Special Repair Of Sriginari Rajwapur Vikramjot Road To Rajwapur Road

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Corrigendum : Special Repair Of Sriginari Rajwapur Vikramjot Road To Rajwapur Road
Uttar Pradesh

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Special Repair Of Sriginari Rajwapur Vikramjot Road To Rajwapur Road

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Sr No CorrigendumDate Corrignedum CorrigendumType NewSubmissionDate
1 26-Jun-2021 DATE EXTENTION Date 08-07-2021

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INR 944 /-
INR 90000.00 /-
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BOQ Items

Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Providing and laying 5.00 cm avg. compacted thickness of stone aggregates of specific sizes 22.4-53 mm of water bound macadam specification incluidng spreading in uniform thickness hand packing rolling with smooth wheel roller 80-100 KN in stages to proper grade and camber applying and brooming stone dust to fill-up the interstices of coarse aggregate watering and compacting to the required dencity grading -3 as per technical specification clause 405 including cost of material , roller, cartage ,loading, unloading ,labour and all taxes complete or as per direction of Engineer in charge. 100 Cum
2 2 Providing and applying Primer coat with bitumen emulsion on prepared on prepared surface of granular base including clearing of road surface and spraying primer using mechanical means. As per technical specification clause 502 (Including Cost of Maxphalt) 6000 Sqm
3 3 Providing and applying tack coat with bitumen (VG-10) at the rate of 0.35 kg per sqm on the prepared granular surface treated with primer complete as per Technical Speicification Clause 503 6000 Sqm
4 4 Providing, laying and rolling of open-graded premix carpet of 20 mm thickness composed of 13.2 mm to 5.6 mm aggregates using penetration grade bitumen to required line, grade and level to serve as wearing course on a previously prepared base, including mixing in a suitable plant, laying and rolling with a three wheel 80-100 kN static roller capacity, finished to required level and grades to be followed by seal coat of Type C as per Technical Specification Clause 508. 6000 Sqm
5 5 Providing and laying seal coat sealing the voids in a bituminous surface laid to the specified levels, grade and cross fall using type C, as per Technical Specification Clause 510 (Including Cost of Maxphalt) 6000 Sqm
6 6 Brick edging on both sides of the road of first class bricks 8 cm (3'') wide and 12 cm. ( 4.5") deep laid with mud mortar including labour & supply of bricks finish to the required templeate and in proper alignment and also including dressing ramming the excavated earth as directed by Engineer-in-charge in 1 KM
7 7 G.S.T. @ 12% of executed work as applicable on sanction G.O. Term. 1 Cum
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