Ladakh Green House Project Supply And Installation Of Ladakh Green House

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Corrigendum : Ladakh Green House Project Supply And Installation Of Ladakh Green House
Jammu And Kashmir

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Ladakh Green House Project Supply And Installation Of Ladakh Green House , Ladakh Green House ( 60'X24' ) ( Location Nubra ) . , 60 Ft X 24 Ft As Per Approved Design ( External Dimension ) . Door: Rectangular Iron Door Frame: Dimension 6'X2' 8'' Approx: Uv Stabilized Triple Layer 16Mm Polycarbonate Sheeet Panel With Hook For Supporting Extra Protective Covering For The Winter . Window: 4 Nos ( One Numbers 2' X 2' On Side Wall ) ( 03 Number 2'X2' On Metal Frame ) With Provision For Opening . Above Ground Metallic Frame: Ms Rectangular Hollow Pipe ( 80X25x3mm ) Duly Blended In Required Shape At Approximate . 4 . 5'-5' . 0 Distance Horizontally And 3 . 2'-3 . 6' Vertically As Per Width Of The Poly Carbonate Sheet : Joins Welded/Nut Bolt: Pipes Paint With Red Oxide And Enameled Coated . Vertically Poles: Two Numbers Of 50Mm Ms Supporting Poles Of Approx Size 63' Each To Support The Roof . Supporting Poles: Four Numbers Of Metallic Supporting Poles ( 50Mm Ms Pipe ) To Support The Roof ( Approx 9-10' Height Above Ground And 1' Underground ) And Four Numbers Of Support Pole In Middle Of Thegreen House Structure ( 6-7 . 5' Bolt Of Joints , Base Supporting Angles Properly Nut Bolt With Anchor Bolt . Foundation Of The Supporting Poles Should Be Of Cement Concrete Poles To Be Fixed On Foundation Plate With Nut Bolts . A Metallic Pipes Paint With Red Oxide And Enameled Coated . A Metallic Pipes ( 50Mm , Approx: 3 Feet Length; Bend At One Side ) On Side Of The Wall At Ground Level For Irrigation Purposed . Roofing: Roof Made Of Coloured Pre Paint Gi Sheet Of Size 10' X 4'X0 . 6-0 . 7Mm Properly Anchored And Covered With Mud Or Soil Of 5 Inches Thick . Roof To Be Given Support With Truss Of Ms Pipe ( 50Mm ) . Cladding Material: Triple Layer Polycarbonate Sheet Of Reputed Company , 16Mm Thick Anti Uv Protected On Both Sides , Clear White ( Approx . 110 Sq . Mtr ) On Above Ground Metallic Frame With Extra Support Of Aluminium T Beading ( 20X3mm Width ) , Fixed With Nuts And Bolts And Silicon Sealing Of Gaps ( If Any ) Polycarbonates Joints Should Be On The Metallic Frame . Dimension And Design: As Per Figure ( Annexure-I Fig . 1 A , B , &C ) .

Corrigendum Details

Sr No CorrigendumDate Corrignedum CorrigendumType NewSubmissionDate
1 28-Jun-2021 Due Date Extended Admin Corrigendum Date Extend 29-06-2021
2 29-Jun-2021 extension of opening date of technical bid Date 03-07-2021

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Document Fees
INR 3000 /-
INR 532000.00 /-
Tender Value
INR 2.66 Crore /-

BOQ Items

Name of Work: Installation and supply of Green House materials under Ladakh Green House Project.
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quant-ity Units
1 1 Ladakh Green House (60'x24') (Location Nubra). BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001112
2 1.01 60 ft x 24 ft as per approved design (external dimension). Door: Rectangular iron door frame: dimension 6'x2' 8'' approx: UV Stabilized triple layer 16mm polycarbonate sheeet panel with hook for supporting extra protective covering for the winter. Window: 4 Nos (One numbers 2' x 2' on side wall) (03 number 2'x2' on metal frame) with provision for opening. Above ground metallic frame: MS rectangular hollow pipe (80x25x3mm) duly blended in required shape at approximate.4.5'-5'.0 distance horizontally and 3.2'-3.6' vertically as per width of the poly carbonate sheet : joins welded/nut bolt: pipes paint with red oxide and enameled coated.Vertically Poles: Two numbers of 50mm MS supporting poles of approx size 63' each to support the roof. Supporting Poles: Four numbers of metallic supporting poles (50mm MS Pipe) to support the roof (approx 9-10' height above ground and 1' underground) and four numbers of support pole in middle of thegreen house structure (6-7.5' bolt of joints, base supporting angles properly nut bolt with anchor bolt. Foundation of the supporting poles should be of cement concrete poles to be fixed on foundation plate with nut bolts.A metallic pipes paint with red oxide and enameled coated. A metallic pipes (50mm, approx: 3 feet length; bend at one side) on side of the wall at ground level for irrigation purposed. Roofing: Roof made of coloured pre paint GI Sheet of size 10' x 4'x0.6-0.7mm properly anchored and covered with mud or soil of 5 inches thick.Roof to be given support with truss of MS Pipe(50mm).Cladding material: Triple layer polycarbonate sheet of reputed company, 16mm thick anti UV protected on both sides,clear white (approx.110 sq. mtr) on above ground metallic frame with extra support of aluminium T beading (20x3mm width), fixed with nuts and bolts and silicon sealing of gaps(if any) polycarbonates joints should be on the metallic frame. Dimension and Design: as per figure (Annexure-I Fig.1 a,b,&c). BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001113 50 Nos
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