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Auction Sale Of Products-

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Auction Sale Of Products-1 Item Code AC01N Mix Scrap of Aluminum Casting Component with Iron Attachment Gurgaon 30000 2 Item Code EC02 Mix Scrap of rejected Aluminum Electrical Cables Gurgaon 2000 Manesar 4 3 Item Code SAL01N Mix Scrap of Non Ferrous (Alumi. SheetsVessels etc) with Iron Attachment Gu 4 Item Code AS01 Scrap Iron Steel (Assorted Steel). Gurgaon 140000 5 Item Code AS01M Scrap Iron Steel (Assorted Steel) Manesar 102000 MPTE 50000 MPTC 4 6 Item Code MSC1 Scrap of Iron Steel (MS box container) Gurgaon 75000 Manesar 7000 MPT 7 Item Code BS01 Scrap Iron Steel (MS box strpganglsuprt etc) Gurgaon 18000 Manesar 2 8 Item Code SP01 Scrap of Iron Steel (Sheet Pkg Cover) Gurgaon 37000 Manesar 86000 9 Item Code PP01 Scrap iron steel (mutidmg painted panel body) Gurgaon 35000 Manesar 10 Item Code UP01 Scrap iron steel (mutilated damaged unpainted panels) Gurgaon 65000 Man 11 Item Code SCASROL Scrap of metals mix with Plastic (Castor Wheel Roller Pipes Chairs etc) 12 Item Code SCSMA1 Scrap of component (starter motor compressor alternator etc.) Gurgaon 100 13 Item Code ELC01N Mixed scrap of useddamage electrical items distributors Wire rope MCB boxes 14 Item Code CEEW5 Mixed scrap of useddamage Power sockets Tubelight fitings chokes Tubelights 15 Item Code EMMC2 Scrap of Ewaste electrical component Gurgaon 3000 Manesar 1000 16 Item Code EEC02N Scrap of Electrical copper cables Gurgaon 13000 Manesar 5000 MPTE 5 17 Item Code BATALL Scrapused lead acid batteries With WO Iron cover. Gurgaon 24000 Mane 18 Item Code HAZB3140TR Scrap of UsedObsolete Tyre All Types Sizes Gurgaon 12000 Manesar 19 Item Code HAZDS06 Scrap of Hazardous Broken Drums Jars all size types with Paint etc. Gu 20 Item Code GPEHIELC4809AS Scrap of UsedObsolete Ewaste Household Items (1 CVT 1 Air Purifier 21 Item Code GPCEEW21809AS Scrap of UsedObsolete Water Purifier of JPS Gurgaon 1 22 Item Code GPCEEW31809AS Scrap of UsedObsolete Washing Machines of JPS Gurgaon 1 23 Item Code GPCEEW2R1809AS Scrap of UsedObsolete Refrigrator of JPS Gurgaon 1 24 Item Code GPCEEW2D1809AS Scrap of UsedObsolete Deep freezer of JPS Gurgaon 1 25 Item Code GPFURN809AS Scrap of UsedObsolete Furniture Items (Sofa Set Book Crockery Shoe Ra 26 Item Code GPCNMIL809AS Scrap of UsedObsolete CNC Milling Machine with MS Structures of TRM Gu 27 Item Code GPCANTUT809 Scrap of UsedObsolete Canteen Steel Utensils with Steel Structures Gurg 28 Item Code GPCPAF809 Scrap of UsedObsolete Cooling Pads with Alu. Frame. Gurgaon 600 29 Item Code GPYRSEDS809AS Scrap of UsedObsolete YR9 Sealer Despensing System Jigs Robots Othe 30 Item Code MECAMCR809AS Scrap of UsedObsolete Cam Cam Carrier Plant Machinery Equiepments wi 31 Item Code MEMBTOOLS Mixed Used Broken Tools MPTE 1500 32 Item Code METOOLS Scrap of Iron Steel (HSSMS ToolsDrill Bits etc) MPTE 2000 33 Item Code ELC02 Mixed scrap of used damaged electrical items Distributors Wire rope MCB box 34 Item Code 1094N Scrap of SS304 MPTE 4000 35 Item Code 1093N Scrap Hot Die Steel MPTE 4000 MPTC 2000 36 Item Code MVJGCONV809AS Scrap of UsedObsolete YP8YSD NB JIGS Shuttle Conveyor Body Transfer

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