Supply Qrv With Fire Cum Rescue Vehicle On 16 Ton Gvw Bs-Vi Compliant Vehicle And Emission Norms Of Goi Supply Of Qrv On 6 Ton Bs-Vi Compliant , Supply Of Qrv Fire Tender Of Minimum 16 Ton Gvw With A Fire Pump Of High Low Pressure Type Having Discharge C

Tender Notice

Corrigendum : Supply Qrv With Fire Cum Rescue Vehicle On 16 Ton Gvw Bs-Vi Compliant Vehicle And Emission Norms Of Goi Supply Of Qrv On 6 Ton Bs-Vi Compliant , Supply Of Qrv Fire Tender Of Minimum 16 Ton Gvw With A Fire Pump Of High Low Pressure Type Having Discharge C

Tender Details

Supply Qrv With Fire Cum Rescue Vehicle On 16 Ton Gvw Bs-Vi Compliant Vehicle And Emission Norms Of Goi Supply Of Qrv On 6 Ton Bs-Vi Compliant , Supply Of Qrv Fire Tender Of Minimum 16 Ton Gvw With A Fire Pump Of High Low Pressure Type Having Discharge Capacity Of 1800 Lpm @ 10 Bars & 300 Lpm@ 35 Bars Pressure, A Ms Water Tank Of 2000 Litrs And Various Types Of Accessories As In The Specification , Aluminium Double Extension Ladder 10.5M, Conventional Type , Rubberlined Delivery Hose Pipe Confirming To I.S.636 Type A / Type 3 With Isi Mark Size 63Mm × 15 Mtrs. Length Fitted With Is.903 Marked Ss Couplings And Copper Wire Binded. , Pvc Rubber Suction Hose 100 Mm Dia In 2.5 Mtrs. Length Fitted With Gunmetal Round Thread Male And Female Couplings Of 100 Mm Size Conforming To I.S.902. , Suction Wrenches For 100Mm Suction Couplings. I.S.4643. , Gm Suction Strainer 100Mm Size I.S.907. , Basket Strainer. I.S.3582 , Gm Branch Pipe, Universal 63Mm. I.S.2871 , Gm Branch Pipe With Nozzle , Nozzle Spanners. I.S.903 , Serch Light Handheld , Porable Fire Extinguisher, Dry Powder Type. 6 Kg.Isi 15683 , Pp Rope 16Mm Dia, 30 Mtrs. Long. , First Aid Box For 10 Person. , Rubber Gloves.I.S. 4770. , Axe Large With Fiberglass Handle. , Crow Bar I.S. 704 , Sledge Hammer 6.5 Kg With Fiberglass Handle. , Carpenters Saw, 60 Cm.I.S.5098 , Spanner, Adjustable 30Cm Long Handle I.S.6169 , Hydraulic Jack 20 Tonnes. , Fire Hook I.S.927 , Grease Gun. , Oil Feeder. , Seat Belt Cutter. , Funnel For Oil Or Fuel Filling. , Electric Wood Cutting Chain Saw Complete With 18" Guide Bar And Chain Fitted With 30 Meter Cable And Plug. , Rescue Tools , Combination Tool , Telescopic Ram , C- Shaped Continuous Length Cutter , Pneumatic High Pressure Ligting Bags - , Rechargeable Torch , Hand Held Forcible Entry Tool ( Impactor Kit ) - , Scoop Stretcher - , Folding Stretcher - , Nylon Rope - , Fire Fighting Hand Held Nozzle - , Hotstick ( Usa ) High Sensitivity Voltage Detector ( Hsvd ) And Insulated Rescur Stick - , Fire Extingusher - , Breathing Apparatus Set- , Electrically Operated Chain Saw Machine , Petrol Operated Chain Saw Machine , Electrically Cut-Off Saw Machine , Pertol Operated Cut-Off Saw Machine , Fire Proximity Suit As Per Bis Or En Standards. , Torch Electric Rechargeable ( Led Type ) With Variable Focus , Rope Polyamide 12Mm Dia For Guy Line Of 30 Mtr Long With Sealed Ends , Rope Polyamide 24Mm Dia For Long Line Of 30 Mtr Long With Sealed Ends , First Aid Box For 10 Persons In Aluminium Box , Rubber Gloves As Per Is For 5000 Volts , Axe Large As Per Is : 963: 1963 Tata Make , Pick Axe As Per Is: 703: 1968 Tata Make , Firemen Axe As Per Is: 926 Of Newage / Aag / Allied Make , Spade With Wooden Handle Tata Make , Digging Shovel , Crow Bar Of 6 Ft Long 25Mm Dia As Per Is: 704: 1968 Tata Make , Spanner Adjustable, 30Cm Long As Per Is Taparia / Everest , Jack Hydraulic For 20 Ton Capacity With Handle - Nike Or Equivalent Make , Jack Hydraulic For 32 Ton Capacity With Handle - Nike Or Equivalent Make , Oil Feeder Standard Capacity Taparia Make , Funnel 12" Dia Made From Gi 18Swg Sheet , Hammer Sledge With Wooden Handle - 6 Kg Taparia / Everest , Hammer Sledge With Wooden Handle - 3 Kg Taparia / Everest , Clow Hammer , Brick Hammer , Safety Full Body Harness , Safety Helmet , Safety Googles , Scuba Diving Kit - Pressure Console 2 ( Pressure + Depth Gauge ) , P- Synchro Int Regulator, Octo-Synchro Int Regulator, Bcd Ego, Body Fit 3Mm Wet Suit, Standard 3Mm Hood, Anatomic Hd 2.5Mm Gloves, Fins F-100, One Silicone Mask, Snorkel Hd, Torch, Bag: Mate 2.5, 11 Litres Light Weight Carbon Composite Tank -Single Valve. , Fire Escape Mask , Fireman Googles , Electric Drill Machine - Input Power - 450 Watt Approx., Single Phase, 230 Volts No Load Speed- 2800 To 3000 Rpm Approx Light Weight Shock Proof Body With Different Sizes Of Bits For Both Metal & Wood Drill Bit Set For Wood & Metal Of Varying Size From 2Mm To 10Mm. Operation And Maintenance Manual Ce Approved Carrying Case Make- Bosch, Hitachi, Black Decker Or Hilti. , Leather Hand Gloves , Electric Gloves , Heat Protection Gloves ( Aluminized ) Length : 430Mm One Size, Certified As To En / So 11612 And En 420 Back Of The Hand And Gauntlet Out Of Para Aramid-Carbon / Alu 475 G / Qm Palm: Seba-Heat Leather Lining Incl. Gauntlet With Flame Retardant Wool Weight : 0.4 Kg , Set Of Manhole Cover Lifting Hooks Consists Of 2 Hooks With Grip, Connected By A Chain, Weight: 0.6 Kg. , Portable Eye And Skin Washer , Rain Protection Coat With Hood , Rope Ladders ( 15 Feet ) , Chemecal Resistant Gloves , Scba Compressor : Model : Atlantic G Make : Nardi ( Italy ) , Self - Respiration Kit , Mask For Chemical Or Gas Leakage , Jumping Cushion , Insulated Telescopic Pole , Underwater Torch , Come Along : Capacity - 1.5 Ton Chain Length - 1 To 1.5 Mtrs Anchor Hooks On Both Side Of The Chain Handle Length 1.5 Feet Three Positions For Working To Come Along Should Be Clearly Marked At Travel Lever As Lift, Lower & Neutral. Opration And Maintenance Manual Make - Reputed. , Tool Kit Comprising Of Fixed Spanners, Ring Spanners, Screw Drivers & Piler Insulated Box Shall Be Of Aluminium Suitcase Type With Suitable Leather Pockets For Pilers And Screw Drivers Etc. , Chisel Cold - Taparia / Everest , Bolt Cutter - 24" Long - Taparia / Everest Make , Bolt Cutter - 14" Long - Taparia / Everest Make , Hammer Ball Pein - 500 Gms - Taparia / Everest Make , Hook Ceiling ( Preventor ) With 12 Long Fibre Handle ( Insulated ) ( Impoted Make Only ) , Knife Salvage ( Imported Make Only ) , Tyre Lever - Taparia / Everest , Plier Cutting - Taparia / Everest , Plier Insulated - Taparia / Everest , Petrol Generator Of 5 Kva. Generator Shall Be Supplied With 15 Mtr Cable Reel. , Traffic Cones , Traffic Warning Batons ( Red ) , Traffic Warning Batons ( Green ) , Reflective Jackets , Cordoning Tape ( Do Not Enter Message ) , Life Buoy ( Mmd Approvd ) , Life Jacket ( Solas Approved ) , Splash- Proof Cable Reel, 1 Cee-Socket 2 Schuko-Type Sock., 40 M Cable 4×1.5Mm2+Cee Plug , Plastering In C.M 1:5-12 Mm Thick With Including Cost And Conveyance Of All Materials And In , Vecting Location Camera With Under Water Camera System , Stabilization Tools Set : Set 1. Lifting Device, Lifting Hook, Top Bow, 4 Point Head, Safety Belt, Top Extension. Set 2. Lifting Device, Lifting Bow, Foot, Lifting Hook, Short 6 Kg, Long 6.5Kg, 4 Spikes Lever 1M, Round Foot, Round Top, Safety Belt. , Dewatering Pump : Engine:- Valve Mechanism - Ohv Starting System - Pull Rope Type - 4 Stroke Air Cooled Type - 4 Stroke Air Cooled Rpm - >3000Rpm Cubic Capacity - >185 Pump Casing - Aluminum Alloy Powder Coated Impeller - Anodized Aluminium Discharge - >1000 Lpm Delivery Height - 15Mtrs Solids Handling - 15Mm Accessories: Hose Pipe Of 63Mm 7.5Mtrs Length With Instantaneous Male Female Coupling To Be Safety. , Blower Cum Smoke Extractor : 1. Engine B&S / Honda Air Cooled Recoil Start 2. Power Output;- 5 Hp Or More At 3600Rpm 3. Blade Dia 18 4. No Of Blades 7 Or More 5. Blade Material: Aluminium / Pag-Ppg 6. Air Flow:- >9000Rpm 7. Unit Size 8. Weight: 35Kg Or Less , Rope Rescue Ascending And Descending Device With Required Accessories. , Inflatable Boat With All Necessary Accessories With Paddles. The Boat Shall Be Supplied With Minimum 15 Hp Obm , The Total Value

Corrigendum Details

Sr No CorrigendumDate Corrignedum CorrigendumType NewSubmissionDate
1 11-May-2021 Changes in Pre Bid Meeting Date Date 07-06-2021
2 03-Jun-2021 Revision of Tender Other 07-06-2021
3 03-Jun-2021 Revised Tender Documents , date Date 28-06-2021
4 08-Jun-2021 Revision of Date, Technical Specification Date 02-07-2021

Key Value

Document Fees
INR 5000 /-
INR 159000.00 /-
Tender Value
INR 3.17 Crore /-

BOQ Items

Name of Work: Supply Quick response Vehical with Fire Fighting Cum Resuce Equipments on 16 Ton GVW BSVI Compliant Vehical and Emission Norms of GOI
Sl. No. Item Description
1Supply of QRV fire Tender of Minimum 16 Ton GVW with a fire pump of High low pressure type having discharge capacity of 1800 LPM @ 10 bars & 300 LPM@ 35 bars pressure, a MS water tank of 2000 litrs and various types of accessories as in the specification
2Aluminium double Extension ladder 10.5m, conventional type
3Rubberlined delivery hose pipe confirming to I.S.636 Type A/Type 3 with ISI mark size 63mm × 15 mtrs. Length fitted with IS.903 marked SS couplings and copper wire binded.
4PVC rubber suction hose 100 mm dia in 2.5 mtrs. Length fitted with gunmetal round thread male and female couplings of 100 mm size conforming to I.S.902.
5Suction wrenches for 100mm suction couplings. I.S.4643.
6GM Suction strainer 100mm size I.S.907.
7Basket strainer. I.S.3582
8GM Branch pipe, universal 63mm. I.S.2871
9GM Branch pipe with nozzle
10Nozzle spanners. I.S.903
11Serch light handheld
12Porable fire extinguisher, dry powder type. 6 kg.ISI 15683
13PP Rope 16mm dia, 30 mtrs. Long.
14First aid box for 10 person.
15Rubber gloves.I.S. 4770.
16Axe large with fiberglass handle.
17Crow Bar I.S. 704
18Sledge hammer 6.5 kg with fiberglass handle.
19Carpenter"s saw, 60 cm.I.S.5098
20Spanner, adjustable 30cm long handle I.S.6169
21Hydraulic jack 20 tonnes.
22Fire Hook I.S.927
23Grease gun.
24Oil feeder.
25SEAT belt cutter.
26Funnel for oil or fuel filling.
27Electric wood cutting chain saw complete with 18" guide bar and chain fitted with 30 meter cable and plug.
46FIRE PROXIMITY SUIT as per BIS or EN Standards.
47Torch electric rechargeable (LED Type) with variable focus
48Rope polyamide 12mm dia for guy line of 30 mtr long with sealed ends
49Rope polyamide 24mm dia for long line of 30 mtr long with sealed ends
50First aid box for 10 persons in Aluminium box
51Rubber gloves as per IS for 5000 Volts
52Axe large as per IS : 963: 1963 TATA make
53Pick axe as per IS: 703: 1968 TATA make
54Firemen Axe as per IS: 926 of NEWAGE/AAG/ALLIED make
55Spade with wooden handle TATA Make
56Digging Shovel
57Crow bar of 6 ft long 25mm dia as per IS: 704: 1968 TATA make
58Spanner adjustable, 30cm long as per IS Taparia/ Everest
59Jack Hydraulic for 20 ton capacity with handle - NIKE or equivalent make
60Jack Hydraulic for 32 ton capacity with handle - NIKE or equivalent make
61Oil feeder standard capacity Taparia make
62Funnel 12" dia made from GI 18SWG sheet
63Hammer sledge with wooden handle - 6 kg Taparia / Everest
64Hammer sledge with wooden handle - 3 kg Taparia / Everest
65Clow Hammer
66Brick Hammer
67Safety Full Body Harness
68Safety Helmet
69Safety Googles
70SCUBA Diving Kit - Pressure console 2 (PRESSURE + DEPTH GAUGE), P- SYNCHRO INT Regulator, OCTO-SYNCHRO INT Regulator, BCD EGO, BODY FIT 3mm Wet Suit, STANDARD 3mm Hood, ANATOMIC HD 2.5MM Gloves, FINS F-100, ONE Silicone Mask, SNORKEL HD, TORCH, BAG: Mate 2.5, 11 Litres light weight carbon composite tank -single valve.
71Fire Escape Mask
72Fireman Googles
73Electric Drill Machine - Input power - 450 Watt approx., single phase,230 volts No load speed- 2800 to 3000 RPM approx Light Weight shock proof body With different sizes of bits for both metal & wood Drill bit set for Wood & Metal of varying size from 2mm to 10mm. Operation and maintenance manual CE approved Carrying case Make- BOSCH, HITACHI, BLACK DECKER OR HILTI.
74Leather Hand Gloves
75Electric Gloves
76Heat Protection Gloves (Aluminized) Length : 430mm One Size, Certified As to En/so 11612 And En 420 Back of the hand and gauntlet out of para aramid-Carbon/alu 475 g/qm Palm: Seba-heat leather Lining incl. gauntlet with flame retardant wool Weight : 0.4 Kg
77Set of Manhole Cover Lifting hooks Consists of 2 hooks with grip, connected by a chain, Weight: 0.6 kg.
78Portable Eye and Skin Washer
79Rain Protection Coat with Hood
80Rope Ladders (15 Feet )
81Chemecal Resistant Gloves
82SCBA Compressor : Model : Atlantic G Make : Nardi (Italy)
83Self - Respiration Kit
84Mask for Chemical or Gas Leakage
85Jumping cushion
86Insulated Telescopic Pole
87Underwater torch
88COME ALONG : Capacity - 1.5 ton Chain length - 1 to 1.5 mtrs Anchor hooks on both side of the chain Handle length 1.5 feet Three Positions for working to come along should be clearly marked at travel lever as lift, lower & neutral. Opration and maintenance manual Make - Reputed.
89Tool kit comprising of fixed spanners, ring spanners, screw drivers & Piler insulated Box shall be of Aluminium suitcase type with suitable leather pockets for Pilers and Screw drivers etc.
90Chisel cold - Taparia/ Everest
91Bolt cutter - 24" long - Taparia/ Everest make
92Bolt cutter - 14" long - Taparia/ Everest make
93Hammer ball pein - 500 gms - Taparia/ Everest make
94Hook ceiling (Preventor) with 12" long Fibre Handle (Insulated) (Impoted Make Only)
95Knife salvage (Imported Make Only)
96Tyre lever - Taparia/ Everest
97Plier cutting - Taparia/ Everest
98Plier insulated - Taparia/ Everest
99Petrol Generator of 5 Kva. Generator shall be supplied with 15 mtr Cable Reel.
100Traffic Cones
101Traffic Warning Batons (Red)
102Traffic Warning Batons (Green)
103Reflective Jackets
104Cordoning tape (Do Not Enter message)
105Life Buoy (MMD Approvd)
106Life Jacket (SOLAS Approved)
107Splash- Proof cable reel, 1 cee-socket 2 Schuko-type sock., 40 m cable 4×1.5mm2+cee plug
108Plastering in C.M 1:5-12 mm thick with including cost and conveyance of all materials and in
109Vecting Location camera with under water camera system
110Stabilization tools set : Set 1. Lifting device, lifting hook, top bow, 4 point head, safety belt, top extension. Set 2. Lifting device, lifting bow, foot, lifting hook, short 6 kg, long 6.5kg, 4 spikes lever 1m, round foot, round top, safety belt.
111Dewatering Pump : Engine:- Valve mechanism - OHV Starting system - Pull rope type - 4 stroke air cooled type - 4 stroke air cooled RPM - >3000rpm Cubic capacity - >185 pump casing - Aluminum alloy powder coated Impeller - Anodized aluminium Discharge - >1000 lpm Delivery height - 15mtrs Solids Handling - 15mm Accessories: hose pipe of 63mm 7.5mtrs length with instantaneous male female coupling to be safety.
112Blower Cum Smoke Extractor : 1. Engine B&S / Honda air cooled recoil start 2. Power Output;- 5 hp or more at 3600rpm 3. blade dia 18 4. no of blades 7 or more 5. blade material: Aluminium / PAG-PPG 6. Air Flow:- >9000rpm 7. Unit Size 8. Weight: 35kg or less
113Rope Rescue Ascending and Descending device with required accessories.
114Inflatable boat with all necessary accessories with paddles. The boat shall be supplied with minimum 15 HP OBM
115The Total value
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