Construction Of Road And Tiles Through Interlocking In Choudhary Sukhdev House To , Sri Ram Gopal Wali Gali Sr No-52 Zone-1

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Construction Of Road And Tiles Through Interlocking In Choudhary Sukhdev House To , Sri Ram Gopal Wali Gali Sr No-52 Zone-1
Uttar Pradesh

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Construction Of Road And Tiles Through Interlocking In Choudhary Sukhdev House To , Sri Ram Gopal Wali Gali Sr No-52 Zone-1

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INR 500 /-
INR 99030.00 /-
Tender Value
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BOQ Items

Name of Work:
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 E/W filling in or in embankment in ordinary soil excavation to be in the form of a regular pits not exceeding 0.50m in depth and earth work in embankment to be in 20cm layers including ramming and dressing the surface to required levels and slopes and also including 1.5m lift and 30 m lead. The earth in form of cutting (b) to be used as spoil banks within 50m distance as directed by the engineer-in-charge including royalty 9.00 cum. (SI No. 253(A)) Including Cartage of earth up to 8 km lead BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001112 173.31 cum
2 2 P/L GSB with graded stone ballast with moram with stone grit size, stone ballast with hand ramming watering including all material labor T&P etc. all complete (NS) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001113 55.46 cum
3 3 M-150 Brick work in 1:4 with Cement and coarse sand including supply of all material, labor T & P etc. required for proper completion of work. (SI No. 305.1) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001114 22.11 cum
4 4 12MM Thick cement plaster in single coat of fair side of single of half brick wall for interior plastering up to floor two level including internal rounded angles chamfers and rounded angles not including 80mm in girth and finished even and smooth. No extra for missing any additive. 1 cement : 4 Coarse Sand (SI No. 582(I) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001115 184.25 sqm
5 5 Supply & fixing of pre-cast M-30 cement concrete RUBBER MOLD INTERLOCKING TILES over 40mm thick local sand bed, with 3mm thick joints filled with local sand including leveling, tempering and sweeping etc., interlocking bricks will be as description given in direction issued by the IRCSC-03-2004 and should be ISI marked all complete. (N.S.) 80mm thick, Strength should not less than M-30 (NS) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001116 600.5 sqm
6 6 R.C.C. work with cement approved coarse sand and 2 cm (3/4) gauge approved stone ballast in the proportion 1:2:4 for slab work excluding supply of reinforcement and its bending but including its fixing and binding the same with 24 BWGI binding wire and including necessary centering and shuttering etc. and also including supply of all materials labor and tools and plants etc. required for proper completion of the work. Strength of the concrete shall not be less than M-150. (SI No. 284) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001117 1.28 cum
7 7 Mild Steel or iron in plain work such as reinforced concrete or reinforced brick work (When not included in and an overall rates) brought to required shape as necessary including bending for proper completion of the work and including supply of steel, its wastage bend hooks and authorized over lapping shall be measured up to floor two level. (10 mm to 12mm tor (TMT Bars). BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001118 0.8 qtl
8 8 Supply and fixing of black granite stone board and approved standard matter with brick work, plaster & paint etc. all complete. BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001119 1 Nos
9 9 Sub Total (A) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001157 1 Rs
10 10 Add 12% G.S.T. of Sub Total (A) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001160 1 Rs
11 11 Sub Total (B) BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001161 1 Rs
12 12 Add / Deduction For Estimate Figure Amount Match BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001162 1 Rs
13 13 Grand Total BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001163 1 Rs
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