Construction Of Production Tube Well At Wss Naseerpora Shopian .

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Corrigendum : Construction Of Production Tube Well At Wss Naseerpora Shopian .
Jammu And Kashmir

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Construction Of Production Tube Well At Wss Naseerpora Shopian .

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1 26-Jun-2021 EXTENSION Date 03-07-2021
2 03-Jul-2021 DATE EXTENSION NEW Date 06-07-2021

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Name of Work:Construction of Production Tube Well at Naseerpora, Shopian.
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Construction of production tube well by way of ;\na) Drilling /boring of Pilot bore hole ;-The job includes drilling /boring of a pilot hole in all types of strata of soil i.e. hard /rock /soft/loose boulders etc, up to a depth of max 150 meters. The job shall have to be taken up strictly in accordance with the hydro-geological survey in consultation with the Asstt. Ex. Engineer Ground Water Division concerned and report is to be appended before the start of the work. The collection of water samples/ soil samples at the requisite depth, shall have to be collected by available means in the best possible manner, as per site requirements. The soil samples are to be collected in plastic boxes with proper labeling. These samples need to be deposited in the divisional office for future reference.\nSpecifications:\na) Dia of Pilot hole = 125 mm\nb) Depth of pilot hole > 120 Mtr & < 150 Mtr\n\nb) Construction of Production Tube Well :- \n After successful completion of the pilot bore and positive (within limits) water sample test report , the job is to be continued for construction of a full-fledged production tube well at the same spot by way of the reaming /ODEX method ( in case of hard rock strata if encountered; to be decided by the hydro-geologist in consultation with the departmental experts) to the desired dia /size . Broad technical specification production well by and as required by the drilling procedure: \na) Dia of production tube well = 500/550 mm \nb) Depth of Production well <120 mtrs (\n-Method type of Drilling /technique \ni)By D.C.M/ R.C.M \nii) By ODEX Method .\n The construction of production tube well , casing design and the no. of Screen/slotted pipes or length of each screen and positioning thereof shall be the full responsibility of firm/ agency which should be strictly as per the hydro-geologist’s report framed in consultation with the Asstt. Ex. Engineer Ground Water Division concerned \n 120 Mtr
2 2 Providing, Lowering and fitting of Heavy duty M.S Casing pipe ERW as per relevant IS Codes . The jigs and fixtures for lowering the casing pipe are to be provided by the firm. Providing and fitting of Bail Plug/ Bottom Plug of required dia as per the relevant IS Codes, at the bottom of the Pipe assly of the the well .\nTechnical Features of Pipe;\nMin dia of Casing Pipe = 300 mm\nLength of Each Pipe = 3 Mts\nThickness of Pipe = > 08 mm with +ive tolerance of 10 cms\nMax. depth of Pipe = < 150 Mts\nSlotted Pipe …….. At appropriate Aquifer Zones (As per IS:8110:2000)\nPipe Coating ……. Black Bituminous (As per clause 12.1 of 4270:2001)\nAcceptable make for Pipe …. Jindal/ Prakash Surya/TATA\nType: E.R.W / H.F.I.W\nIS Code for Pipe ……. IS-4270:2001 (Grade Fe 410)Third Revision \n\n\n\n
3 2.1 For 300 mm dia MS Blind Pipe 80 Mtr
4 2.3 For 300 mm dia MS Slotted pipe 40 Mtr
5 3 Providing and Shrouding of Pea Gravel as per IS : 4097 – 1967, of assorted size around annular space between the casing pipe and the well surface has to be filled with a gravel pack to act as a filter medium. \n(Quantity shall be subject to the actual measurements at site)\n 22 Cum
6 4 Development of Tube Well :- Development of the well should be strictly be done in accordance to IS :11189 -1985. The Job includes charges on accounts of complete development of the well after completion of drilling /boring and lowering of M.S. Casing pipe and filling of pea Gravel if required (in Case of Artificial gravel pack ) .The compressor used should have pressure ratings of 1100 psi with a delivery of 300 cfm. The job shall include cleaning and stabilization of the well by inserting high compressed Air pressure to remove the suspended /stick/loose material from the casing and in the well bore surface. Development of well by compressor = 04 hrs/mtr of screen. The development has to be carried in presence of in charge site engineer and as per the expert advice of consultant hydro-geologist if needed .\nYield Test :- The job shall also include for carrying out yield test of the well by at least two submersible pumping units of different capacities of to be decided by the incharge engineer . All other job’s which have not been specifically specified in the works shall have to be included as required and in accordance with relevant IS/BIS codes. Yield test has to be carried out for a minimum of 30 hrs or as per the site requirements (whichever is higher of the two) Completion of test for yield to ensure that the quality of water is as laid down in IS-10500; 1983. the grouting & sealing of the tube well needs to be done to ensure safe sanitary conditions as per IS-2800; 1991. An apron around the well (mix shall be M10 grade) & slopping away from it to protect the well from pollution has to be constructed to prevent contaminated water flowing back into it. the casing pipe is to be anchored within the apron by welding ISMC-150 steel bracing with crates & sufficient welding area 2 mtr length each bracing embedded within the apron (4 bracing). the complete well thus constructed is to be handed over to the territorial mechanical division for harnessing.\ni. Apron Size= 2.5 mtr × 2.5 mtr.\nii. Apron depth at skirt = 300 mm.\niii. Apron depth at well casing= 350\nNote: failure of well and payment (if any) shall be decided under the shade of CWGB rules/ SWRAA rules or decision of select committee (whichever is feasible to the department)\n BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001113 1 Job
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