Annual Maintenance Contract / Repairs Including The Scheduled Servicing Of Departmental Tippers / Dumpers-2 M.Oil 11 Litres 20W40 3 M. Oil Filter 4 By Pass Filter 5 Water Separatorfilter 6 Air Filter Inner & Outer 7 Fuel Filter. 8 Differen

Tender Notice

Corrigendum : Annual Maintenance Contract / Repairs Including The Scheduled Servicing Of Departmental Tippers / Dumpers-2 M.Oil 11 Litres 20W40 3 M. Oil Filter 4 By Pass Filter 5 Water Separatorfilter 6 Air Filter Inner & Outer 7 Fuel Filter. 8 Differen
Jammu And Kashmir

Tender Details

Annual Maintenance Contract / Repairs Including The Scheduled Servicing Of Departmental Tippers / Dumpers-2 M.Oil 11 Litres 20W40 3 M. Oil Filter 4 By Pass Filter 5 Water Separatorfilter 6 Air Filter Inner & Outer 7 Fuel Filter. 8 Differential 9 Star Kit Complete 10 Differential Stud 11 Differential Joint 12 Main Oil Seal 13 Gear Oil 80W90 Grade. 14 Propeller Shaft 15 U-J Cross 16 Cross Holder 17 Coupling 18 Halfyoke Including Machining Job 19 Front Teeth Including Machining Job 20 Central Bearing. Assembly Complete 21 Shaft Bolts With Nuts And Washer. 22 Complete Greasing 23 Clutch System 24 Clutch Plate 25 Pressure Plate 26 Clutch Release Bearing. With Hub 27 Fly Wheelring 28 Fly Wheels Bolts 29 Shifting Cable Big & Small 30 Wheel And Suspension System 31 Front Wheel Oil Seal 32 Tie Rod Ball Set 33 Tie Rod End Set 34 F / Wbearings. Inner 35 F / W Bearings. Outer 36 Front And Rear Brake Lining Sets 37 Slack Adjuster. 38 Real Wheel Oil Seal 39 R / W Bearings. Inner 40 R / W Bearings. Outer 41 Came Bush 42 Cam Oil Seal 43 Fuelinjection Pump 44 General Over Hauling Of Fip ( Fuel Injection Pump ) . The J0b Further Include Dismounting & Remounting Of Pump From The Engine, Afterconducting Necessary Repairs Which Include Replacement Of Following Spares. Rotary Pump Unit, Cam Plate, Lever Shaft, Guide Bushing, T.D Piston, V.E Pump , Cross Disc Repair Kit & Calibration. 45 Primary Fuel Pump 46 Nozzle 47 Steering System 48 Power Stg. Repair Kit 49 Steering. Oil Topping Up As Per Desired Level 01Litrs 50 Steering. Bolt 51 Turbo System 52 Turbo Charger Kit 53 Turbo Hose 54 Self 55 Armature Assembly 56 Self-Carbon Bush Set 57 Self-Bearing 58 Bendex Drive 59 Solenoidswitch 60 Field Coil Set 61 Battery Terminals / Lead Sets 62 Alternator Assembly 63 Rectifier Plate 64 Carbon Bush Set 65 Cut Out 66 Snap Ring 67 Armature Assembly 68 Oil Seal 69 Bearing 70 Electrical Works 71 Replacement Of Old Worn Out / Damaged Wiring 72 New Horn Assembly Double 73 Head Light Assy. 74 Head Light Bulb 75 Tail Light Bulb 1016, 1141 76 Indicator Bulb 77 Tail Light Assy 78 Roof Light 79 Side Indicator Assy 80 Toggle Switch 81 Ignition Switch 82 Battery Lead 8 Awg Gaugemulti Strendwith Thimbles And Terminals Etc 83 Re-Building Ofbattery Poles. 84 Ignition Switch 85 Brake System 86 F / W Brake Leather Set With Rivets 87 Front Brake Slack Adjuster 88 Rear / W Brake Leather Set With Rivets 89 Rear Brake Slack Adjuster 90 Front & Rear Wheel Cylinder Assy. 91 Master Cylinder 92 Brake Pipe 93 Abs Brake Adjuster And Bush 94 Diaphragm Washer Of Brakes 95 Window Glasses And Front Wind Shield. 96 Front Glass / Wind Shield 97 Door Glass Right. 98 Door Glass Left 99 Rubber Bleeding For Front Glass Fitting. 100 Wiper Blade With Arm Assembly 101 Engine Work 102 Piston With Pin 103 Piston Ring Set 104 Cylinder Liner ( Sleeve ) 105 Main & Big End Bearings. 106 Connecting Rod Bush 107 Connecting Rod Bolt 108 Temperature Plug 109 Engine Valve 110 Crank Oil Seal 111 Timing Oil Seal 112 Head Stud 113 Engine Gasket Kit Complete 114 Head Valve Seal Set 115 Cam Bush 116 Head Valve And Guide Set 117 Air Compressor Piston With Ring And Gasket Set Complete 118 Engine Mounting Padsset 119 Fan Belt Set 120 Oil Pressure Switch 121 Radiator Hose Upper 122 Radiator Hose Lower 123 Labour Charges For Cylinder Sleeve Fitting Main & Big End Bearings. Crank Polishing &Grinding To Exact Size, Cam Bush Fitting And Connecting Rod Fitting 124 Labour Charges For Cylinder Head. New Seat Fitting Grinding The Head Valve Guide Fitting & Head Testing 125 Annual Passing Body Works 126 Denting By Hammer Beating / Heat Treatment As Required And Repairing Of Front Bumper 127 Door Handle Outside 128 Door Handle Inside 129 Door Trim 130 Door Lock 131 Replacement Of Side Mirror 132 Replacement Of Front Tyre Of Required Size 1000-20 Of Make & Manufacturer. 133 Replacement Of Rear Tyre Of Required Size 1000-20 Of Make & Manufacturer.

Corrigendum Details

Sr No CorrigendumDate Corrignedum CorrigendumType NewSubmissionDate
1 07-Aug-2021 Dates extension Date 17-08-2021

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Document Fees
INR 500 /-
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Tender Value
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BOQ Items

Name of Work:Annual Maintenance Contract/repairs including the scheduled servicing of departmental Tippers/Dumpers.
Sl. No. Item Description
1Schedule servicing
2M.oil 11 litres 20W40
3M. Oil Filter
4By Pass Filter
5Water SeparatorFilter
6Air Filter Inner & Outer
7Fuel Filter.
9Star Kit Complete
10Differential Stud
11Differential Joint
12Main Oil Seal
13Gear oil 80W90 grade.
14Propeller Shaft
15U-J Cross
16Cross Holder
18HalfYoke including machining job
19Front Teeth including machining job
20Central Bearing. Assembly Complete
21Shaft Bolts with Nuts and Washer.
22Complete Greasing
23Clutch System
24Clutch Plate
25Pressure plate
26Clutch Release Bearing. With Hub
27Fly WheelRing
28Fly Wheels Bolts
29Shifting Cable Big & Small
30Wheel and Suspension System
31Front Wheel oil seal
32Tie Rod Ball Set
33Tie Rod End Set
34F/WBearings. Inner
35F/W Bearings. Outer
36Front and Rear brake lining sets
37Slack Adjuster.
38Real wheel oil seal
39R/w Bearings. Inner
40R/w Bearings. Outer
41Came bush
42Cam oil Seal
43FuelInjection Pump
44General over hauling of FIP (fuel injection pump). The j0b further include dismounting & remounting of pump from the engine,afterconducting necessary repairs which include replacement of following spares. Rotary Pump Unit, Cam Plate, Lever Shaft, Guide Bushing, T.D Piston, V.E Pump ,Cross Disc Repair Kit & calibration.
45Primary fuel Pump
47Steering System
48Power Stg. Repair kit
49Steering. Oil topping up as per desired level 01litrs
50Steering. Bolt
51Turbo System
52Turbo charger kit
53Turbo Hose
55Armature Assembly
56Self-Carbon bush set
58Bendex Drive
60Field Coil Set
61Battery terminals /Lead sets
62Alternator Assembly
63Rectifier plate
64Carbon Bush Set
65Cut out
66Snap Ring
67Armature Assembly
68Oil Seal
70Electrical Works
71Replacement of old worn out/damaged wiring
72New Horn Assembly Double
73Head Light Assy.
74Head Light bulb
75Tail light bulb 1016, 1141
76Indicator bulb
77Tail light Assy
78Roof Light
79Side Indicator Assy
80Toggle Switch
81Ignition Switch
82Battery Lead 8 AWG gaugemulti strendwith thimbles and terminals etc
83Re-building ofbattery poles.
84Ignition switch
85Brake System
86F/W Brake Leather Set with Rivets
87Front Brake Slack Adjuster
88Rear/W Brake Leather Set with Rivets
89Rear Brake Slack Adjuster
90Front & Rear wheel Cylinder Assy.
91Master Cylinder
92Brake pipe
93ABS brake adjuster and bush
94Diaphragm Washer Of Brakes
95Window Glasses and Front wind shield.
96Front Glass/Wind Shield
97Door Glass Right.
98Door Glass Left
99Rubber Bleeding for Front Glass Fitting.
100Wiper blade with arm assembly
101Engine Work
102Piston with Pin
103Piston Ring Set
104Cylinder Liner(Sleeve)
105Main & Big End Bearings.
106Connecting Rod Bush
107Connecting Rod bolt
108Temperature Plug
109Engine Valve
110Crank oil Seal
111Timing Oil Seal
112Head Stud
113Engine Gasket Kit Complete
114Head Valve Seal Set
115Cam Bush
116Head Valve and guide set
117Air Compressor Piston with ring and Gasket set complete
118Engine Mounting padsSet
119Fan Belt set
120Oil Pressure Switch
121Radiator hose upper
122Radiator hose Lower
123Labour charges for cylinder Sleeve fitting Main & Big end Bearings. Crank Polishing &grinding to Exact Size, Cam Bush Fitting and connecting rod Fitting
124Labour Charges for Cylinder Head. New Seat Fitting Grinding the head Valve guide Fitting & Head Testing
125Annual Passing body works
126Denting by Hammer Beating /heat treatment as required and repairing of front Bumper
127Door Handle outside
128Door handle inside
129Door trim
130Door Lock
131Replacement of side Mirror
132Replacement of front tyre of required size 1000-20 of make & manufacturer.
133Replacement of rear tyre of required size 1000-20 of make & manufacturer.
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