Maintenance Of Approach Road Near Masterda Surya Sen Metro Station In Ward No 098 , Br-X .

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Maintenance Of Approach Road Near Masterda Surya Sen Metro Station In Ward No 098 , Br-X .
West Bengal

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Maintenance Of Approach Road Near Masterda Surya Sen Metro Station In Ward No 098 , Br-X .

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INR 16200.00 /-
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BOQ Items

Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 Box cutting or filling in Road embankment in all sorts of soil including spreading the spoils properly over the flank as necessary or on berm to approximate grade & camber and rolling the sub-grade with power roller to proper camber and grade as per direction and satisfaction of Engineer-in-charge including uprooting and removing plants and jungles when and where necessary. (b) For each additional Depth of 150mm and part thereof. ITEM1 860.164 SQM
2 2 Supplying, spreading and compacting Sand to required thickness, in layers not exceeding 150 mm to proper gradient and camber, inundating each layer by water and packing and ramming layer by layer to achieve desired compaction, including lighting, guarding, barricading and making adequate earthen bundh where necessary, curing with water as per direction, mending cracks and depressions by ramming wherever necessary. Note:- Add cost at site of the materials to arrive at the complete rate. The compaction factor for dry, clean sand may be taken as 0.835. (The payment is to be made on the basis of finished compacted volume). (c) For Silver Sand ITEM2 129.025 M3
3 3 Single Brick Flat Soling of picked jhama bricks including ramming and dressing bed to proper level and filling joints with local sand. ITEM3 860.164 SQM
4 4 Water Bound Macadam Sub Base by consolidating Jhama metal / Laterite chelly or stone metal / shingles of specific size in hard crust to requisite thickness (measured after compaction) in layers including screening of metals etc. as necessary, hand packing, sweeping, watering and rolling in stages with power roller to proper line, grade and camber, lighting, guarding & barricading and making necessary earthen bundh of one metre width on each side where necessary to protect edges and preparing the bed by necessary cutting or filling and rolling all complete including the cost of all materials and hire and labour charges of all men and machineries and compacting to the required density, as per Clause 404 of Specifications for Road & Bridge Works of MoRT&H (5th Revision). (i) For Construction of Sub Base by consolidating Jhama metal  / Laterite (63 mm to 45 mm) (Moorum replaced with course sand)  (For compacted thickness 75mm) ITEM4 860.16 SQM
5 5 Providing and applying tack coat with Cationic Bitumen Emulsion of approved grade conforming to IS: 8887-1978 on the prepared surface cleaned with Hydraulic broom, moistening the surface including cost and carriage of emulsion, hire charges of machinery and labour, cost of fuel and lubricants all complete as per Clause 503 of Specifications for Road & Bridge Works of MoRT&H (5th Revision). (ii) On Granular surfaces treated with primer. (Using Bitumen emulsion at the rate of 0.25 to 0.30 kg per sqm.) ITEM5 860.164 SQM
6 6 Transportation and laying 40 mm thick hot asphaltum mixture from kmc plant to the work site including rolling but excluding the cost of tack coat (covered area- 1250 square meter per 100 mt hot-mixture) a) without paver finisher i) Day Time ITEM6 860.164 SQM
7 7 Removal of rubbish,earth etc. from the working site and disposal of the same beyond the compound, in conformity with the Municipal / Corporation Rules for such disposal, loading into truck and cleaning the site in all respect as per direction of Engineer in charge. ITEM7 258.049 M3
8 66 Estimated amount
9 67 Add: 6%SGST 1 LS
10 68 Add: 6%CGST 1 LS
11 69 1% LWC 1 LS
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