Tender For Under Mahanrega Scheme , Umrada Road On Budhni Road In Gravel Road Gram Panchayat Bhavan

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Tender For Under Mahanrega Scheme , Umrada Road On Budhni Road In Gravel Road Gram Panchayat Bhavan

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tender for Under Mahanrega Scheme , Umrada Road On Budhni Road In Gravel Road Gram Panchayat Bhavan

Key Value

Document Fees
INR 500 /-
INR 50.00 /-
Tender Value
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FileName File Description File Size
Tendernotice_1.pdf Tender Document-NIT 670.06
BOQ_394862.xls Tender Document-BOQ 249.50
7A3B60F9-0DAA-4213-B7C6-739047DDC226.html Tender Notice-Tender Notice 0

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BOQ Items

Name of Work :- egkujsxk ;kstukUrxZr xzsoy jksM xzke iapk;r Hkou esa cw<uh jkLrs ij mejnk jksM
Sl. No. Item Description Item Code / Make Quantity Units
1 1 dk;Z LFky rd lkexzh vkifrZ
2 1.1 lhesUV dh vkiwfrZ 76 Bag
3 1.2 jsrh dh vkiwfrZ 14 Cum
4 1.3 20 fe-eh- fxV~Vh dh vkiwfrZ 8 Cum
5 1.4 iRFkj fpukbZ 35 Per Cum
6 2 Loosening, Levelling and Compacting original ground supporting embankment to facilitate placement of first layer of embankment, scarified to a depth of 150 mm, mixed with water at OMC and then compacted by rolling so as to achieve minimum dry density as given in Tables 300.1 and 300.2 for embankment construction as per Technical Specification Clause 301.4.1. 2025 Per Cum
7 3 lMad fuekZ.k lkexzh Dosjh ij vkiwrhZ 'kwU; dkVus ds ckn xszoy dadj 1@6 'kwU; dkVs 1822.5 Per Cum
8 4 ewje] Hkou dk eyok] pwuk ctjh feV~Vh vkfn dk fofHkUu nwjh ds fy, ifjogu e; p<+kuk mrkjuk vkfn nwjh 7 fdeh rd 1822.5 Per Cum
9 5 lM+d ds fu'pr dsEcj rFkk xzsM esa] xzsoy] dadj] Dosjh jfo'k ,oa dklZ ,xzhxsV dks 15 ls- eh- ls fcuk dqVh eksVkbZ esa fcNkuk] Qsykuk rFkk 8&10 Vu Hkkj ds jksyj ls nckuk] dwVuk rFkk leLr yhM ds lkFk ikuh ][kpZ rFkk vkStkj ] e'khujh dk fdjk;k lfgr A 1822.5 Per Cum
10 6 Providing and laying reinforced cement concrete pipe NP3 for culverts on first class bedding of granular material in single row including fixing collar with cement mortar 1:2 but excluding excavation, protection works, backfilling, concrete and masonry works in head walls and parapets Clause 1138. 1000 mm dia 7.5 Per RM
11 7 lhesUV dadzhV feDlj 5&7 ?ku QqV 5 P. Day
12 8 Niddle/Plate okbczsVj e; vkWijsVj 3 P. Day
13 9 ikuh Vªsadj 5 P. Day
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