Generalitems Generalitems , Genl. Items , Cotton Waste , Old Dhoti , M-Seal, Make- Pidilite , Oil Paper Gasket Size 1 Mm Make- Isi , Markin Cloth , Molicoat M30 / High Temperature Grease , Graphite Paste Gpl-420 , Rustotence , Crc-Wd-40 , Cutt

Tender Notice

Generalitems Generalitems , Genl. Items , Cotton Waste , Old Dhoti , M-Seal, Make- Pidilite , Oil Paper Gasket Size 1 Mm Make- Isi , Markin Cloth , Molicoat M30 / High Temperature Grease , Graphite Paste Gpl-420 , Rustotence , Crc-Wd-40 , Cutt

Tender Details

Generalitems Generalitems , Genl. Items , Cotton Waste , Old Dhoti , M-Seal, Make- Pidilite , Oil Paper Gasket Size 1 Mm Make- Isi , Markin Cloth , Molicoat M30 / High Temperature Grease , Graphite Paste Gpl-420 , Rustotence , Crc-Wd-40 , Cutting Wheel Size 4” Make- Bosch / Carborandom , Cutting Wheel Size 7” Make- Bosch / Carborandom , Grinding Wheel 4” Make- Bosch / Carborandom , Grinding Wheel 7” Make- Bosch / Carborandom , Buffing Wheelsize 4” Make- Bosch / Carborandom , Anabond 666 T ( Tube ) , Hss Blade½” X 12” 18 Tpi Make- Miranda , Blue Paste Colour Tube , Dial Gauge Set Complete ( Magnet Stand & Dialagauge ) Make- Mitutoyo , Foundry Wire Brush , Welding Glass White , Welding Glass Black , Oxygen Regulator Make- Asha , Lpg Regulator Make- Asha , Loctite 510 , Oil Kuppi , Cutting Nozzle1 / 16” Isi Make , Cutting Nozzle 3 / 64 “Isi Make , Cutting Torch Make- Kakkar , Cutting Torch Hose Pipe , Welding Holder 600 Amp. Make- Asha , Copper Welding Cable / Lead 600 Amp. Isi Make , Welding Hand Gloves Length 13.5 Inch Temp. Systenance In 150 Deg , Cotton Safety Gloves Size 9”With 2” Cuff Length , Welding Helmet Isi Make , White Safety Goggles , Asbestos Hand Gloves Made From Asbestos Cloth Heat Residence Range Upto 350 Deg. Economical And Most Durable Superior Flannel Lining , Nose Mask , Emery Paper 60 Make- Carborandum , Emery Paper 80 Make- Carborandum , Emery Tape Grit50 Make- Carborandum , Emery Tape Grit 100Make- Carborandum , Emery Tape Papergrit 220 Make- Carborandum , Emery Paper Grit320make- Carborandum , Emery Pastemedium200 Gm Make- Carborandum , Emery Paste Rough 200 Gm Make- Carborandum , Emery Paste Fine 200 Gm Make- Carborandum , Roll Guard Grease , Teflon Hammer , Paint Brush Size 4” , Centre Punch Make- Jhalani , File Round , File Half Round , File Flat , O-Ring ( 5 Mm ) , Goti / Box / Spannerset Make- Taparia , Hammer 1 Kg Make- Jhalani , Hammer 2 Kg Make- Jhalani , Hammer 5 Kg Make- Jhalani , Hammer 10 Kg Make- Jhalani , Grease Gun Hand Operated ( 500 Grms ) Isi Make , Permanent Marker , Safety Belts Isi Make , Safety Helmet Isi Make , Ag-4 Grinder Make- Bosch , Ag-7 Grinder Make- Bosch , Grease Gun ( 5 Kg ) Isi Make , Hand Drill Machine Isi Make , Bearing Puller Isi Make , Hydraulic Puller For Bearing 50 Ton Isi Make , Plumber Blocksn 516 , Plumber Block Make – All Approved Make Isi Mark. , Plumber Block Sn 522 , Plumber Block Sn 515 , Plumber Block Sn 520-617 , Plumber Block Sn 524-620 , Plumber Block Sn 519-616 , Plumber Block Sn 518-615 , Plumber Block Ssd3044 For Carrier & Cane Leveller Isi Mark , Plumberblock Ssnh516tc For Cane Carrier Idler Shaft Isi Mark , Plumber Block For Cane Kicker Ssn3028 Isi Mark , Plumber Block For Chopperssd3036 Isi Mark , Plumber Block For Rake Elevator, Bagasse Elevator & Mbcssd3034 Isi Mark , Plumber Block For Cane Equalizer Ssn3024 Isi Mark , Plumber Block For Prepared Cane Belt Drivepullysna524isi Mark , For Tail Pullysna 522 Isi Mark , For Tail Pullysna520 Isi Mark , Plymmer Block For All Inter Rake Carrier Head Shaft Ssd3044 Isi Mark , Plumber Block For Bc-14 Bc-2 Head Pully Sna 52Isi Mark , Fortail &Take Up Pully Sna 520Isi Mark , Forsnub & Bend Pully Sna 518 Isi Mark , Plumberblock For Bc -3Head Pully Sna-524 Isi Mark , For Tail & Take Up Pully Sna 520 Isi Mark , For Snub Bend Pully Sna 519 Isi Mark , Split Pin Dia 4X40 Mm ( Steel Material ) As Per Drg. No.:- Sso124-05501025-011-0009 , Emery Tape Roll 60 Make:- Carborundum , Emery Tape Roll 80 Make- Carborundum , Brass Packing Sim 0.5 Mmmake- Carborundum , Brass Packing Sim 0.1 Mmmake- Carborundum , Brass Packing Sim 0.2 Mmmake- Carborundum , Holtite 500 Gram Packing, Make- Pidilite , S Fault Packing 12 Mm , S Fault Packing 16 Mm , S Fault Packing 20 Mm , Teflon Tape, Make: Champion , Hydraulic Bucket, Drg. No. Ss0124-05250525-011-0024 , Rope Coupling Belt Drg. No.728-731-3Mc-2384 , Oil Distribution Box Drg. No. , Bearing Cooling Line Flexible Hose Pipe Size-1”, Good Quality, Isi Mark , Rubber Gasket Size 3 Mm Thk , Rubber Gasket Size 5 Mm Thk , Rubber Sheet Size 6 Mm Thk Nupriene , Gum Boot , Teflon Packing Rope10 Mm , Teflon Packing Rope12 Mm

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BOQ Items

Name of Work:
Sl. No. Item Description
1Genl. items
2Cotton waste
3Old dhoti
4M-Seal, make- Pidilite
5Oil paper gasket size 1 mm make- ISI
6Markin cloth
7Molicoat M30/High temperature grease
8Graphite paste GPL-420
11Cutting wheel size 4” make- Bosch/ carborandom
12Cutting wheel size 7” make- Bosch/ carborandom
13Grinding wheel 4” make- Bosch/ carborandom
14Grinding wheel 7” make- bosch/ carborandom
15Buffing wheelsize 4” make- Bosch / carborandom
16Anabond 666 T (Tube)
17HSS blade½” x 12” 18 TPI make- Miranda
18Blue paste colour tube
19Dial gauge set complete (Magnet stand & Dialagauge)make- Mitutoyo
20Foundry wire brush
21Welding glass white
22Welding glass black
23Oxygen regulator make- Asha
24LPG regulator make- Asha
25Loctite 510
26Oil kuppi
27Cutting nozzle1/16” ISI make
28Cutting nozzle 3/64 “ISI make
29Cutting torch make- Kakkar
30Cutting torch hose pipe
31Welding holder 600 Amp. Make- Asha
32Copper welding cable/lead 600 amp. ISI make
33Welding hand gloves length 13.5 inch temp. systenance in 150 deg
34Cotton safety gloves size 9”with 2” cuff length
35welding helmet ISI make
36white safety goggles
37Asbestos hand gloves made from asbestos cloth heat residence range upto 350 deg. Economical and most durable superior flannel lining
38Nose Mask
39Emery paper 60 make- Carborandum
40Emery Paper 80 make- carborandum
41Emery tape grit50 make- carborandum
42Emery tape grit 100make- carborandum
43Emery tape papergrit 220 make- carborandum
44Emery paper grit320make- carborandum
45Emery pastemedium200 gm make- Carborandum
46Emery paste rough 200 gm make- carborandum
47Emery paste fine 200 gm make- carborandum
48Roll Guard Grease
49Teflon Hammer
50Paint brush size 4”
51Centre Punch make- Jhalani
52File round
53File half round
54File flat
55O-ring(5 mm)
56Goti/Box/spannerset make- Taparia
57Hammer 1 kg make- Jhalani
58Hammer 2 kg make- Jhalani
59Hammer 5 kg make- Jhalani
60Hammer 10 kg make- Jhalani
61Grease gun hand operated (500 grms) ISI make
62Permanent marker
63Safety belts ISI make
64Safety Helmet ISI make
65AG-4 Grinder make- Bosch
66AG-7 grinder make- Bosch
67Grease gun ( 5 kg) ISI make
68Hand Drill machine ISI make
69Bearing Puller ISI make
70Hydraulic puller for bearing 50 Ton ISI make
71Plumber blockSN 516
72Plumber block make – all approved make ISI mark.
73Plumber block SN 522
74Plumber block SN 515
75Plumber block SN 520-617
76Plumber block SN 524-620
77Plumber block SN 519-616
78Plumber Block SN 518-615
79Plumber Block SSD3044 for Carrier & Cane leveller ISI mark
80PlumberBlock SSNH516TC for cane Carrier Idler shaft ISI mark
81Plumber Block for cane Kicker SSN3028 ISI mark
82Plumber Block for ChopperSSD3036 ISI mark
83Plumber Block for Rake elevator, Bagasse elevator & MBCSSD3034 ISI mark
84Plumber Block for Cane Equalizer SSN3024 ISI mark
85Plumber Block for prepared cane belt DrivepullySNA524ISI mark
86For Tail PullySNA 522 ISI mark
87For Tail pullySNA520 ISI mark
88Plymmer Block for all inter Rake carrier head shaft SSD3044 ISI mark
89Plumber Block for BC-14 BC-2 Head Pully SNA 52ISI mark
90ForTail &Take up pully SNA 520ISI mark
91ForSnub & Bend Pully SNA 518 ISI mark
92PlumberBlock for BC -3Head pully SNA-524 ISI mark
93For Tail & Take up pully SNA 520 ISI mark
94For Snub Bend Pully SNA 519 ISI mark
95Split Pin Dia 4x40 mm (Steel Material) As per Drg. No.:- Sso124-05501025-011-0009
96Emery Tape Roll 60 Make:- Carborundum
97Emery Tape Roll 80 Make- Carborundum
98Brass Packing Sim 0.5 mmMake- Carborundum
99Brass Packing Sim 0.1 mmMake- Carborundum
100Brass Packing Sim 0.2 mmMake- Carborundum
101Holtite 500 gram packing,Make- Pidilite
102S Fault packing 12 mm
103S Fault packing 16 mm
104S Fault packing 20 mm
105Teflon Tape, Make: Champion
106Hydraulic Bucket, Drg. No. SS0124-05250525-011-0024
107Rope Coupling Belt Drg. No.728-731-3MC-2384
108Oil Distribution Box Drg. No.
109Bearing Cooling Line Flexible Hose Pipe Size-1”, Good Quality, ISI Mark
110Rubber gasket size 3 mm thk
111Rubber gasket size 5 mm thk
112Rubber sheet size 6 mm thk Nupriene
113Gum boot
114Teflon packing rope10 mm
115Teflon packing rope12 mm
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