Conversion Of Type B Dbs To Type A Dbs Including Provn Of Plant Room And Ahu Room Including Allied Services At Af Stn Hasimara Under Ge ( Af ) Hasimara

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Corrigendum : Conversion Of Type B Dbs To Type A Dbs Including Provn Of Plant Room And Ahu Room Including Allied Services At Af Stn Hasimara Under Ge ( Af ) Hasimara
West Bengal

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Conversion Of Type B Dbs To Type A Dbs Including Provn Of Plant Room And Ahu Room Including Allied Services At Af Stn Hasimara Under Ge ( Af ) Hasimara

Corrigendum Details

Sr No CorrigendumDate Corrignedum CorrigendumType NewSubmissionDate
1 28-Jun-2021 Bid Auto Extn Corrigendum Bid Auto Extn Corrigendum 05-07-2021
2 30-Jun-2021 Date Corrigendum Date 15-07-2021

Key Value

Document Fees
INR 1000 /-
INR 189000.00 /-
Tender Value
INR 1.14 Crore /-

BOQ Items

Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 SCHEDULE 'A' PART- I (BUILDING WORKS)\nNote:- This Schedule is not pre-priced by MES and the pre- priced rate indicated as "Rs. 0.00" under Col- 5 signifies this fact only.
2 1.01 Construction of Plant Room and AHU Room bldgs based on permanent specification complete all as specified and as shown on drawings. 1 Each Block
3 2 SCHEDULE "A" PART-II (SITE CLEARANCE, SITE DEVELOPMENT AND EARTH WORK) Details of prepriced Schedule is given in Tender documents. 1 Lump \nsum
4 3 SCHEDULE "A" PART-III (INTERNAL ELECTRIFICATION) Details of prepriced Schedule is given in Tender documents. 1 Lump \nsum
5 4 SCHEDULE "A" PART-IV (EXTERNAL WATER SUPPLY) \nDetails of prepriced Schedule is given in Tender documents. 1 Lump \nsum
6 5 SCHEDULE "A" PART-V (EXTERNAL ELECTRIFICATION) \nDetails of prepriced Schedule is given in Tender documents. 1 Lump \nsum
7 6 SCHEDULE "A" PART- VI (AIR CONDITIONING) \nNote:- This Schedule is not pre-priced by MES and the pre-priced rate indicated as "Rs. 0.00" under Col. 5 signifies this fact only.
8 6.01 Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Micro- processor controlled, water cooled, Energy-Efficient, Packaged Chilled water based, Central HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning) plant of capacity not less than 60 TR (2x20 TR working and 1x20 TR standby) for Designing of Central AC plant:Conversion of existing Non AC storage DB into AC Storage accomodation at AFS Hasimara.The plant shall have Three (03) Nos of packaged water cooled condensing units of complete in all respects with Three (03) Nos of factory assembled Packaged Chilling Units (Each comprising of Energy Efficient Compressor, Energy Efficient Electric Motor to drive the Compressor, Integral finned shell and tube type water condenser and base frame) along with 1 No of Cooling tower (FRP type), 2 No. of Condenser water circulating pumps (one main and one standby) with condenser water pipe network, 1 No. of Chilled water tank of suitable capacity, 2Nos. of Chilled water Circulating pumps (one main and one standby) with chilled water insulated pipe networks, 1 No. of Hot Water Generator, 2 Nos. of Hot water Circulating pumps (one main and one standby) with Hot water insulated pipe network, 1 No. of Air Handling Unit (weather making chamber, with air- filters, fresh air grills, Cooled air ducting, Air diffusers, fire dampers, water softening plant, with provisions of winter heating, humidifiers etc, 1 No. of makeup water tank of suitable capacity, complete ducting of existing DBs and ducting from AHU room to existing DBs (Approx 20 RM), first charge of refrigerant and oil filling complete in all respect and as specified with all control accessories, LT panel board, necessary underground cables and electrical earthing including necessary civil work for foundation all as specified and as specified in respective drawings to achieve the inside design conditions as per ANNEXURE ‘A’ and details as per ANNEXURE ‘A-1’ enclosed here-in-before :- 1 Each Job
9 6.02 Note 1 :-\n(a) Contractor / bidder needs to check the desired inside design conditions carefully and submit the bid only after ascertaining the capacity of the AC plant required to achieve the inside design conditions.\n(b) Contractor / bidder should submit complete design for the Central AC plant comprising of heat load calculations, working drawings of complete AC plant supported with design/ calculations of each component duly vetted by IIT/NIT within two months of the date of commencement of work through GE for the approval of Accepting Officer before execution of the work.\n(c) Contractor / bidder will be responsible for performance guarantee of complete AC plant to achieve the inside design conditions round the clock throughout the year with overall COP of the system not less than 3.\n(d) Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Chilled water Central Air-conditioning system shall be undertaken through Manufacturers/ Specialist Firms.\nNote 2 :- Rates quoted by the contractor shall be complete finished work including cost of all labour, material, scaffolding, finishing as required with tools, plants, cartage, lift, taxes, tollage, octroi, royalties etc. All works shall be executed as per drawings and instructions of Site-in-charge and shall include the supply and installation at site of all the equipment, ancillary materials as specified and all such items what-so-ever which may be required to fulfill the intent and purpose as laid down in the drawings. All materials shall be as per ISI specification and with IS certification marked wherever applicable. The material shall be duly approved by GE before incorporation in the actual work.
10 7 SCHEDULE "A" PART- VII (MISCLLANEOUS ITEMS TO BE QUOTED BY BIDDERS) \nNote:- This Schedule is not pre-priced by MES and the pre-priced rate indicated as "Rs. 0.00" under Col. 5 signifies this fact only.
11 7.01 INTERNAL ELECTRIFICATION\nS&F CMRI Certified flame proof 4 ft, 20 Watt LED tubelight fittings recommended for Gas/ vapour group with IP 65 protection all as specified and directed.\n 4 Each
12 7.02 M & L for CMRI Certified flame proof type switch socket outlet 2 in 1, 3 pin, 5 Amp flush type, 240 volts, ISI marked complete all as specified and directed. 1 Each
13 7.03 M & L for CMRI Certified flame proof type switch socket outlet 2 in 1, 5 pin, 5 /15Amp flush type, 240 volts, ISI marked complete all as specified and directed. 1 Each
14 7.04 M & L for ceiling fans 1200 mm sweep AC single phase 230/240 volt complete all as specified and as directed. 2 Each
15 7.05 S & F of exhaust fan of size 300 mm sweep, high speed AC single phase 230/ 240 volts with louvers complete all as specified and as directed. 2 Each
16 7.06 S&F of corner street light new generation, energy saving & enviornmental friendly, long life, versatile, pressure die-cast, aluminium IP66 with high power LED as light source with acrylic cover of LED 15 watt luminaire and suitable size of bracket with clamps complete all as specified and directed. 4 Each
17 7.07 S & F of wall mounted type LED light fitting including 1x20 watt tube rod provided for efficient heat dissipation & electronic driver with all acessories complete including making connections with 2 core flexible copper wire 1.50 Sqmm from ceiling rose after fixing fitting in position on 02 Nos new wooden / PVC blocks complete all as specified and directed. 7 Each
18 7.08 S & F of MCB, single pole of 240 volts, AC, 50 Hz of capacity 6-32 Amps 10 KA rupturing capacity complete all as specified and as directed. 6 Each
19 7.09 S & F of MCB SPN 32 Amps 240 volts, AC, 50 Hz, AC, IP 20 protection for earth leakage, overload & short circuit protection single pole & neutral, 30 mA,10 KA rupturing capacity complete all as specified and as directed. 1 Each
20 7.1 M&L for earth result, marker board of MS sheet 3.15 mm thick with suitable size of MS angle iron of 25 x25x 3mm thick and 0.8 mtr long and 0.3 mtr below ground level after proper grouting in ground with suitable PCC work and painting with suitable colour including taking down complete all as specified and as directed.\nNote * :- Shapes, size and colour of paint as per existing or as directed. 2 Each
21 8 EXTERNAL WATER SUPPLY\nConstruction of brick masonry valve pit of size 600 x 600 x 600 mm (internal dimension) of sub class "B" bricks builts in cement mortor (1:4) on 200 mm thick PCC 1:4:8 type D2 using 40mm graded crushed stone aggregate as in bedding and coping as specified, 15 mm thick cement plastering in cm (1:4) internally & externally upto 15cm below ground level and providing valve pit cover with 3 mm thick MS sheet welded with 40 x 40 x 6 mm angle iron frame fixed on top surface of pit wall on edge of the cover and hinged in one side and providing locking arrangement including complete painting of the corner with two coats of synthetic enamel paint over one coat of red oxide primer all as specified and directed. 1 Each Job
22 9 EXTERNAL ELECTRIFICATION\nSupply, installation, testing and commissioning weather and vermin proof LT Panel board of suitable size with angle iron frame factory fabricated out door cubical type totally enclosed made out of 3 mm thick sheet metal enclosure suitable for operation on 3 phase 4 wire, 440 volts 50 HZ system with hinged panel doors (covers) on both sides openable type with handles, bottom gland plate and locking arrangement consisting of sufficient Nos of circular cable entry holes at bottom only with chromium plated brass cable glands for cable entry and exit complete with necessary internal wiring with stranded copper conductor PVC insulated cables of adequate size, copper bus bar of cap 400 Amps with half size for neutral, LT panel duly painted with enameled paint inside and outside, including connecting and comparing of following accessories :- 1 Each
23 9.01 Incoming\n(i) MCCB 4 pole, 250 A, 36 KA, microprocessor base release type -01 Nos\n(ii) Digital type Voltmeter (0-500V) -01 No\n(iii) Digital type Ammeter (0-500 Amps) -01 Nos\n(iv) LED type RYB Indicator lamp -01 Set
24 9.02 Out going\n(i) MCCB TPN 200A, 36 KA with thermal base release -01 No\n(ii) MCB SPN 32A, 10 KA -01 Nos
25 10 Supply, installation, connecting, commissioning and testing complete for silent Diesel Engine driven generating set capable of delevering output of 200 KVA, AC 415 volts, 3 phase 4 wire, 50Hz, 0.8 PF with AMF (Auto Main Failure) panel comprising Desiel Engine, Alternator closed coupled or provided with flexible coupling, water cooled, vertical totaly enclosed, electric start, compression ignition, 4 stroke, designed to run contineously at 1500 RPM conforming to IS:10001/ 10002 , ISO-3046, BS-5514, DIN-6271 standard, including control panel having meter and sound proof canopy as per CPCB norms, PCC foundation, tools etc and shall comprises of the following:-\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n 1 Each
26 10.01 Desiel Engine :-\n(a) Radiator cooling\n(b) Radiator fan with guard\n(c) Fly wheel with starter ring\n(d) Dry type air cooler\n(e) Vacuum indicator\n(f) Mechanical governor\n(g) Fuel filter\n(h) Exhaust silencer\n(j) Inlet fuel pump\n(k) water pump\n(l) Lubricant oil filter\n(m) Lubricant oil pump\n(n) 24 Volt electric start system complete with starter, battery charging alternator (sealed maintenance free battery, lead acid 180 AH 2 Nos X 12 Volt)\n(o) Engine control panel consisting key switch, lubricating oil pressure gauge, ammeter safety shut down system for low lubricating oil pressure & high coolent.\n(p) Exhaust pipe/ stack up to 6.0 M from top of shed with insulation, structural steel required for supporting exhaust pipe/ stack, fixed supports, sliding supports etc\n(q) First fill of lubricating oil and coolant.\n(r) Residentail silencer with cladding and support.\n\n\n
27 10.02 ALTERNATOR\nAlternator comforming to IS 13364 with standard design with IP-23 protection, suitably rated at 160 KW/ 200KVA at 0.8 PF, 415 Volt, 3 phase, 4 wire, 50 Hz, 1500 RPM, self excited (brushless excitation) and self regulated. Band of voltage regulation + 1.5 % of rated voltage (from no load to full load) and class - H insulation. Alternator should be mounted on a common base frame and coupled directly to the engine.\n
28 10.03 ACCOUSTIC ENCLOSURE \nAccoustic enclosure as per norns of CPCB Rule 95 of environment (protection) Amendment Rules, 2004 of GSR 448 (E) dated 12.07.2004 notified by Ministry of Enviornment and Forest, Govt of India.
29 10.04 CONTROL PANEL CUM AMF PANEL\nSelf supported indoor type totaly enclosed LT Panel board conforming to IS 8623, AC suitable for 3 phase, 4 wire, 440 volt, compartmental design, dust and vermin proof, made out of 2 mm thick CRCA sheet, cubical type, duly powder coated, IP-51 protection having front and rear hinged door, bottom detachable gland plate with holes for incomong and outgoing cable and control circuit diagram with colour code complete with following accessories :-\n(i) MCCB 320 Amps, 4 pole, 35 KA- 03 Nos (for main supply, generator supply and for changeover supply)\n(ii) 3 phase heavy duty power contactors 250 Amps , 415 volt, 4 pole 2 NO + 2 NC conforming to IS/ IEC 60947-4-1 & IEC 60947 -4-A complete - 02 Nos
30 10.05 Protection Relays\n(i) Microprocessor based DG Set power command module\n(ii) Under voltage relay\n(iii) Over voltage relay\n(iv) Differential relay\n(v) Combined O/C and E/F protection\n(vi) Over load protection\n(vii) Reverse power protection\n(viii) Field failure relay\n(ix) Master trip/ high speed tripping\n(x) Relay with auxiliary relay\n(xi) Excitation system protection relays\n(xii) Under frequency relay.
31 10.06 Metering & indication\n(i) Digital ammeter with selector switch-01 No\n(ii) Digital voltmeter with selector switch-01 No\n(iii) Digital frequency meter-01 No\n(iv) Electronic type 3 phase multifunction meters (Amp, volt, pf, Hz, KVA, KW, KWH etc)-01 No\n(v) DC amp meter for fixed / excitation current-01 No\n(vi) DC volt meter for fixed /excitation voltage-01 No\n(vii) Speed indicator (0-2000 rpm)\n(viii) Starting battery voltage meter\n(ix) Lubricating oil pressure meter\n(x) Engine coolant temperature indicator\n(xi) Float cum boost chargre equipment suitable for battery along with all input / output/ indication /instrumentation devices complete in all respect.\n(xii) Instrument fuses & control wiring.\n(xiii) Pilot lamps for 'Load on' and ' Set running'
32 10.07 ACCESSORIES\n(i) Base frame of sturdy design as per OEM - 01 Set\n(ii) Fuel tank rectangle shape suitable capacity with fuel measuring indication complete.\n(iii) Batteries 02 Nos X 12 V, 180 AH maintenance free with leads and connecting accossories - 01 Nos.
33 10.08 Spare Parts:-\n(i) Rotary pump for diesel with 3 metre hose-01 Set.\n(ii) Box spanner set complete, all sizes - 01 Set.\n(iii) Oil filters-02 Nos.\n(iv) Air filter complete with elements - 02 Nos.\n(v) Fuel filter set - 02 Nos.\n(vi) AVR - 01 No.\n(vii) Rubber matting size 0.90 m X 1.50 m X 15 mm thick-02 Nos.\n(viii) Jerrican MS sheet capacity 20 ltr -02 Nos.
34 10.09 Note:-\n(i) PCC foundation shall deemed o be included in unit rate of DG set. PCC foundation of adequate / required size extending 1000 mm all round more than size of DG set, as per manufacturer design and instructions.\n(ii) DG set shall be tested as type test, routine test as per IS in presence of GE or his representative.\n(iii) The contractor shall get the approval of GE for the make of the DG set they plan to procure.
35 11 M & L for boring across the road/ hard surface with mechanical boring equipment including HDPE pipe 150 mm dia suitable for 0.4 mpa working pressure complete all as specified and directed. 30 RM
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