Construction Of Railway Under Pass At Approach Road Samerpura On Jhansi -Agra Section ( Job No . 17/5054/Srf/-Rr/2020-21

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Corrigendum : Construction Of Railway Under Pass At Approach Road Samerpura On Jhansi -Agra Section ( Job No . 17/5054/Srf/-Rr/2020-21

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Construction Of Railway Under Pass At Approach Road Samerpura On Jhansi -Agra Section ( Job No . 17/5054/Srf/-Rr/2020-21

Corrigendum Details

Sr No CorrigendumDate Corrignedum CorrigendumType NewSubmissionDate
1 22-May-2021 Date Change Date 30-06-2021
2 14-Jun-2021 boq Other 30-06-2021
3 15-Jun-2021 pre bid meeting Other 30-06-2021

Key Value

Document Fees
INR 2000 /-
Refer document
Tender Value
INR 3.45 Crore /-

BOQ Items

Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1.01 Excavation for Structures (Earth work in excavation of foundation of structures as per drawing and technicalspecification, including setting out, construction of shoring and bracing, removal of stumps and other deleterious matter, dressing of sides and bottom and backfilling with approved material.) Ordinary soil Mechanical Means BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001113
2 1.02 Depth upto 3 m BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001114 3597.8 Cum
3 1.03 Depth 3 m to 6 m BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001115 1260 Cum
4 1.04 Plain/Reinforced cement concrete in open foundation complete as per drawing and technical specifications BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001116
5 1.05 PCC Grade M15 BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001117 115.44 Cum
6 2 RCC Grade M20 BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001118 0.54 Cum
7 3 RCC Grade M35 BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001119 665.16 Cum
8 4 Supplying, fitting and placing un-coated HYSD bar reinforcement in foundation complete as per drawing and technical specifications BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001120 44.53 Tonne
9 5 Plain/Reinforced cement concrete in sub-structure complete as per drawing and technical specifications BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001121
10 6 RCC Grade M20 Height upto 5m With Batching Plant, Transit Mixer and Concrete Pump BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001122 9.744 Cum
11 7 RCC Grade M35 Height upto 5m With Batching Plant, Transit Mixer and Concrete Pump BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001123 1171.69 Cum
12 8.01 Height 5m to 10m With Batching Plant, Transit Mixer and Concrete Pump BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001125 353.05 Cum
13 8.02 Supplying, fitting and placing un-coated HYSD bar reinforcement in foundation complete as per drawing and technical specifications BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001126 116.22 Tonne
14 8.03 Providing steel R.S.Js/built-up steel sections including cutting, welding/rivetting, hoisting, fixing in position for composite girders with shear connectors complete with painting as per drawing and MoRTH specifications Clause 1205.6 BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001127
15 8.04 Steel Section Track Protection MS Steel Plate BI01010001010000000000000515BI0100001128 933.88 Qtl
16 8.05 Rubber Pad Below 6mm thick (300 mm width) 18 Rmt
17 8.06 Brick masonry work in 1:3 in sub-structure complete excluding pointing and plastering, as per drawing and technical specifications 14.7 Cum
18 8.07 Cast in Situ Cement Concrete M20 kerb (Construction of cement concrete kerb with top and bottom width 115 and 165 mm respectively, 250 mm high in M 20 grade PCC on M-10 grade foundation 150 mm thick, foundation having 50 mm projection beyond kerb stone, kerb stone laid with kerb laying machine, foundation concrete laid manually, all complete as per clause 408) 17 Rmt
19 8.08 Excavation in Soil with Dozer with lead upto 100 metres (Excavation for road way in soil by mechanical means including cutting and pushing the earth to site of embankment upto a distance of 100 metres (average lead50 metres), including trimming bottom and side slopes in accordance with requirements of lines, grades and cross sections.) 819 Cum
20 8.09 Construction of Subgrade and Earthen Shoulders (Construction of subgrade and earthen shoulders with approved material obtained from borrow pits with all lifts & leads, transporting to site, spreading, grading to required slope and compacted to meet requirement of table No. 300-2) 450 Cum
21 8.1 Granular Sub-base with Close Graded Material (Table:- 400-1) By Mix in Place Method (Construction of granular sub-base by providing close graded material, spreading in uniform layers with motor grader on prepared surface, mixing by mix in place method with rotavator at OMC, and compacting with vibratory roller to achieve the desired density, complete as per clause 401) for grading- II Material 135 Cum
22 8.11 Dry lean cement concrete sub - base. Construction of dry lean cement concrete Sub- base over a prepared sub-grade with coarse and fine aggregate conforming to IS: 383, the size of coarse aggregate not exceeding 25 mm, aggregate cement ratio not to exceed 15:1, aggregate gradation after blending to be as per table 600-1, cement content not to be less than 150 kg/ cum, optimum moisture content to be determined during trial length construction, concrete strength not to be less than 10 Mpa at 7 days, mixed in a batching plant, transported to site, laid with a paver with electronic sensor, compacting with 8-10 tonnes vibratory roller, finishing and curing. 125 Cum
23 8.12 Construction of un-reinforced, dowel jointed at expansion and construction joint only, plain cement concrete pavement, thickness as per design, over a prepared sub base, with 43 grade cement or any other type as per Clause 602.2.2 M30 (Grade), coarse and fine aggregates conforming to IS:383, maximum size of coarse aggregate not exceeding 25 mm, mixed in a concrete mixer of not less than 0.2 cum capacity and appropriate weigh batcher using approved mix design, laid in approved fixed side formwork (steel channel, laying and fixing of 125 micron thick polythene film, wedges, steel plates including levelling the formwork as per drawing), spreading the concrete with shovels, rakes, compacted using needle, screed and plate vibrators and finished in continuous operation including provision of contraction and expansion, construction joints, applying debonding strips, primer, sealant, dowel bars, near approaches to bridge/culvert and construction joints, admixtures as approved, bridge/culvert and construction joints, admixtures as approved, curing of concrete slabs for 14-days, using curing compound and water finishing to lines and grade as per drawing and MoRTH Specification Clause 602 including vaccum dewatering process with all required equipments CC design mix grade M30 243 Cum
24 8.13 Jacking and rolling/Launching of box units on previously laid concrete bed by approved method with all contractor materials labours, tools and plants, consumables crew fuel transportation, etc., complete as directed by the etc during day/night and during permitted line block. \n1. Tenderer should use the suitable road crane (min. 60/ton/preferably 100 tonnes) with standby arrangements for insertion and removal of Ty. girder during line block. \n2. Tenderer should deploy atleast two poclains of ex 80/preferably ex 100 for earthwork excavation (with standby atleast one) and filling during line block. \n3. Tenderer should arrange his own lighting arrangements at work spot if works of line block is The precast RCC box units on previously laid concrete rail bed with all contractor's materials labour lubricants tools plants machinary jacks etc. complete as directed by engineer-in-charge. NOTE: Required rails and fittings will be supplied by railway at the depot at SBC. Bot Slab, Side Walls, Top Slab 1110.4 Cum
25 8.14 Pushing of RCC Box, Launching of Relieving Girder, De-launching of Relieving Girder, Removal of existing Track, Laying of track on newly laid box\na) Pushing RCC Box of size (7m x 4.5m) making all necessary arrangements of sufficient number of jacks and its consumables like hydraulic oil, etc., arrangement for electricity, generator (minimum 30kVA), arrangements for smoother pushing work, if any, together with all labour and material. The rate includes the cost of operating the jacks, protection of tracks for any variation in the track geometry, stabilizing the earth using bentonitic or other protections. Necessary arrangements like gunny bags filled with sand shall be made to deal with any unexpected requirements. The Contractor has to utilise the Thrust Bed prepared for the purpose of pushing as per direction of Engineer-in-charge. No additional payment shall be made for skilled / unskilled labour used in the item. The rates inclused cost of designing the Thrust Bed. The payment for construction of Thrust Bed and RCC Box shall be made under relevant BOQ items. The design of the Thrust Bed shall be finalized only after the approval of Engineer-in-charge.\nb) Launching of Railways Relieving Girder of overall length from 12m - 26.8m after removing track ballast, excavation earth on properly prepared wooden / CC cribs supports as per the approved scheme of launching, railway drawings and specifications, by Contractor's own tools, plants, machines, labour, equipments, etc. The work includes fixing of tracks i.e., wooden sleepers and rails to Railway specifications and standards on the Relieving Girder and necessary adjustments in the longitudinal and cross levels after insertion of the Relieving Girder in track to maintain safety of trains on the Relieving Girders and its approaches. \nc) Delaunching of Railways 12m - 22m long Relieving Girders from Bridges and stacking at Bridge approach with Contractor's labour, trailor, cranes, derricks, tools and plants, equipments, consumables, etc., complete as per Specifications, Special Conditions and detailed scope of work furnished in the tender and as directed by the Engineer-in-charge.\nNote: 1. Each Girder consists of two cross braced length.\nd) Removing of existing track including removing rails, sleepers and ballast with all Contractor's materials, tools, plants and labour. This work is to be carried out during traffic block for each bridge. (BG)\ne) Laying of track on newly laid box including filling of ballast, laying of PSC sleepers, rails, lifting and packing of track to meet out longitudinal alignment, gauge, level of approaches to make track fit for 20kmph. (BG) 70 Rmt
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