on bituminous surface including supplying all materials and bitumen of VG-30 grade preparing exisiting road surface heating and applying bitumen @ 0.98 kgsqm by mechanical means spreading chips and rolling by static roller having weight 8 to 10MT complete
9Excavation for roadway in hard murum and boulder including dressing section to the required grade, camber and side slopes and conveying the excavated materials with all lifts upto a lead of 50m.and spreading for embankment or stacking as directed.
10Excavation for catch / side water gutter in Soft rock strata to the specified section including stacking the excavated stuff in a regular bund and disposing of unsuitable or excess stuff as directed
11Providing and laying in situ cement concrete of 1:4:8 proportion with trap/ granite/ quartzite/ gneiss metal in foundation including necessary form work, compacting and curing etc. complete. (with reversible drum type mixer with SCADA with fine agreegates of required specifications ( VSI sand finely washed etc )
12Providing cast in situ / ready mix M20 grade cement concrete for head walls of CD work / retaining walls etc. including necessary form work, compaction, finishing and curing etc. complete. (with reversible drum type mixer/ concrete batch mix plant (pan mixer) with SCADA
13Providing and laying weep holes of 100 mm diameter PVC pipes as per drawing for abutment returns, return walls etc. Complete
14Providing and fixing board displaying information, such as "Name of work, Tender cost, Name of Contractor, Work completion and liability period etc", having rectangular shape of 1.20m x 0.90m size made out 18 gauge (1.25mm) thick mild steel sheet painted with one coat of Zinc chromate stoving primer and two coats of enamel paint on front side and grey stove enamel on back side and border / messages / symbols etc. with approved colour shade paint complete, on M.S.angle of size 35 x 35 x 3 mm frame with properly cross braced M.S. angles of size 35mmx35mmx3mm duly painted including Two M.S. angle iron posts of size 65 mm x 65 mm x 6 mm, 3.65 m long painted with alternate black and white bands of 25 cm width including all fixtures etc.and fixing the boards in 1:4:8 concrete block of size 60 cm x 60 cm x 75 cm including, excavation, refilling, transportation, and labour etc complete. Spec. No. As directed by Engineer in Charge
15Aggregate A)Sieve Analysis
17d)Extraction Ttest
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