Equipments And Installation Of Tinkering Lab To Provide The Facilities Needed For The Tinkering Lab With The Items Required In The Boq And Arrange The Lab As Per The Agreement , Tinkering Lab Requirements , Nano Arduino Compatible Board , Breadboard 84

Tender Notice

Equipments And Installation Of Tinkering Lab To Provide The Facilities Needed For The Tinkering Lab With The Items Required In The Boq And Arrange The Lab As Per The Agreement , Tinkering Lab Requirements , Nano Arduino Compatible Board , Breadboard 84

Tender Details

Equipments And Installation Of Tinkering Lab To Provide The Facilities Needed For The Tinkering Lab With The Items Required In The Boq And Arrange The Lab As Per The Agreement , Tinkering Lab Requirements , Nano Arduino Compatible Board , Breadboard 840 Pin ( Gl-12 ) , R F Module Pair , R F Board Encoder And Decoder With Ht12d And Ht 12 E Ic , Adxl 3353 - Axis Analog Acc Metre Sensor Module Gy-61 , B O Motor , Lipo Charger , Fingerprint Sensor ( R 305 ) Ttl Uart , Jumper Cable ( Male To Male, Male To Female, Female To Female ) , 9 Volt Batterysnapperwith Dc Jack , 9 Volt Battery , Glue Sticks , Switch , Hornbil With Batteries , Input Kit ( 16 Types ) , Output Kit ( 16 Types ) , Beak Kit , Advanced Assorted Sensor Kit , Charger Module ( 16 Units ) , Advanced Assorted Motor Kit , Bi Box Fire Pen3d P220 ( 200 X 200 X 200 ) , Pla ( 1Kg 1.75Mm ) , Pla ( 1Kg Wood / Metal ) , Scissors , Cutter , Gum , Foom Core Boardsa4 , Corrugated Boardsa4 , String100m , Rubber Band , Pop Scicleice Cream Sticks , Wood Glue , Wood Sheets1 Sq Feet , Hack Sawjunior , Micro Chisel Set , Straight Nose Circlip Plier , Long Nose Plier , Combination Mini Plier , Wire Stripping Plier , Bent Nose Plier , Needle Nose Pliers , Ball Pen Hammer , Steel Shaft Clowhammer , Glass Nail Hammer , Rubber Mallet , Mini Hacksaw , C-Clamp , Allen Key Set , Work Station For Drilling , 12 Piece Combination Spanner Set , 12 Piece Open Ended Spanner Set , Ratcheting Scew Driver Set ( 41 Piece ) , Baby Vice 60Mm , 6 Piece Precision Screw Driver Set , Adjustable Spanner , Wire Strippers , Screw Driver ( Multi Purpose ) , Tool Set , Hot Glue Gun+ Glue Sticks , Soldering Station And Soldering Iron Kit , Soldering Iron Kit + Desolder And Bits , Cable Usb A , Usb -B , Cable Usb A , Usb -B , Dc Poweradaptor With 5 V And 12 V , Electric Screw Driver Kit , 1800W Dual Temperatyre Heat Gun , Stainless Steel 12" / 150Mm Rule , Return Measuring Tape , Digital Vernier Calipers150mm / 6" , Spirit Level12" , Digital Pen Tester , Digital Multimeter , Stemmodular Construction Kitevobi , Power Strips , Hook Up Wires100m X 2 , Jumper Cables , Standard First Aid Kit , Fire Extinguisherfirefox , Safetygoogle With Gas Mask 3M , Arduinouno , Linear Voltage Regulator7805 , Linear Voltage Regulator7812 , Linear Voltage Regulator 7809 , Piezoelectric Plate , Bluetooth , Gsm , Gps , Keypad , Active Buzzer Big 5 Volt , Moto Driver , Sound Playback Module , Vibrating Motor , Alligator Connectors , Battery Clip With Dc Jack , Rgb Led , Ledred , Ledgreen , Ledblue , 555 Timer Ic , Mpr 121 , Capacitative Touch Switch , Mq Series Mq -3 Alcohol Ethanol Sensor , Mq Series Mq -7High Sensitivity Carbon Monoxidesensor , Mq Seriesmq- 135 Air Quality Sensor , Relay Module , Soil Moisture Sensor , Touch Sensor , Metal Touch Sensor Module , Flex Sensor , Force Pressure Sensor , Colour Recognition Sensor , Ir Sensor Array 4 Four Line Following , 10000Mh Power Bank5 Volt , L 298P Motor Driver , Servo Motor Tester , Stem Learning / Application Kit - Drone Kit , Stem Learning / Application Kit - Aero Space Kit , Stem Learning / Application Kit -Auto Mobile Kit , Stem Learning / Application Kit - Bio Medical Kit , Stem Learning / Application Kit -Agri Tech Kit , Stem Learning / Application Kit - Bio -Tech Kit , Stem Learning / Application Kit - Water Sanitation Kit , Stem Learning / Application Kit - Mini Steam Engine , Dedicated Ups ( Power Back Up With 2 Hour Battery Back Up ) , Filament Storage Box , Cordeless Drill , Rubber Air Pump Cleaner , Drill Bit Set , File Set , Flexible Cutting Mat , Plastic Tool Box With Organiser , Pegboard , Soldering Helping Hand , Cable Tie , Sandpaper , Bulb Holder , Electric Wire , Usb To Dc Jack Cable , Safety Glouse Pairs , Safety Mask , Fingerprint Sensor Module , Doppler Sensor Module , Pm 2.5 Optical Dust Sensor , Aaa Infrared Temperature Sensor , Uv Sensor , Diyconductive Pen And Tape , Biotech Kit Ii , Augmented Reality ( Ar ) Kits , Vr Expanded Studio , 3D Printer Cover , Vinyl Digital Print Posters , Insulation Tape , 9 Volt Battery , Glue Sticks , Batterysnapper , Winding Copper23 Swg , Bi Box Starling Vio , Aurdino Uno , Aurdino Nano , Raspberry Pi 3 , Esp 8266 1Ot Wi Fi Module , Aurdino Lilypad , Intel Edison , 800 Pin Bb , 400 Pin Bb , General Purpose Board A1 , General Purpose Board A2 , General Purpose Board A3 , Multiple Resistor Box ( 30 Types ) , Multiple Capacitor Box ( 20 Types ) , Multiple Diode Box ( 4 Types ) , Multiple Transistor Box ( 4 Types ) , Multiple Special Icsbox ( 8Types ) , Inductors / Coils , Pcb+ Fecl Solution ( 20 Cu Pcb ) , Spray Paint400ml , Hacksaw Frame , Hacksaw Blade , Ribbon Wire , 1 Mm Square Wire , Led Strip , Flex Quick , 5V Relay Module , Big Ldr , Laser Diode , Pvc Foam Sheet 3Mm8x4 , Pvc Plastic Sheet , Fabric Colour Set , Paint Brush , Modular Tables , Ac , 3D Printer , Projector , Focus Light , Transparent Storage Area / Shelf , Tools , Instruments , Motivation Pictures , First Aid Facility Guidline Principle , Using The Above Arrange The Tinkering Lab With Soldering Area, Printing Area, Multiple Exists And Adequate Furniture In Child Centred Atmosphere

Key Value

Document Fees
INR 2360 /-
INR 25000.00 /-
Tender Value
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BOQ Items

Sl. No. Item Description
2Nano arduino compatible board
3Breadboard 840 pin (GL-12)
4R F module pair
5R F board encoder and decoder with HT12D and HT 12 E IC
6ADXL 3353 - Axis analog ACC metre sensor module GY-61
7B O motor
8Lipo charger
9Fingerprint sensor (R 305) TTL UART
10JUMPER CABLE (Male to male, male to female,female to female)
119 volt batterySnapperwith DC Jack
129 volt battery
13Glue sticks
15HornBil with batteries
16INPUT Kit (16 types)
17OUTPUT kit (16 types)
18Beak kit
19Advanced assorted Sensor Kit
20Charger Module(16 Units)
21Advanced assorted Motor Kit
22Bi BOX Fire Pen3D P220 (200 X 200 X 200 )
23PLA (1Kg 1.75mm)
24PLA (1Kg Wood/ Metal)
28Foom core boardsA4
29Corrugated BoardsA4
31Rubber band
32Pop ScicleIce cream sticks
33Wood glue
34Wood sheets1 sq feet
35Hack sawJunior
36Micro chisel set
37Straight nose circlip plier
38Long nose plier
39Combination Mini Plier
40Wire stripping plier
41Bent nose plier
42needle nose pliers
43Ball pen hammer
44Steel shaft clowhammer
45Glass nail hammer
46Rubber Mallet
47Mini hacksaw
49Allen key set
50Work station for drilling
5112 piece combination spanner set
5212 piece open ended spanner set
53Ratcheting scew driver set(41 piece)
54Baby vice 60mm
556 piece precision screw driver set
56Adjustable spanner
57Wire strippers
58Screw driver(Multi purpose)
59Tool set
60Hot glue gun+ glue sticks
61Soldering station and soldering iron kit
62Soldering iron kit + desolder and bits
63Cable USB A , USB -B
64Cable USB A , USB -B
65DC poweradaptor with 5 V and 12 V
66Electric screw driver kit
671800W dual temperatyre heat gun
68Stainless Steel 12" /150mm rule
69Return measuring tape
70Digital vernier calipers150mm/ 6"
71Spirit level12"
72Digital pen tester
73Digital multimeter
74STEMmodular construction kitEvobi
75Power strips
76Hook up wires100m x 2
77Jumper cables
78Standard first aid kit
79Fire extinguisherFirefox
80SafetyGoogle with gas mask 3M
82Linear voltage regulator7805
83Linear voltage regulator7812
84Linear voltage regulator 7809
85Piezoelectric plate
90Active Buzzer big 5 volt
91Moto driver
92Sound playback module
93Vibrating motor
94Alligator connectors
95Battery clip with DC Jack
100555 timer IC
101MPR 121
102Capacitative touch switch
103MQ series MQ -3 Alcohol ethanol sensor
104MQ series MQ -7High sensitivity carbon monoxidesensor
105MQ seriesMQ- 135 air quality sensor
106Relay module
107Soil moisture sensor
108Touch sensor
109Metal touch sensor module
110Flex sensor
111Force Pressure sensor
112Colour recognition sensor
113IR sensor array 4 four line following
11410000mh Power Bank5 Volt
115L 298P Motor driver
116Servo motor tester
117STEM learning/application kit - Drone kit
118STEM learning/application kit - Aero space kit
119STEM learning/application kit -Auto mobile kit
120STEM learning/application kit - Bio medical kit
121STEM learning/application kit -Agri Tech kit
122STEM learning/application kit - Bio -Tech kit
123STEM learning/application kit - Water sanitation kit
124STEM learning/application kit - Mini steam engine
125Dedicated UPS (Power back up with 2 hour battery back up)
126Filament storage box
127Cordeless drill
128Rubber air pump cleaner
129drill bit set
130File set
131flexible cutting mat
132Plastic tool box with organiser
134Soldering helping Hand
135Cable tie
137Bulb holder
138Electric wire
139USB to DC Jack cable
140Safety Glouse Pairs
141Safety mask
142Fingerprint sensor module
143Doppler sensor module
144PM 2.5 optical dust sensor
145AAA infrared temperature sensor
146UV sensor
147DIYconductive pen and tape
148Biotech kit II
149Augmented Reality(AR ) kits
150VR expanded studio
1513D printer cover
152Vinyl digital print posters
153Insulation tape
1549 volt battery
155Glue sticks
157Winding copper23 SWG
158BI BOX Starling VIO
159Aurdino UNO
160Aurdino Nano
161Raspberry Pi 3
162ESP 8266 1OT wi fi Module
163Aurdino Lilypad
164Intel Edison
165800 pin BB
166400 pin BB
167General Purpose Board A1
168General Purpose Board A2
169General Purpose Board A3
170Multiple resistor box(30 types)
171Multiple Capacitor box (20 types)
172Multiple Diode box(4 types)
173Multiple Transistor box(4 types)
174Multiple Special IC"sbox(8types)
175Inductors/ Coils
176PCB+ FeCl Solution( 20 Cu PCB)
177Spray paint400ML
178Hacksaw frame
179Hacksaw blade
180Ribbon wire
1811 mm square wire
182LED Strip
183Flex quick
1845V relay module
185Big LDR
186Laser diode
187PVC foam sheet 3mm8x4
188PVC plastic sheet
189Fabric colour set
190Paint brush
191Modular Tables
1933D printer
195Focus Light
196Transparent Storage Area/Shelf
199Motivation Pictures
200First Aid Facility Guidline Principle
201Using the above arrange the Tinkering Lab with Soldering Area, Printing Area, Multiple Exists and adequate Furniture in child centred atmosphere
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